[VIDEO] 120206 ☆ ★ JYJ, our pride ★☆

Watching this makes us fall in love again (^___^)v

Credit: Besthong | Shared by: JYJ3


38 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120206 ☆ ★ JYJ, our pride ★☆

  1. Why should I fall in love again, when I always do love them …
    So proud of them, Jaejoong at Turkey, Yoochun with his drama and SKKS goes to the finals during New York TV Festival, and Junsu with his Elizabeth and FCMen, each of them is making news nowadays that I’m forgetting that CGV cancellation. There are more blessings than misfortune and I’m very happy for them.

  2. i have such love in my heart for these guys. and it does keep getting deeper and more appreciative of them. so yeah, i fall again and again for different reasons.the sum of which amounts to a ton of love for them!

  3. I should have started running
    I’m finally getting better
    Now I’m picking up the pieces
    From spending all of these years
    Putting my heart back together
    And I got over you!!!
    And I got over you!!!
    And I got over you!!!

    Powerful song matches the powerful video, JYJ hwaiting!!

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