120207 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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    • I love the GIFs….!
      The old NII GIFs, where that little girl fell in love with JJ, forgetting that she was sitting on Yoochun’s lap…..LOL

  1. I love that NII video its like comedy gold. Plus that cute girl who got to sit in Chunnie’s lap but kept staring at Jae and laughed at Junsu then said he was cute…ah I am so jealous.

  2. Hi jyj3 fambam! Long time no post, i’m still on this site everyday just not posting as often ^^

    Well @ruby posted a couple of days ago where Jang Geun Suk went on a variety show in japan where he mentioned jaejoong (who was on it previously) and i found a subbed vid of it:

    @:46 sec he mentions he did watch it when they were joking with jj saying “seyo” as well…but even the subs put Choi Ji Woo (actress) b/c of the picture, when I heard fsure it was jejung! >.< I remember when jj was on the show as well, and it was definitely jj who they were poking fun at

  3. happy birhtday to me happy birhtday to me !!!!!! this is my birthday but my breakfast is INDOMIE T____T i want cake 😦
    oh i forget… #pray for philiphine #pray for mesir #pray for Belgia #pray for Indonesia #pray for the world ^________^ Have a nice day This is to JYJ fans and JYJ and MACROS IS BACK WOOOHOOO O_O o/ and Jessie J come to Jakarta !!!!!!

      • @asuske omg! You love it too! Which episode do you like the most?.. I’m watching episode 17 now.. And it’s only a minute and I’m laughing like crazy!!!!!

        I wish Yoochun (and of course JJ and Su too) will be a guest here too…

      • Its soo hard to pic a favorite episode ><
        I really liked ep 13, was re-watching it a few days ago. The hide-and-seek game in that ep was epic.
        I really would love to see JYJ on RM that would be so fun to watch.

      • @ nikhapi @ asuske

        I think I will watch it when JJ or JYJ are in.
        EDITED BY ADMIN: Again Please Follow The Rules!

      • @asuske JYJ in RM has been in my crazy imagination lately. I so imagining what could have be the setting of the show and how will it be.. Darn please let JYJ appear there! The main MC there, if I remember correctly really admires JJ’s variety skills!!

      • OMG I like imagining JYJ in RM tooo XD
        Also yeah the main mc (yoo jae suk) thinks JJ is very funny and entertaining. Just talking about this makes me feel excited, I miss seeing them on variety shows.

      • @ nikhapi

        He said that? -The main MC there, if I remember correctly really admires JJ’s variety skills!!-
        That’s awesome! I mean I know that, but saying that in a variety show in a country where he can not be seen on media is freaking awesome!

      • @jae-is-mine Yoo Jae Suk (the national Mc) likes JJ and even asks for him to stay in his variety program and dear it happened a long time ago but I have only watched it just recent.. If you may ask what show is that, I think it’s way back in 2008, it’s the happy together….

      • OMO you too? What episode is your favorite? I’m so gonna watch it now! So far my most favorites are the ones with Song Joong ki and kim hyun joong….

      • nikhapi: me is: 7ven&Son dambi, Daesung, Bangkok Race, Girl Groups edition (Luna, Sulli, Suzy, i forgot who else), i already watch until eps. 72.. still waiting for the latest.. 😀 and JYJ..

      • @nikhapi
        Daesung is very funny, you should watch family outing, I recommend the eps where song ji hyo appeared as a guest

      • @asuske I already did sis and it’s the reason why I like Junsu so much nowadays (sorry JJ)… I died from so much laughter!!! I even had a crush on Lee Hyori and godforbid I so adore Yoo Jae Suk! I could marry him if he’s not married!

      • @nikhapi: daesung indeed a funny person, remember when he was in Family Outing? i always love family outing with TOP as a guest.. lol..

      • @putrihs There’s a top(heheh) in FO? I’m so gonna look for it! You see I’m a big fan of top! He’s in my fantasy everynight along with JYJ! kekekek

      • @nikhapi: You do not know if TOP had been a guest star at the FO? He even showed his 4D side with doing a weird dance .. and Daesung really afraid of him.. so hilarious.. kekekeekekee..

    • me too!! i love running man… been watching it since ep 1 but i missed quite a few eps in the middle… i’m now back at watching it…

      i too often imagine JYJ to be on the show… how nice it will be for them to appear..

      difficult to say which are my fav ep.. but i quite like to see jung yong hwa on the show.. keke^^

    • @Nikhapi
      lol I was just about to recommend that ep of FO. Junsu is so funny I adore him for that. And yes Yoo Jae Suk is such a great person. I’ve seen a lot of MCs but he is fore sure the best. So funny yet humble and he takes such good care of the guests.

      • @asuske Hahaha Junsu is funny and so yummy in FO no?
        MC Jae Suk, I swear if he’s a decade younger I might go gaga over him! he’s so gentle man and pure and honest and the list goes on.. He has my respect!!!

      • @nikhapi
        Yes!!! Hi-5!!! Su was absolutely gorgeous n sexiah in Fam Outing!! I juz drooled n drooled over him..his hair, face, bod, how athletic, cool, sweet n gentlemanly he was..so many unforgettable scenes – when hyori n he were running then she poured water on his neck, when he fed one of e gals, danced, handstand, even juz slicing e fish so coolly…love Su so much..his appearance in dat show can make anyone fall in love w him.

        Oh, I fully agree w u re someone’s IQ, definitely inflated. Who does he think he’s kidding?? That’s why we love Su, he’s modest n truthful. There r so many kinds of intelligences, Su says he’s not so good at maths/analysis but it doesn’t matter one bit cos he is excellent in so many other areas

      • @intoxicatedbyxiahtic

        hey baby~ see my post at the bottom? It’s all full of Xiah powahh! Did I say it right? Please welcome me with the world of xiatic coz I’m officially mirotic by Junsu and Omg~sun! Jae will kill me!

      • @asuske @nikhapi: Junsu making *i forgot the name, when he start to slice the fish and everybody jump bcause the fish its still alive* and when Junsu dont wanna mention his IQ.. ooohhh.. mirotic era.. miss that time.. 😦

      • @ puthris
        Hahaha that was so funny, ah mirotic era there are so many funny variety show with them from that time


        yes TOP appeared on FO (eps 34 &35) it was so funny they kept mentioning the lee hyori kiss performance

      • @putrihs I was laughing and admiring him at that scene! And the guessing of IQ……….Junsu was tooooooooooo embarassed!!! And I even predicted he’ll be the first who has high IQ! kekekeke

      • @nikhapi: im so curious about Junsu IQ, even his “leader” had 142.. and other guest *the actor, i forgot his name* join in Mensa.. woowwwww… SK people seriously has a brain..

      • @putrihs I was so amazed too! Didn’t imagine for him to have that high IQ! And for Junsu, his excuse even now if they ask about his IQ, He said, he never paid attention to it and answered the exam halfheartedly!? Coz, imagine how the hell can Junsu memorized his play overnight? OMG if he has low IQ, I don’t know anymore?

      • @nikhapi: if junsu has a low IQ.. how about me!!! o_O WTH with all those SK brain.. they are all so smarttttt…

      • @putrihs my thoughts exactly… I somehow doubt the legitimacy of the whole IQ thing there… Specially, The one guy there (who can’t be mention here) who has a very high IQ… Find it hard to believe…..

      • @putrihs Junsu seems innocent on the outside but really uncanny. Maybe that’s where his charisma lies! I think w/o the dolphin voice and his rounded yummy duckbutt he’ll be like a porn!(like JJ)

      • @nikhapi
        LOL the drawing segment, I had totally forgotten about that. I feel like re-watching it now too.


        Yonghwa is certainly a cutie pie, I watched Heartstrings just for him…well and Shin hye too

      • @asuske The drawings!!! Too epic! I was watching it with my cousin and my cousin (who’s not even a fan of any idol) got addicted watching RM!

      • @ asuske

        I watched Heartstring only for my Yonghwa. But Shinhye is surely an excellent addition to the story.

      • @putrihs yah that one!!

        And the thing that made me lagh so hard is JOONG KI!! He can’t draw and wtf he can’t dance too!!!! He is sooo like JJ in so many ways! (I don’t mean that JJ can’t draw or dance at all! What I mean is their actions and gestures are quite similar! Maybe that’s why they’re friends! kekek)

      • @nikhapi: lol.. oh joongki.. one of my bias.. I forgot in what show, when they were in Japan and all the members of TVXQ have to draw, JJ pictures is one of the most artistic and imaginative .. they know how to draw.. 😀

      • @putrihs Joong ki is one of my bias too! hahaha
        Are you talking about the drawing Chunnie discussing with? They’re all creative in their own way no? I think JJ’s drawing is very neat, Junsu’s drawings are sometimes hentai! heheh and Chunnie’s kinda artistic..

      • @nikhapi: Junsu always draw Hentai! remember when his drawing monalisa without their clothes on.. because he is forgot whether monalisa had a clothes or not.. OMO.. hahahhahaaa..

      • @nikhapi okie okie..hahaha..on dailymoon now
        @jae-is-mine trying not to make it obv *cough* vious 😀

    • Running Man is a good show with great hosts … would love to see JYJ on it someday ( before it get old ) but ….. not keeping my hopes up .

      • **Raises hand too**
        I’m addicted to Running Man. I don’t miss any episode and I just wait one day they appear on the show. It’d be awesome to have them there. The MC likes JYJ and he was with them in many shows: Happy together, FO, xmen… And then Ji hyo is there too. Oh, it would be so great!

      • intoxicatedbyxiahtic: I watch it in kshownow. They are the fastest subbing Running Man team and they have all the episodes there.
        My nick: Jun (Junsu is my bias and then I also like Junho from 2pm, although Junsu and JYJ are akways my no.1) plus moshi because of the expression moshi moshi, as I love that expression, Japanese movies, dramas and culture in general.

        How I got to know JYJ. . . That’s a looong story and I am not very sure about how it happened either. I watched a Korean movie, then I started watching Korean and Japanese dramas, then I started subbing in viki and in my first project there there were fans from JJ and YC. They used to add a youtube video in the project page and some days that song would be Mirotic so after listening to it several times, I liked it. Because of them I listened to more DBSK songs but I didn’t like them too much. I just liked Mirotic and Wasurenaide. Then some time later I watched Heaven’s Postman and JJ was there. I thought he was an actor (and that’s a big compliment) but I didn’t realise he was the one from DBSK neither I knew he was in JYJ already at that moment. I watched the first episode of SKS and Yoochun was there but I didn’t realise either. It happened the same to me after watching Junsu in FO (first time I watched Junsu in my life) but I paid attention to him in those episodes. Little by little I started to link everything, I watched all of JJ’s dramas, I listened to JYJ songs and I like them and even although I discovered JYJ thanks to JJ specially, I love Junsu’s voice (I love husky voices) so I became xiahpwa. As I already said, I am a new JYJ fan but they are really special to me. I liked other Korean bands first (2pm, Big Bang anf Jay Park, the only “idol bands” I like really) but there were always songs I didn’t like at all and I just deleted them or skipped them. JYJ is the exception. I love every song of them.

      • @junmoshi
        hehe…sort of a roundabout way of getting to know JYJ, but so glad you’re here! You’re from Europe? And you know Japanese? Or do you mean you subbed from Eng to Spanish? Did you watch SKKS?
        It’s kinda strange that unlike many JYJers you did not like a lot of DBSK songs, but like JYJ songs…But I get what you mean, JYJ songs are so different from DBSK ones…the more I listen to JYJ songs the more I love them and DBSK songs hold less attraction for me, nowadays I listen to a lot more JYJ than DBSK, the latter mostly for the 3 voices…can’t wait for JYJ’s new album! You’re right, their voices and harmony are just so special.
        Yes, Su’s voice is so otherwordly and eargasmic. Often, I just close my eyes and listen with my whole being. I have to listen to his musical songs and solos (like Intox & Xiahtic 🙂 ) everyday.

      • I think I didn’t like many DBSK songs because they were more boy band style and I have never liked boy bands like Take That or NSYNC. JYJ has more mature songs. I don’t know how to explain it.
        I sub from English to Spanish. I wish I can speak Japanese but I can’t. I’ve just started learning it on my own, with books and some websites so I am learning little by little. And yes, I am European, from Spain. Oh and SKS is still in my list of dramas to watch because I only watched the 2 first episodes. It’s difficult for me to watch period dramas. I prefer dramas like the Japanese one with JJ.

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      • Dear Admins,

        First of all, I would like to apologise on behalf of all of us who were bashing JYJ3 yesterday. I supposed we got carried away and went on with talking about it while expecting the show to be able to have JYJ on next.

        It was sort of scandalous to talk about it at the first place and was worse to have it extended in our cheerful manners thus forgetting the regulation. I can assure you that no ill intention was ever included in our comments.

        We love JYJ3 the most and will do our best to uphold the regulations.
        If we are slipping to the darkness, feel free to hit us on head or remove our comments.

        With utmost sincere,

      • nod! let’s talk about those Variety Show or Kdrama in another forum. i believe we have a lot of “things” to spazz since 2012 SoMeonE are trying to step in to Kdrama and Jdrama.. tsktsktsk..

      • @nikhapi: no.. no.. nikhapi.. im not saying we should move frm jyj3.. >____< i mean in "other" site such an our twitter acc/ our private tumblr..

      • @ putrihs

        I don’t even watch reality shows…..LOL. I prefer to watch K-drama if my Jaejoong or my Chunnie or next my Junsu is involved….^__^

        @ nikhapi

        I suppose so, but we did slip into the abyss last time….And the black box is so creepy I do not want to experience that again.

      • Sorry about that Admin. ><
        I assure you though no ill intentions were intended. I think we just got a bit carried away while talking about wanting to see jyj. I shall keep the rules in mind, don't want to cause any trouble here.

  4. don’t take a single sentence someone writes over the internet so seriously … really …twitter isn’t reliable at all !! so don’t even bother so much with it .
    if something has any truth to it ( or even some ) it will make the news !

    I’m talking about things in general here .

  5. @meme & JYJ
    Twitter is one shit of a community where they murder people! God! I remember I almost believe that a cretain celebrity really died but then it is otherwise.. Cyber bullying is so much!!

    Malicious rumours will be deleted to protect JYJ’s reputation
    The replies will also be deleted to prevent spreading those rumours.


    • i think, Judging a post/comment if it is malicious or not depends on the person’s point of view. If you found my post malicious i’m really sorry for that but i am genuinely just asking. I don’t mean to defame and demean JYJ in any way.

      i just want you to know what my thoughts are.

      peace. 🙂

      • Hi izn,

        It’s Okay, We know your comment was expressing concerning and also curiosity.
        So don’t worry, because you aren’t in our “banned list” or something…lol
        But let’s be careful with those rumours, especially the old and ridiculous rumours that some people bring back on twitter to outshine the good news.
        Also don’t feel guilty because you aren’t the only one..People don’t realize the more you ask, you are only helping to spread those malicious rumours.

        JYJ Fandom is a rollercoaster of good and bad/shocking news….Let’s enjoy the good news in JYJ3 ❤

  7. I’m so bored! anyone seen this?

    LOL someone can’t resist Mr. Duckbutt!

    and this? Luck girl! I might add..

    Mr. dolphin cross sitting! Omo so cute~

    why is that I find mad Junsu so sexy and cute and hot all at the same time~ What’s wrong with me???

    • Thanks for the vdeos. I’ve seen that first one before, its soo hilarious. I suddenly remember something Yoochun once said, when watching videos of Junsu playing soccer it looks like he’s a professional. I totally agree.

    • even though I come from a family that loves this game … I still can’t stand to watch any football match ( yes I call it football) … but I would sit to see Junsu play 😛

      • Any true fan would! I don’t care about footbaal or it soccer too? I remember someone said there is a difference between soccer and football?

      • I agree with you both, not really a soccer fan but I would watch it to see Junsu play.

        soccer and football are essentially the same thing, its just that some countries call it one name and other countries call it the other. The only thing to keep in mind is that their is another sport which is also called football, so if you were to say football in north america people would think of that sport instead.

    • I can’t get enough of Junsu! here’s another one! Hope you’ll get intoxicated and be addicted to Junsu and soccer!

      another lucky girl.. though he stumble coz of Junsu.. If it happen to me “I regret nothing!”

      his smile ^^v

      • I post them and look for them like crazy just for you sweetie… hehehehe In all seriousness, junsu is a drug for me! When I’m not happy or depressed, I just look up for him in Yt and tada~ It’s all gone (my stress)!

      • @ nikhapi

        I always fall for Junsu’s intoxication. Okay I lie. I fall for Junsu with his skinny Tod look.
        I am taking JJ while running away with baby Su…LOL

      • @Jae-is-mine

        I love Tod Junsu too! I love skinny Junsu too! I might get a slap by saying this but him being Tod (and skinny) is soo beautiful I can’t even spell my own name whenever I saw a picture of him as Tod! Forgive me JJ! Such an infidelity! I won’t get away with that! JJ will kill for a cheater! remember this?

      • @ nikhapi

        I will never cheat on JJ, not even while I am taking Junsu while dragging him. Tod Junsu is a very beautiful view. Or maybe it is because we are Jaeharem. We love super slim man most (JJ) and find anyone who is as slim and as (almost) handsome as him as our must-to-see view…..LOL

        I will never cheat on JJ. I will kiss Junsu once in a while only. Since it is rare, it must be hot ones….LOL

      • @Jae-is-Mine

        OMO! Up to what kind of kiss is not being faithful? You tell me while JJ stares at you so intently and you almost got a chill from it! whoooshie someone is jealous! kekekeke

    • omg so funny! there’s a gif of junsu’s butt getting touched by his comedian friend all over tumblr (from first vid) and it was posted by my friend whose never heard of JYJ ! just ironic how it was junsu of all people she tumblred about, not knowing he’s in my favorite group!

    • @nikhapi

      I agree, Junsu has the happy virus, you can’t help but smile and laugh when you watch him. Plus the best part is he isn’t even trying to be funny, his natural personality is just so cute and innocent. Such a genuine boy. Love you oppa~

      • Me too I’d love to have a child like that in the future. Juno is also a sweetheart, I loved watching him with Junsu on that one variety show.

      • I heard Juno is singer in Japan? I wonder if he’s doing great there? Ha… I know that show! Chunnie’s friend make my stomach ached so much!!!

    • @ Jae-is-Mine

      its okay I just realized everyone else uses the same name, I used my real name for my twitter.

      • hahah. I was in pinterest and suddenly I saw a photo of a football team and they were touching someone’s butt. It was a photo of the first video you linked here. It was a small photo and I thought they seemed FC Men and Junsu’s back and butt
        but then I thought I was going crazy and I said to myself: It can’t be Junsu and FC Men and there are many blue soccer equipments. Wow, so it was Junsu in the end.

      • @nikhapi!!
        Are you now Xiahpwa? 🙂 🙂 Since you’re watching Su’s soccer vids, I think so, haha…Big hugs! Well, you can be jaeharem-xiahpwa-JYJer all rolled into one. 🙂 Thanks for the vids, had fun rewatching them.

        I love watching Su playing soccer, he looks so good…there’s a reason why Japanese fans will fly over to watch FC Men…we all enjoy watching his lightning fast and graceful moves, but more than that, we’re seeing Su live and upclose in his natural, unguarded state, doing something he loves. Same as watching him in musicals or playing Rule The Sky. And often there’s all kinds of funny and smexy moments during his game.

        As to why he looks so hot when he’s angry 🙂 cos’ normally he’s so sweet and good-natured, the anger is edgy and manly, it’s a glimpse of the passion inside, the fire beneath the icy exterior…so automatically we think of him being passionate in other ways 🙂

        Here’s my favourite 2 for you. Different smiles but both will make you hit the replay button.

      • @intoxicatedbyxiahtic

        Omg sun~ the smile! I spent my free time watching his soccer clips in YT yesterday! And I can’t get enough! Japanese are so lucky! They can watch FC MEN match! I wish to go to Japan and watch too.. But kinda impossible for now..

        Actually my bias change depends on my mood. Sometimes I like being “Jaeharem”, the next day I’m “Xiahtic” and then Chunsa.. Maybe I like them three equally now! kekekeke

  8. Lee Junki will be finally discharged from the military !!!!
    come back to dramas please !! Hero & Time Between Dog and Wolf were great T^T

  9. hmm … pretty good Mr.Jay Park

    I’m posting this because … I really didn’t like anything of the new music that came out so far ( especially the new people =_= ) …
    I’m hoping Big bang’s new album well be good ( the last one was ok but still not as good as they usually have ) …
    is anyone waiting for someone particular ( aside from JYJ’s new album of course) ?

    • I’m also eagerly waiting for Big Bang’s new album. Hope it’ll be awesome. Other than them hmm..I don’t think I’m waiting for anyone else. However, I am patiently waiting for some dramas which are to be released later on

  10. SWEET…
    FROM: siti fathiah (@fathiah)
    Posted Tuesday 7th February 2012

    Q: Why do you like Kim Jaejoong?

    Fangirl answered: How can anyone not like him?

    But, honestly, Jaejoong’s appearence isn’t what makes me like him. Sure, he’s a very attractive man with perfect skin, interesting eyes, and a nice body, but that isn’t what really attracts me to Jaejoong. It’s a combination of many things, but in particular his sense of humor and his honesty.

    I really value those traits in people. Jaejoong is very honest with himself, with his emotions, and with his stance in the world. He is humble, to an extent, but he isn’t shy in front of the cameras or an audience. He craves attention, and fans, like me, are eager to give it to him.

    He has a wonderful sense of humor. Always the one with the witty remarks and clever statements. He is very clumsy, which makes him all the more adorable. He has an infectious laugh and charismatic personality. His smile will melt the hearts of millions. He loves to joke around with his members and he is just downright hilarious on tv.

    His emotions sometimes get the best of him, but that doesn’t stop him from speaking his mind and speaking from his heart. There is no doubt in my mind he is very caring for others and works hard to make others feel just as accepted as he is. He’s clearly spoiled, from his family and his fame, but he doesn’t let it go to his head. He desires nice things and values his appearence, making sure he looks good whenever he can.

    His friends and family are his world and he wouldn’t exist without either of them, and he knows this well, that’s why he stops at nothing to make sure they are happy and well cared for.

    It touches me that he has embraced his biological mother and biological siblings, keeping them in his life and even honoring his actual birthdate by getting both dates tattoed on his body.

    This is why I like Jaejoong. It isn’t a single thing, it’s many things that make up the wonderful Kim Jaejoong. He is definitely a puzzle, each piece fitting together perfectly to create a man worthy of anyone’s affection.

    How about you, why do you like KJJ?

    • First the voice and the song. Then I’m awed by his looks. Trailing him i’m convinced of his personality. At first if i may add, his message to his future wife in an interview i watched really warmed my heart, that is he saying out of three meals in a day, he will definitely cook one meal, will never sleeps outside the house and he’s confident to be the husband who will not have a pot belly. I admire man who can or loves cooking. And though these lines have yet to be proven but his way of thinking flutters my expectation in a man. JJ is everything i am not. A girl not having a nice pair of hands, i love looking at his hands, his hair, his skin, his eyes. His expression and gesture in every song he sings is picture perfect for me. Come to think of it, i like him then for a number of reasons. But i can’t say anymore, NOW IT’S ALL TOTALLY MAGIC for me when it comes to KIM JAEJOONG!

    • of course i do. first i admit i fall for his appearance, then his voice, then his personality then etc etc and now everything.

  11. @ Pierrot
    About ur comment on previous GAP that bashed Admin. I cant stand on it. Its so obvious that u are a SELF CENTER PERSON, sorry to say. Its better if u ask admin FORGIVENESS.
    Before posting something or speak out ur mind you SHOULD have known the TRUTH. It:s gonna be easy if u ask
    1. Is B2ST under SME ?
    2. Why did Su come to B2ST concert?
    3. What didmake him looked so serious ?
    Others will answer it, simple right ?
    U should know that there are so many silent reader in JYJ3 and it could be there are B2ST fans who liked JYJ. They must be very dissappointed with ur comment. And also there are anti fans of JYJ who like to come to this site as spy, IF Admin DO NOT DELETE ur comment they will spread BAD RUMOUR about JYJ3, and absolutely this is UR FAULT.
    Actually I just want to say something terrible, u have to KNOW about the true story first because if not, then u are who IDIOT AND PATHETIC. STOP confronting with Admin
    I really cant stand reading ur comment that saying the Admin is self righteous dictators.
    Just my two cents: ) Bye…………………..

    • Sory for the last paragraf

      Actually I just want to tell u, if u want to say something TERRIBLE, u have to know the truth. Because if not then u are the one who IDIOT and PATHETIC +

        I believe everything can be said in polite way.
        By this time around,I want to request people who comment to keep in mind,there are many silent reader and google search engine directly bring to your comment.
        If u type our boys name with a bash word,it lead to idiotic forums.I don’t want it to be like if u type bash word plus any artist who cross with JYJ lead to JYJ3.
        JYJ3 admins worked really hard to built this home,there are many lovely sisters and heart warming comments here,I call this my internet home,don’t make others to take out bad point.

      • @ numpang

        i never said pathetic : D and i meant idiotic not idiots theres a difference : D

        @ Zan

        ur right : P

      • sorry zan i was upset at the time i don’t know if i can be less blunt though and besides she brought it up when it was already past

  12. i just saw that there are new admin beside jyj3 that is mrskim…i just want 2 say tq for their hardwork…
    JYJ3 ADMIN Fighting…..i know you all faced with many difficulty to maintain this site n for that, i’m grateful to you…
    without jyj3, it will be difficult for me to get the latest news about jyj….tq again….
    P/S : There will be many obstacle that the admin will face n i don’t know how admin manage to go on to maintain this site with one objective to deliver latest news about jyj but i hope admin will ‘TAKE HEART’…

  13. Widmung (@Widmung_01)

    Posted Tuesday 7th February 2012 from Twitlonger

    (Trans from parts of this week’s ‘Hankyoreh 21’ column) “In the end of the documentary [The Day], the members[JYJ] ask this. ‘Are you happy at the moment? We are so happy now. Everything in our daily life is so amazing that we can do whatever we please, from the morning when we wake up, to the night when we get to sleep.

    • @The_little_pear Hannah (김재중 ♥ 이하나

      Oricon wrote about FCMen match in Japan and mentioned invidual names but no mention about our captain JUNSU! Please complain –> @oricon

      • @intoxicated

        🙂 Sorry but this one is definitely a KEEPER! I LOVE this photo of him. He looks perfectly happy and content…..
        And that’s what I truly wish for him and his brothers…. sorry to get so serious…
        This photo of Junsu is now on me desk…. when people come to my cube and ask who that is I send them a message or email with a music sample of In Heaven . That’s my contribution to spreading the JYJ love and getting new fans for them… 🙂
        Anyway…. I’ll let you know IF EVER I decide to let this photo go… but seriously…. don’t hold your breath…. LOL 🙂

  14. Dear Admins: “On 6 February, KBS reported that “SungKyunKwan Scandal” has been selected as a finalist in the mini-series category at the “2012 New York TV Festival”. After the gold, silver, and bronze awards have been decided, the results will be published next month. The awards show is expected to be held on 17 April in Las Vegas, America. With “SungKyunKwan Scandal” becoming a finalist in the mini-series category, this could be a chance to become the first international award to be won this year.” (Source: K Star News, translated by dongbangdata)

  15. Eweeeeeeee!…….How Do I Love Thee Junsu…. Let me count the ways!!!
    New Article-
    -JYJ’s Junsu opens up about being a musical star

    JYJ member Kim Junsu who has built a strong fan base in Korea as well as overseas is now being featured in his third musical.

    He took a different route from his fellow members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong who opted to star in drama series. He explained his choice for going into musicals instead by saying, “There’s a unique charm to musicals that’s different from concerts.” Also, he liked the challenge of expressing the art of acting through music.

    It is also a genre that he came to know during the most difficult time in his life, after leaving his former group TVXQ.

    The singer, whose first musical was ‘Mozart‘ back in 2010 has reached higher heights than anyone had anticipated. Tickets for the musicals sold out due to his appearance, and he seemed to channel all of his anxiety and pent up emotions towards his former agency into this musical, and his acting became that much more natural and passionate.

    “‘Mozart’ was a project that I took on during the most difficult period in my life, and because of that, it is one that I will never be able to forget as long as I live,” he said.

    He didn’t need to think twice about being in his current musical. It was a new project by Sylvester Levay, the composer behind the ingenious music of ‘Mozart’, the musical that Junsu feels so attached to.

    This third musical is none other than ‘Elisabeth‘, a musical equally emotional and shocking as ‘Mozart’.

    ‘Elisabeth’ is a musical about Queen Elisabeth that comes from a royal family in Hasburg, and Kim Junsu plays the role of ‘ambassador of death’, Tod. Once Elisabeth marries Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, she continually experiences discord and tension with her mother in law. Her free will and freedom feels threatened and Tod who sees this tempts her to go to a world where she can experience true and perfect peace along with freedom.

    It must have been difficult for Junsu to act in this musical as he does not have a real, concrete character but he remarked that it was easier for him to freely express himself because of that very same reason.

    “I didn’t think the character fit well with my past experiences and my personal style,” he said. “It was also a bit intimidating at first because of the fact that I was portraying death itself. But Sylvester Levay told me that because I play a transcendental role in the musical, to just be more like my actual self.”

    Although he is starring in the musical alongside big names in the industry such as Song Chang Eui as well as Ryu Jung Han, Junsu will stand out with his youthful energy and use his experience as a dance artist in the musical. The role of ‘death’ in the musical has freedom to taken on different personalities depending on the actor, and Junsu is determined to take full advantage of that. He will dance more than others, and take this as an opportunity to show his fans a new side of himself.
    And although this is already his third musical, he still feels a bit of lack in confidence. He is afraid of making mistakes, and afraid that he will inconvenience the other professionals on stage with him.

    “I think I’m getting a little closer to becoming a real actor,” he said. “I want to show people that I can do more than just sell tickets. It’s something I need to work on. I want to be both a successful singer and an actor. I guess I want to become like Cho Seung Woo who goes back and forth so naturally from the stage to the small-screen.”

    When he builds 40-50 years of experience, the singer would also like to star in major musicals such as ‘Les Miserables‘ as well as ‘Jesus Christ Superstar‘. He also would like to expand, writing and composing songs. Interestingly enough, he also evoked laughs by randomly admitting he would also like to put together an international celebrity soccer team.

    Source & Image: NoCutNews via Nate

      • @AfriendofJYJ were u asleep when the news came out on this site : D that’s old news
        but thank u anyway ^^ and i know that smile is so precious , Junsu is so precious OvO

      • Oh sorry Admin…
        I definitely missed that one that day!
        Must have been blinded by the JJ Love! 🙂
        Or I must have been on call that day..

      • @ nikhapi

        Wow….so yesterday (or still today for some) GAPP is a bit intimidating with those black boxes….
        And I happened to miss both….*curses*

      • @Jae-is-Mine

        I don’t think we did wrong on that thread. We’ll just talking about Running Man episode for godsake! And I think the thing that boiled the admin was the comments about those baseless rumours.. And you know how those comments can start a fire. So kudos to admin for deleting those comments along the replies!

      • @nikhapi
        I don’t think those comments got deleted for talking about running man. If that was the case all our comments would have been deleted. I think we just crossed the line when talking about people we are not supposed to discuss here. Although done with no ill intentions its still against the rules. From what I can tell talking about variety shows is all right. Correct me I’m wrong.

      • @asuske
        Although we tried not to mention the name…. I guess we really refrain from mentioning them here no? We don’t know when the JYJ3 hater will lurk here and stir blood…

  16. Guys I need your help (please don’t hate me or anything lol)
    I’m trying to trend #JYJWave on twitter and need as many people as possible to tweet it. This is the first thing I’m doing even though I’m a newbie on twitter. If you could just copy and paste #JYJWave into your tweets I would be very grateful to you. Make sure wave is with a capital W.

    Thank you in advance

    JYJ Hwaiting/Fighting!!! 🙂

    • I’ve just been told by someone I know that as my twitter account is locked and not open, I wouldn’t be able to trend as it wouldn’t work.
      Anyone who understands trending on twitter, please could you explain to me how it works. The effort I’ve just put in feels like it’s all been wasted 😦

      Many thanks 🙂

      • I’m not sure how that works. But you might want to try their Q&A/Facts section. There must be an answer in there somewhere. If not, then send them a message asking for help. That should do it.

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