40 thoughts on “[FAN ACCOUNT] 120205 A Compilation of Tweets About Jaejoong’s Fanmeet in Turkey, Part 2

  1. wow! everyone was mesmerized by him…i wish i could see him in person and be mesmerized by his awesomeness too like the…
    even the bodyguard and profs who had no idea who he is?….wahhh…i think he’s a really likeable individual!

  2. Even the security like him… Our Jae is really amazing. Korea – Turkey Cultural Ambassador .. That is awesomeness to the max.
    This what i called : a world class idol/ artist
    Someone out there is banging head against the wall .. Ouch

  3. not only JYJ fans who get mesmerized by him but also the securities and profs. of the university too
    Jae-ah you are really awesome person !!!!

  4. everytime i read about the girl who bowed i laugh lolz
    hahaha so they planned a surprise party 4 him and he didnt understand hahaha
    i love how he is so shy when saying romantic and sweet things like “love you or miss you” XD
    umm. its the KIM JAEJOONG WAVE that caused even the bodyguards 2 acknowledged him ^_^

  5. after reading this, i feel kinda jealous
    it seems as if everyone is getting a chance 2 meet
    him but i cant, jae come with ur president 2 the middle east *puppy eyes* pweeeeeez??!

    • don’t worry my dear
      someday you also can meet him and also the other members of JYJ too
      because you know they are full with surprise

  6. Jaejoong has such a special charm that can capture people in an instant. It’s like when anyone has a chance to meet, interact, or work with him, they immediately fall for the man and praise him non-stop. Jeje, you’re my forever bias, and you make me proud, always! I wonder when miracle would happen and grant me a Jaejoong’s fan-meeting in the U.S. *pout*

  7. @angie could you maybe get that message about US fan meet to C-jeS? 😀 We I-fans are going to have to make our voices heard. You know the saying about the squeaky wheel gets the grease? 😀

  8. i knew it i knew it girls
    we can’t use any words to describe him, no word
    not humanbeing, not belongs to this world, yep, i totally agree with it ❤
    JJ, imma crazy about you

  9. I already said my good night earlier, but i cannot skip this part. I love all the comments here. These are all in the same theme – just how modest, down-to-earth, cheerful and warm, candid, shy, loving, so handsome, magnificent, glowing, genuine, affectionate, humble, cool, real, caring, well-mannered, etc…our Jae is.
    My, i should sleep now…
    I’m still smiling…
    good night again everyone 🙂

  10. love all the comments about Jae Joong. I’ve been refreshing the page to get the latest new about JJ. Can’t seem to stop eventhough I try. Addicted, addicted, addicted.

  11. Whoever marries our Jaejoongie, or even whoever who is part of his life must feel blessed for having the chance to have Kim Jaejoong as part of their lives.

    I’m happy through the music and Internet I had the opportunity to know about this beautiful human being, but I bet nothing compares with the opportunity of having him as a friend, brother, uncle or even boyfriend.

  12. he is such a special person how could he NOT be when he touches the hearts of countless people of all races and all walks of life.
    this is a wonderful special opportunity for him and for korea and turkey. he is the perfect ambassador for this important role.
    i really think the middle east is going to get their chance to meet him and jy this year! keep your chin up and heart ready!
    i am trying very hard not to be envious of those who get to meet him face to face and those who get to spend time with him, yet i am very happy for them too! so few of jyj and so many girls to go around!

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