59 thoughts on “[FANACCOUNT + PICS] Kim Jaejoong Ankara Fanmeeting by JYJCPCTeam Hazırlık, Part 1 ♥

      • JYJCPCTeam you guys are truly the best. Wow. What you were able to accomplish is truly amazing. Thank you for all your hard work. We fans are so grateful for your help in spreading JYJPop and putting a smile on the face of JYJ and our international fandom. You guys have won a place on the JYJ Fan All Stars Team. Teşekkür Ederim 🙂

      • I second this,
        Hats off to YJCPCTeam , I salute to you guys, you’re commendable.
        Everything is out of love, the decorations, the flower arrangements, every little detail shows a touch of love.

  1. you guys really awesome
    well done Guys and thank u so much for hard work to prepare everything only in a week
    Jae must be never stop smiling every time he remember about Turkish fans and every moment that he have during in there
    JYJCPCTeam Hazırlık and also all of Turkish fans your guys ROCKS !!!!

  2. what can I say? JYJCPCTeam, you guys are truly awesome. Thanks for all the efforts to make our Prince feel like home. By the way, is the tall first gift a hookah?

  3. thank you JYJCPC Team. you made another history here. not just you did help bring Jae to Turkey, all of you also did a very great job for organizing it all. SALUT!!!

  4. like what everyone else says, thank you thank you you guys did so great in such a short time span!

    It was because of YOU GUYS that initiated everything, that made JJ come to turkey in the first place!! Your voice was heard and answered (:

  5. This is truly inspirational. We i-fans can also do so many things if we unite, persevere and we show our support. Thanks for reminding us that and also thanks for everything you have done to make JJ (and JYJ by extension) happy. And in just a week!! So awesome!

  6. No wonder JYJ felt so much love… it was such an intimate event prepared by the fans for the fans and for JJ. I would have loved to experience preparing something that JJ/YC/JS would attend personally and be able to see the appreciation in their faces, knowing that all the efforts were done by their fans love and not merely for profit-driven reasons!
    Fighting JYJCPC! Cute name by the way ^^

  7. No wonder it’s so splendidly done!
    It was done by fans with love!
    Thanks so much for making Jae’s trip to Turkey a very memorable one!

  8. A fantastic accomplishment for JYJCPCTeam; and all in one week!All the personal touches; no wonder Jae felt right at home. All of it was done with love. Thank You for sharing your hard work with us. 😀

  9. wow very impressive.. Now i become jyjcpcteam fan,hehe you guys are awesome. Thank you. And what’s great about it is the event is very clean,no trolls.,everything is just about jaejoong and jyj and Turkish warm love. Thank you jyjycpcteam and all jyj fans in Turkey.

    • @withjyj,that’s what i observed too in all the picture,no trolls,no shippers,no other names in all the banners…JJ & JYJ only & im so thankful to all the fans who attended the FM.
      to JYJCPC Team….what you did was amazing,thank you so much.no wonder our gorgeous JJ was so happy as shown in his pictures & in his tweet.

  10. I agree with all the commendations given to JYJCPCTeam here! You did a great job in bringing and taking good care of Jae…if it is not too much work to ask for all of you…can you make it your next project to bring JYJ to have a concert in Turkey soon? Maybe when they will have their next world tour for their 2nd World Album. I heard that Junsu and Chun are excited to visit Turkey too after hearing good stories from Prince JJ. Please 🙂
    …BTW, you are all so pretty 🙂

  11. This is why everything went so smoothly, fans did everything! AMAZING FUCKING AMAZING! This should happen at all fanmeets, put the fans to work!
    The difference is that they feel the love, the fans were thinking of Jaejoong the entire time, what he would like and how to make him feel comfortable. Like that amazing dressing room/bathroom, some comfortable-looking with everything laid out for him like snacks, gifts, and even a newspaper with their article on the front page! T-T
    Thank you, you hardworkingJYJCPCTEAM. You are the essence of perfect fans!

  12. JYJCPCTeam… I dun no how 2 say but everything that u guy prepare for JJ is so wonderfull!!! by the way i can’t did it for JJ and u guy who make JJ be happy in his nice trip haha XD im really love u uhu!! JYJCPCTeam Dae to the bak (^_^)

  13. JYJCPCTEAM, U guys did a fantastic job, your project was perfectly organized!!
    Tq so much for making Jaejoong feels so comfortable and happy =D
    Bravo JYJCPCTeam!~~

  14. WOW ! Now I understand why JYJ treasures their fans ! You guys are awesome . The hard work you all have put in is so obvious ! I hope you had fun in the process

  15. Wow a Shiesha Too ♥♥ I hope he knows how to use it..
    imaginning Jae smoking shiesha 😀 😀

    thanks @JYJCPCTeam you really rocks your efforts brought warmth and happiness to all #JYJFamily.. ♥♥

  16. Wow! This is so amazing, so inspiring. Fantastic piece of work with so much passion and love for JYJ and Jaejoong. Just simply amazing. And thank you so much beautiful JYJCPCTeam!

  17. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! JYJCPCTeam you guys really rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys did an amazing and awesome job. Everything you did looked so professional and beautiful. Anyone looking at your work can tell you put a lot of passion into it. The cake was so cute and pretty. Thank you for everything you did for JYJ and JJ I am sure they appreciated just like all his fans did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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