[FANCAMS] 120207 Jaejoong at Istanbul Airport, Turkey


Istanbul Airport Fans Chanting for Jaejoong ( JYJ )

This was before Jaejoong Came we were waiting for him chanting at the same time ! Sorry for my shaking i was trying to make the crowd Chanting louder TT.TT

 Istanbul Airport Jaejoong ( JYJ ) Waiting for his bags

I was waiting inside that is why i took a Video of him normally it is forbidden to wait there but because i was leading the crowd outside they let me in and i took this video i was seriously close i started shaking AGAIN !!! and i couldn`t tape a long one cuz the crowd was out waiting for my signal to start their fan chanting i wanted to stay there longer TT.TT

Istanbul Airport Jaejoong ( JYJ ) Fans Chanting

So here Jaejoong was inside waiting for his bags and i went out and started making the crowd chanting to make him listen to us we were saying Don`t go Don`t go We love you We love you and he was sitting and playing with his phone i think he was not just waiting for his bags i think he was waiting so that all passengers can leave so he can come after them cuz there were lots of fans waiting for him outside !!

Istanbul Airport Jaejoong ( JYJ )

So this my last video i couldn`t tape any longer cuz i lost the crowd and i started my job as Jaejoong`s bodyguard when i closed my cam and actually at the end u can hear me screaming
* GIRLLLZ DO NOT TOUCH HIM * in Turkish but no one listened to me so i closed my cam and started my official new job !! and at some point Jaejoong`s manager started looking at me and saying what is that i felt terrible TT.TT but thank god Jaejoong was happy and smiling the whole time so no worrys ….

And BTW Jaejoong looked at me and smiled thanking me and i actually froze cuz i looked like shit i mean i was sweating like a pig there !! and screaming and so out of breath !! and pushing the girlz behind so yeah but he still smiled to me i was so happy !!

And one more thing my phone`s screen actually got broken beacuse of how hard girls were pushing me to get away and get near him !!


This is when Jaejoong heard the fan cheers and smiled but I couldn’t take much then manager-nim requested me to stop recording =( Uploading as requested =) Enjoy…


Only first moment when Jaejoong came out from door (second angle) he is looking at the camera yayyyy


Credit: KoreanTurk via SSIceQueen34+ BigSmileCey  + felix62442 + ShawoloveTaemin + Haberler via suhedauras
Shared by: JYJ3


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