[PICS] Junsu and Jaejoong for NII <3

Yoochun’s latest NII photos are in this post.



Credit: NII
Shared by: JYJ3


26 thoughts on “[PICS] Junsu and Jaejoong for NII <3

  1. Kills us with your smile again….Jaejoong…/dies Junsu…I love this look!!! Yoochun…what can I say….all 3 of you…u guys can’t be real, right? hw could 3 so good-looking guys be living in the same planet as me…^^

  2. jae, i want to replace that bag.. i think i’m gonna die now.. the temperature is getting hot in here *begin to sing nelly’s song kekeke*

  3. the last pic of Junsu , as in the last picture before Jaejoong : P , my eyes keep looking at Junsu’s pants, Junsu’s pants jeans i like how it hugs his waist , and that zipper is sexy, i love Junsu’s crotch O.O his crotch is sexy O.O

  4. Hottie overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They all look so damn hot!!!!!! I love all of these NII pics of them. Also, I love Junsu in glasses.

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