[NEWS] 120208 JYJ’s Jaejoong receives a special thank you from ‘Foreign Affairs and Trade’ Minister


JYJ member Jaejoong received a special thank you from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kim Sung Hwan.

Minister Kim wrote via his Twitter page on February 7th, “We had an opportunity for the Ankara University students to speak with Korean president Lee Myung Bak who is visiting Turkey, and JYJ’s Jaejoong who is currently serving as an honorary ambassador for Korea’s Nuclear Security Summit was with us for a brief while. Thank you so much.”

Kim Jaejoong told us that he was in Turkey to participate in an autograph signing event,” he continued.

Ahead of this post, Minister Kim also wrote on February 3rd, “I would like to thank the three members of JYJ who have agreed to serve as honorary ambassadors for Korea’s Nuclear Security Summit.”

Jaejoong was invited by the Korean Embassy in Ankara to hold a fan meeting and greet for 600 fans at the Ankara University in Turkey. On February 6th, he was also invited to dinner at the Presidential Palace in Turkey along with South Korea’s president Lee Myung Bak and the president’s wife.

Source & Image: SportsKorea via Nate
Credit: Allkpop
Shared by: JYJ3


20 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120208 JYJ’s Jaejoong receives a special thank you from ‘Foreign Affairs and Trade’ Minister

  1. JYJ is getting higher and higher, thanks to the cockblocking, thanks to the mass bullying in a system that’s so sick and everybody within is just holding on to protect his own personal agenda, thanks to LSM ….now look what has become of these three victims. They are like an organisms subjected to extreme radiation, as a result they mutate into super human.

  2. In Centuries past this is the way they conduct business or form alliances and diplomacy either through Royal marriages or the other Now in the 21st Century we have the new multicultural family known as THE GLOBAL FAMILY and S.Korea has the potentials to play a part through AMBASSADORS like JYJ and those who will come after them. They need to have International people skills and more hearts will follow them to Korea as China is going to be the next Supper Power and winning all the countries of the world trying to learn Mandarin now i have a choice to learn Hangul since i love Korea and Korean people because of JYJ.

  3. this will be more gratefull if mr. minister can help about JYJ condition.

    but its okay.. you see, SM?? the 3 child that you mass bullying around in Sk and Japan, they growth to be the real human being, not a robot again, and they have sooo much opportunity and they can choose whatever they want to do,..
    and thats the matter that they (JYJ) cannot achieve is they still in your pitifull dorm and FAKE FAMILY.

  4. ¡OMG!!!!! This is really great. Our Jaejoong effect has been unleashed beyond the limits of the artistic media and beyond the boundaries of South Korea. I can remember clearly the last year when he traveled early to Thailand to prepare the concerts as the Director, and he ended up visiting His Majesty the Thai King. Oh my; Jaejoong is a very special man, so charismatic, so agreeable that he even has been received by Kings and he has been invited to State Dinners, not only with the President of SK but also with the Turkish President. ¡AMAZING!

    LSM and his associates must be burning in envy and anger; ¡ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😉

    • Ah my friend, there will be much for them to gag on! As I said before, all those attributes are something they were born with. None of those were taught. So, the quality characteristics are not something SM can take credit for. They can go suck an egg for all I care!

      This young man like his brothers are on a different track now. Their paths are going to take them to places they never dreamed of. Leaving these yahoos behind in the dirt is music to my ears! 🙂

    • ^_______________^
      i’m not gonna surprise if later Jaejoong and his brothers came to each country to be a Guest State
      oh boy i always thought that our boys really like a birds who now can fly more higher and freely to where ever they want, enjoying the scenery with happiness and singing all day if they want even though they are get hurt by so many people who want catch them back but they always can get away with their own way

  5. Thank you for appreciating Jaejoong and JYJ, so can you please help JYJ from those blocking shit and help appear in TV. They deserve justice.

    • I agree with you~! They pretty much said all that I wanted to say. In the end, I can only say (or type) KIM JAE JOONG FIGHTING~!

  6. I’m greatfull to Mr.Minister for expressing in public his thanks. Thank you Mr.Minister ! Yes, Kim Jeajoong and his JYJfriends are better and better everyday getting public’s and official’s appreciations. Hwaiting!

  7. Can these two top man step in to help our boys in a legal fight and free them in broacasting?I hope that it is the next step.

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