[TWITTER] 120207 Junsu Twitter Update

[TRANS] Goodnight everyone~^^

Source: @1215thexiahtic | Trans+Shared by: JYJ3


50 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120207 Junsu Twitter Update

  1. junsu oppa do you want to cos me a nightmare so scary please stop the diet thing i really heat it so much >< junsu oppa please be more careful please gain some weight and don't overdoing your self so hard

  2. Sigh!! Am I the only one who’s starting to dread his selcas? 😦 Did he lose even more weight again? He looks so frail and skeletal here, almost like a shadow of his former rosy-cheeked and boyish self. Give us your smile again, Su, please…I can’t get used to this… T_T

  3. Sweet baby where are you hurting? what’s bothering you’? you look so sad and tired please, please put your mind at ease just know that you are loved truly loved, all over the World like MJ song YOU ARE NOT ALONE so baby Su know that and relax okay(-_-)

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    • he’d take the hug i think he wants a comforting hug i think he cried before he post this pic too : (
      in his former seleca he also looked sad but he can’t seem to be able to express it clearly so he just sucks it up cause maybe he feels he’d cry if he started talking about what’s bothering him i can feel he’s sad about something i thought maybe he moved on about that recent banning thing but maybe he’s still sad about it and maybe something ells made him sad, maybe he was thinking about something and it made him sad. the problem suie keeps to himself when he’s down, but i don’t blame him some people don’t feel stronger when they gush out their problems but weaker so they don’t talk about their feelings or problems period and suck it up till they feel better on their own and that’s the only way the get comforted and strong, and feeling dandy. maybe Junsu is one of those people just saying maybe he is so if he cried and is facing a problem no one would know it through him at all and he’d just take it silently bearing and hurting till he manages to get over it on his own cause this way he stays stronger and independent on himself to comfort himself and feel better.

  5. Junsu my baby … Take care …. Eat good food and vitamins …. I know u don’t have time to rest or sleep …. Fighting … Hugs

  6. he looks down and like he cried so i think he’s feeling down and cried. that’s how it looks to me, thats how i see it, my opinion.

  7. So tired and sad and skinny. He lost weight on purpose for this role, I know. This Death role seems to be taking a big toll on him.

  8. Junsu-ya, saranghae…..won’t give comment on his appearance, bt surely it’s worried me. Bt it’s also for the musical, I think. Fighting Junsu!!

    • Yap. Agree it’s probably the musical.
      We know Su is a very dedicated artist who will devote all his might into a project.
      I think he could be working really hard for this musical.
      Maybe getting himself into the character. (I mean, he’s portraying Death!)

      Let’s hope he gets back to his cutie sunshine self when it’s done.

  9. I think it’s just the angle that makes it bad. Most of the times faces look so thin in selcas but yes Junsu maybe tired and sleepy. Junsu, you can ask Jae to cook Ottogi and take an eight-hour sleep.

    • @kris
      same thot occured to me…there’s some difference between his selca pics and normal pics, so it should be the angle, right…I think I look thinner in phone pics compared to normal camera too. But we fans are worriers. :-p Looking forward to non-selca pics and vids (from his musical).

  10. Junsu oppa, T____T about to cry when seeing u like this
    where is my chubby Junsu? where is he? plzzzz eat more and take care of urself, u know u look too tired and skinny now
    T________________T Junsu ahhh…….huhuhuhu

  11. Junsu don’t be discouraged. What ever is perplexing you can be worked through. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Hwaiting!

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