[Facebook] 120209 Today is Yoochun’s first day of filming for ‘Rooftop Prince’

Hope to see filming photos of the Prince at the beach! (^__^)/

Source: JYJ Official FB | Shared by: JYJ3


25 thoughts on “[Facebook] 120209 Today is Yoochun’s first day of filming for ‘Rooftop Prince’

  1. please keep your health
    this month must be really hard for you, you must prepare yourself for the upcoming concert too
    so Park Yo fighting !!!!

  2. Uhm Taewoong will lead the KBS’s “Men on Equator”, a direct competition of Rooftop Prince. 6002’s going up against bigwigs. Ah! Stress!

      • I know. He’s really going up against A-list actors this time. MBC already started promoting the OST for The King. SBS needs to pull out all the strings for 6002 to promote this drama!

    • as long as the storyline is great and yoochun present in them, this story will earn more fan..don’t worry… I have a good faith in this than ms.ripley(even ms ripley is not so bad =P)… skks always my favourite, and this will add up to my list to… I think spoiler should be control to give a better result ^^

  3. Chunnie-ah, really can’t make choice wherever like u more on stage or drama, totally addict with u so just can wish u be healthy and be strong…. Always stand by u^_^

  4. Yo Yoochun…. just remember what JJ hyung told u on his birthday party… that wil lift up ur spirit… hwaiting…!!!!!

    #even though i didn’t know what JJ said to him….
    hahahaha copying from JJ…

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