24 thoughts on “[FANACCOUNT] Kim Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting in Turkey & İstanbul Airport Fanaccount

  1. “I didnt remember what “look at me” was in korean so i kept saying “Jaejoong,oppa,chepal” etc. ”

    Was she saying jebal (please)? He was probably wondering, “Please, what?” So cool that she got to walk next to him though. But I always feel sorry for him when he’s surrounded like that. Gosh! I can’t decide if I’m a fan or a fangirl! ^///^

    I’ve been wondering too if Jae’s nickname for Chunnie, “Park Yoo” is meant to be a naughty English joke, like, “F*** you,” lol! Bad guy!^^

  2. We asked for him to sing,he sang a part from Protect The Boss ost. I cant explain his voice. It was heavenly,i started crying. I felt at peace when i heard his voice.

    Awww ❤ *-*

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