[NEWS] 120207 Jaejoong hailed as the Tarkan* of South Korea

*Tarkan is a singer from Turkey who is known by everyone in Turkey and beyond. He has reached “megastar” status in his home country and is loved by all.

South Korea’s worldwide famous singer Kim Jaejoong, who came together with South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak making an official visit to Turkey to meet his fans in Turkey, was wished for a safe journey by his fans with huge ebullience.

When South Korean singer and actor Kim Jaejoong having 45 million fans in Asia arrived to Ataturk Airport International Departures in order to fly to Seoul from Istanbul, he was welcomed there by numerous fans. The group that raced each other to take photograph together with the artist they are fan of gathered attention by singing the artist’s songs. 26-year old South Korea’s Tarkan, who has been surrounded by his Turkish fans among the bewildered looks of other passengers, did not disappoint his fans accepting their photo-taking wishes together. 

Joong** who arrived in Turkey on previous days with South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak who makes an official visit to Turkey arranged a meeting for his fans in Ankara. The fan meeting tickets were sold out in 30 minutes.*** Each of the 600 seats that went on sale for meeting on the website of Korean Embassy were sold out. Artist Joong, also had an opportunity to meet republic’s President Abdullah Gul. President Gul has shared this on his website with netizens.

** The reporter used “Joong” due to lack of understanding of Asian names, especially the order of name and surname.

*** The tickets were free, as Jaejoong was there on diplomatic duties in the interest of cultural exchange between Turkey and South Korea.

Sourceturkiyegazetesi.com.tr | Translation by: Ozlem
Shared by: JYJ3


40 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120207 Jaejoong hailed as the Tarkan* of South Korea

  1. worldwide famous singer Kim Jaejoong <– YES!!!

    45 million fans in Asia <– where did they get this number? Lol

    I'm so proud of you, Jae!!!

  2. I remember Tarkan was a HUGE success here in Mexico some years ago with his song “Kiss” and the album of his best songs~ His songs are very awesome and he’s very handsome ^^

    Comparing our Jaejoong with Tarkan is really a big compliment, but of course I prefer our beloved Jaejoong 😀

  3. Tarkan = Jaejoong ımnnn no!
    Jaejoong > Tarkan yes ! ^^
    I saw three days and Jaejoong has become a habit ❤
    Jaejoong, I miss you already T________T

  4. tarkan is sooooo famous and the girls are in love with him,he is realllly handsom,BUT
    my lovely jj is better than him.
    HeY jj,my heart is surrunded by you!

  5. OMO!! dats a discovery for me.. i love that Tarkan song – kiss kiss – but i only know the english one..

    i’m really proud of you my hubby Jae..
    to be compared with Tarkan is a big compliment.
    also 45 million?? wat a huge number and it will grow more..
    that’s is your power, you have this little something in you that makes people like/love you.

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