[NEWS] 120208 Park Yoochun, tight schedule with concerts in Latin America and ‘Rooftop Prince’ shooting


Park Yoochun will start filming on the 9th.Park Yoochun will have a forced march with the concerts in Latin America and the filming for SBS’s new Wed-Thus drama ‘Rooftop Prince’.

Park Yoochun will return to small screen through ‘Rooftop Prince’ which will have its first airing on March 14. Before this return, he will take part of JYJ Latin America Tour in Chile and Peru on the 9 and 11 of the same month.

Therefore, the filming schedule was delayed for a week. He will officially join the filming on the 9th.

SBS explained, “We were aware of JYJ’s concerts schedule from the beginning. Even though the schedule is really tight, it was planned that Park Yoochun’s parts would be shot in advance. The broadcast won’t be affected.”

Source: Asia Today via Nate
Translation by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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66 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120208 Park Yoochun, tight schedule with concerts in Latin America and ‘Rooftop Prince’ shooting

  1. Park Yoochun fighting. Please take a good care of your health. Please dont be hospitalized again. Take whatever necessary for your stamina. We care a lot for you

  2. Again T_T he always having a concert when he starts shooting for his drama. I hope those vitamins that blessingyuchun ahjumma gave him will help his health >”<

    • @jp
      IKR? Dates clashing again? 😦 *sigh*
      And oh..”Blessing Yuchun” ahjummas are the best.
      Since they are nearer to him, hope they’ll take good care of our Chun, lol~

  3. T_T every year, the concerts and filming for his respective dramas would always clash! Although I wish he’d take care of his health, I doubt that’s going to happen given his inevitable schedule and responsibilities! T_T

  4. chunnieyah… Keep spirit.. Take care your healthy ok… I know is not easy .. But i hope .. You’re stronght..
    Love you.. <3<3<3

  5. Worried… I’m so worried…Chun-ah please take good care of your health. Please don’t be sick like when you filmed Miss Ripley until you lost your weight 😦
    I like the way he is now, so happy and healthy, I hope busy schedule don’t make him too tired and lack of sleep.
    Hope everything goes well for you Chun-ah…

    • @mrschunnie
      I guess he’s just too precious, everybody is starting to worry already *sigh*
      He lost so much weight during SKKS and Ms Ripley filmings..
      Sure hope he’ll find a way to counter this problem this time round! 🙂

      Yoochunnie fighting~!!!~

    • Kyah~~ @Nandar sissiiiiii *bighugglesmytwinnie*

      “chun, stay healthy n happy”
      *nodsnods* we are not asking too much, are we?! 🙂

    • @angangwoo *hugs*
      Is that you? Where’s my cutie Junsu ava? *pouts*
      But how can I complain..your new ava is just as cute as our Junsu.. 🙂
      So, I’ll let you go this round, haha~

      • Yes it’s meeeee *hug bublly tightly*
        Do you miss me ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

        Junsu cute ava is tired so it needs to rest a bit xD

        Yes this little girl is very cute xD she’s my daughter xD LOL and the father is junsu hahahahah *just kidding*

        The little girl wanna see uncle chunie’s act in the new drama xD

  6. DEAR Prince yoochun, make sure you can manage your time and your health wisely…I don’t want any news about you admitted in hospital or faint on filming side like in skks period…and I also want the drama to be “Daebak” and A good “winning award” type of drama…hope while all this hard-ship,they will gain all true fans from all over the world… I’m selfish…=P

  7. SBS..we put our trust on you.
    Hope you’ll take good care of our Chun.
    Try not to overwork our precious boy, ne?

    ps: although I know very well it’s gonna be difficult..
    looking at the obvious clash between their upcoming concert dates and de filming schedule..*sigh*..
    but hey, no harm hoping right? 🙂

    • Kyah~ I so hope I can strike a deal with my Chun now..
      and that is for him to remember that health should ALWAYS be his first priority.
      No matter what, where, when.
      Just hope he knows, there are so many of us out here..
      whom he doesn’t even know exist, really do care for him so much.

      PYC fighting~!!!
      RTP fighting~!!!

  8. I want to ask , How much is 10Mil Won change to USD ? thank you !!
    because this jewelry for the wedding scene of #RooftopPrince cost that much.!

  9. Take 1 week off, Yuchun’s part shooting in priority, not affecting airing schedule, that means all his shooting part screwed in these few weeks…..Yuchun oppa, take care! fighting!

  10. AGAIN ? (T ^ T)
    He has double duty when SKKS and Miss Ripley and ended up fainted and get admitted to hospital!
    Take of your health Chunnie-ah, don’t forget to eat and have a rest. Prince Yoochun fighting!

    • @kaloocapri
      Chunsas are really worried about him.. *sobs*
      He should take care of his health, I don’t want to see him lose 10kg like when he filming SKKS.

      I got mixed feeling about the drama, I’m happy to see chun on screen and I like the storyline+cast but I feel anxious about it. *sigh

  11. i hope the pressure is not too much on his mind and body. we all worry about him. i hope he will be able to manage and take care of himself too. they always want to give so much to others that sometimes they neglect themselves too much. 유천 화이팅!

  12. I heard Rooftop Prince was supposed to be aired in May but SBS had trouble with some of their drama line up that they had to move Rooftop Prince to March.

  13. It would be great if we could clone Yuchun, that way he will be in 2 different locations without getting exhausted. Take care of your health Yuchun and looking forward to another great performance both in the drama and concert.

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