[VIDEO] 120208 Jaejoong in Turkish news programme

*** Updated with More Turkish News***

Credit: JYJ3Official (JYJ3’s Youtube Channel) + pinkymintzz


25 thoughts on “[VIDEO] 120208 Jaejoong in Turkish news programme

  1. LMAOOO you should add the 2 other parts as well~ what the announcer’s saying in the end of the 3rd video is too funny someone should sub the videos..in the very end the announcer’s like all that’s left to do is to get Jaejoong circumsised and make him become a turkish citizen hahah that’s turkish humor right there..he was like that because all the girls are spazzing over a korean guy but won’t even care about them turkish guys, that’s why he found the superlative, a good looking korean guy who’s a turkish citizen & circumsiced..that way everyone’s satisfied..besides Jae of course LOL

    • I don’t think they know what’s new or what’s old. They searched on youtube and came up with this. The thing is that the Turkish press was unaware of JJ visiting Turkey till the last minute. I think they were tipped off because of unusual fan activity in the airport. And even then all newsreport are using the footage of AHA (Turkish version of AP). That’s why the only thing reported is him leaving. I think next time they will be more active covering him.

      • I see~~
        Anyway, I think the group that helps them with all the preparations will be more than delighted to provide them with more information about Jae and JYJ. 😉

    • Thank you for sharing.
      Beautiful girls all around, Turkish Fans are really doing their homework to promote Jaejoong that’s why he made it to their TV news.

  2. Thank you Turkey, Jae has received much love from you.
    Jae is cute in that IDS dance and his image in Wrong Number MV with his chest exposed is very captivating.
    If Korea and Japan don’t have a stage for JYJ, Asia alone is too wide for them plus the other continents. JYJ doesn’t have to “dominate” a country because I think it’s an exaggerated word and offensive to the local artist, as long as there a lot of fans supporting them it’s all good. I just hope my country has that enthusiasm like Peru and Turkey.

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