120209 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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  1. Since our visual shock won this poll –> [Poll/Ranking] Jaejoong: The Perfect Boy Group – Visual

    Let me share some quotes which are perfect to describe Jae~

    “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

    “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart”

    “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”

    “Character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. A mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.”

    Its beauty that catches your attention, personality which captures your heart

    It’s [beauty] a kind of radiance. People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy. They vibrate at a different frequency.

    “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good; but that which is good is always beautiful.”

    Of coz, Jae has both outer and innner beauty.ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    But for me, what makes me love him more and more each day is the fact that he is who he is –> Kim Jae Joong ♥♥♥


    My very own poll!
    Which face of Kim Jae Joong do you love the most?

    1: Cute Jae
    2: Sexy Jae
    3: Funny Jae
    4: Serious Jae
    5: Naughty Jae
    6: Angel Jae
    7: Devil Jae
    8: Singer Jae
    9: Actor Jae
    10: Director Jae
    11: Ambassador Jae
    12: Culinary Jae

    Note: List not exhaustive!!!

  2. OMO … OMO … OMO .. my heart …. Just stop … Admins … I don’t want to die so young …. I want to see our JYJ getting married , having lots of children … 😉

  3. ¡OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Impossible to behave with this kind of gifs in town ladies. *Nosebleed*
    Suddenly my Jaehunger is awake……………………….. 🙂

  4. OOO…MYYY..The GAP came wild….all my sisters in here come wild too LOLLL….. good luck for your heart ..hahah good night!!

  5. oh dear, this is too much. I have to say thank you to all my JYJers sisters, who already accompany me in this pervy world. When you read this message, that means I’m already in Jaeheaven, fly with the angels…..

  6. admin are really cruel, try to kill fangirls and have JJ for herself LOL
    and you guys not helping~ making me die even more with those video~ XD
    Junchan~ take me with you oh my dear “Death” *fly to SK

  7. Okay now that I’ve managed to calm myself down a bit. I had question. If anyone here bought the COO DVD what shipping method did they use to ship it?

      • Yeah from 3hree voices, do they sell it somewhere else too? I was going through the steps but it didn’t say how they ship it. The shipping price is pretty high so I was wondering if it was shipped via ems.

    • Yeah the shipping is quite expensive for me also, but I have no other way to buy it. T.T
      -sigh- Oh my darling JYJ my wallet will become empty just for you.

      • @Jae-is-Mine

        I know, but I REALLY want COO. Also thanks for reminding me about their next album….why must their be so many editions XD I remember the other day I was counting how many editions there are for the Beginning and there are 4 of them. @.@

  8. 101 comments and still a couple of hours since the new GAP , I just thought what’s happening? now I know the JaeHarems are in high spirit, blame it to the GIF!
    THank you Admins, you’re always giving us a treat everyday.

    I think we have to PARTY!!!!!

  9. OH MY GOD !! O.O again the GAP will be in a big fire n alot of heart attacks will happen… just a story popped in my head when i saw this gif :

    me:ok dont worry guys i will call the amblaubnce .. just hang in there ne~~~
    a girl 1: omo oh oh a fan girl here cant breath wheres the tank oxygen hurry ! she will die
    a girl 2 : oh wait shes trying to say something !~~~ what what dear !!
    the struggling girl : p p plz *trying to breath* b bri i ng m me jae j joong ! i i w want h him !
    TONS OF girls just fall in the ground saying the same words the stuggling girl said !
    the ambulance arrived but couldnt help any girl -.- they said : thats SO weird , we give everything that a body needed when he get a heart attack or cant breath or nosebleed ! but they are still the same and those symptoms r kept on returning back ! whos the cause of this !!!!!!!!!!!! o.o
    yes they are really shock when all of the girls screamed n said… : *pointing to the gif* ITTS THAT DEVIL MAN!!
    when they looked at him they were like : O.o O.O OH MY DEAR GOD …. *nosebleed* WT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES SOOOOOOOO HOT !!
    yup -.- now the clinical stuff r in danger .. u know the same symtoms n the same words : we want him ! bring him here NOW !!! <.<'
    now me n 2 friends r trying to survive as well but wt to do with the others !!! they were in big trouble ! *noise , screaming , hard to breath* we need help really !
    the death angel JUNSU come to the recuse ^.^ : *whispering* (aish not again its all his fault again !! im tired from this job) taking a deep breath n said with a black face: u guys r dying im sorry but im taking you with me !
    me n others : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we dont want to gooooooo ! WE WANT JAE WE WANT JAE WE WANT JAE WE WANT JAE WE WANT JAE NOWWWWWWWWWWW WE WANT JAE WE WANT JAE !! <<<<< all of the girls kept on screaming N SCREAMING N SCREAMING !
    the death angel su though of something devil (im so gonna finish this for all ) : OK OK OK STOP SCREAMING AISH REALLY ! I WILL NOT TAKE U INSTEAD I WILL BRING JAEJOONG HERE TO U !!!!!!
    and then suddnely all of the girls ahh and the clinical staff too JUST stand up n run up to him! saying : where is he where is he !
    the death angel su pick up his phone n called a number and said : YAHHHH SHUT UP DONT SAY A WORD JUST COME OVER HERE QUICKLY ! NOW NOW NOW !!! and then he shut the phone down ! and told us that he is coming ! all the ppl where saying hurry hurry hurry plz its really hard to breath !
    and then THE DEVIL JAEJOONG arrived ! running to the death angel su saying : whats wrong with u ??? why u shout at me like that ????
    the devil jaejoong with big innocence look : ehh !!!what did i do !!!
    and then he looked around and saw thousand NO NO TONS of ppl running towards him N SCREAMING
    he widden his eyes n said shit better to run !!!
    he runed and runed while screaming : PLZZZZ ITS NOT MY FAULT THAT I WAS BORN LIKE THIS !!!! AHHHHHHHH SOMEONE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    while someone standing up in the bulding n laughing the dolphin laugh : UE kyang kyang kyang now i can take my rest !!! i should have done that from the beginning !! YUCHUN wheres my COOKIES !!!!!!!
    YUCHUN : HAI HAI SIR HERE IS IT !! (sigh poor JJ my heart is with u hyung -.-' )

  10. JYJ really rub me too much*sigh*
    lurking and camping here almost every hour totally make me a huge weirdo.. becoz…why in the hell i wrote JYJ as my IDOL in life in my job resume?!??? *facepalmed*
    dear god…i really need to get a life *bumping head on the wall*
    LOL the HRD of Pharos indonesia might be raising their eyebrow thinking “who is this JYJ?”
    honestly, i truly can’t think of anyone that time! except these wonderful boys ㅋㅋㅋ
    i should have wrote mother as my idol’s in life. oh GOD, i can’t stop laughing whenever i remember about it. LOL
    that’s how much JYJ affect my life..i dunno if i should be sad or proud.
    *first checklist: get a real boyfriend soon*

  11. I will just stare, I will not die. I will not scream, i will just sigh. No fun in silence, though, at times like this.

    • Happy Thursday my dearest lil sis…..*hugs*

      Today is a killing day. Admins with GIFs, Jaejoong with his photos…..
      They surely cheer my mood a bit. I am glad that you can start your day being happy…

      Love, Eonnie….^__^

  12. Oh hate you admin am deing her oh jae oppa his so sexy kyaaaaa
    لأ خلاص بموت حده سكسي جي اوبا بموت من جماله

  13. Did JJ stalked JYJ3??????
    Cz GAPP today full of JJ n Jaeharem n then JJ trolled us at twitter
    By the way, everyone, please follow my twitter, I only have few follower, hixshixshixs……
    My twitter: @sammy3s_kim
    I’ll follow you back if you follow me.
    I’m Indonesian so my Ing is unfluent hope U all can understand
    Tq U

  14. just want to share this for the xiahpaws out there, i know today’s GAPP will be dominated by Jaeharem.

    we all know that Tod is death name is Junsu’s musical elizabeth ryt?
    i have a funny story about that..

    last tuesday i went to a friends’ house to discuss our cover dance project this year also watch some old DBSK concerts.
    dis friend of mine got a brother and he is a Junsu Fanboy.
    when he came back from school and saw us watching d concert.
    he went on fanboy mode and saying “that’s junsu my big brother”.
    when he did that my naughty side came out, I started trolling him. of course he got annoyed but then laughed becoz he knows im kidding.
    then suddenly i just blurted out “Tod is so Sexy”.. his sister gave me dis confused look and wen i looked at him i saw him glaring at me.
    I asked him “who is Tod then?”, he answered, “Its Junsu”
    his sister is shocked bcause she didn’t know who Tod is..
    btw his sister is obsess with jae..
    back to the story..
    his sis asked, “how come you this? since when?”
    he answered, “of course I have to be updated in everything about Junsu”.
    me and his sis LOLed at him and we r amazed bcoz we always tot that, he only listen to his sis for updates but we never tot that he will do updates on his own..

  15. As I read the spazzing (justified, of course) going on this early in GAPP, all I want to say is—-BREATHE, my sisters, BREATHE!
    Just want to share an old vid (that some of you might have seen before but it always make me laugh) since apparently even professional reporters are not immune to JYJ’s lethal charms.

    This was an un-aired interview (starts at 04:12 and ends at 10:38) taped for that J-show. Watch how the poor reporter (at that time a relative rookie at that tv station) was all calm and serious, easily holding it well together past the general questions. However at 07:49 once she got to addressing JJ directly, she loses it. Complete chaos ensued and she could never recover her professional composure esp with YC and JS coming up next. The rest of the interview fell into total fangirl meltdown and it was clear JYJ found her confusion hilarious.
    Guess this is visual proof that close proximity and full-force exposure to JYJ’s charms CAN indeed scramble your senses. Though honestly, who would mind that? LOL ^^
    (* For those who might not be aware, “-chan” is usually added as a suffix behind a name, usually given to a child or much younger person who is held in great affection. This is why Juchan is the affectionate pet-name/nickname that JS is called by his 2 JYJ hyungs and their former Avex staff)

  16. I love reading the reactions in here after seeing those Jae gifs. So funny. Jaeharem is in crazy mode today. haha

    I have just read a comment of Noizu Productions saying there are not many tickets left from those 1000 tickets. Me happy. I wonder how many are left though.

  17. OOHHHH MMYYY GAPP!!!!! Hahahahah just want to say that after reading the spazzing all you ladies are doing…

  18. Love my JJ but sharing a JS-related vid so Xiahpwas and Chunsas can also join the spazzing lovefest. I’m JYJ-biased, REALLY can’t pick one over another since they each hold a special place in my heart.
    Sorry if it had been posted before but this one is unfamiliar to me and unfortunately, there’s no Eng-subs. The reporter’s fanboy mode tickles me at @ 05:06 when he tries to instigate a cheerleading squad for JS and FC Men. Enjoy!

  19. i don’t know if u guys ever watch this vid or not yet, this is when Jae leaving Istanbul, even though it’s lil bit dark but u can see from beginning when Turkish fans waiting for Jae to came out ,fan chanting and till he really leave, i really love it when she use ‘for you it’s separation to me it’s waiting’ as the ending song

    once again Turkish fans thank you so much for protect and take care of Jae during in there

    • Thank you @maiw…Turkey fans really try their best to take care and protect our boy..just so wonderful touch !

    • I’m so shock~~~never in my mind this two person is connected~~haha~~
      Now I want to see Jae to getting married too..hehe..I want to see baby Jae~~~
      Yuchun and Junsu still cannot ~~

      • I know most people don’t really like to see celebs they like getting married ( or even dating someone) but I love it .
        and even though I don’t care to know about their Personal life because it’s their business I still am happy to here thing like dating and marriage .
        but this was fast Jin LOL . … I really hope you make it work .

    • I didn’t even know he was dating Kuroki Meisa until this news broke out. That’s how out of the loop I am.

      I wish the two of them the best.

    • I was reading the news yesterday and was surprised …. people keep saying it’s ” Expected ” that something like this would happen but I was like NO it’s not ! I was expecting him to have a sex vid Leak or something not him getting married LOL .

  20. What a tease Jaejoong is doing up there!!! *weeping drolls*
    Guys, have you heard it? Or is it just me that being late? i read on yunja-unnie@blogspot.com that on 2nd februari this month, Younha’s lawsuit was finally over! She won and deserved to be paid 100.000.000 won of the profit that her agency owed her. Also stated that by this ruling court decision, her exclusive contract has finally ended. Wow, congrats to her, i really proud of her! It took almost a year for her. I wish her more successful upcoming career *joining with c-jes and jyj maybe* kekeke..
    Now can i hope the same for jyj’s? It has been dragging for too long. Well, to be positively thinking, i will be just guessing that the reason is because south korea needs to prepare itself for a big shake that will be happening in their so called kpop wave when jyj finally win.

  21. Dear admins,
    On fine morning I met my classmate whom I have never spoke before on bus,I sat beside her and opened JYJ3,out of nowhere Jae nipple show up,her eye got widen and we end up in,she looking to me to me like a pervert who opened some rated on bus and avoid,I was thinking whole lecture for explanation word, shall I go tell ” hello that was not porno,that is my favorite singer” I think that will make worsen,she will think why am I staring nipple of my favorite singer.Now i will get her stare for about one and half year ahead. T T Is my fault though,

    • @Zan

      ¡Oh my dear! I understand the whole situation and it is funny, but shameful at the same time. I think you better wait to know her a little, and then you can explain what really happened. Tbh, the gifs are not pornographic at all and to “stare” at a gorgeous man’s chest is not a sin, but candy to the eye and a refreshment to the spirit. ¿You know what? I think maybe she liked what she saw but she’s feeling as embarrased as you’re feeling to ask or to comment at all.

  22. They also used Yoochun’s High Cut photoshoot video. T_____T
    Why did they even have to blur it if, it is that obvious?
    If this was another star they wouldn’t even show anything. T__________T

    Yoochun, don’t let this affect you. Be strong!

  23. I’m really hoping that it is not Yoochun! Damn it!!!!!! Not when everything seems to go well for them. =/

    I’m also hoping that Yoochun and Junsu and Jaejoong will not be affected by this.

    REMEMBER: It is only a speculation that it is Yoochun because of the blurred video used in the news. And other hints given.

  24. Such a malicious rumor to spread! Whether it’s him or not, I don’t give a f***. Each is entitled to his own private life. This stupid RUMOR, spreading like a wildfire, is so very timely. The news broadcast could never have been more obvious trying to incriminate 6002. Pathetic! They could not take over the advertising and drama industries, so they resort to this?! Taking a big hit on YC’s reputation is so low. Yoochun, this rumor does not make me think less of you. Be strong, I’m sure the fandom is behind you.

  25. I don’t really know what to think..I’m really saddened by the rumor..if it is YC or Junsu or if it isn’t..
    If they are well it’s obvious why I would be sad and if they aren’t because people are trying to set them up again! Either way people are trying to set them up..It seems like this happened long time ago then why it is spreading now? EVERY DAY it’s something new trying to destroy them..Thanks god so far people’s reactions are quite “positive” but still..
    I am fuckin pissed off. Why blur the pics when we can still tell who is on the pics? better say it out or not say it all..>..<

    • usually when such things are suddenly reported there is something about someone important getting exposed so they need a distraction .

    • JTB news broadcasted a RUMOR about an idol being threatened by an ex-girlfriend for a sex video.. It says that the ex-gf wants 1,000,000,000 won in exchange of not spreading the alleged video. There was a silhouette of jyj and YC so people assumed the idol was YC.

  26. I thought it could be Telisha..She was weird enough to write that stupid song. And in any case why bring this stuff up now? Even if it’s true.. it’s cause they want to ruin JYJ..NO doubt at all.

  27. there is sth fishy about that ! why this kind of news spread just when there is good news about them (in this case jj’s visit to turkey with president ) ! how can fans dont become suspicious ?

  28. Praying … Everthing will be fine … JYJ fighting …. We have faith on you all …. We really dont care …. YooChun fighting

    • Nah it’s true we don’t care, i even curious about YC face when he is naked lol

      but Anyway what make me soo angry now is HM fans accusing we JYJ fans try to make the victim guy actually Yunho (http://www.twitlonger.com/show/fqnjd0) ..oooh please Hotel girl, that was soo pathetic, if you read allkpop articel the one who always talk about that things is YJ fans..weird.

      • @ Love-JYJ ha ha these Hotel how can JYJ fans accuse their YH,does their oppa have drama???,CF?? Popularity rising???? LOL well they can rest their soul bec their oppa has not even met the category LOL
        Plus JYJ fans are busy reading JJ turkey fan acc,news report, YC new drama camera test & etc,Waiting for Junsu musical fan cams,they should wake up and see that we don’t have time for them.

      • is YH have that kind of money………I think not………
        n even it so obvious when the reporter from JTBC tweet that it is not from SM Ent……..are they stupid or what?

  29. IM FREAKING BEYOND PISSED. Why is it that JTBC decided to write a piece on JYJ for the FIRST time and begins slamming disgusting rumors on a member who (for a fact, is better than ALL SME idol actors) is starting his filming for this new drama that is generating buzz. JTBC, to me is one SME’s dogs whose main focus is to ruin JYJ’s reputation when all good news seem to be swarming around them instead of their dolls or puppets. I’m beyond pissed right now. Beyond.

  30. First the one about out his yacht and now this…Hmmm…it seems some people really want to damage poor Yoochun’s rep before they start airing Rooftop Prince. Desperate much?

  31. Ok, this rumor about Chun really sucks. This is a clear attempt to ruin Yoochun’s reputation before his drama premiere. The journalist who informed the news on the video is a well known friend of SME as you can appreciate on his twitter pics and tweets https://twitter.com/#!/charogne6
    and after the whole scandal someone came out to say the one in the video was: “hey say it’s not from JYJ but from CN Blue (which has 4 members). Yknow how things go in Kmedia. I’m not even surprised by the sudden change of information” via our lovely @Cathe 캐이트 @keytiisthebomb No matter what, is tremendoulsy bad intended the fact that they used a blurry JYJ video as background to illustrate the new. We all know who is responsible of this; no other than SME, the shame of South Korea. These people want to ruin JYJ and its members one by one. ¡Come on! ¡¡This is unacceptable!!!

    • The thing is YC has always been the most elusive member of the group. He really values his privacy. He tries to keep a low profile but these people just could not let him be. If YC were in the US or Euro entertainment, this rumor is not a big deal. It’s just unfortunate that in the Korean entertainment industry, there a lot of “SELF-RIGHTEOUS” beings. I’m not surprised whenever I hear news of a Korean singer/actor committing suicide or retiring from the industry.

      • The thing that made it the most obvious for me was the reporter who wrote the article tweeting “it’s not a SME singer” after a few people said it could be Yunho or even someone from Suju..
        with that he confirmed who is behind this 🙂
        As if we’re THAT stupid.. In the end they will say there’s no video at all..
        Seriously is there any proof? They won’t leak the video nor will they post pics..so in the end it’s just a rumor but they HAD TO use Jyj pics..They had to.
        If people haven’t figured out by now what LSM is trying to do then they are obviously blind! >.<

      • The stupidity of SM strikes again. These are their tactics? Spreading malicious rumors, probably thinking that they could sway YC/JYJ fans their way. This is so low. The yacht incident and now this sex video rumor just makes SME look so pathetic. I thought they think highly of themselves as the main hallyu wave enfocers and resort to bullying young guys. I just hope the Korean fans are smart enough to identify the truth from the made up story…
        Such a shame to have journalists act this way. Korean media will eventually be a laughing stock of the international media if they continue on going through this path.

    • I guess JYJ being in good news and wanted for work is getting on someone nerves lately .
      even though I don’t Personally see this as something serous I know how people will react and it isn’t good . so I really would like this ” news” to be cleared up soon and not left ambiguous because people will just stick it to Yoochun .

      • @Meme

        Dear, that’s true. People tend to relate the new to the person named on the first place as the “main role”. Tbh, that kind of news are nothing in the west, just something to laugh at. On the other hand, in a society that claims to be so “pure and virginal” as the korean society, this could become a grave disaster. ¡What an ambiguous and hipocrit society, ripping its outfits on a sexual scandal while remaining silent on a corruption issue as deep and rotten as the SME one!!

  32. Goodness..just watched the jtbc vid…they used JYJ’s Billboard vid and Highcut + other YC pics, all blurred. It’s so obvious they’re out to drag JYJ in the mud. This cable station is currently airing a weekly SNSD show ‘Dangerous Boys’. But this is all just speculation…we can only wait for updates.. 😦 Sigh…I’m just hoping it’s not true or even if it is its impact will be minimal…

    • what happened ?!?!?!?!?! i just came in here is something wrong , did something bad happened to yoochun what the fffffffffffflowers is going on please tell me ????

    • You can send a tweet to complain. I just did…


      Regardless of who the victim is, it was wrong for JTBC to use JYJ’s video footage, knowing full well that the blurred images can still be identified by kpop fans. The artist who was blackmailed is the victim, and is supposed to be anonymous. How can JTBC point fingers at YC when the case is ongoing, and they have no proof?

      • thanks for the clarification lisa


        i agree with u, blackmail is an offense she should be scared of doing this offense . and the media is so low trying to twist the situation to get at JYJ knowing that the media is getting questioned and heavily criticized by fans or the public due to the banning of JYJ from getting aired.

    • oh ho u have a good point, indeed why not reveal her ? why is she anonymous does she exist even ? who said this what Chanel aired this is it kbs ? the Chanel should be sued if it gave the accused a tarnished reputation while the case is still under investigation. but ur question is really important girl.

      • awww thank you Pierrot I really wish someone would find out who it is, that is IF there really is “an x-girlfriend.”

  33. I so mad..not because the news..but the stupid pps out there…are they living underground wold or they have really no brain at all to pointing to him ” his fault, because he let she do it ????””it is YC or not , I am still 100% his fans, I never expect he keep his virgin forever….HE IS A MEN, 26 YEARS OLD…he go to bed with his gf is Crime??? crazy…. million pps our there should have that guilty …. If happen He is a victim… he the one need help not other way. haters always hater …but i don’t like the fan say ” wish he not do that” so ..if he do that you are not love him any more?? so you should ask yourself what do you love him?? his body you never have or his soul, his talent.??.you are selfish.
    If NOT HIM….just more dirty and evil out my imagination ..so evil!!!

    • Dear, those are self-righteous people. There’s nothing good in them. Ignore those pea-brained. Their bashing just justifies their true color. Envy and inferiority can make a person go mentally disabled in the long run.
      I wonder how YC will handle this. He’s a hot property right now that’s why a lot of people try to bring him down. I trust YC’s judgement.

    • I agree 100%. Even if that person as YC, IF that video existed and IF that news was true, which I doubt, he would be a victim, so why do they focus in the victim instead of the culprit?

      I don’t believe this story and I hope no JYJ fan does. We are intelligent people so, I’m sure we won’t.

  34. Yc has lots of tattoos so girls nothing to worry about if the video comes out everyone will know that its not yc even if the video is blurry

  35. why did this happen NOW?
    when things got a little better already 😦

    according to my understanding she blackmailed *chunie because of his RISING? POPULARITY so she can extort more money but guys remember YOOCHUN IS ALREADY FREAKING POPULAR eversince….

    so what is this a freaking troll news? tsk3 and if you’ll see the old articles they use VERY BLURRED IMAGES and some alias like MR. A MS. B and something plus a very broad description of the victim/suspect…

    for me it was definitely used by someone to ruin not only *yoochun or whoever but also JYJ tsk3

  36. Ok, I am really angry right now but I will try to focus in positive news and forget about stupid rumors and idiotic people trying to damage someone’s reputation.

    So… Good news:

    Yesterday I read Noizu Productions saying they were preparing surprises for the JYJ concert as the place is big and there is a great expectation and so on. Some fans are asking for a DVD of the concert. Let’s see what it happens. They said that in the beginning the concert was going to be like the one in Chile but now they are adding things (Noizu).

    Today I found this report:


    Summary of the report:

    Haciaasia explains they talked to Noizu about JYJ concert in Chile. Noizu told them about JYJ’s reaction when they told them the Super Vip tickets were sold out in 32 minutes. Jaejoong used the words “incredible” after hearing those news. Then apparently JYJ asked if they had offered something to the people who buy the Super Vip tickets as they said it’s the common thing to do in Korea but Noizu replied they didn’t offer anything. The report mentions JYJ is going to give a surprise to the fans (it doesn’t specify if it’s for all the fans or for all the Super Vip fans) because they had to camp for 3 days to get those Super Vip tickets. They also mention things we already know, as the addition of 1000 tickets or the TV program “Punto Final”. The report says JYJ knows about this TV program and they are happy with what they saw and they see they’ll have a lot of support in Peru. Lastly it informs Noizu is preparing some surprises and that they want to have a stage similar to the ones in Korea so there will be a catwalk stage and 2 led screens.

  37. Well someone feel really threaten by JYJ.
    Really threaten by YC drama,Js musical,JJ epic turkey trip,come down to this low rumor LOL.
    There is no way,no way to stop them u remember that.
    ႈInfo is not match with YC at all but still use YC pics,media.
    Yoochun do your best in drama,don’t care about the news,rumors will die itself.
    I want u to know,I will love park yoochun,Kim jaejoong,Kim juns always,whatever u do with your private life is not concern with me,I love your music,your acting,do your best on the job.

    • Frankly, I find it highly repugnant when I suspect questionable manipulation of public opinions in progress and personally, absolutely refuse to let some trash-mongering companies tell me what to believe.

      Over the years, I’ve admired and followed numerous musical artists, singers and bands. However, this is honestly the 1st fandom where I’ve ever been willing to openly declare myself a fellow-fan. A big part of this is simply because irregardless of age/gender/race/nationality/creed, there seem to be 1 commonality we share which is particularly apparent on JYJ3 here—–i.e. we are generally intelligent, socially-conscious, sophisticated and Independent thinkers who refuse to be led by the nose like brainless sheep who will buy into anything k-idol-industries churns out nor blindly believe any of the nonsensical filthy slop they feed their usual immature tween fans.
      I WILL make up my own mind, thank you very much.

      “if it is yoochun it’s a terrible thing to happen and it will hurt his career and i hope it doesn’t bring down JYJ as a whole”
      Even IF it is (which I doubt), SO WHAT? JYJ are not saints; they are grown men and healthy human males. We are their fans and not their frigging chaperons, nor do we have any right to sit as judge-and-jury over their private lives.
      ——–>Excuse my language but I call it a BFD (Big F*g Deal).
      Garbage like this will only “bring down JYJ as a whole” —IF– us their fans, ALLOW that to happen by withdrawing our support over these kind of BS.
      So my fellow JYJ fans: are you going to let that happen?

      /End rant/

      • Count me in, always and forever.
        And I sign under everything you said..
        There are some boundaries a lot of fans aren’t aware of.. as you said we are their fans a.k.a supporters, we should respect their privacy and love them as they are but not get TOO involved. They don’t need our approval to do the things they want.

        And about that person being YC..If it is, so what. But as I said before..the whole thing is TOO damn suspicious. I could go on and on and on..But we all already know about all of this. ..karma is a bitch anyway. Things won’t get by unnoticed.
        All we can do right now, is calmly wait (like we always do) for an official statement.

        Just to add a bit of cheesiness in here..I love you guys, I love our fandom. ❤ *hides*

      • NEVER!!!! NEVER!!!! NEVER!!!! no matter what they do in their private lives is not my concern…and besides he already denied it…and i believe him period. tsk!! tsk!!! what people can do to ruin other peoples reputation…..it’s just soooo low…..i will forever love you my sweeties!!! hwaiting!!!

  38. Ok! I’m not going to read or watch this rumor with the link posted, Just reading the above chic chat between those comments up there, It’s enough to make me LOL, Actually ROFL !!!
    I expect something bigger, something Making a head line like:
    LSM got blackmail from BOA for having sex with her and she only get paid 1 mil. now she wanted 1bil. hahaha…..Joking
    Go LOL!!!

  39. I saw this from Tweet

    @KissChunnie read this, he’s cleared^^ found this comment from a jyjfan 🙂

    people just clicked the jTVC link provided. it said:
    1. the
    idol was filming last October, chun didnt have any drama in oct in
    2011, since he only acted in ms ripley, in which have ended in July

    2. in other article
    vop(.)co(.)kr/view(.)php?cid=A00000474197, it said the idol was 26
    korean age, so it means he was 87 er. after the new year, korean usually
    added 1 year to someone eventho they havent have their birthday yet.
    this also the reason why Junsu’s mother chose to register junsu birthday
    on Jan 1st, 17 days after his birth, so he wont be 2 years old, when he
    just born 17 days before. and they also use another idol group pic, who
    seems like taken from CN Blue pic.

    3. both articles said ‘at
    that time the idol was filming multiple dramas n cfs’. chun just acted
    in 2 dramas, in 2010 and 2011. in 2011, chun only have 1 drama, its ms
    ripley. so its hardly ‘multiple drama series’, as in more than 1 drama.

    it seems there are also another article with other idol in blurry pics.
    it just seems AKP choose to posted article from jTBC. and jTBC really
    play with fire by posted JYJ pics. maybe for gaining more response,
    since JYJ have many big projects this upcoming month (junsu’s elizabet,
    chun’s drama, JYJ concert in South America, and esp after Jae being such
    a BIG news from his visit to Turkey). i think they dare to do this
    since if cjes file a complaint they just gonna apologized n take down
    the pics/vids, but they gain attention already.

    5. weird how this
    news came just after Jae come back from Turkey, Chun just started
    filming, and Junsu’s elizabeth just have they premiered.

    Ps : even if it is chun, what is the big deal of 26 yo HEALTHY man have a sex life, with his gf? its hardly shocking nowadays. like many of you didnt do it already..

    PS 2 : for antis n haters who always say JYJ are gay, then now bash chun by saying its him.. make up your mind would you, is he gay or he isnt? jeezz.. haters just keep hating… (roll eyes)

    • Yes, YC and all the men at his age are at the peak of their virility. Let them live their life. Some people should just try to broaden their perspective on this.

  40. [RT] Idol intimidation of reporters about the case raised again to clear the article came out photo

    Actually i don’t know if this is the real idol they are talking about
    but for sure not YC
    May be they need to use their head to think before saying such a rumor
    JYJ ^^ We love you
    JYJ power

  41. naked pics of Yoochun? You’ve gotta be kidding me…..what the hell is wrong with the k-media lately???? lack of good news????? if they want some good news, come to me and i’ll give the best news ever…. SM bankrupt and lee soo man is dying because of JYJ disease….

  42. Wouldn’t affect my love for the boys in any way… what happens in the privacy of ones bedroom with another consenting adult should stay in that bedroom… the only disgusting thing is the girl who betrays the love and intimacy shared with another by selling it for money.

    If it turns out to be Yoochun… Yoochun Hwaiting!
    We will always support you!

      • OMG, thank you so much. I didn’t know how much I love the boys until today. Ever since, I heard about this news 4 hours ago. I have been so sad, praying and just hoping it wasn’t true. I have been checking different sites, waiting for confirmation. I shed tears of joy, reading your post. Thank you

      • Awww sweetie it’s okay! We share the same feelings..And right now I am glad to say the rumours are false. But then again, I’m sad to say SM is AGAIN behind all this. After C-jes made the official statement that the rumorsare FALSE and that they WILL take legal actions, the station that put Yoochun’s and JYJ’s blurred photo up imeddiately deleted them, also the video. It is known that the station’s owner is a great friend of LSM/SM. The station is also broadcasting SNSD’s dangerous boys. The reporter even tweeted that the mistery idol is NOT from SM. Proving even further who he is working with. So yeah, SM is at it again. Knowing how sensitive YC..I’m really worried about him. JYJ and him had so much stuff going on..especially YC with the yacht scandal and now this. SM won’t stop. :/
        We need to do something. This is going TOO far.

  43. It is NOT Yuchun! CJES has distributed a press release already, and they ask the media to stop hurting Yuchun by spreading rumours and turn them into news.

  44. YooChun or not … i really don’t care but that media or journalist must be punished for tarnishing the JYJ image … C-Jes Please sue that Media jTBC … now there is no video and and they are saying that not Yoochun … God this is too much to bare …. enough is enough

  45. SM Entertainment shut up……F*ck U….


    There is only ONE news source that used a picture of JYJ or YC in it, and that is JTBC

    JTBC is owned by Joongan Daily, which has known ties to SM Entertainment.

    JTBC is the channel that hosts SNSD’s talk show, Dangerous Boys as well as “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” which is a daily sitcom that many SM idols have made cameos on.

    JTBC is also the channel that has airing rights to GDA, in which Lee Soo Man sits on the judging panel

    And like I said, this is the ONLY news source that used JYJ or YC’s image
    All other reports are very vague, use no images, or images of other bands (such as CN Blue)

    So, call this a conspiracy if you want, but I just thought that was an interesting thing.

    Credit: yulebaifenbai90

  46. C-jes WILL take legal actions. But we all know that won’t stop LSM. We need to do something. I can’t imagine the boys suffering at all..It’s like a bad thing after a bad thing..I know they’re still doing well but imagine someone interfering with your life all the time? :/ Should we make another petition or what? Do you have any ideas guys? We NEED TO do something!

    • seriously, for the emotional trauma they gave JYJ fans. We have to do something. Petition, Protest a news organization that is so freaking biased. I am not kidding, I couldn’t eat or do anything, but wait for this to be cleared up. I think JYJ needs to become International Popstars. The amount of crap they get from the biased Korean Media is too much. What kind of crap, tin can democracy is South Korea, when even it’s media is cheap and tawdry.

  47. Naked or not naked, Park Yoo Chun is still our dear Park Yoo Chun. We love you and will always support you and JYJ, no matter what happens!

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