[FACEBOOK] 120209 JYJ Facebook Update – Yoochun ♥


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135 thoughts on “[FACEBOOK] 120209 JYJ Facebook Update – Yoochun ♥

    • @Ai
      Sorry nuna..he can’t smile yet..
      it’s too much to ask him to smile when he’s busy playing with his double-fold-eyelid-trick..kkeke~
      He wanna look kawaiiiii~! 😀
      Omo..so he doesn’t look kawaiiiii to you? 😛

  1. He look different.
    He cut his hair again, lost his chubby cheeks and playing with his eyes again. ^^
    Baby good luck, you do like a crown prince! Fighting Chunnie ❤

      • I must have known. ¡Chun’s facebook post is FULL OF BUBBLY EVERYWHERE! ¡ROFLMAO!
        Prince Yoochun, oh gosh, now he has a nobiliary title among his many interesting titles (actor, singer, composer, writer, etc.) ¡I like it! ¡Park Yoochun rocks!!

      • @shuheilove~!!! *hugs* my lovely pollen

        “Chun’s facebook post is FULL OF BUBBLY EVERYWHERE!”
        LOL. Yeap..I’m bouncing non-stop here again..in a Chunpost~!
        Somebody save me~! Help~!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • @kaloo
        “You have the priviledge to bounce everywhere in Chunpost, evil green monster.”
        Hihi..really? 😀
        May I give you another hug for giving me this “privilege”?
        Idc..am hugging already, tight hug..wiiiiiiii~!!!


    • @naicha70
      I confirm you are a Chunsa or at least a partial Chunsa..haha~
      Only Chunsas know he play this trick when he wants to look cool! 😛

    • @spchong *waves*

      Don’t worry (that’s if you ARE worry ;)..
      because I don’t know what your true intention is..for saying so..lol~)..
      our PYC is still very much ORIGINAL~!

      C’mon naughty boy, snap out of that double-fold-eyelid-trick of yours..
      our new friend @SPChong is getting worry here..
      poor thing *sigh* he’s just trying to look cool and handsome.


  2. Park Yo-ah you always be a prince( together your brothers) in my heart
    I know it seems hard sometimes, but remember one thing, through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, keep your chest out, keep your head up and handle it – Tupac quotes

  3. Did he went for plastic surgery , he has double eyes lid…….I hate guys going for plastic surgery ….please n hope that it s not true

    • @spchong
      Are you a new fan? It seems like you’re not aware of Yc’s eyelid trick. YC’s playing with his eyelids again. Notice how he tries hard to give a glaring look.

      • @pian
        “Are you a new fan?”
        I wanna ask da same question here too..
        but what I’m more curious here is..
        her TRUE intention behind her post! 😛

    • @spchong, the Park brothers has a double eyelids. It comes from their genes. Friendly advise from LoveUnchanged “don’t just assume all Koreans are born with single eyelids.”

      • I was actually being a silent lurker but I can’t stop myself now.

        Puti my dear, your comment is probably nice but not @LoveUnchanged’s comment…..LOL

      • Yeah, I wasn’t being nice. But she was asking for it. My blood was already boiling from that Chun-news earlier on and she had to have the nerve to call my boy “plastice”. There’s someone just like her on facebook too. Insinuating that if Chun has double eyelid, then he did plastic surgery. Meanwhile Chun has always had double eyelids, he doesn’t need another one.

        I’ll however appologize for calling her an idiot. Spchong, if your intent was not to troll hatefully, then I appologize.

      • @ loveUnchanged

        I understand the anger. My being a silent lurker was because my awful connection and my need to read more about Chunnie and was about to kill SME and his demon followers. I was so full of fire.

        But it seems that you can settle everything now….^___^.
        *hugs u*

      • @putrihs *hugshugs*
        Ee..it’s more suspicious than funny, leader-ssi~! hahaha~

        Don’t bash me @spchong, lol, I’m just trying to be honest here~!
        But c’mon, spill it..what’s your TRUE intention?! 😀

    • @spchong

      “Did he went for plastic surgery..” ~ I think he did 😉 *playingmymajoreyesrollinghere lol*

      “he has double eyes lid”
      I’ll give you the benefit of doubt, you must be a new friend. Am I right? 🙂
      And oh..just so you know..
      our YC-ssi is BORN with double eyelid :)..kkeke~

      “I hate guys going for plastic surgery”
      You are being unfair here *pouts*..
      what about gurls?!


      • @murasaki *waves*
        Omo..long time didn’t “chat” with you my cool pollen..hihi~

        Nope..I don’t need proof..
        the “target” here is Park Yoochun~!!! 😉
        I’m convinced my Chun is very much a natural baby~! 😀

        Plastic surgery? Park Yoochun?
        Nah..I mean if you really are a PYC stalker *cough I’m one of them stalkers cough lol*
        I really don’t think he’ll ever go for it.
        It’s just so not him to go for plastic surgery
        (not that there’s anything wrong if you are for it, you know what I mean? 🙂 )

        If I’m PYC, I’ll get my scar on my left cheek fixed first..
        that is if plastic surgery is to fix imperfections..
        (and please don’t, YC-ssi coz that scar is a beautiful imperfection within perfection)
        before doing my eyes, coz my eyes are born “perfectly beautiful”..
        absolutely no surgery necessary..kkeke~

      • @bubbly..

        I tried so hard not to post any comment cuz i hav difficulty using my phone..

        ” It’s just so not him to go for plastic surgery” ~ exactly¡¡¡¡¡¡

        ur above post, i give u fully mark twinnie!!!!! 😛

      • @nandar twinnie!!!!!! *bigkaolahuggles*
        Yippie..a full mark from my twinnie~!!! 😀
        Am singing now: I feel good~~~yeah~!
        Ok..I’m good now.


      • @zan
        I’ve been busy bouncing around..
        at last get to watch this..and..
        wow..this fanmade video is just so amazing..
        like what you say..speechless~! So beautifully done.
        If only I’m half as creative as them, lol~

        My anticipation for the Rooftop Prince drama is up by yet another notch now.
        Thanks to YOU! llol~

  4. he does look different somehow. not quite our mischievous chunnie! ack, he’s turning into a prince! must be the headwear they must have to be one! and, he is the one prince i can’t wait to cast my eyes on. i might get in trouble for staring at him too!

  5. he does look different in this picture, but in a very attractive way, glaring with those seductive eyes:) *what a lucky girl who can have him as lover or wifey*

  6. I ♥ this pic~!!
    Yeah~!!..looks like my Chun is gearing up to be a naughty and playful prince!
    I’m so loving this side of Chun..hihi~

      • @bubbly @Nandar: are u guys do a reunion now? oohh okay.. HUG!! now im going to sleep, please take care of our Chunnnieeeehh.. xoxo

      • @putrihs

        A reunion? Are we twinnie? kkeke~
        Leader-ssi is such a boring person..
        she always goes to sleep when we are “hi-mode” on *pouts*

        Ok, I’m jk~!
        Goodnite leader-ssi~! *hugs*
        Sweet dreams~ 🙂

      • @ bubbly….

        How are you dearest? Haven’t meet you for ages….(we have different year in Jaeland)

      • @Jae-is-Mine *hugs*
        Waah..you are paying a surprise visit here? 🙂
        Kyah~ long time since our last “chat”, lol~
        I hope you are surviving in your Jaeland 😉 kkeke~

      • @ bubbly

        I have my tracking device beeping a while ago…..it said…bubbly is here…..LOL

        I am fine, love all the mad Jaeharems. Admin almost killed all of us yesterday or 2 days ago (depends on time zone) with JJ’s …..okay, no need to claim more insurance by talking about the massacre…..

        I surely miss u. I feel so sad and mad about your hubby. You need to go to SK to comfort him. He needs lots of wet kisses and wild hugs now. Don’t forget other wives…..

        See u again soon dearest!!!!

        it is Jeasmine Jones now……..

      • @ b u b b l y

        * wave* hi there bubbly.. do you notice a pretty girl beside him???? its me, bubbly…

        haha now I can reply your posts.. don’t need to type anymore.. just say whatever I want to say to my phone… he he he.. out of clothes I look like an idiot

      • Oops…

        I wanted to say ” of cause I look like an idiot”
        ah.. my pronunciation sucks.. my phone couldn’t seem to capture my pronunciation…
        l o l…

      • @Nandar
        Omo..I’m trying to get this right.
        So you are actually “talking” to your phone now?
        If so, with or without clothes, you’ll look like an idiot..kkeke~

      • @ nandar

        Hello there….I have been wanting to have a chit chat with you. I do not know why it’s so difficult.
        I do not know what attracts me…perhaps that pervert ava?

        Maybe next time I can say something as a reply to your comment…

        Jeasmine Jones

    • @zan

      yes honey.. he is not bothered by the bad news.. but still I think that he was a bit upset about it… like why why why it has to be me???? 😦

      • @bubbly

        girl.. this isadults’ business… you shouldn’t be involveing in this… okay I don’t wanna make my lil sister cry.. 😛

        come on ladies,,, sharing is caring… ha ha ha ha

      • @Nandar
        I was about to announce you as de winner..hihi~
        Sorry @pettu 😛
        B’coz my twinnie @Nandar is really head over heels for our Chun, haha~

        Yeah~! Let’s spread de Chunlove~!

  7. so cute p a r k y o o c h u n…

    hello.. testing.. o m g!!!! oh my god!!!! I can post commants now..

    I don’t have to type anymore.. yes!!! I am using my voice command!!!!!

      • @zan

        it is samsung galaxy s 2.. I am a fan of made in korea product.. I was so right that I choose over iphone 4.. and this is my first time trying it out… it works… well it could not recognise all the words I say.. but can recognise most of the words… at least it is a lot faster than using my fingers…. samsung rocks…

      • Oops.. Bubbly was right.. I can take only one quest ion at a time.. he shi shi… you don’t have to install any application.. it has the function… At the touch pad, there is this sitting you just have to tick voice input button.. you can sy full sentence.. it will recognise some not all.. but more than 50% it can recognised…

      • @Nandar
        OMG..it sounds so cool~! 🙂

        Samsung rocks~!
        Korean products rock~!

        Ee..Korean..Park Yoochun rocks~!
        hihi~ please allow me to squeeze this in.

  8. Ha……i didnt know that my comment ll get so much feedbacks fr u guys…yes, i m a new fan n didnt know PYC loves to play with his ‘double eyelids’. I got to know him through skks drama last year n slowly i m crazy about him. Because of him, i get to know the popular kpop gp TVXQ n JYJ…..I know he handsome, charming, cool but didnt know that he can be CUTE, NAUGHTY …….Ah…….someone can help me, i think i m poison by PYC. #^_^ i need him to get out fr my mind…….#^_^

    • @spchong *waves*
      THERE you are~!!! 😀
      Thank you for clearing the..ee..”whatever that needs to be cleared”..haha~

      Ok..first thing first..”CUTE and NAUGHTY” is Park Yoochun’s other surname, lol~

      “i need him to get out fr my mind”
      Oh I don’t I’m of any help here 😦
      he’s been living in my mind for like..
      wow..I can’t even remember how long, kkeke~

      • @zan
        Goodness..I haven’t even start watching and I’m already here kissing my comp screen~! *sigh*
        Kyah~ those Chunlips really is to die for *thud*

    • I’m sorry for my earlier attack then.
      You sounded like a troll looking for ways to be spiteful to Chunnie that’s why I lost it.

      FYI: Chunnie originally has double eye lids (eventhough here he’s making a face).

      • Here we have a new fri… chunsas.. lets welcome her wit our very own sexy chicken!!!!


        Welcome to chunie world!!!!!!!

    • @spchong

      oh btw… do u know who is @bubbly??? She is yoochunie’s sister in law aka ny lovely twin sister.. she is a VIP at yoochun’s posts!!!!

      @twinie… hug..

      • @Nandar twinnie
        Ee..”yoochunie’s sister in law”? 😉
        Sounds too good to me~! haha~! 😀

        I wanna have an oppa like Yoochunnie~! That would be so awesome.

    • Hi @spchong… don’t worry, i’m a new PYC fan as well, and I didn’t know about him liking to play with his ‘double eyelids’! Thanks for asking this.. cos now i know!! Alot of very knowledgeable chunsas here dat we can tap on.. 😉
      and @bubbly…. ur popping up everywhere in this post, man!! It’s been a while, woman….! love ur bubbliness!

      • @MO_ster *waves*
        “ur popping up everywhere in this post”
        Ee..I promise I’ll try tone down a lil’..kkeke~
        But just so you know..my promises are often empty..rofl~

      • *waves back* no worries… continue to rule Chunnie’s posts! He needs all the ‘bubbliness’ he can right now, what with all the fiasco happening now.. We stand by our man ya?!

      • @bubbly…. YOU!! I was about to hit the sack… and saw these videos! Oh my….. now I’ll not be able to sleep cos images of PYC will keep me awake! Pray he’ll lullaby me to sleep and be in my dreams! *cross fingers*

      • This is one of my all-time favourites of Chun’s videos… Lena Park’s song blends in just so well with this… Lost in PYC, truly!
        *hope my embedding works*

    • @spchong: so you are really new? ohh as long as I’ve become Chunsas, I’ve never found a single person questioned about the authenticity of Yoochun’s face .. he is human like us, the major difference is that he comes from a super gene ..

  9. @bubs
    You’re bouncing off the walls again…every time you appear on Chun’s posts the comments will double…keke…I was spazzing with a couple of other xiahpwas on GAPP so I didn’t join in here earlier. Junsu Time today you see 🙂

    • @intoxi sissi~!!! *bighugs*
      Like what @kaloo sissi says, I DID it again~! lol~
      Can’t help..it’s my Chun..
      and I like happy post than sad post..so..

      “the comments will double..”
      LOL. I’m waiting for @zan to present me with a medal with Chunface engraved on it for..
      ee..”job well done” (ok I confess, I added this in~! 😛 )..hahaha~~

  10. Hmmm, I don’t know about Chunnie’s double-eye-lid trick or sth like that. He looks tired or sleepy to me. Maybe because some people’s double eye-lid become very visible when they just woke up or tired. Wait, that reminds me of Junsu. I remember watching sleep Susu video (he was wearing black contact lense and with white hair) on Youtube, so cute. >.<

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