[NEWS] 120207 JYJ, Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST – Opening of “World Tour” War this year


Original Tittle: Big Bang, JYJ, Super Junior, B2ST – Opening of “World Tour” war this year

After JYJ and B2ST announced their world tours, Super Junior and more recently, Big Bang revealed their plans for their world tours. They have decided to extend performances, which are meant to be performed in South Korea, to Europe and South America. SNS had made K-Pop international.
JYJ, who were the first idol singers to open solo concerts in Spain and Germany last November, are holding their world tour in Chile on Mar. 9 and in Peru on Mar. 11. It is also JYJ’s first solo concert in South America. 5000 fans are expected to gather and feel the K-pop fever personally.
Source: My Daily via Nate
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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82 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120207 JYJ, Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST – Opening of “World Tour” War this year

  1. aahh.. now every groups even the “bigest” one.. already following JYJ step.. ckckckckckck.. but i hope they’re using their “own” name, not hiding behind those Big entertainment name.

  2. I hope they hold the concert in mid year!
    I want to go to of course, JYJ’s concert, big bang’s and beast’s!
    Don’t really want to go to suju’s lol
    But jyj’s still the numer one priority!

  3. So when they saw that JYJ can have a sold out concert in South America, all of a sudden Kpop is interested in holding concerts over there, is that it?

    I’m sorry but I’m really sick of reading every single article about Korean singers “spreading” Hallyu/Kpop fever… We don’t read American singer spreading A-pop nor European singer always being dragged into this Kpop/Hallyu bullsh*t!!! (Excuse my French —I’m not being offensive to French people–, I’m just irritated when they always attach JYJ to spreading Hallyu bullsh*t– there I go again).

    • @iamjyjfanboy

      The one thing SK is not embarrassed about is the fact that there is no shame in her game. Ride on the backs of JYJ while not allowing them to appear on TV in their own country. This is how she rolls, and doesn’t understand. People are watching and paying attention.

      They can scream to the mountain top about Hallyu Wave all they want. Doesn’t change a thing. JYJ is in a class all to themselves. And when the dust finally settles, they will still be standing. How many of the others will be able to make that claim?

      I’m not even going to get into a hissy fit over it anymore. Because the one thing SK can’t do — make me love JYJ any less. For all their shouting about HW, the only thing I buy ‘Made in Korea’, are products that have JYJ’s names on it. The only concerts I will go see are JYJ’s. She will not profit from my dollars. So my suggestion…let’s put our money and feelings where it really counts…in JYJ’s bank account.

      • @ButterfliesAreFree
        Some airhead SM laborers said If they build it, then people will come.
        LOL! if SM build it, people will run away from it. it collapses over SM.
        I ‘m kept on hearing their Hallyu wave/Kpop taking over the continents. Haa~ in their dream. It won’t happen.
        Only when JYJ sing and i will support JYJ effort. Everything under SM or UAM will get killed.
        My money go to support better things for my future than for LSM’s greed. Never in SM’s pockets again after all the suffering JYJ have endured it from their blocking. Two years are long enough but if SM continued with blocking, and JYJ are not allowing to appear on SK broadcasting and have a huge concert in their homeland. My money stay here.
        JYJ fighting 🙂

      • Same here. Tbh i get kinda miffed that all of the sudden these groups want to do a world tour…kudos to what their doing but it bugs the sh*t out of me that companies want to do ride JYJ’s coattails while JYJ can’t even do much of anything in their own country…the idea makes me so ugh! =/

      • @ButterfliesAreFree I and other JYJers feel the same as you do. Thank you for saying it so well and to the point!

    • I’m sick about that too. Every single article always said hallyu wave taking over the world bla bla bla. What the hell..
      They always take credit from JYJ popularity but banning JYJ in SK.

    • @ iamjyjfanboy…me too..every time saw JYJ name with hallyu/kpop articles i don’t feel comfortable ..some thing very sad , cheating, …using…because like me, I’m not at all Kpop fan, only Korean singers i follow is JYJ, first and last!!

  4. Actually now i really don’t care bout other Kpop artist concert plan in my country… my own ‘must-do-before-die’ list is watching jyj’s concert live with my own eyes or at least meet them… gahhh, i really want to go to jyj’s concert!!!!

  5. It’s funny .. as JYJ has triumphed now all follow his example
    I do not follow the kpop .. only JYJ
    if the industry turns its back on JYJ I will give them to them
    I bought a lot now my money is for JYJ

  6. I both JYJ and Big Bang. JYJ going to Peru and Chile as the first solo concert held by Korean artist. Big Bang finally having a world tour. They are working with Live Nation. That is a big freakin deal. Live Nation works with some of the most famous here in America. Can’t wait. Both JYJ and Big Bang are awesome performers. Take over the world you 8 sexy men.

  7. ahahahah this is soooooo pathetic!
    first they do everything to holdback jyj… then, when they need their fame to advertise other k-pop singers, they “accidantally” write an article like this one… comparing them to others top stars and putting them on the same level… so disgusting.
    but i’m sorry, i’m not a puppet and i still have a brain, so i won’t just be proud of this article or stuff like that.

  8. I think Big Bang and Beast are not waging war against JYJ, they are good friends of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu and besides their respective companies have no ill feelings towards JYJ but I can’t say the same with SuJu. I’m a JYJ Fan but I respect and admire BigBang boys, they are also very talented musicians (though I don’t have any product of them). And Beast, they are very much younger than JYJ and I’ve watch some of their MVs, they are all better than any SM mvs in my opinion. I made mention of SM because this is the company that is so boastful and arrogant in claiming to be the leader of Hallyu Wave, even BigBang doesn’t say that despite of their international recognition. I feel envious of BigBang, if only JYJ has the support like them, JYJ could have achieved much more than what they have now.
    I know theres a lot of JYJ Fans that are also Bigbang and Beast Fans, so I will wish GOOD LUCK to JYJ, BB and Beast, may these three groups soar high in the international market, to tell to the world that there are more better music than SM’s.

    • I second this.

      But, also we have to remember that JYJ worked with really big people too just like BigBang. They had professional American composers, a professional dance team, and a large professional concert organizer.

      I am sure this summer they will have even more success than last year.
      And yes, good luck to BigBang and Beast. I really want someone to trump SME so they can get off their high horse.

      • @Echo
        About BigBang,what I envy is they have support from Korean broadcasting networks which is very essential for their career, they can freely promote their music, they are not blacklisted plus they have big company behind their back, a company which allow personal growth for their artist not like JYJ ex-company.

    • I love your comment @kris, and yes, i’m fan of JYJ BB and B2ST (lil bit) even tho I’m more to BB fans ^^
      i agree, if JYJ has such support they will be REALLY BIG.
      and the last comment… thanks for make me laugh so hard~ XD

      • @VieVIP
        What makes you laugh at the last comment? lol
        I have only bad feelings for SM for their continuous undermining JYJ’s career, the other groups have nothing to do with the conflict, they are also striving to do their best so I can always wish them GOOD LUCK.
        I’m not a big fan of BigBang (just a casual one who only listens to some of their songs especially Tae Yang) but as a JYJ Fan I think it’s not right to say that BB is following JYJ’s trail, they have their own career path ever since, it is just that BB/YG are just silent movers not like that other company which is so noisy and hyping everything with it’s alliance in media.

      • Agreed. BB has been in the business for years now, they deserve a recognition for their accomplishments just like JYJ. BB is def not as greedy as other groups, and YG is a proper company that cares for their acts unlike some agency who shall not me named. Which is why I always wished YG papa would take JYJ under his wings and nurture them by doing what he does best, but it would have caused mass conflict between all the agencies of interest. Le sigh.

  9. Totally agreed with all the comments here, it was not KPop hallyu or whatsoever coz previously i’ve never bothered about KPop, howevr JYJ have captured not only my attention but also my heart when i got to know them, tq SKKS drama thru YC i knew JYJ, since then am addicted; like drugs………*huh think need to admit myself at any rehab centre tht can cure JYJ “disease”*

  10. Well…I want to see how “WORLD” is their so called World Tour!
    JYJ is showing SK what a real World Tour is…
    Literally having solo concerts ALL over the world,
    not just Japan, some Asian countries and LA… *smirk*

  11. Starting from the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I’m hypnotized know JYJ, and TVXQ, and Kpop. The first time I knew Korean.

    JYJ have the greatest influence in the history of Korean music industry. Not Super Junior or the other but because JYJ, everyone from 2010 until now to know famous Kpop fever.

  12. ahhh…after wonder girls…they send ‘boys group’ as a ‘test-materials’…

    Bet…the next news will be the-girls-troupes..start flooding western market and start ‘claiming’ that they are the ‘path-waver-for-orthers-to-walk-through’…JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED…JAPAN… =.=;;

    • They claim that For the boys group was oh so successful too, but twitter says otherwise. Some called them PCD wanna-bes. Also they claimed to have successfully entered BB charts but it was world and not the US charts. Sometimes, K media can be misleading. tsk..tsk…I hope JYJ contract with Avex be so over soon and they can start promoting in Japan again. Then JYJ can show who are the real prince(s) in Japan.

  13. I’d love to go if it’s JYJ or Big Bang. Right now I listen to YG artists and JYJ. I have a lot of respect for Big Bang and JYJ who writes their own songs.

    Also SM seem to care more about dancing and looks. Throw in a bunch of girls and boys who look cosmetically manufactured and teach them how to dance. Throw in a few who can sing and voila! I am glad that JYJ have transcented to more than just pretty faces but singers who can actually sing and dance..but there’s more! they write their own songs too.

  14. JYJ are in a class of their own, no Kpop Hallyu crap. The fans around the World wants them in their various Countries, they are Phenoms better than Justin Bieber in my estimate. I am sorry but they are going to follow in MJ star level World Wide and people are thirsty for that. I want them in America period and it’s just because of the language barrier since they are not fluent in English their style and dance moves are superb add with songs and you are on cloud nine. I have to say they come compete even in Grammy Awards so they have the potentials to be the Bigger Internationally, all over the World .^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  15. ahh must be my pms, why i feel so mad to this article ???? banned and now riding jyj’s back ? shame on you. i must see my joongie’s photos again to calm my anger

  16. is it jst me who rolled eyes at this “war” thing? it doesnt even make a good comparison cos as mommy hen sd, JYJ is in a class of their own. all other “trend” boy groups wouldve come & gone but JYJ alone will have the staying and selling power. so yes, i second momma… my precious pesos will only go to JYJ’s pockets!

  17. I wasn’t upset over this article because I am first a JYJ fan but have been supporting Big Bang for years now, and I have recently become a Beast fan. So world tours by those three has made me a very happy fan, even though only Beast has confirmed they are coming to my country.
    It’s funny huh? BB has as much influence and freedom within the Kpop industry as all the other groups, but you don’t see them abusing their power. They appear in music shows and variety shows only when it’s time to promote their come backs and albums and whatnot. With YG less is more, and its quality over quantity. I wish some idol groups and their agencies would adopt that phrase, I’m sick of seeing them in every variety show and drama I watch.

    Imagine JYJ had the same freedom as BB, it’s like a totally surreal happening I can’t even imagine it. And that’s pretty sad I know. And it’s even more depressing when all JYJ really wants is to promote in their homeland and they can’t experience such a simple wish. But thank goodness their world tours can’t be touched by the all powerful evil that is SME and its accomplices. And concerts bring a heck of a lot more revenue then those music shows.

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