[NEWS] 120209 JYJ’s Jaejoong Upset with His Puffed Up Face

JYJ’s Jaejoong expressed his displeasure with his supposedly swollen face. On February 9, Jaejoong tweeted, “My cheeks are too puffed up,” with the following picture.

In the photo, Jaejoong is seen in a super close up shot, wearing what looks to be ear muffins. His upset eyes reflect the disappointment in his swollen face, although fans were rather impressed by his pure, porcelain-like skin.

Some netizens, however, showed frustration over the clean-cut singer’s comment, as they said, “What do you mean puffed up? Then what the heck am I?” “Jaejoong, you shouldn’t be saying that with your face,” “His skin looks so pure and clean.”

Meanwhile, Jaejoong just recently visited Turkey for a youth forum and attended a special dinner with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak at the Turkish Presidential Palace.

Here’s a photo of him from last year. Did his face really get bigger?

Credit: Soompi
Shared by: JYJ3



49 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120209 JYJ’s Jaejoong Upset with His Puffed Up Face

  1. lol! you always worry about your age. this! this one! that puffy cheeks makes u look younger oppa! don’t worry ^^ we’ll still love u 😛

  2. i agree with the “then what the heck am i?” jaejoong ahh..u look super good okay…you dont know how much i envy ur skiin T_T

  3. Jae, your supposely swollen face makes U look healthy and adorable~
    U look like a teenager than a man in his twenties…<333
    Remember, U wanted to look younger this year, well U succeeded so DON'T SLIM DOWN!

  4. Seriously guys, I do think JJ’s face do indeed look puffy especially when he was in Turkey during the fanmeet I notice his eyes look smaller because he usually has bags under his eyes.I was thinking he looks like he was not well perhaps having swollen sinuses or catching a cold due to the cold weather in Turkey or might be he is having allergy to some food stuff he ate earlier in the day. This puffy face is definitely not due to putting on weight. Not to worry too much ,I am sure his doctor would have put him on a course of medication to bring down the swelling .

  5. that silly boy…hw could his face be puffed up??? he actually looks more younger than before….his clear skin….is just PERFECT. That silly boy…LOL!

  6. earmuffs <333333333 he is super-adorable and cute~ i like his chubby cheeks, to me, it is beautiful*___*. Jae, wear earmuffs more often, because they are nice, they fit you and keep your cute ears warm all the time, so you dont get sick in winter *_* we dont want your ears or nose or cheeks to be cold, cause you are such a cutie *_*

  7. Did someone notice or am I the only one noticed that JAE erased some of HIS TWEETS LIKE FEB 6. I ONLY SAW THE DEC 25 and the new tweets.???? Anyone knows y???

  8. awww its not puffed up. he look wayy healthier cmpared to last year and it ease us fan to see u looking healthier!
    dont worry jj! 🙂

  9. Really Jaejoong? Really?! Stop yer whining! Would you like your cheeks to be old and hollow?!?! *rolls eyes*
    *is not really angry, just yelling for no reason*

  10. What I wouldn’t do to have a skin and a face like that … he looks so much better …. I like this face much much better … You look like a DOLL ……I think his wish has been granted … to look YOUNGER as he aged.

  11. I love Jaejoong with puffy cheeks~ he looks more handsome than with slim face, he looks like he’s suffering from some health issues! Jaejoong keep it up! dont be sad~ we want you with a little weight ^^

  12. awwww u are bad, show off again, i know your face so white and perfect and flawless and soft, porcelein, awww show off, bad boy. btw his lips so red, stand still ok….(kiss).

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