[NEWS] 120209 JYJ’s Yoochun starts “Attic Prince” filming in advance due to tight schedules

Set to make his comeback in the drama “Attic Prince”, it has been revealed that filming for the production has been delayed by at least a week after making considerations with Park Yoochun’s schedule.

However, to make up with the delay and fit in filming to Yoochun’s ongoing schedules with JYJ, it was further revealed that the actor already started filming his parts in advance on February 9th.

Aside from filming, Yoochun will also be joining JYJ for a series of concert tour in Chile and Peru on March 9 and 11 respectively. 

However, a representative from the production also confirmed the considerations adjusted with the schedules. It was then stated that, ”The JYJ concert tours were confirmed from the start. Although the schedules are very tight, we have already planned to shoot Park Yoochun’s scenes first. There will be no problems with the broadcast.”

“Attic Prince” is a drama about a crowned prince from the Chosun Dynasty who travels into the modern day Seoul along with his consorts in the search for his princess. The drama also features Han Jimin, Lee Taesung and Jung Yoomi. It will be aired on SBS on the 14th of March.

Credit: Koreaboo | Shared by: JYJ3


9 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120209 JYJ’s Yoochun starts “Attic Prince” filming in advance due to tight schedules

  1. Stay strong bb T_____T
    I don’t know what to do, but I promise you I won’t leave you alone. We will stand by you. Don’t worry, just believe your self and do your best!
    Stay strong 6002!!!!

  2. i am glad they planned for his schedule from the start and will work around it for him. shows the power of chunnie and their desire to have him in the drama!

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