[NEWS] 120209 Turkish Fans who became ‘barricades’ for the safety of JYJ Kim Jaejoong

Turkish fans who formed ‘barricades’ for JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s safety have garnered attention.

On Feb. 8, a Turkish TV news video, which reported on Jaejoong’s arrival in Turkey, was uploaded on a video website. In the video, he arrived in Turkey through the airport and was seen meeting and waving to fans who were there.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong’s popularity could be felt through the look of fans who waved Korean placards and the Korean flag passionately to welcome him for his visit to Turkey. Also, images of orderly fans who kept their distance autonomously for his safety caught attention.

Kim Jaejoong held a solo fan meeting in Ankara University’s hall through an invitation by the Turkey Korean Cultural Center on Feb. 5. The fan meeting was the first for a Korean singer and the tickets were sold out in 30 minutes. More than 2000 applications for the tickets were received, confirming Jaejoong’s hot popularity in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the fan meeting was not only the only event that he attended. He also participated in a discussion with the young Turkish people in Ankara University, together with President Lee Myung Bak who was on a visit to four Middle East countries. At night, he attended a state banquet at the Presidential Palace in Turkey, confirming his high popularity.

Source: E News via Nate
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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44 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120209 Turkish Fans who became ‘barricades’ for the safety of JYJ Kim Jaejoong

      • @Haruna-chan, Let’s we follow theTurkish fans, become a good fans it means our idol (JYJ) will also be given us good respect, remember JJ always smiling when in Turkey?, hope Chilean fans and Perusian has another unique way to impress our JYJ, I’ll wait for You a great story from there here via JYJ3 ^_^

      • “hope Chilean fans and Perusian has another unique way to impress our JYJ” – this also my anticipation, South American fans are unique. I saw their video, from Argentina, Venezuela, etc. They’re so fun.

  1. i like how SK media cover the news and using a footage taken from Turkey News. coz it can shows to people that he was IN Turkey News. and not only in SK News. i mean, how many of SK artists/idols being coverage in news broadcasted in foreign tv? this alone shows that, JYJ popularity abroad arent result of SK medias over-exaggerate their ‘hallyu wave’. but this coverage, isnt came from SK medias, so it isnt biased or over exaggerated news. JYJ power!!! Daebak!!

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  3. ‘In the video, he arrived in Turkey through the airport and was seen meeting and waving to fans who were there’
    please correct me if i’m wrong but that video is taken when Jae gonna leaving Turkey for came back to Korea right ?
    for Turkish fans thank you for makes Jae felt so happy and take care of him during in there also i think he still have the Turkish memories effect till now since he look so hyper in his tweet….LOL .

  4. Turkish Fans and JYJCPCTEAM…
    Thank you very much for taking care and making JJ so happy.
    It seems like his good mood still lingers on till today…
    At night, he must be dreaming of his lovely experience and his pretty fans!^^

  5. JJ must be very happy when he visited Turkey since he was smiling and waving to his fans at the airport. Normally, JYJ members are poker face when they are at airports. Thank you Turkish fans for uplifting JJ’s spirit….

    • Of course you will do the same. It’s for JYJ, you are going to have these three for yourself South America!! WoW, I can’t wait to see JYJ South America way on welcoming JYJ.

      *withthesweetestsound* Dear Shuheilove. I heard you’re going to JYJ Peru concert, please share your fanaccount and pictures and videos. Pretty please. *batting eyelashes*

  6. i remember that interview where Jae talked about Junsu’s butt beiing messaged by fans and not just a simple grope ” i know its wrong but that’s one lucky hand 😛 please don’t bash me i wouldn’t do it in real life if there is security i mean no security no i mean even if there were no security anyway i forgot what i wanted to say ……oh yeah the one talking about how Jae was smiling well he felt that if he did smile he won’t be raided by fans so he felt safe and comfortable when u think about it when someones chasing u and yelling at you would u smile knowing fully well one look and smile at them would increase the behavior , so yeah JYJ wouldn’t smile nor lift their head cause they worry that act would would encourage more aggressive chasing and screaming and don’t forget they had been touched , sexually harassed more than we know ,and its been a long time like that so yeah they know we love them and we know they love us , so its better to get wild at concerts not outside the concert walls, cause only in concerts and fan meeting do fans scream and they smile and look at us without reservation. my point of view , my opinion , mine , its seems that way to me : P

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