[NEWS] 120210 JYJ’s Park Yoochun Naked Video Blackmail Rumor Cleared. Formal Action Taken Against Misleading Data Shown on TV

On the 9th, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Court 1 disclosed information about Ms. A, a women who was informally charged for threatening to use naked pictures of Mr B, a member of a popular male idol group, for blackmail purposes.

According to prosecutors, Ms. A blackmailed Mr. B and his agency last October by threatening to reveal naked pictures of Mr. B unless she was given 1 billion won.

Ms. A stated that she had naked pictures and videos of Mr. B that she made 4 to 5 years ago while they were dating and threatened to use them against him.

Rumors of Mr. B being a popular idol actor spread across the internet.

In particular, reports came out on JBTC cable tv channel which showed blurred pictures of Park Yoochun and JYJ in conjunction with the news, misleading people to think that he was the idol involved

In response, Park Yoochun’s agency, C-JeS entertainment, has said “We consulted with Park Yoochun himself and his involvement in this ‘Idol Threat Case’ is completely unfounded. Frankly, it is quite embarrassing for those news stations to associate Park Yoochun with this type of news. He is not the male idol group member in this scandal. These rumors are ridiculous to the point where fans do not need to be worried.” They also stated that their lawyers were preparing information to send to JTBC’s side about legal action that will be taken against them for their ‘framing’ [of Park Yoochun].

Meanwhile, the prosecutors have stated that they have received the naked photos of Mr. B, but whether the naked video exists or not has not been determined.

Sources: SPN via Nate + Wikipress + mk.co.kr
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263 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120210 JYJ’s Park Yoochun Naked Video Blackmail Rumor Cleared. Formal Action Taken Against Misleading Data Shown on TV

      • JYJ has been getting a lot of good press and public support lately. Jaejoong representing his country with the president. Yoochun’s upcoming drama winning the poll for most anticipated drama and Junsu’s musical. It seems very strange that out of the blue, someone tries to destroy their reputation and hard work.

        Considering, the reporter’s and station’s links to SM entertainment, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about the evilness of such an act. These people traumatized JYJ fans, but more importantly Yoochun and his family. How long can we continue to allow the boys to be mistreated. Koreans and International fans alike need to seek justice for JYJ.

      • JYJ fans please always stand up for JYJ when you see them being unfairly bashed. When this rumor came out, their were so many JYJ bashers on articles in other sites, saying terrible things about JYJ. SoMe people have gone crazy over JYJ’s success. They can’t stand it, and they are trying their best to pull them down.

      • actually i have mentioned this that if after the news about Jae in Turkey made it to be such a HUGE DEAL, everywhere, not just in SK, i wont surprised if SoMeonE suddenly post exaggeratted news about their idols, (like idk, shake hands with Obama or smthg, lol). it just i dont even thought they would be so desperate to do this.
        and so suprised to searched about jTBC and read that they supposed to be a honourable media in SK. how could they do such a careless thing like this. since other article didnt even bold enough to put pic/vid that cleary pointed to a certain idol group/member. i beleive for such a huge media comp, they understand what ‘defamation’ is. and trully, i dont even know how would they defend themselves of this matter. maybe by saying smthg stupid, you know, since jTBC does have history with KBS (former body of jTBC, TBC in 90’s merged to be KBS2).

        and now they have taken down the pic and vid. idk, tried to erase the evidences or smthg?
        but actually the funny thing is, it seems many of the fans are more interested to see Chun naked vids, lol..

      • Yoochun you’re being made into a Legends of the Fall, because you’ve been to Tinsel Town and whats not these SME and its Henchmen are after you to tarnish JYJ popularity since you guys are in high Demand all over the World they have to come out with some damning allegations to distract and destroyed the good things and support happening for JYJ now. take heart no one is going to buy this nonsense, you deserve to have even all the Miss Worlds and Miss Universes in your collections so tell the EX. TO GO TO HELL if that is true it will be easy if that woman burn the sea on her part than the blackmail she is coming out with, and so what. There is something fishy going on and who is behind it all i support you my good man.

    • I am still confused about why the Seoul’s District Office, releases such information. Shouldn’t their investigation be private. Korea has a long way before they can call themselves a global power. It’s media and government is controlled by an entertainment company, whose main public figure was once on Interpol’s Most Wanted List.

      • Agree. If one nation is controlled by one individual, can they claim themselves to be a democratic country? media alikes shouldnt bow down to any threat from SME. they’re just one agency and they cant hurts us all.

      • This>> “It’s media and government is controlled by an entertainment company, whose main public figure was once on Interpol’s Most Wanted List. “”

        i am going to put it as my shout out on FB!!!!! 😀 A+++++ sis

      • @Powertothepeople

        The information provided by the Prosecutor’s office does not disclose names, just the basics of the information. The office should have a department of public affairs which would hold a news conference of issue a news release. This is how information should be given to the public via the news media.

        As long as it is under investigation, the public does have the right to know what is happening in any case. This portion of the action is legit. It happens here in the States.


      “Well, I see some people are afraid of Yoochun’s drama, Rooftop Prince, being the most anticipated drama this year. They tried to smear Yoochun’s name, but luckily fans and netizens didn’t fall for it. I don’t even want to bring this up anymore, but just to make clear that the idol in question is definitely not Yoochun. Since he is not a member of a 4 boy group, nor was he filming a drama in October of last year.

      A disreputable reporter, for questionable reasons, chose to use blurred images of JYJ and videos in his article, when all other media sources used either no pictures or a cartoon image. This libelous, misinformation is what lead some down the wrong part of suspecting Yoochun.

      Furthermore, the prosecutor’s office added that there are no videos and the picture is of the idol’s upper body. Yes, you heard that right, just the upper body. This whole debacle is a lesson in how people need to be careful and not spread rumors.
      You can do so much damage to individuals and their family.

      Thank you to all JYJ and Yoochun supporters.
      Thank you to all who stand up against abuse and tyranny.”

    • They need to take legal action against the biased reporter and the station he works for. This is libel and defamation. Someone needs to start a petition. I hope Korean netizens seek justice for JYJ.

      How dare they try to stain JYJ’s clean image. I hope they suffer major consequences for this. This is just so unjust. There were so many haters posting hateful things on other sites. The evilness of pman, never ceases to amaze me.

      • hi sis,

        why do u care so much for the other site as u know that site is for majority of JYJ haters… 🙂 Of cuz if u go there (the haters’ site), u will only have to read haters’ comments.. So go around and visit lovers’ site like JYJ3, JYJ international, 6002sky and so on.. 😛

        You will see a lot of good news..

  1. Right now I am glad to say the rumours are false. But then again, I’m sad to say SM is AGAIN behind all this. After C-jes made the official statement that the rumorsare FALSE and that they WILL take legal actions, the station that put Yoochun’s and JYJ’s blurred photo up imeddiately deleted them, also the video. It is known that the station’s owner is a great friend of LSM/SM. The station is also broadcasting SNSD’s dangerous boys. The reporter even tweeted that the mistery idol is NOT from SM. Proving even further who he is working with. So yeah, SM is at it again. Knowing how sensitive YC..I’m really worried about him. JYJ and him had so much stuff going on..especially YC with the yacht scandal and now this. SM won’t stop. :/
    We need to do something. This is going TOO far.

    C-jes WILL take legal actions. But we all know that won’t stop LSM. We need to do something. I can’t imagine the boys suffering at all..It’s like a bad thing after a bad thing..I know they’re still doing well but imagine someone interfering with your life all the time? :/ Should we make another petition or what? Do you have any ideas guys? We NEED TO do something!

      • That sounds like a good ideal but that petition for CGV is not going very well… I’m shocked it doesn’t have that many. Last time I checked they aren’t even half way to their goal of 100,000 signatures. >< I don't think it would hurt to try though. I say try it.

      • I suppose trying to get an apology is how we can best help but it seems that we have to constantly get some place or another to apologize after spreading misinformation/slander against the boys. They just do it over and over again. There has to be a more definitive punishment. I just wish I could figure it out.

    • First they said it was a sex tape. Then they said it was just the video of the idol’s naked body. Then they said upper body. And now they say there’s no video just pics. The next thing they’ll say is: there’s no pics. It’s all a big lie.

      This was clearly made to set Yoochun up T__T

      • yeeppp… I know about it.
        they just wanna turn JYJ good image to JYJ lame image. *thinking of this make my body burning on fire!!*

        and okay… Upper body male idol???? omygat!!!!! There’s a ton of photo of upper body male idol who have abs..bal..bla..bla… this girl is!!! aiihh!! *wanna punch her and slape her in her face right now!!* she never see male upper body?? oh, cmon…..

        you know what Im think?? this is ABSOLUTELY TO TAKE DOWN JYJ. Im really sure.
        because recently JYJ have soooo many good news around the world!!!
        aahh…make me angry just thinking of stupid SM make this scandal!!
        Youre artist gonna FALL, SM!

      • @occiejeje

        I think one definite thing to do is to not support ANY SM act by buying their products. And to encourage others to do likewise. And if anybody feels like saying “but it’s not the other artists’ fault that SM is doing what they do” well… don’t even. I’ve heard it all before and it’s not a compelling argument.

        As long as SM stays in business, and they will do so by continuing to exploit their other acts, they will be able to continue doing this sort of thing to JYJ. So take a stand and just don’t do it. And content yourself that virtually NONE of the money you would spend supporting SM’s other acts will actually go to those groups anyway… it will be pocketed by the higher ups and their dirty tricks will continue.

    • it’s so true
      because now YC’s received so much attention because he’s everything such as house, yacht, car, drama, king tv cf and obviously so many hate him and everyone knows who behind this crazy rumor. But i just worry for him because he’s filming and preparing for his coming up concert
      as long as SM doing stuff like this, they’re somehow so stupid and cheap
      why do they save time and $ to promote or help SM’s singers to improve their acting skills because so far i heard their drama not doing well

    • We could tweet them uplifting messages like we did one time through twitter. They can be sweet or funny messages, famous quotes, or pick up lines like last time ( still embarrassed about that XD ). Maybe we could choose a day and just send that to them.

      Or we could pick a day and send the cutest puppy and kitten pics to their twitter with the message Luv JYJ since it’s close to valetine’s day! ^_^

  2. just how low can korean media can be?

    framing someone who’s innocent from the beginning…tchhh

    you’re doing the right thing c-jes..by taking legal action

    Yoochunaaa..don’t worry…we will fight for you!!!

    • Even if the pictures were of him, he would still be innocent. Being naked is not a crime.

      Taking pictures and blackmailing people is the crime. Spreading false information is…not as serious a crime, but still very slimy. GO CJeS! They are going to single-handedly clean up this filthy industry.

      • Oral Defamation is a serious crime especially against a public figure like Yoochun. Tarnishing his good and wholesome image could cost him some CF deals, drama gigs and as such.
        6002, go sue their asses off!!!

      • I think the big problem I’m having with this whole discussion is the equating being naked and having consensual sex with poor character. Those are both things everybody does (or should do). And finding out that Yoochun might have been getting laid at 20 had me going *o/*. He might have had questionable taste in partners but….well… which one of us can cast the first stone on that front?

        Now, falsely accusing someone of blackmail — that would be defamation, because blackmailing is a vile thing to do and a stain on anybody’s character.

      • @pain
        I think dating a blackmailer is having questionable taste.
        Dating a *known* blackmailer is having absolutely rotten taste.
        Dating someone who kick puppies is inexcusable.
        Dating someone who kicks *pigeons* is back to just questionable taste, because pigeons are evil and not as easy to kick as you’d expect.

      • @Eliza
        I see…. I feel sorry for whoever this idol is. It’s unfortunate that he has to be in a “very conservative” entertainment industry. If this were in the US, people would just laugh it off and move on.
        You know when they were incriminating YC, I thought to myself “It can’t be! Can anyone outsmart YC?!!”

      • @pian

        The fact that this person is being prosecuted rather than paid off made me think it could be Yoochun. He’s not the type to give in to give in to society’s “shame games” when he knows he’s done nothing wrong. (As all three of them have proved so admirably.) And I applaud the actual victim for doing the same thing.

      • @ Eliza

        Dating a *known* blackmailer is having absolutely rotten taste. ~~~so right!!
        “I think dating a blackmailer is having questionable taste.” ~~ ummm… I dont think so.. Innocent ppl will always be cheated by “smart” people.. Thats is so natural… I dont blame anyone for dating a blackmailer id he/she doesnt know… There is a saying in my country “Evil ppl doesnt have horns” .. U wont be able to see who is evil or not.. Even worse, to be a good evil person, that person has to be good in acting~~~~ 🙂

      • You have no idea how evil the tongue can be. A person can be driven to su_c_de just because of false malicious rumors. It happens all the time. Because those false rumors brings along bad consequencies that destroys their victims; even people have gone to prison because of false witnesses. It’s that bad.

      • @loveUnchanged
        That’s the reason why I’m not surprised when I hear news of a Korean personality committing suicide. It’s so rampant in the Korean entertainment industry. People need to look at themselves in the mirror before judging others. Enough with the “self-righteousness” of this society.
        It’s also appalling of Koreans’ misuse of the term “scandal”. Is it disgraceful for two, single people to date? Whenever I read Korean entertainment, they keep on using the term scandal. What’s so scandalous about single people dating each other?! They could just use the term “rumor” or “gossip”. SMH.

      • I’m going to assume you’ve got some monitoring software on your computer, because suicide is not a word that should be avoided. It is not a dirty word. It is a sad word, the result of desperation and hopelessness and needs to be talked about.

        A malicious rumour might push a person over the edge to suicide but it would be just one more thing that the person had no control over in a life that doesn’t feel like it belongs to them. And the really sad thing is, if they are in the Korean entertainment industry, they are probably right.

        I am in no way saying that the tabloid article publishers shouldn’t be prosecuted — they absolutely should! What I am saying is that those consequences that you are talking about are the real crime here. And the reaction of the majority of the comment thread, going on like Yoochun had been accused of something horrible rather than just….having a life, is part of that.

      • I “bleeped-out” some part out because sometimes, wierdly, I think that by saying/typing the word out loud, people considering doing that might be pushed over the edge and actually do it. It silly, I know. But I don’t want to be responsible for anyone taking away his/her life (even if it was an “innocent” word).

      • @Love

        I know what u mean.. I am not sure where but i have heard this (what u have said about ppl commiting su-c-de after hearing it) somewhere before. 🙂

        It ok girl.. U r not responsible what other ppl have decided to do cuz it is their decision afterall…. 🙂

      • @Eliza

        lol thank you.

        Everyone is acting like some grandma from the 15th century. If he did take pictures or had pictures taken that is between him and his partner. Eventually he will be seen naked by his future girl or wife so…..what is so scandalous about that? The real crime is being committed by that blackmailing-extortionist bitch and the dirty dealings of SME. I guess JYJ really are getting to them if they have to resort to this.

  3. yeah rite, not again, other portal, a girl comment that person look like junsu and jaejoong. gaaah i dont buy it. doohhhh boiled and smoke out from my ears now. leave my boys alone

    • dont worry dear, the article cleary said that this idol was shot a drama OCt last year. Jae didnt shot drama last Oct, and Junsu never even shot any drama. he just a did cameo once, and it was on JUly last year. it just AKP didnt even bither to translate this particular info, eventho jTBC mentioned it, and akp translated the article based on jTBC article. but how bold of jTBC to mentioned about it, but ignore the fact that no one in JYJ member have shoot drama last oct and still put pic n vid of JYJ.

      • @one_nee 🙂 i dont believe it when i heard this rumours too. i believe they are innocent. just pity how they never have a break, how low journalist can be, and those antis who hungry for cheap rumors and love to spread it. poor babies

  4. “These rumors are ridiculous to the point where fans do not need to be worried.”

    Was I the only one to think, “Awww. Damn. We never get to see him nekkid.” 😉

    • “The issue revolves around a former girlfriend of an idol star, who threatened to leak a naked photo of his upper body.”

      That’s smth we’ve already seen XD besides the pics are supposingly from 4-5 yrs ago..the recent ones from october 2011.

      • Oh you have got to be kidding me! This is blackmail material? I thought that the poor guy was at least having a wank or something.

        This is not excusing the disgusting behaviour of the ex, who should be brought up on charges, but it’s also a little pathetic. Do the lives of these entertainers have to be so tightly controlled that any hint of a private life is considered a scandal?

        I’m shaking my head at the WHOLE situation.

      • Yoochun would never do this!!!! He is innocent. A pure, virginal innocent!!!!!!!!!

        LMAO. People are so ridiculous. It is indeed sad that people even think that this utterly moronic attempt at blackmail could in any way tarnish Yoochun’s image…..only in South Korea. OMG! A 20 something has a girlfriend and he might possibly be getting laid?!!! That is just SICK!!!!!! Lets pull him out of the upcoming drama and future CFs and any other endorsement deals for him and JYJ. Yeah~ that makes a lot of sense………It is indeed a circus spectacle of a situation and I just hope that Yoochun can see the humor in how pathetic SME is and not start bending now. They have come so far!

    • No @Eliza, dear, you weren’t the only one. In fact I know a girl or two who were “lamenting” that very particular issue; the lack of “NAKED CHUN” to feed their eyes 😀

  5. Thank Gosh 🙂 You’d think with JYJ bringing attention to Kpop, and therefore South Korea, they would be more careful, this isn’t going to make South Korea look like a fair country to the rest of the world when they find out how corrupt they can be :/

  6. Now I understand why some many Korea artist committed suicide……the Korean entertainment industry is rotten from the heart…..how big company manipulate the news source, how they play dirty…..omg

  7. YES, SUE THEM!!!!!
    Yoochun already has many things in his mind with filming, drama, tour and album.
    Leave Yoochun and JYJ alone dammit!!

  8. So disgusted by these so-called journalists who have absolutely no integrity! And it’s not just jTBC but also the antis who relished in spreading rumors and pointing fingers at our Yoochun. Keep your head up, JYJ!

  9. I found this on twitter.
    There is only ONE news source that used a picture of JYJ or YC in it, and that is JTBC.

    JTBC is owned by Joongan Daily, which has known ties to SM Entertainment.

    JTBC is the channel that hosts SNSD’s talk show, Dangerous Boys as well
    as “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” which is a daily sitcom that many SM idols
    have made cameos on.

    JTBC is also the channel that has airing rights to GDA, in which Lee Soo Man sits on the judging panel.

    And like I said, this is the ONLY news source that used JYJ or YC’s image, all other reports are very vague, use no images.

    So, call this a conspiracy if you want, but I just thought that was an interesting thing.

    Credit: yulebaifenbai90

      • TBC is owned by Joongan Daily, which has known ties to SM Entertainment.

        JTBC is the channel that hosts SNSD’s talk show, Dangerous Boys as well
        as “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” which is a daily sitcom that many SM idols
        have made cameos on.

        JTBC is also the channel that has airing rights to GDA, in which Lee Soo Man sits on the judging panel.

        interesting. now, we know who is the Real Ex-Girlfriend!!

      • I wonder since the reporter professes his love for SM entertainment on his twitter account, when he gets fired, will he be hired by SM Entertainment. What an idiot ruining his career, because he wants to kiss SM’s ass. He tarnished his credentials and the station he works for.

  10. Oh dear lord…
    Hello there’s so many famous idol around the korean…
    Why people should choose park yoochun? -_-”
    It’s so ridiculous~
    JYJ isn’t the only one popular group~
    Bla bla bla~ get a life people!
    can you just leave JYJ members alone?!
    Why the news come out when yoochun in his busy schedule~
    Hahahahaah! Get a life and get out from JYJ’s line

  11. I just want to tell u guys something. there is one girl, homin stan keep spreading this malicious rumours about yuchun. her name is tvxq_tone. you all can find her in twitter!! she is spreading the news like crazy!

      • Yep. I found her on twitter and she’s a full crowned HM stans. The problem isn’t that she’s an HM stan, the problem is that she’s determine to ruin Chun’s good name with this rumor. And her followers are RTing her like nobody’s business.

      • This is her tweet that is being retweeeted by her followers:


        TVXQ 東方神起 (@TVXQ_TONE)

        Posted Thursday 9th February 2012 from Twitlonger

        This is the article about one Hallyu idol’s scandal who is famous w Drama and CF
        According to the article, his ex girlfriend who has his sex/nude vid has asked the 1,000,000,000 won since last October. So now he sued her and this case has been investigated by the laws.
        This is the article link: http://news.jtbc.co.kr/html/157/NB10068157.html
        This is the one journalist @charogne6 mentioned about this case:

        JYJ fans are trying to make rumour that its Yunho by twitter and internet comments
        Here is evidence what JYJ fans are doing now:

        Fortunately, the journalist twittered “he’s not SM idols”

        I am really pissed off because of JYJ fans.

        Then you can clearly know who he is.

        FUCKING JYJ fans, GET AWAY FROM OUT BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        http://tl.gd/fqnjd0 · Reply
        Report post (?)

      • @intox
        I’m just wondering if this person’s accusations about JYJ fans spreading rumours about YH is true. I really hope not cos spreading false accusations at anyone is wrong, even if it is someone you dislike. But i really don’t think JYJ fans will do something like this.

      • LOL.. JYJ fans are spreading rumors of YH??? Well,

        Hey guys, u know, I am a “Die Hard Fan” of Homin.. I like them so much.. I really “respect” them with my whole heart.. Hell ya, JYJ sucks!! JYJ go to hell.. JYJ blaa blaa blaaa!@#@$%@^%$^%

        Come on, JYJers, throw me rocks.. Call me a reterded TwoVXQ fan.. Call me a sick dirty narrow minded , like-artist-like-fan kind of fan.. Tell the whole world that me, Homin fan is cursing JYJ.. Why not!!! If u know what i mean… Cut the crap (those) stupid idiots!!!!! Excuse my language..

      • how ridiculous, now the target is not just yoochun and jyj but jyj fans too?,,well we all know jyj fans are too busy promoting jyj,spazzin over jyj and doing charity works for jyj. We don’t have time and we don’t waste our time spreading rumors, we don’t even pay attention to their bias.. They’re just jealous of jyj’s achievements and jyj fans awesome support.. Lets handle her with class and elegance, don’t fight with her on twitter, report her as spam. And drown her/them with jyj’s greatness and spread jyj love..let them die of desperate jealousy.

      • i don’t want to step so lowly in her level.
        so goodluck to her spreading that false and baseless rumor herself.
        Let’s see who’s putting herself in hell.

      • JYJ fans have always been a target for them. It’s funny bcos my streaming on JYJ always pick them up with bad news and rumors slandering JYJ fans started by them, spread among themselves and beyond. I am really wondering about their inner intelligence of those who believed and RTed those tweets. It’s hilarious actually when they started slandering JYJ fans when JYJ fans had no clue what they were talking about..lol..

      • ¿Do JYJ fans are making up YH rumor? ¡Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaahahahaahaha!
        The last thing I would think to do is making up a bad intended rumor on someone like YH. Besides, he doesn’t need those “rumors”; he already has plenty of stories about his “naughty sexual behaviour” on his own. ¡¡ROFLMAOOOOO!!

      • I have no problems with people who choose to support whoever, but I have a problem when they start defaming JYJ and JYJ fans. These people are DISGUSTING. When the rumor was spreading, they couldn’t contain their happiness and were quick to say terrible things about JYJ and Yoochun. They go on every JYJ article and spread hate and false information. They are pathetic and are envious of JYJ’s popularity and success. They are terrified their bias is being over shadowed by the JYJ phenomenon. JYJ fans need to become more vocal. I love the peace of jyj3, but we need more of us to speak up on kpop sites and on twitter to curb the massive amount of lies that is being spread about JYJ.

      • gosh! i’ve read her tweets, how did yunho get involved? i thought the issue here is yoochun being dragged into a malicious rumor. most of the people thought it was yoochun and i think nobody said anything about yunho??? or is it different in korea? did k-jyj fans said anything about the male idol being yunho??

        and i am pissed off right now, the way she said JYJ fans… it’s like all of us are spreading rumors. i hate when someone generalize like this, its making the fandom look bad. i mean i am a JYJ fan, and it never crossed my mind that it was yunho, well, it is a rumor and the results in spreading rumors isn’t pretty.

      • I think that as JYJ fans we should all show class and not give fodder for the rumor mill but that is about it. I find that some other fans lump us together as if we shared a brain or something. Beyond our shared love for JYJ I don’t care to agree with someone else just because they are a JYJ fan. I think that is one of the reasons for this “generalization” of fans. It is like people think we are a beehive with a central command and we are not. We are different people with different backgrounds.

        On a side note: That is also part of the reason why I am opposed to a fanclub name. We don’t need it and it is just a way for companies to generate more revenue. Do people really think that because they were once in cassiopeia or some other fanclub that they are actually a family for these idols? Get real. They have their own mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends etc and eventually they will start families of their own.

    • oh my. some people are just -.- JYJers, lets report her as SPAM. i hope karma will bite back. those biatch

      this is my first comment for 2 months.

    • @jyjfan

      I retweeted about 10 of our JYJ3 ladies’ original tweets re: reporting tvxq_tone as spam.
      What a numbskull this person must be. She actually thinks that part of being a “good fan” of Yunho’s is to lie and defame members of JYJ in public. Pathetic.

    • Yoochun stay strong!!!
      When I read this article all I could think of was….

      SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!SUE!!! SUE!! SUE!!! SUE!!!

  12. I’m so glad that it has been clarified, but the damage on Yoochun’s image has been done. Did that site take the photos down? really, C-jes must suit their asses.

    Seriously when is this going to stop? I just hope Yoochun is okay.

    And someone should tip this to AKP so they clarify too.

  13. Glad to hear it’s official it’s not true. It’s not that I believe it neither a second.
    C-JES, yes, sue them as they deserve.
    And to the idol who really is being blackmailed, I hope everything gets solved and that exgf gets the punishment she deserves for that crime. I hope we never get to know who that idol is too.

    • I hope Chun’s name is cleared once n for all. If this remains unresolved, that is the problem. Some of the ANTIs will continue to say it was him. Anyway, blackmail is a serious crime and as everyone says, unless the BF did something wrong to her, he is the victim here.

  14. What is this fu*kery?!!! I’m glad that its not true.
    btw I just read on other site saying that the ex-gf threaten to reveal his naked picture of his upper body?? lol seriously upper body?

  15. JYJ cant never take a break. At all.
    Is this how they deal with JJ being a state guest in Turkey. Fucking low
    Its a defamation of character. I am so mad coz in the previous scandal, news just talk without pic/blurred pics/shit/whatever.
    I hate the fact that they make it like they were talking about him but oh remain secretive and shit. I am so mad at this fucking sick attacks. Whether its him or not, the fact they doing this make me rage so much.
    the idol involve in this scandal is the victim. i want to know the woman that use the past relationship to blackmail the male idol more than i wanna know who is the idol involve. I want to strangle the offender. What in the hell! I am so freaking mad.

    • *Bring her out ,I want to see her face ,I wonder how a woman can live after she did a thing like that to her Ex- lover…*
      My friend said that,and me myself want to see the face of the person who wrote that column…

      • Seriously right? What kind of person is that. I understand taping your sex escapade never a smart thing to do/ in fact it was stupid beyond reason, but using such private matter to extort people and gain money from it — with such big number of cash is just freaking low and evil if you ask me. I wonder how long she’s been harassing him and blackmailing him. What a creepy stalker. The bitch need to be locked up in jail

  16. Is YC that big of a treat to some ppl because of his popularity that they have to bring his image down with senseless rumors. Glad is cleared by CJes and I do hope they take legal action against those who try to bring the boys down. Go Get Them CJES!!!!!!!

    • @Flower

      “”Is YC that big of a treat to some ppl because of his popularity that they have to bring his image down with senseless rumors.”” ~~ This no doubt!!! He dosnt need publicity but he is getting bigger and bigger every day.. (hey naughty chunsas, dont take it wrong, I am talking about popularity~~) 😀

  17. Hay that demons, LEAVE OUR BOYS ALONE……… We never believe that meaningless stories . C-jes please sue them . C-jes Fighting !!! Chunnie Fighting !!! We are always yours side.

  18. WAIT!!
    this is all news to me!!!
    someone catch me up…

    (is this why some fangirls were tweet Yoochun endlessly last night?)

  19. Poor Yoochun! His success is really pissing off SM. Guess this is their new strategy, maybe to give another excuse to the stations to keep off JYJ saying they don’t have a ‘positive image’ or something. No wonder JJ was asking him to stay strong and now I understand his recent tweets. Of course he is strong, but these kind of malicious rumours must really hurt him. But I am confident that the people who have worked with Yoochun will not buy all this nonsense. I hope JYJ sees this as a sign of SM getting really desperate over the boys’ success. This means that they are going where SM did not expect them to go and hence their attempts to tarnish their image. Stay Strong, Yoochun!

    All the more reason for Rooftop Prince to become a huge success. I hope Chun gets more motivated to put in his best. Let’s see who has the last laugh!

    • +1
      I think this is SoMEone’s new strategy, to ruin Yuchun’s image becasue they know they cannot stop him from gaining popularity via drama. Ruining image is crucial in CM endorsement. But SoMEone doesn’t know that when one put a situation to an extreme repetitively, it won’t work later, ppl will be immune to it. And all these dirty means will only unite JYJ and their fans even more.

      • Agree.If it was just the yacht thing, at least some clueless people would have thought maybe it was true. But to follow it up with another scandal, I guess it must be pretty evident to many Koreans by now that this is what is called a witch hunt.They want his image to be ruined. But as always, SM is so blind with jealousy and rage that they can’t think straight.

    • I love your comment! I agree. This is a desperate move for SM to tarnish YC’s clean image. They never thought he would gain this much recognition after the 3 bolted out of their “home”. SM could not control the advertising and drama industries so they made this asinine and pathetic move to try to convince them that YC is not good for their image. Just so low of SM. They thought fans would think less of YC after this incident. I’m sorry but it just made me so much more endeared to YC, like a mother trying shield her son from harm.

      • Yes, Yoochun landing so many plum projects and virtually becoming the CF king when they expected him and JYJ to come running back to the SM prison must have hurt their egos a lot. Earlier, it was just trying to block them from tv stations, now it is ruining their reputation. I suppose we can expect more dirty tricks in the future. The sad thing is SM might have some personal information which they can manipulate to their ends. I hope the boys stay strong. I am sure more and more people will come to realize the new strategy of SM.

      • I can’t wait when all these s*** come back to bite SM. They’ve tried all these pathetic means to make JYJ realize their “mistake” in leaving them to no avail. This is getting ridiculous. The start of 2012 has not been good for YC with this yacht and now naked pic/video rumor. I pray the coming months will be great for him. I’m sure JYJ will stand strong AS LONG AS the fans got their backs. As what YC said recently, they “exist because of the fans”.

      • you;re so true, because they don’t think JYJ’ll never survive after leaving them, but they even don’t believe JYJ’ll gain more and more popular and the love from around the world and even the love from ajumas.

      • @Miki (@Miki4Yuu)
        SM really thought Jaechunsu would be goners by now but the 3 just keep getting better at their crafts which fans make notice of.
        SM’s underestimating the power of ahjummas. SKKS broadened JYJ’s fandom demographically. Ahjummas make ideal fans since they don’t get swayed easily, are not fickle-minded which make them very loyal, and are very protective of their loved ones. This malicious rumor will drive YC’s ahjumma fans more to support him.

      • @pian

        “Ahjummas make ideal fans since they don’t get swayed easily, are not fickle-minded which make them very loyal, and are very protective of their loved ones. This malicious rumor will drive YC’s ahjumma fans more to support him.”

        Speaking as a JYJ3 ahjumma….THIS! 😉

  20. I wasn’t worried ‘cos I believe in YC. But so what if he’s nikked? He wasn’t the culprit here.
    It is interesting to see that JYJ fans knew of this news later than the other fans..lol..Bcos of them talking and cursing JYJ fans for dragging their oppa into this scandal, er..when, made me find this news. So last night, people who were talking about it were not JYJ fans…so concerned..lol..
    I hope CJeS take a legal action against this reporter and his company. The incidents become too frequent and they should not let it slide, otherwise it will keep coming…

  21. This is kind of sad, Yoochun’s got 2 bad press back to back in 2 month’s span. What’s minding blowing is that the press jump to conclusion & are pointing figure at Yoochun even w/out valid prove.

    However, no press is bad press, especially if you’re not involved.

    I should look at the good side and say THANKS for the press, which is perfect timing right before the airing of Yoochun’s New drama.

    • @chewywon
      “This is kind of sad, Yoochun’s got 2 bad press back to back in 2 month’s span. ”

      Er… slight correction, “2 bad press back to back in 2 month’s span” THAT WERE BOTH COMPLETELY BOGUS. This is the operative fact. These were both manufactured “scandals” (and believe me, I agree with various persons here who have a REAL problem with what the SK media/public views as a “scandal”) with absolutely no basis in importance or reality, just depending on which one you’re talking about. These are both Non-Events, hatched by SME and carried out by their various Flying Monkeys. None of it, needless to say, will do anything but draw JYJ’s fans more closely together in solidarity and support of the members.

  22. Ref:….*** cục bột nhỏ @linhkawaii ***

    if yoochun’s naked video ever leaks out, the culprit can only be jaejoong with his habit of taking pictures when others are in bathroom ahem

    reading this tweet… made me explode with laugh…..

  23. And they had to do that just when Chun was beginning his new drama. When are they going to leave JYJ alone? It’s like the more successful they see JYJ getting, they harder they try to ruin them. I hope all these SM toadies go bankrupt along with SME without redemption.

  24. ….Wow I seriously can’t believe all this even happened in the first place!! I mean everything was going good with Yoochun’s new drama, Junsu’s Musical and Jae’s visit to Turkey then BAM “this” stupid & FALSE rumor starts spreading. What pisses me off the most was that JBTC USED JYJ’s & Yoochun’s pictures WITHOUT evidence or anything!! Like seriously? What kinda of channel is this? Spreading false info. that can damage a person’s career is completely wrong and to think that SM might be behind this or a “friend” of them angers me even more. When will this treatment ever stop? Enough is enough man.

  25. Zz again? when Yoochun will promote his drama, and these rumors spread out? Why must now?

    Geez, I’m sure that this thing is just Fake rumours which we already know who behind this!

  26. how naked is naked?? allkpop mentioned upper body?? what a mess.. if just an upper body?? i thought all korean artists shows their upper body??…

    • I read somewhere that the ex-gf claimed that she had naked video, but only showing the naked picture to agency. The court has confiscated the picture and said that there is no video.

      • I don’t get why it’s only a “naked” video though. Naked pics I get, but video? You’d have to be doing something in a video right, not just be randomly naked. Also, if the relationship ended 4-5 years ago, that means she’s just keeping the video/ pics in her possession for prime blackmail material? Wow, the lengths some people go to.

    • I’ll be surprised if it was TOP though, his recent teaser for BigBang’s comeback had him wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Showing his ARMS. I was like, what next, collarbones? Ankles? The world is coming to an end if it’s his whole upper body. =)

  27. Thank you C-JeS for taking fast action to clear the rumor! That STOOOPID JBTC sure gonna give thousands excuses for using the ‘blurred yet recognized’ pictures as the supposed Mr.B…aigoo, did you feel that shit hitting your face, JBTC?? hmm, lets see if JBTC will apologies on national news today..

    If C-JeS want to take legal action, I hope they will go to the root of the reason why this JBTC specifically targeted JYJ/Yoochun..and if it can be proved that LSM/SM behind it…isn’t it good?? Splat those stinky mud on LSM face and add on more zeros for compensation for intentionally slandering of JYJ’s good names!!


  29. Looking at the bright side of this.. It really shows that PYC is that popular to be a threat to SoME people that they have to use this shameless, low-graded trickery to tarnish his reputation! Well.. too bad, suckers! It FAILED big time!
    Us CHUNSAs are still standing by our man!
    Chun-ster, be strong and ignore all these nonsense! Focus on Rooftop Prince! U can do IT!

  30. I wanna throw up with the sick media play. In another channel other than JTBC, they used another footage of another band. They need to stop defaming people character and career for ratings. This scandal is sick.

  31. Tsk tsk tsk such a LOW BLOW SM! Fortunately, no on is stupid enough to believe it, except those trolls in AKP who are more than willing to bash JYJ for their oppas <.<

  32. woah! I dont get it why their are so many anit JYJ people out there… it hurts but all I know if they think they are going to bring our boys done they are so wrong!!! JYJ = never giving up!

  33. 1 . Upper body naked pics are not a scandal
    2. Even if its YC , ppl should be talking about the crazy girl . She clearly needs help
    3 If its not YC , @#*@##@/*##+@*# leave him alone

  34. JYJ really can’t catch a break….
    Please CJeS, go forward with your legal action against JTBC, they need to be held accountable for their defamatory, inaccurate and inflammatory “journalism”. And most definitely the authorities need to charge this girl with blackmail, she’s the one who was trying to commit the real crime here.

    I can’t even imagine how Yoochun is taking all of this….

  35. first they targeted Jae for several times and then they put YC in scandal news now, so be prepare guys if those scandal not stop our boys step then i get feeling that the next target is our baby Su
    they are not gonna stop bring a ridiculous news for damages our boys images since our boys have a high profiles in many people eyes

  36. i think these all rubbish just to make yuchun or jyj look bad.did they don’t know i think the only person that has ‘that kind of pic’ only their big bro (jae)…….hehehe. i just remember that junsu told in tv that jae like to take that kind of pic…….

  37. yuchuna..i know this news make you sad..but u know what? you are just above them thats why they want to pull you down..but no matter what..we believe in you..you are so honest and very kind person thats why many people loves you..i hope this piece of crap news wont make u weak but make u strong and help you to do ur best more..just walk forward and dont look back to the people who wants you down…go to the place where u should be..to the top…SHOW THE WORLD WHO THE TRUE YUCHUN IS!!!ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!!!HWAITING!!!

  38. CHEAP frame-up JBTC , in leass than 24 hrs. you’re caught immediately, I think you will not be going to receive your paycheck from your sponsor, it’s a FAILED MISSION. You’re are just embarrassing your station.

  39. oh wow! this rumor is just… next time we’ll hear someone say jaejoong got some girl pregnant and junsu had an illicit relation w/ a certain married celeb! well… wht can i say, the more the tree bears luscious fruits, the more people would wanna throw stones at it… ang punong mayabong mamunga, mas maraming bumabato… abangan ang ss n kbnata! JYJ…. The Anthology 🙂

    • I know right! But once again, Lady Karma is taking notes. I’m going to sit back with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the fun. I’m interested in knowing when will these folks begin to realize they are making themselves look more stupid by the minute?

  40. don’t worry chunnie, i will never leaked your naked picture…. /hide from fans

    but i really want to smack someone. after the neverending rumor of cjes ceo sprouted again, now this. now who’s the gang leader? maybe SM and team aren’t associated with gang or whatever, but the way they bully others are the “gang way”.

  41. Can i ask you guys a question?? even IF it is YC (i put this if in Cap.. IF , ok? ), why should we have bad impression on him??? I dont really get it.. The boys are straight men, i believe. They will have gfs in their life and of cuz they might have slept with them, no doubt. Is that wrong?? They are not raping a girl, they just do it with her concent.. I am not trying to be rued or dirty , i am just telling the fact.. So is it someting to be ashamed of to sleep with his gf ???


    If it is not him and reporters trying to defame our YC, well, Mr park.. I believe S.K still has the law over powerless ppl.. (this statement means S.K donesnt have law over powerful ppl like LSM which i witnessed.) They can sue that freaking reporter for Defamation..

    • Some fans need to realize where they should stand. Perfect imagery of an idol is a NO-NO. Spazzing, defending and supporting your idol should not evolve into idolatry. For me, idolatry equates into insanity. Nobody’s perfect. YC is at the peak of his virility (same goes for the other idols). Men will always be men. They NEED “IT”. That’s how they’re genetically formed. Their image, talents as idols/actors can be considered as public property BUT, they don’t owe their fans any explanation when it comes to how they lead their private lives.

      • It doesn’t matter that much what fans think, these asses r trying to bring our boys down in e eyes of the general public, i.e. the conservative SK society. If they succeed in their character assassination, JYJ will truly become pariahs n there will not b anymore CFs, performances, ambassadorships, etc. Thankfully, their filthy trick was shown for what it was. I juz wonder if repeated occurrences wld hv a positive or negative impact on JYJ, that is, will it be a ‘cry wolf’ situation or will these insinuations gradually worm their way into ppl’s minds

      • @intoxicatedbyxiahtic
        Yoochun was trending In Spain because of this. He topped search engines earlier. TBQH, it’s alarming. The boys always have to be on their toes so much more now. This has already become a habit of SM. They’re addicted to crushing JYJ. I hope the public will be able to distinguish fact from fallacy. SM’s track record speaks for itself anyway. Same goes for JYJ.

    • It’s not that WE think its wrong. It’s rather that, in Korea (based on what we know), a public fiqure like Chun can’t have “sex tapes” and “nude pics” lying around like a “porn star”, lol. People actually won’t hold you in high esteem anymore. In Korea, clean image sells. “Clean image” equals “positive influence” on everyone including kids. Plus with JYJ’s present position in the industry, we don’t want the broadcast stations to use this or or any bad news to proclaim them unfit for national TV. If that happens JYJ may loose their hold on dramas and cfs and even musicals. Korea is more conservative than the West. But even in the west, having your “private sex video” leaked to the public is considered bad publicity.

      • For me, what sets Korean entertainment apart is their “unforgiving” stance to acts and beliefs that go against their society’s norms. It’s disappointing to know the cock-blocking, the pressure, and the bullying that happens not only to JYJ but to some singers and actors as well.

      • exactly. it is not about man’s need, when it comes to public image, they can do it but going public will be an issue, especially when Yuchun got so many CF and JYJ being so many NGO or govt-related ambassadorssssssssss, all these need very clean positive image.

    • I have same thought with u… The most wrong and guilty person is that blackmailing for money one… This kind of person are so horror, how could she go through a relationship with this kind of ‘trap’? Is this the reason ur ‘x bf’ leave u because day after day finding u are not so ‘true’? Or maybe u approach him with reason? Maybe money , fame ?… I truth YooChun, he not doing wrong.

  42. i was told about this and went to read allkp report last night. as jyj3 didnt publish it, i didnt believe it. i usually do not like the way allkpop report stuff. glad to read this article that it is cleared.

  43. Glad to know YC is fre
    Dont want to blame any parties coz i dont know who the real culprit_ but once to be know someon dirty work to put JYJ DOWN….I WILL KILLED THEM ALIVE

  44. it’s funny when some fans said they wanna see his lower instead of upper body!
    because with this stupid rumor, most of K idols are the victim of this insanity because most of them have naked upper body.
    but i think the ex-girlfriend when they described she looks exactly like miss SM, no doubt about it! kekee keee

  45. I just noticed that SoMone’s children have been in too many dramas lately but none of them are ranking @ all…* EVIL LAUGH* … Addition to Wild Romance haven’t have any wild results.. and Salamander…whats that drama. In addition, Rooftop Prince beat Love Rain as much anticipated drama. Hmmmm less than stellar acting of the actress will not make the ratings go up.

    I think this is a dirty damage control tactic to dishonor JYJ. Fortunately, fans no better. Nuf said~!

  46. THIS IS REALLY A GOOD NEWS…. on the flip side, I’m aghast on the language used on some comments here. I understand that we used curse languages and we are free to use such words but come on, if your asked nicely to tone down your language then please do so. If you don’t want to then ignore the request, no need to comment back with your foul language as if you’re picking a fight…. unless you’re just trolling, pretending to be fan.

  47. The S Korean entertainment and media world couldn’t possibly do a worse job of promoting Korea to the rest of the world than by their treatment of JYJ. It’s like going to Disneyland and seeing behind the scenes to some evil witch’s kingdom.

    If it weren’t for JYJ themselves, I would have already given up on the whole lot of them.

  48. The fact that the ONLY news source that used JYJ or YC’s image is JTBC when all other reports are very vague, use no images, or images of other bands (such as CN Blue), makes me wonder if this is just by coincidence after JYJ’s wealth revelation. Seems like SoMeone force C-Jes to always take legal action, as we know that those legal actions NEED money. From my point of view, this SoMeone want to make C-Jes bankrupt as well as JYJ (there is a rumour about C-Jes is actually owned by JYJ/ Sorry if i am mistaken).

    I wish this rumour will not affect Yoochun image as well as Rooftop rating, as we know that he is now preparing his new drama as a Prince. I am afraid people who watch Rooftop, everytime Yoochun’s screen aka The Prince, there are gonna say ”Hey, he is the one who has been blackmailed by his ex girlfriend because of their nasty video” (I dont know if the video is a nasty one or not, but I believe everyone who read the news will directly think it is).

    • Good points! Very true..i hv a fren who left her former company to join a start-up n she’s being sued for an astronomical amt, during e lawsuit they kept writing all kinds of rubbish against my fren which she has to defend..they know there’s no merit but they hv deep pockets so they juz wanna drag e lawsuit out as much as possible n drain their opponents..that’s how biz works

      yes I agree, some damage has been done n I bet that was already in e calculations of jbtc/sm. They knew that e rumour wld b shot down but Chun will be tainted by association anyway. Worse is jbtc n all e other jerks who jumped in to spread this r so not going to retract n apologize..

  49. guys tip this article to AKP (the original from nate)

    out of all those reports why pick the JTBC one SMH
    I’m glad Chun is in the all clear

    He must have been so outraged :’)

    I kinda feel sorry for the potential victim, what a crazy girl
    but at least there was no peeing on his laptop

  50. So the rumor about YC’s involvements is truly a baseless and false rumor.
    CJES, well done for clearing this up.
    Now i’m waiting for the boomerangs of s**t fall upon LSM and his dirty cronies.

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  52. with the recent news about JYJ being appointed as goodwill ambassador and jejung turkey visit being highlighted so much in media, someone somewhere out there in SK felt bitter day by day and now trying very hard in whatever way could be to try and bring these boys down, however they forgot by attacking JYJ and YC in particular have made us JYJ’ers fell deeply and stronger in love for them. as for myself when i’ve read the news i knew this is false accusation and yet why YC being the centre of debacle, whereas he is supposed to be the victim here. totally cheap news by a moron journalist!!!


  54. WHAT THE HELL!!!
    To that girl who wants $890,000 in exchange for her silence…Kabayong Mukhang Pera! Eksaherada!!! Punieta!
    To the SMART and INTELLIGENT journalists… Pera rin ba habol niyo??? Ano, pera!? Ano, pa atsoy-atsoy sa mga matataas?!
    Only thick faces like these would have the guts to destroy anyone’s reputation. I’m allergic to such people!

  55. The person (TVXQ_Tone) that spam the rumour is even worse than JTBC. She not only wants to ruin YC and JYJ, but also purposely wants to ruin JYJ fans! Who is this person ??????? He/She must be sued together with JTBS !!

    • totally agree, she is still spreading the rumor, hours after all news sources have confirmed it is not Yoochun. I could care less about Homin stans, but I am tired of them going around spreading lies about JYJ. On Akpop they are on every JYJ article spamming hateful remarks. I don’t see JYJ fans doing that. Yet, they act like they are the ones being victimized. It buggles the mind. Seriously, I think JYJ fans are some of the most mature and civilized fans out there. People need to report her as libel to twitter. People who hide behind their computers to destroy someone else, SMH.

      • i don’t know….some people said k-jyj fans trying to relate yunho in the article. that’s why homin stans are angry. then later the journalist cleared on his twittter that its not someone from sm.
        i saw the screencaps but its in korean

  56. Bad guys like evil just can’t stop envy (sign of incapability) because they just losing idea to defeat JYJ, and used this cheap good for nothin trick.

  57. ¡YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! ¡Sue those bad intended bastards of JTBC and their @charogne6 journalist, friends of SME!!
    I knew it; I knew it, my boy is far more intelligent and wise than that 😉

    • something just bothers me , could this be a made up hoax just to aim at Yoochun i mean is there really an idol being blackmailed and does this girlfriend really exist ??? who is the idol then? “who’s the blackmailed idol ? ”
      it just seems direct attack more than a rumor being carelessly out, this could be planned cause out of all the idols they only show one particularly blur pictures of JYJ mainly yoochun to direct towards only one male group. this whole story could be a made up set up for all we know : where’s the follow up story then.

  58. When I first read the title, what came in my mind “Aaaah, False Rumor of course” thats without even reading the whole thing xD Whats irritates me is that people who dont know JYJ and park yoochun that well, might believe such newssss and this will clearly affect their reputation :@:@:@:@ SM, although I said if I got the chance to visit korea the first place I will visit is Bum’s Story to see JJ BUTTTT now the first place I will visit is your building to BLOW it offfff !!!!

  59. From the beginning SM has been targeting Yuchun’s reputation. This is just one in a long line of attacks on Yuchun’s character. I think SM knows he is the dangerous one. Really, he has brought so many fans to JYJ over the last 2 years, and the driving force of that is his acting and then cfs. What is it that makes people so crazy about him? It’s his pure spirit and deep heart. So what do they want to attack? The things that will make people distrust those very things. But unfortunately for them, once you know Yuchun, nothing can make you believe such things.

    On a lighter note, you would think SM would have more sense about how women operate since they are in the business of providing fantasy dreams to young women. Don’t they realize that the first thing that would go through women’s minds with this is, Oh, no, he was cheating on me. Then the second thing is – wait, a naked video of Yuchun? Goes to search internet for it……^___^

    • @Lisa I love your comment!!!^^
      “But unfortunately for them, once you know Yuchun, nothing can make you believe such things.” – That’s very true!! Yoochun has such a no-pretense, transparent personality. If he’s pissed off, he wouldnt bother to hide it. Which is why fans have never hesitated or questioned his words.

  60. I just wanna say when I 1st read the article on Allkpop saying “An idol group member is being blackmailed”, there were many comments about Yoochun. Then I was like “Nooooooooo” and googled it. Then I saw C-JeS entertainment has already made it clear. That was fast (or I was slow?) good job. I just hope no one get hurt anymore.

  61. how dare them, slander Yoochun in such a way, this is definitely all for envy, jealous of his success and JYJ. I hope those who do evil to Yoochun & JYJ also will get a reply. remember God does not sleep.
    chunnieyah … I hope you stay cool .. stay strong .. and stay focused on your work … we will always support you …. always love you… no matter what happens….
    chunnieyah…. fighting… ❤ ❤ ❤

  62. “They also stated that their lawyers were preparing information to send to JTBC’s side about legal action that will be taken against them for their ‘framing’ [of Park Yoochun].”

    YES. Please, somebody..do something~!!!
    Whoever is behind this “framing” thingy should not and NEVER be left off the hook this time round.
    This is just too much~!!! !!!
    What had he done to deserve all this sh*t~!!! 😦
    This baseless framing could directly or indirectly costs him dearly..think CF deals and so on.
    Sue..sue..sue..it’s a MUST sue here~!!!!!!! Damn it.
    They are trying to bring our PYC down..
    I wanna see them brought down instead!!!!!!

  63. DUH ini SM maunya apa sih…ini namanya sudah keterlaluan..sialan si SM ini
    kalo gosipin orang ntu jangan ngasal…bisa kualat nanti..
    Duh mau ngebom ini JTBC ma SM ini..memangnya kita ini maw percaya sama kalian…bisanya cuman nyerang terus …
    woyy sadar woyy kualat sampenyan mengko …..biasanya kalo di Indonesia klo orang sudah marah nggak pake pengadilan tapi make jalan lain apalagi di Jawa disantet sampeyan (walah malah bawa2 santet?)

    • I like your comment ^^
      Gw takut ama santet2an n temen2nya, tapi gw udah sebel banget ama SME n antek2nya termasuk jtbc yang cuma numpang tenar pake nama JYJ, so gw dukung lo deh, santet aja tuh SME sama antek2nya, bikin bangkrut ato apa lah….. LOL….

  64. My heart totally sank when i saw Yoochun’s name thrown around in the comments at akp last night. Nearly every comment had his name in it. Then I watched the JTBC and saw the blurred images, any JYJ fan would have recognized it in an instant that it was Yoochun’s pics, I started tearing. I kept holding out it wasn’t him. I kept thinking why are there pple trying so hard to ruin JYJ? Didn’t they suffer enough already? They are trying so hard to make it on their own and they have many other fans supporting them. They have proven that they are able to get to places without a mega corp backing them. Why is there a need to use underhanded methods to destroy them. But thankfully it wasn’t Yoochun. My prayers have been answered! On a side note, even if such a scandal would ever break out on these boys, I would still support and love them no less. This is what a true fan would be. JYJ fighting! There will come a day where justice will be served!

  65. I’m glad this mess ended up.
    But even if it was true… I wouldn’t be disappointed … not at all.
    Yoochun has the right to do whatever he wants in his intimacy.
    Yoochun ah <3333

  66. ahhh stupid korean media, does SM owns the country?.
    (but on the other hand since i’m a little pervert. if yoochun had a naked video of himself i would definitely pay to watch it. hell if yoochun were a stripper or porn star i would work hard just to have him everyday.)

    • lol at your comment!
      JTBC and whoever is behind it got the wrong concept, do they think fans would leave YC with that kind of scandal? hahaha, now fans’ imagination is getting wild and boundless.

  67. i dont buy what this pathetic girl is selling…she just want to damage yuchuns clean image… we jyj/chunsa fans should not be affected by this kind of trick..she’s just a physho that needs attention…we dont want to give our precious time commenting to this kind of people..they’re so low..our standards is way too higher than this girl..we are not in the same level..so dont put ur level to this kind of peolple..instead lets make the negative thing into a positive one…like seing all this news about naked yuchun makes me wanna see more of yuchuns drama or whatever he’s endorsing..cant wait for his drama…lets drink TIO to cool us down..yuchuna..lift your face up and be proud on your blacksmith fansign event.dont be affected by this kind of nonsense news..i know the ahjumma fans will do their best to support you..they’re so professional people that doesnt believe in this kind of thing..lets ignore the bitch..

  68. Actually Jtbc just want to use JYJ popularity to make them popular too. That way so so low…. They have to be punished coz they use somebody’s pictures illegally and try to ruin JYJ’s name. I hope JYJ’s fans in korea and Chun’s ajumma army will take an action and defense uri Chun, coz I’m so far away and I can’t do anything…. so sad…. If there’s an international petition, I’m in…
    And I’m glad that this is just a rumor. I always believe in my Chun and JYJ. Don’t worry, the harder wind blow uri JYJ, the stronger they will be.
    PARK YOOCHUN STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!! I always believe you and support you no matter what, love you always…..

  69. “Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone”
    I am not familiar with the culture of Korea, but the libel was already entered into criminal legal action, only a court can prove its truth. as JYJ fan, I still supporting Yoochun though he had many boy/girlfriends ( hahaha…..my pervy mind) and doing sex free, because everyone had sin … All Idol should be ready to face all the risks, because the higher the tree then it will be more and more wind to destroy him. It was his responsibility to keep his good name, with action and deeds.
    keep overdrive Mr.ParkYoo!!!

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