[NEWS] Celebrity football team FC MEN to have a charity match in Japan


Celebrity football team FC MEN will hold a charity game for the East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support.

According to Oricon, a Japanese music site, Beast Lee Kikwang and Yoon Doojun, 2AM Changmin, JYJ’s members, etc. of celebrity football team FC MEN will have a charity match for the East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support at the National Stadium in Tokyo on April 28.

Beast, 2AM, Kim Hyungjoong and other popular singers are expected to participate. Last year, this team won the overall championship of Korean Celebrities’ Football League.

More details will be updated on 13th Feb via FC Men’s official website. All the donations collected through this charity event will be given to people who have lost their means of livelihood after the earthquake in Japan.

Source: Nate
Translation by: The_little_pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3
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22 thoughts on “[NEWS] Celebrity football team FC MEN to have a charity match in Japan

  1. Yes he will junsu tweeted him self and you can watch the video junsu is there
    But oricon not advertizing junsu
    Affcourse we allknow who is behind it
    Absurd caption doesnt get mantioned what a joke

  2. what other popular singers…his name is kim junsu!!! he’s the damn captain for heaven’s sake!! you know any one member of jyj will be able to sell out as much of the seats as all the other players combined right?? seriously and its for charity dammit!! grrrrrrrr!!!

  3. Pleeezzzzz….what do they mean by “JYJ’s member”????? *roars* His name is KIM JUNSU!!! and he is the captain of FC Men….stupid idiots! /so mad at the stupid ppl right now/…How dare they just brush aside Junsu’s name….*ROARS* To the stupid idiots: If your work as a journalist is suppose to report the facts…then please do so…don’t brush off ppl’s name like that….so unprofessional!!! He’s the captain of the team…his name should be on the report, and not replace it with “JYJ’s member”. It should be JYJ’s Kim Junsu or FC Men captain – Kim Junsu…for crying out loud.

  4. This kind of behavior coming from supposed adults is the most infantile thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been on this earth for several decades. Nothing matches this kind of conduct for being so imbecilic. But just remember Avex, Lady Karma is keeping tabs. Trust me, you are not going to like how she remembers you. Keep it up. Let’s see how low you can really go.

  5. They don’t want to show our boys’ name on news. But they know if they don’t show, the ticket sales will go down. So they mention like this. They should shame by themselves.

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