[TWITTER] 120209 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Acckk bitter http://pic.twitter.com/tHa97YCd


[TRANS] Hahaha Director Lee Jae Eun http://pic.twitter.com/XO55P7ji


[TRANS] Fun… http://pic.twitter.com/vTQZ59X1



[TRANS] My cheeks have gone up haha ㅜ http://pic.twitter.com/7dnpgKyH


Source: @mjjeje
Translation by: @Joejjang
Shared by: JYJ3


81 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120209 Jaejoong Twitter Update

    • He’s right though. If you look at the picture of him at the fan meeting in Turkey and the ones he posted the smile lines near his nose are less noticeable. He actually looks healthier now.

  1. yeah!!!!!!!!baby Turkish Delighst in the house dalliances are for Princes, Kings, Presidents, Nobles and Royalties like JeJe are welcome to partake too so HAPPY

  2. his latest picture, OMG, he’s killing me softly!! I’m falling in love all over again. Jaejoong-ah, why are you so pretty?!!! ❤

  3. Happy now ladies? He’s showing evidence that he did gained weight, he probably read comments that he’s too thin. I wonder if Junsu will do the same after his Elizabeth performance. Also, I’m expecting Yuchun to loss so much weight due to his tight schedule and filming hours so ladies start preparing to feed Yuchun and Junsu back to health…

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  5. i am dying of cuteness overload so early this morning! (looking at it late) life would be so interesting and fun around jj. sigh. why is there only one of him? ok so we have to enjoy every minute he shares things with us and be happy too! trouble is he makes me so happy, i want to do something for him too!

  6. The most picture ever!!! He should get a award fior this one *_* .He is so pure~ No Turkish girl can’t compete to that keke

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