120210 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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  1. hello guys
    good morning/day/afternoon/night

    here some JYJ US TOUR MC Q&A ROUND 1 (shane yoon), hope u guys enjoy it (even though i’m sure u guys ever read this too before)

    Q: Anonymous asks: Did Jaejoong blind you when you first met him because seriously, he is ghostly pale.

    A: When I first saw Jaejoong my natural instinct was to cover my neck, pour some holy water on myself, eat a clove of raw garlic, and call Jacob. Yes he was pale, but I thought it was because he had makeup on. After a few times, I realized it wasn’t the makeup…he’s just really pale. But honestly it doesn’t look that bad in person. I think he’s more photogenically pale…at least his reflection appears in mirrors.

    Q: shesrightyouknowshesright asks: What is your funniest story offstage with the JYJ boys?

    A: When we were in Las Vegas, we stayed at the Palms Hotel and Casino. One night, right before we went out to go eat dinner, a group of ajummas rushed JYJ in the lobby asking for autographs and pictures. Honestly, some of them looked as old as my mom. It was a very surreal moment, funny and cute in a statutory way. I guess some women just never grow up…or they really really really love JYJ – The love of JYJ knows no age limits.

    Q: lovemelovemenot asks: So you got to know the boys…How’s like to be around them?And which member left a deep impression on you?

    A: It was great being around all three of them, they’re superstars and have millions of fans across the world, but they’re very humble and just normal guys. Of the three, I connected most with Jaejoong. He definitely has that persona where he’s down to do whatever, as long as everyone’s having a good time. He’s very good at making strangers feel comfortable.

    Q: 2601-ar asks: Who do you think is the best singer in JYJ (if you’ve seen their solo performances from their tvxq days)? And who has the most striking presence (personality) amongst the three. Thanks a lot!

    A: Honestly I think they all sing really well, but if I had to choose one to sing a lullaby for me to sleep to, I would have to choose Micky, he kind of has that old school Korean singer voice sound. As far as striking presence, I would have to go with JaeJoong, he just oozes rock star.

    Q: @jjmaii asks: Really? Want to know what you think about KimJaejoong?

    A: He’s really a great guy. I’m sure you guys know his whole backstory, but when I read it, his personality made a lot of sense. He definitely lives in the moment and is extremely grounded. Like I mentioned before, he has a great gift of connecting with people and making them feel comfortable, even if he’s meeting them for the first time.

    Q: @wota94 asks: Are the boys humble?

    A: Yes they are. I was expecting them to be spoiled brats, because of all their money and fame, but to my surprise they were very grounded and humble with strong work ethics.

    Q: @Kittyny12591 asks: After working with them for all three US showcases, what kind of people were JYJ? (Personalities)

    A: Micky – Kept to himself a lot, but he was feeling sick the entire trip so that could have been it. Didn’t get to interact with him too much.

    Junsu – Very curious about a lot of things, seems very good-hearted and good-natured.

    Jaejoong – I feel like I’ve talked a lot about Jaejoong. Refer to my previous answers.


      Q: @katsumeat asks: What was your first impression on jyj? whatis your favorite jyj songs from the showcase?

      A: I was going over some things with the concert director when JYJ walked into the room. They were wearing black robe outfits and they didn’t walk, they glided into the room. My first thought was “Damn these guys are skinny…really skinny…and pretty…really pretty…and Junsu’s hair is red…really red” They were very polite, we said hello and they were off to do magazine interviews. I got to know them a little better as the tour went on. My favorite song from the showcase was the EMPTY remix. High energy, cool track, really got the crowd jumping up and down while confetti shot into the sky. Great ending song for the concert.

      Q: Anonymous asks: Shane! 1st of all thanks for this Q&A session 🙂 Oh yea my question… Did JYJ ever talk about their fans when you guys were hanging out and what was it about?

      A: They love their fans, but they do admit that sometimes it goes a little too far. Like the whole situation with fans waiting outside their houses, kinda scary. To my understanding the netizens of Korea can be scary. I heard everything that happened to Tablo from Epik High. That kind of stuff is the ugly side of fame that comes with the territory.

      Q: Anonymous asks: Were you blown away by jyj’s performances?

      A: Actually I was very impressed. It’s one thing to be a good singer, but to dance AND sing well at the same time is pretty hard. I actually attempted this at the LA showcase, and I couldn’t even perform 4 lines…the whole time I was thinking “Don’t fall off the lift…or YOU WILL DIE! Oh yeah I’m supposed to be singing…Girl I swear~” My singing was horrible, but at least I didn’t fall off the lift.

      Q: Anonymous asks: How long as your umma(mom) been a fan of JYJ?

      A: She claims that she only became a fan when she heard that I was going to be the MC for their tour, but she seemed to know everything about them. Especially Yoochun. So I’m a little suspicious about her being a new fan.

      Q: Anonymous asks: Hi Shane! You were great MC for the JYJ concert! I liked the furry vest in LA. ^_^ Does Junsu really hum and sing all the time, regardless of where he is? And…you didn’t teach him any bad words, did you? keke

      A: Yes, I noticed Junsu does love to hum and sing a lot. It’s like have a live version of the radio wherever we went. It was nice HAHA. I did give him one brief English lesson in Vegas. He asked me about the proper way to use the word “Yet.”

      Junsu – Hyung, what’s the proper way to use “yet”

      Shane – Oh it’s really easy. You use “yet” when you say you didn’t do something but you plan on doing it.

      Junsu – ???

      Shane – Like, “I didn’t shower, yet” Essentially that means you didn’t shower, but you plan on doing it some point.

      Junsu – Oh, I got it. What about when you start the sentence with “yet”

      Shane – Like “Yet, he was only a child?”

      Junsu – Yeah.

      Shane – ??? My head hurts

      Junsu – Oh…

      Yeah, I’m a bad English teacher…and “yet” is a trick word to describe. But no, I didn’t teach them any bad words.

      i’m not post all of the question coz it’s gonna be really more long and this post already to long right ? kekeekekeke sorry if i keep bring a very long post every time i give a comment in GAPP (bow)

  2. I can finally join JYJ3….What a messy life. I now realise that I really really have a heart attack if I am to be taken away from JYJ3…

    Oh….baby Junsu is so handsome…..wet kissing baby Su now…

  3. The stupid rumor about naked video blackmail (and yatch fine) make me remember about chunie’s tweet. “You could crumble because you are strong”. Seem like someone hates to see your success and try to attack you with stupid rumors. Jyj’s anti fans and enemies are much crazy!!

  4. The Moon Embracing The Sun is such a great drama. I love all the young actors. I wish all of the young actors were in Yoochun’s drama. I’m happy Lee Minho is in it at least. Seriously a great drama. But I hope Yoochun’s drama doesn’t make me cry as much as I did watching ep 5. If you haven’t seen The Moon Embracing The Sun, you should.

  5. Does anybody know when Junsu’s first performance will be? Hope for spicy fan account when it does. 😀

    • @Barb
      Here is his schedule for February and March


      Week 1
      Sunday : 2/12 – 2pm & 7pm
      Wednesday : 2/15 – 8pm

      Week 2
      Sunday : 2/19 – 2pm & 7pm
      Wednesday : 2/22 – 8pm

      Week 3
      Sunday : 2/26 – 2pm & 7pm
      Wednesday : 2/29 – 8pm


      Week 1 – OFF – JYJ IN SOUTH AMERICA Friday March 9th and Sunday March 11th

      Week 2 – OFF

      Week 3 – Junsu Returns to the Elizabeth Stage!
      Sunday: 3/18/12 – 2pm & 7pm
      Wednesday: 3/21/12 – 8pm

      Week 4
      Sunday: 3/25/12 – 2pm & 7pm


      GO JUNSU! Stay healthy!


      • Thank u jen (@jenx2511)

        I surely don’t mind watching it again…….so adorable and cut~~~e

    • Xiatic makes me go crazy i used to replay the vid like forever, i love the curves of his body and the graceful moves f his whole body. the way he acted hot wohooohohoho #w#

      • @Pierrot
        haha..yes..same here, we just cannot get enuff of our drug named Kim Junsu right?
        This Xiahtic vid from Thanksgiving@Dome is the best out there I think (besides the one in Secret Code).

        I personally did not quite like the Mirotic concert one cos’ of Su’s hairstyle and clothes, and also I could do without Key’s mediocre and distracting performance.

      • @Pierrot @Intoxicatedbyxiahtic

        Ladies, how you feel (I feel the same) is just natural. He IS a very sexy man, gorgeous, with a great Sulicious body and owner of a voice and sweetness worthy of an Olympus God. It seems we are “Intoxicated”. 😉

      • @intox
        Have you seen this Xiatic performance? This was in Japan and my favourite Xiatic performance. Love Junsu’s swag here 🙂 Notice at 3:08 his necklace got caught in his ear mic, but he oh so calmly fixed it and returned to sexy mode.

      • @OnlyJYJ
        Yes!! how could I forget about this performance! This is my fav too. I liked how he improvised when dancing…ooh..the cool spinning around with neck roll at the start, then the crazy multiple hip thrusts, and the last part even how he smiled as he waved goodbye…

      • @intox
        Wow you’re still here! Me too, i think this is the most i’ve spazzed in JYJ3 so far 🙂 Actually i’m more into ballads and the hard-hitting songs don’t always appeal to me, but i guess Junsu changed me forever! Back in DBSK5 days, i always thought he was the best dancer. The thing is when he dances, he doesn’t just go through the motions. It’s like he puts his whole energy and soul into it, just like when he’s singing. For me a great dancer is someone who is not just concerned about executing the dance steps perfectly, but rather injecting their own ‘attitude’ into the dance and letting the body go with the flow of the music, but yet always in control. This is what Junsu has been doing all along.

      • @intoxication
        thank u for the vid i know the one in red jacket this and secret code both superb ” we have the same taste #u# ” i love the outfit and Junsu in white pants are always murder kekekeke ^^


        Suilicious X D
        i totally agree and i love the how u worded susu’s body well it is his body after all ~.^

    • Lyrics is for people who commented in AKP yesterday incident like “oppa tell me is not u”,”u should not do this …………..”

      “Have A Nice Day”

      Why, you wanna tell me how to live my life?
      Who, are you to tell me if it’s black or white?
      Mama, can you hear me? Try to understand.
      Is innocence the difference between a boy and a man?
      My daddy lived the lie, that’s just the price that he paid
      Sacrificed his life, just slavin’ away.

      Ohhh, if there’s one thing I hang onto,
      That gets me through the night.
      I ain’t gonna do what I don’t want to,
      I’m gonna live my life.
      Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
      Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly.
      When the world gets in my face,
      I say, Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day

      Take a look around you; nothing’s what it seems
      We’re living in the broken home of hopes and dreams,
      Let me be the first to shake a helping hand.
      Anybody brave enough to take a stand,
      I’ve knocked on every door, on every dead end street,
      Looking for forgiveness,
      what’s left to believe?

      Ohhh, if there’s one thing I hang onto,
      That gets me through the night.
      I ain’t gonna do what I don’t want to,
      I’m gonna live my life.
      Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
      Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly.
      When the world gets in my face,
      I say, Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day.

      [Guitar Solo]

      Ohhh, if there’s one thing I hang onto,
      That gets me through the night.
      I ain’t gonna do what I don’t want to,
      I’m gonna live my life.
      Shining like a diamond, rolling with the dice,
      Standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly.
      When the world gets in my face,
      I say, Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day.

      When The world keeps trying, to drag me down,
      I gotta raise my hands, I’m gonna stand my ground.
      Well I say, Have A Nice Day.
      Have A Nice Day
      Have A Nice Day


    • She said JYJ fans is the first one who spread a rumor the guy actually yunho and she said now yunho fans try to find and collect all the evidence and report them to SME~~~ lol, we have soo much more work to do and the one who is the one who love pretending be JYJ fans and fake ot5 fans here lol
      and one things now when this beloved jurnalist SM puppet already said SME idol is not involved not long after he release this rumor things why all HM and yunho fans still bothering us and spreading rumor about yoochun, hotel girl..sigh…
      Anyway, she block me..

      • @Love_JYJ

        antis envy us : ) they just butt hurt their idols don’t shake hands with politics getting successful in getting big role dramas being ambassadors of really big stuff i don’t get : P , being in NII having their MV reach top rates even in foreign channels when they don’t even appear on local music TV shows , who wouldn’t be in awe and envy of JYJ’s accomplishments they do all of that on top of creating big hit self composed music and successful , amazing, self staged concerts.

      • I’ve learned this from long ago. (personal experience) These kinds of people love to play the victim and are incapable of admitting any culpability even when there is clear evidence against them. Even after they make up their false allegations and are caught in the act they still have the nerve to act indignant and claim that they will report JYJ fans to SME! Hahahahaha!!!! Really? They are just too much.

        These kinds of losers can be found pretty much anywhere. These are the sad sacks of shit (yeah I said it) that drag down what is supposed to be a fun experience. JYJ’s situation is sobering but I never fail to have fun just knowing about these three wonderful young men. That is what it should be. Instead we get idiots like TVXQ_TONE. *shakes head* so sad, so sad!

    • Yes where are all the xiahpwas? I was like…Yippee! Xiah Day!…then 😦 Jaeharems are always so enthusiastic when Adminnie posts some Jaerotic gifs…I thot xiahpwas could all gather today and spazz over our fav Su vids and chat…

      • Oh, intoxicated. I’ve just arrived from a meeting so I couldnt write earlier but I am in crazy mode if it’s Xiah Day!
        Junsu is so cute, handome and sexy in those gifs!! And the funny part is that I don’t care about his looks. He’s my bias because of his husky voice.

      • @junmoshi
        moshi moshi! hugs hugs…are you sure you don’t care about his looks? how about his sexy charisma? dance moves? duckbutt? cuteness?
        haha..you remind me of Kim Suna in Scent of a Woman where he asked her whether she likes his sculpture-like appearance, duckbutt etc. and she deadpans – err, it’s your singing…hahaha….

      • @intoxicated The looks always help haha but that wasn’t first thing that called my attention when I discovered Xiah and more than the looks, in my case apart from his voice it was his dancing that got me. *Hugs back*
        So do I have to share Junsu only with you? That’s a good deal! Yesterday the jaeharem was numerous and today so far only 2 xiahpwas.

      • @intox
        I always wonder if xiahpaws are a shy and reserved lot :p I’m quite like that myself, although sometimes i try to let loose a little haha 🙂

      • @ILoveJae’sHotSauce
        Welcome back, sis! Always appreciate your spazzing over Su and great to have you join our modest little party of 5 xiahpwas (me, @junmoshi, @pierrot, @onlyJYJ so far…haha, Jaeharem is really a harem in comparison…) Thanks for your contribution of Su *coughporncough* 🙂 Have not seen the last 2 vids, so thank you 🙂

        yes, it’s too hard to list all the things we love him for and that make him the one and only Su (personality, intellect, grin, etc. etc.) His dancing is so hot it’s criminal. I remember the first time I noticed his hip thrusts – that was the Mirotic vid, the part after CM’s scream when he’s right in front. I actually replayed and watched each member, even YH and I noticed that Su was really the best at it (I guess that’s why he was in front!)

        I was more serious when I first joined JYJ3…then after hanging out with the crazy chunsas on their chun posts I relaxed a bit more. Oh, I love those chunsas, you should come join us next time too. Yah, I guess in real life I’m definitely an introvert but I’ve found that I really enjoy reading comments here and writing some myself. Making friends online is surreal but also fun.

  7. Ok cheers up people, lets watch this again…

    the question is wich one you prepare as your own host guy, choise one ? lol

  8. ok.. i was a little panicked and shaking while checking all the posts i missed during the whole day i was out…..
    its like a roller coaster ride,…. really.. my emotions heightened.
    Yoochun T.T…….
    I hope this kind of rumors do not happen again..
    if its true or not, i really dont mind at all.. naked photos?so what? its his private life and the girl just happened to bitch him by revealing those private photos..
    if i saw YC all over the internet naked….. i might go –> (O.O)… ” wheew…that’s hot!” lol…just kiddin’ and lighting up the atmosphere but seriously it doesn’t matter… YOOCHUN is still the YOOCHUN i know even if he is naked. ^________^

    • Someone needs to compensate me. Since, I heard the news yesterday, I couldn’t even sleep. They stressed me out and traumatized other JYJ fans. All they have done is make me even more of a JYJ fan. LOL.

  9. In honour of Xiah Day and celebrating the end of the stupid rumor about Chun, I shall single-handedly spam GAPP with some Su vids. *determined look* Bear with me! 🙂

    Stayed up to watch this show yesterday and the sacrifice of sleep was sooo worth it. I can’t believe I never knew about it. We’ve been seeing so much of serious and sexy Xiahtod the musical actor, now how about some of Baby Su at his absolute cutest, funniest, sweetest, smiley-est??

    This reality show is about a minor celebrity who lacks confidence in relating to others. To overcome this, the show invited 3 other celebrities to befriend him over 12 hours – friendly and charismatic Su, cool action star Lee Wan, and an ‘angry’ ahjumma who kind of bosses the poor guy around. The 4 get to know each other and do stuff together, e.g. take care of a pet pig, cook and eat dinner (with a twist). Their interactions are really hilarious and cute. And since Su has so much screen time, we get to know him a bit better too.

    And may I add, Mirotic-era Su is absolutely gorgeous…I know he has matured and aged somewhat like everyone else but I really adore and miss his young ‘idol’ image – the GLASSES (kyaahh!! faint!!), stylishly cropped hair, cute clothes, aegyo, that irresistible mixture of manliness and boyishness. I wish he can get back to this weight/physique too, it’s perfect. Enjoy!! Must watch for all xiahpwas and even those who wonder what the fuss over Su is about!

    p.s. links are in the info box below the vid.

      • I’ve watched this some time back and it’s one of my favourite shows with Junsu! : Although i find sexy and charismatic Junsu really hot, i just can’t resist him being all cute and adorable. 🙂 There’s this other show he appeared in together with YC and CM. Let me go look for it.

      • @OnlyJYJ
        “Although i find sexy and charismatic Junsu really hot, i just can’t resist him being all cute and adorable.”
        Whoot!! You spoke my mind there…I hope we can see big smiles from Su again soon…

        Oh, I so love Fantasy Couple. I kept replaying that part when he said so coolly and sweetly ‘So what’ and kissed the old lady – wah, I think he charmed the socks off her. You can see that she really got that electric shock, lol. And those angel pose pics esp the blond hair one…and how he went up to that little boy and looked him right in the face, and gave him a full dose of charisma. Chunnie was so cute in this one too.

  10. Oh, I really enjoyed that show. Junsu was great there and then he and Lee Wan became friends. He’s even in FC Men now, right? or am I wrong?

    One of my fav videos is this one, not only because of JS but because the three seem so happy there:

    • @junmoshi
      hey girl, you disappeared again… 😦
      so that’s where the killer gif – a few days back – came from…yes, white pants are very very good. And Chunnie’s using his smiles to get away with lazy dancing, haha…briefly glimpsed adorable Jaejae in there…

      • @OnlyJYJ I’m from Spain. ^^

        @intoxicated Sorry but I was working so, I’ve just arrived at home… again. Chunnie wasn’t dancing too much but because he as paying attention to the audience’s dance or so it seems. JS is great in white, yep. 😛
        This has to be the best GAPP ever (for me, I mean). So many Junsu videos!! I am gonna need a lot of time to watch them and many of them are new to me, I think.

      • When they performed Be My Girl at the LA Showcase in 2010, Su and Jae were both really working the hip trust, sexy version of the song. And Su didn’t look down when he did it like in this video, he looked straight at the audiences’ faces, totally engaging them. I watched Chun look over at what the other 2 were doing and laugh. Then he really toned down his sexy movements and barely moved. Yuchun has this ability to assess what needs to be done to make a balance. If he did the sexy version, it really would have been too much.

        When he does this flash MOB dance, I think he is aware that some fans are embarrassed to do the sexy hip version, so he tones down his movements to be like what the audience would be comfortable doing. I always feel like he is the host of their performances, always on the side of what the fans are seeing and making a bridge between them and the performance. He does the same thing with their recorded songs, doing those voice intros.

        Sorry Xiahpaws to go off topic, just couldn’t resist.

    • Hotel girls: “Ho”-comes from DC gallery Head to the Ground. This gallery was made when Yoonho’s drama Head To The Ground started. Die-hard Yoonho fans flocked to this gallery, when still all other major fansites were trying to keep all-5-mode.

      This yoonho fans were very direct to support only YH and condemn JYJ, making/spreading rumors even when the gall was open to everyone. In TVXQ fandom history, there was no site that this openly condemn other members, even though there were some individual die-hard fans. So the HTTG gall started to be called “ex-communication gall (호적파인갤)” by dc tvxq gallery, for which Korean word starts with “ho”.

      “Tel” comes from telzone dvxq gallery, where dc HTTG gall tries hard to overtake and eventually did so. So Ho+tel, hotel girls. These people have been so focused on attacking JYJ in public sites (non-fan sites) for 2010.

      if i’m not mistake they are also the one who spread a false court hearing, about frying pan, and many more

  11. I love Junsu’s Too Love! Here my favourite vid of him performing this song. Imagine it was freezing that winter night in Seoul, but it sure didn’t prevent Junsu from giving an awesome performance. I love how he always immerses himself in the song, and it shows in his body language and facial expressions

    • Thank you!! I don’t have this vid…maybe cos’ strangely his OST ballads Too Love and You’re So Beautiful aren’t my favs. I dunno why I can’t really feel them…but now with this I can…Truly an amazing performance, even better than CD cos’ of that passion and life that he gives it. He said in a recent interview about singing with sincerity, and I think that’s his secret. As he sings, he is really communicating with and moving his audience in a very powerful way. He immerses himself into the song completely and that shows in his eyes and movements.

      I really like this one below…watch out for 1:43 as Su looks towards a segment of the audience as he sings that line so poignantly, “will you love me forever”. That look on his face is just beautiful.

    • @onlyJYJ
      haha I just realised we said virtually the same thing about how Su expresses himself in the song…I mean, I read your comment before watching the vid, but not after (when I was writing my comment)…so we are really on the same wavelength huh? 🙂

      • Haha great minds think alike? 🙂 I’ve always liked Too Love, maybe even more so than You Are So Beautiful. But i think my all-time favourite Junsu solo song is Beautiful Thing. That song has a haunting quality to it that just captures your heart and leaves it aching. I mean Rainy Night is great as well, but somehow i find it lacks a certain something. Same for his other Japanese solo ballads.

        As for Boy’s Letter, i remember when JYJ introduced their new songs during their tour last year, it was Boy’s Letter that caught my attention, more so than In Heaven although it was the hot favourite among fans. And there seemed to be a lack of good quality fan cams for Boy’s Letter back then, so i was so looking forward to the studio version. I think the attraction of BL is because the melody has variation and as you listen to it, you keep finding something interesting, from verse one all the way to the end. Ah i know i’m not expressing myself very well here, but you get the idea 🙂 I wish they’ll perform this song more in the upcoming Chile and Peru concerts.

      • Yes, BL was my fav when I got my album. I still like it, but I’ve grown to like Get Out and In Heaven a lot, their harmonising gives me goosebumps.
        Goodnight, gal. I really need to zzz. It was so nice to have you for company today, spazzing here. I think we click! 🙂
        p.s. Intoxication is my fav. His sexy, husky, rich voice drives me nuts… 😉

    • I know, right. We just can’t wait another whole month. I already have the whole story line worked out in my head.

  12. I got a very wide smile on this:
    Japan Twitter Trends for January 2012!
    [Celebrity Ranking] – [Previous Month]
    1. AKB48 – #1
    2. Jaejoong – #7
    3. Maeda Atsuko (AKB48) – #14
    4. Tohoshinki (TVXQ) – #2
    5. Perfume – #6
    6. Changmin – #13
    7. Yunho – #12
    8. EXILE – #3
    9. Tokyo Jihen – NEW
    10. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi) – NEW
    11. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – NEW
    12. SKE48 – N/A
    13. KARA – #4
    14. Gackt – N/A
    15. Momoiro Clover Z – #16
    16. SHINee – #19
    17. Jang Geun Suk – N/A
    18. Yoochun – N/A
    19. Junsu – N/A
    20. Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) – #5

    It’s just CRAZY how Jae gets to #2 , higher than those currently making concert tours in Japan,
    and YC and Junsu are higher than the group who appeared in 2 popular US tv shows and is claimed to be top selling in Japan.
    JYJ is really not a JOKE in there, with no local activity, only through the power of internet and SNS, they are still very much visible.

  13. @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
    @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

  14. I’m so happy I found this website!!!!!!! So many information about the boys….. Thank you so much, admins. This really made my day! Hope to talk more with all of you! ^^ Thank you.

    • welcome here to have good news about our boys, JYJ^^ because i know you are TO5, just please read the site’s rules ..in case not misunderstand later ..Thank you ^^!

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