19 thoughts on “[FAN ACCOUNTS] 120206 Special Fansign Event with Jaejoong ^__^

  1. “The boy is shining light out; I’m so sure about that! Maybe he has flashlights in him! His eyes unbelievably beautiful…”

    this made me smile so much! I love this guy, he is so gentle, humble, and considerate of everyone.

  2. You girls are so LUCKY … what I wouldn’t do to change a place with u. Like in HUG … I touch u and kiss u and hold u to feel but in dream. Looking at him made me forget that I’m old enough to be his mother. He always make me feel young and wanting to look the best always….. Not bad anyways coz my hubby loves it.

  3. @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
    @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

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