[NEWS] 120210 jTBC responds to accusations of using Yoochun’s pictures

jTBC has issued an official statement in response to the accusations of using JYJ member Yoochun‘s photos.

During a phone interview that took place on February 10th with StarN, a jTBC representative remarked, “It is true that we have released a report regarding an idol star and naked photos, however, we did not make any mention of Park Yoochun.”

Ahead of this on the 9th, jTBC reported that the former girlfriend of an unnamed idol star was using naked photos to blackmail him for over $800,000 USD.

In the report, they had used blurred photos of Park Yoochun and netizens had found the original copies of the photos in comparison, thus drawing conclusions that the idol star was Yoochun. 

However, jTBC stood their ground saying, “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment strongly denied the reports saying, “The idol star in question is not Park Yoochun. In the event that these rumors prove to be false and an invasion of privacy, we will immediately seek legal action through legal advisors.”

Source & Image: Star News via FN News
Credit: allkpop
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151 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120210 jTBC responds to accusations of using Yoochun’s pictures

  1. This is well planned attack,of course new station will not do it without escapes route for them.How can be human being can be cruel to each other.Don’t they have a brother,son or friend same age as Yoochun.Celebrity is also human,u defame him by making people assume him by using his pics,why can’t u just report it without pics.Are they going to escapes just like this,”oh we used his pic cos we feel like it”.
    Justice people,has world became lack of love and justice.

    • @ zan JYJ= my encouragement


      When we knew the connection between the baby evil with his EVIL dad about this case, we got it like simple maths. It is no way accidental case.
      I wonder what will happen. Will justice work better now?
      Hwaiting CJes!

    • i wouldn’t be surprised if the whole case was hoax just to attack JYJ, there may not be an idol getting blackmailed nor a gf blackmailer at all , an attack, why ells only JYJ was shown and no one ells. and they prepared the answer before publishing the rumor on the news. its all played. and its not the first time news did this, that time with the false accusation of Yoochun’s yacht thing, sm is trying to ban JYJ from Dramas not just music. sm wants their stars to take Yoochun’s position cause Yoochun is the strongest Drama actor right now overshadowing sm’s puppets so sm trying to kick him out.

    • and JYJ were the only band that appeared , no macros to make it seem undirected and lost accusation to the viewers , nooooooo they only show JYJ and censor it to get away with it they know how to get away with it while damaging JYJ in the process that’s their tactic now this year.

  2. why the hell they only used JYJ and YC photo on the news!
    If they doesn’t want to misleading the public, it’s better to wait until the idol identity has been revealed!
    As public media and journalist, they cannot pick any random idol photos and used it for case like this! It’s defamation !

    They could ruined someone carrier just because of their carelessness!

    • I don’t think they only carelessness pps…. they mean to do it ..every thing clearly do with think ahead like picked up who to blame and blurred photos but enough to recognized who is it !!

      • I know, but even they doesn’t meant to framing YC (which I highly doubt) they still shouldn’t picked any random idol pictures.
        as public media, they should apologized n admit their mistake.

      • because they are afraid and really scared
        you know when people lie and spread a bad or false information, they are gonna try to avoid the impact with another lie and keep up like that because they believe there are some people who give a support of their lie

        By a lie, a man… annihilates his dignity as a man.-Immanuel Kant

        An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.-Pope John Paul II

      • @ anva

        also prepare the excuse before going about the plan.

        @ miaw

        Yoochun right now is the strongest Drama actor his popularity is even abroad his Dramas rank first place in foreign TV not just locally and in Japan only , Yoochun overshadows sm’s idols and this threatens sm who doesn’t have a strong idol like Yoochun ruling the Drama world currently, and Yoochun is still taking big Drama roles so yeah they attacked him with yacht rumor and now this Howax. if there is a real idol being blackmailed by a gf sm learned of this and used it to launch yet another attack on Yoochun. so that drama directors change their choice and use another famous idol instead of Yoochun, i think this rumor is meant for Drama directors more than fans cause fans wouldn’t even mind it if the rumor was true hell its the black mailer who is breaking the law not the artist, but again i think its a hoax cause really black mail is illegal the police had already stopped her and she hides from cameras to appear and the idol is perfectly unrevealed because his company protected him from revelation. so we would never know who the idol is nor who the gf is nor which company and group does the idol belong to. its all handled and done already otherwise where is the follow up on the story, will there ever be a follow up on the story. but this is just perfect to give Drama directors second thoughts on casting Yoochun in their dramas.

  3. That’s just completely bullshit isn’t it? There’s no such thing as posting blurred photo is deemed appropriate when a case has yet to be determined in a court. I’ve seen news reports from newspapers all over the world. they don’t post photos – either they are blurred, pixeled- in order to refrain from spreading false reports. How can people not assuming it was him when his supposedly blurred photo of him appeared on the news. Unless, police have concluded their investigation, mention of name is prohibited. I say sue the damn TV cable and milk their money so we won’t see such kind of act in the future. sometimes they need to learn the hard way.

    One more thing, why on earth prosecution office released a statement and be silent about this matter? Fishy. They, allegedly, have those photos in their hands and will investigate further. So, we can safely assume they have a name in their pockets. Why not saying to public to stop speculate and clear Yoochun’s name when he’s not the person involved? Be swift and silent dudes.

    • When an investigation is ongoing, not all the information is released, Until such time as the prosecution is ready to decide on prosecution, they are not required to issue any more comments. This is not unusual.

  4. So why take down the damn video of JYJ at Billboard and Yoochun High Cut then huh? I hoped ppl screencapped and re uploaded that video jTBC posted up. That’s all the evidence needed to this horrendous lie.

  5. A responsible news report should use ILLUSTRATION instead of blurred picture that might MISLEAD audience! I think CJES has already taken legal action which drove JTCB to issue such a bullshit statement in purpose.

  6. sigh..
    like i said before, i know jTBC would say this. it such a stupid respond. they blurred it? heck, other article didnt even put any pic, or when they do, they blurred so hard, that they cant even see the hair colour of people in the pic!! and how about the vid? it clearly seen as JYJ vids. you have already use JYJ pic. why must also use JYJ vid?

    and if you didnt violate the rules, then why take the pics n vids down? since you didnt volated any rules!

    gosh, really, what can we expect from someone who have relationship with KBS (former body of jTBC, TBC merged to KBS2 in the 90s).

  7. To pixelate a picture, it means that they already knew who was in the picture to begin with. When they chose the picture, they made a conscious decision. It’s not like they had an automatic drawing from a pool of pictures, and the draw decided which picture was chosen, and they went with it. This is so f-ed up.

    This trend goes across the industry of bullying and abusing JYJ. These idiots plan all these disgusting attacks on the boys hoping to destroy their image, and when people come and defend the boys with legitimate facts, they give all kinds of lame axx reasons and explanations for their doings. They are so coward, they can’t even assume responsibility for situations that are clearly showing that they are at fault. I am so mad right now that I can’t even stand it.

    • The process of doing it, airing it involves a lot of people including a producer of the news program, imagine how they started sharing ideas, putting all together clips, saying how far the pics should have been blurred…to the person who gave a go to the piece…

      Anyhow, YC was chosen out of the three to be the front man on this kind of scandal. On one way, it’s flattering, lol, on the other hand, it aims to ruin his upcoming work…How desperate…

      • Yup, the entire process was conscious and intentional approved and pre-approved for airing on the channel. So, no matter what they say is bull.

    • Ah my sister, this is a SOBS response. The best defense is an offense. Claim the offended party is the one offending. Ain’t gonna work this time, because their story has too many holes.

      I’m looking at all these attempts at trying to defame, as an open admission by SME they know they are going to lose this case big time. Now the only weapon in their arsenal is character assassination. And of course they need to use ‘associates’ as the standard bearers. But what they are forgetting, BIG TIME, is that those other professionals in the entertainment industry who come in contact with all the guys, KNOW BETTER.

      The other HUGE piece of the equation is JYJ’s fan base. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! As long as the guys have us, they will survive. We just keep reminding JJ, YC, and JS, we here for them and are staying the course!

      • @ButterFliesAreFree

        I want to live by my principle: that every human being is precious and should be respected and that circumstances make us do bad things, but these MOFOs had over two years of abusive examples to learn that they should not do such s…, but they don’t stop and continue with their miserable tactics, and then I say to myself maybe they do not need human treatment, and then I think maybe they are precious to their families and loved ones, but why don’t they stop and think that they are bullying three young men who never did anything to them, who they don’t even know. And then, I say to myself that I want to get all Robin Hood or Batman on them.

      • @Daebaksama my sister…

        Oh dear, you are confusing them with those who have consciences. See, that’s your mistake. They have none.

        Look at it this way. If LSM had a conscience to start off with, would the original contract look the way it did? There was never any INTENT to be fair. So, I can’t indulge myself into thinking they have some worthwhile qualities tucked away somewhere.

        There simply are people in this world who are not wired the way normal people are. That is a scientific fact. These bloodsuckers just happen to fall in the same category.

        As this process continues, I realize they are not capable of letting go of their need to try and destroy the members of JYJ. Like I said before…the guys had the temerity to open the windows and let some light and fresh air in. For the first time, people were now privy to the unsavoriness of SME. Their bag of tricks are now exposed.

        So, hurt feelings rule the day. What they are still missing is this one inescapable fact…supreme arrogance breeds supreme stupidity. When you get stupid enough, you start to make serious mistakes. This is the position in which they now find themselves. It’s like being a junkie…they can’t help themselves.

        I know this long protracted scenario is frustrating, but there is an end in sight. All things come to an end. And as the saying goes, this too shall pass.

        I feel like as long as the fans continue to let EVERYBODY know how committed we are to being there for the guys, there is nothing they can’t endure. JJ, YC, & JS are simply not alone. They have us. If LSM/SME and cohorts think they can outlast us, they should think again. NO THEY CAN’T.

      • @BAF
        yeah! surely almost all of us JYJ fans are not going anywhere & will continue to support JYJ till the end/till we win.

  8. when i read the tittle i think they are going to appologise to C-JeS & JYJ esp.Yoochun but..hell.. DAMN IT jTBC!!
    Chunnie be strong, jgn sampe gosip murahan ini mengganggu kegiatan syuting Rooftop Prince..
    you know all your fans always by your side and support you.. Chunnie fighting!! JYJ fighting!!

    • I think they make this rumor because want bother yoochun filming drama..
      so,with this rumors yoochun can’t concentration his drama..this is the point that they really want

  9. Bangang betol r~~bikin panas jek~~kesian dengan Yoochun~~per la sume anggap JYJ mcm sampah ke boleh layan macam tie~~memang nak buat org mencarut jek r malam2 nieh~~sengal ayam betol r!!!

      • roughly translated: *insert cuss word lol* such controversies~~poor yoochun~~ what is this..people are treating JYJ like garbage with this treatment~~really make me wanna curse~~so annoying!!

        not exactly accurate but yeah you got the idea

      • thanks for your translation….sorry girls~~I just need to blurt it up in my language haha~~I am juss piss off becoz I know this guys since their DBSK days..

        Before this nobody can treat them like this~~all newspaper and people in industry do not dare to speak up against them even for little things..

        Its sad to see the 3 God Of The East been treated like garbage..I’m so sad and frustrated all together~~

    • Indeed, no real human being’s picture should be used until they have the facts…at least that what’s called journalism…but obviously, these morons don’t know that.

    • That jTBC has relationship with SM….so it was not meant to mislead anyone. It was supposed to kill Chunnie’s character. They have failed. And giving them forgiveness is out of question.
      Go CJes! Hwaiting! LAWSUIT!

  10. I hope they sue them hard! Why would you show a pic of YC and JYJ even if it is blurred out if they were not trying to make people think it was him. To show a pic of JYJ blurred out they wanted to make sure people knew it was YC that they were showing. People are not stupid!

  11. keep your lame reason for yourself jTBC =_=”
    never doing our boys picture for something bad!
    you can find another singers to be blured!
    you are really not creative as a party who served news! shame on you!
    learn about the rules.. you should read books about ‘how to deliver news’

    • @ OnlyJYJ

      I am thinking about it too. If CJes can have the hard-copy or even the soft-copy of the files and enhance it to its original pictures, they will have good evidence. I asked my IT friend about this. He said it is not as easy as hollywood movie. Especially if it has been adjusted into so many format before it was released.

      But I think CJes at least has something with them to go along with filing the lawsuit. Maybe the connection with SME or some documents about the relationship and ‘orders made’
      and as much as I am not a patient person, I do have to wait…..

  12. I love languages, and I am open to learn new ones, but right now I still don’t understand many, and I would love to know what other JYJ3ers are saying. So, if someone is not confident writing in English, would it be possible for other JYJ3ers who understand the comments that some are posting in other languages, tell us what they say? It will create a more common thread to our conversations and it will allow all of us to interact with each other. Thank you.

    I hope to learn more languages in the years to come….and maybe one of them would be of some of our JYJ3ers here.

  13. Just want the officials to come out with a statement about this. Anyway, it is invasion of privacy. What jtbc is basically saying is that it is/could be Yoochun, but they didn’t point it out, the fans did! What a dumb excuse!
    I don’t understand this sentence
    “In the event that these rumors prove to be false and an invasion of privacy, we will immediately seek legal action through legal advisors.”
    C-Jes are saying they know it is not Yoochun. But if it is proved it is not him after the investigation, they will take action, right?
    Anyway, the SM cronies sure know how to create needless controversy to take attention away from his drama. I feel so bad for Yoochun! Fingers and toes crossed that Rooftop does well and that his ajhumma fans carry him safely through.

  14. they are painful
    do not say the name of yoochun
    but the video makes clear that yoochun
    they wanted to hurt Yoochun
    but know I read an article that said that in Korea
    the people are not reliable in the tv

  15. oh I forgot to say, JTBC not only use a picture of Yuchun, they use ALL!!! a footage from Yuchun’s kiss noodle making video, then a Yuchun Ms. Ripley’s picture and they use a footage of JYJ concert!

  16. miaw….*hugs*

    I think you need to write them in bilingual my dearest. It’s quite long, so others might want to read it too….

    Jeasmine Jones

    • okay dear *hugs*

      i think more stronger the bad rumor diffused by people who doesn’t have any work except spread a gossip (false and wrong information) and greedy then more stronger and larger the support that JYJ get from their fans and people who loves them, just only people who felt desperately gona use some cheap way like that and i think those rumor which hit JYJ now will turn back to those people (who spread a bad rumor) with a double amount

    • @miaw

      They are heartless. Evil. I love to call them brainless, but they need brain for some evil deeds.
      But we are here to keep JYJ stronger than before…! Hwaiting!

      I am so sleepy….Until tomorrow dearest…..

  17. these morons really make ppl pissed off….but I will believe in one thing…..life is like a karma….they will pay it off someday….we might not be able to do something rite now..but believe me…..

  18. @jae-is-mine

    married alr? Feels like I’m just lil kid here kkk
    Xiah sumthing? 😀
    care to tell me once u remember sista?
    my twit @hanasilviiaa thx ^^
    yes I tried to use only english too cause this is int fansite, but with many ind ppl just got carried hehe..

    • @ VieVIP

      I can’t find your twitter account. Why don’t you follow me instead. @lelymsiregar
      Your English is great….but yes, the temptation increases when we have so many Indonesians at the same time.
      I will check my twitter tomorrow. Unfortunately I am dead sleepy now. Need to be off.
      Yes I am married, so you can call me eonnie…*winks*

      Until tomorrow my dear. Off for now….*yawning*


  19. “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

    This is a very stupiest and crap answer for the mess they made up! They’ve used pixelated/blurred photos… one way or the other people will be able to recognized who the person is.

    JTBC had posted a blind item… people will try to guess who the person is… by using someone’s picture it is just telling the readers that this is the person involved.(don’t they get it?!!!) and if they need a picture for page design, that they have to choose random pictures, they should have used different people not just one. So why would they have to gang-up a specific person/group?

    As a journalist they should be responsible of the news they provide to the people,irregardless it may be through reports/ pictures. Not give false news that would mislead us readers and damage the career/life of the person especially those who are not involved.

    JTBC can’t wash their hands of the responsibility from the news they have provided. They are the provider of the news… they are responsible of the information that they reported. That is why as a journalist, one can’t give out information without solid proof or give clues that would accenuate a different result.

  20. yeah yeah if “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.” then why you ran to change the pic on your site to another one when u knew that Cjes is taking legal action?? what you did just proves it again that you are scared of punishment because you know you did wrong.

  21. @dolta I like your comment…. Halo sesama orang indo…Ikutan dong ngeluarin kekeselan… Kurang ajar banget emang tuh pake foto orang laen sembarangan, dia pikir fansnya JƳJ ato Chunsas pada bego apa, makanya dia seenaknya gitu. Ga disini ga disana ternyata sama ¥ã♓, ga bisa jaga perasaan orang laen, seenaknya bikin gosip. Mendingan Cjes tuntut aja deh tu jTBC (namanya aja kaya penyakit ><)

    Chun-ah… Please be strong… I always believe you and always support you… It won't be change Chunsas's heart for Ƴ☺U….

  22. the point is why the reporter did not put his own picture so we won’t give a damn and won’t speculate???… now they’re blaming netizens?
    added to hitlist : jTBC!!! fuck off!

  23. There’re so many rumors in the entertainment world ! It’s not only happen in Korea but in so many countries ! Of course most of them are caused by take advantage from the rumors .
    The best way to waive off the rumor is unseen and unheard because human being really easy to forget the rumor or replaced by the new one !
    As rumor can easy stopped by wise man !!
    Actually we fans should use our deep loves to fully cover the rumor & don’t let it floating on air !
    Just let their agency company to handle the legal action by officially —> ” In the event that these rumors prove to be false and an invasion of privacy, we will immediately seek legal action through legal advisers.”

      • is this can be a proof for sue those broadcast ?
        i hope C-jes have some proof like this for do that
        those people must be really scared and their sleep never gonna in peace from now on
        they must be have a nightmare every time they sleep

    • The mofos are not that smart to begin with: All the pictures they used are obviously JYJ/ YooChun, which leaves no doubt of the intentional/ premeditated action. If they were smart, they would throw in some other pictures of other idols, just to mix it up, and make sure that people are not 100% pointing fingers at them and at the walking LameSxxxMan. They could distract us if there were other idols involved, but these morons forget that JYJ fans ( no matter their age) are not just squiling brainless people. We think, we analyze, we act.

      • true it was intentional… pointing finger on a specific group & person just gives the reader who the blind person is… and now they-JTBC is blaming us the reader= 3rd party speculator for concluding who the person is.

        any dum dum will recognize who the picture is even it was pixelated. and now they JTBC is not taking any responsibilities of what they did? (this makes my blood boil!!!) Just because they didn’t mention the name, but send the pixelated pics and vid, it doesn’t mean that we readers won’t get it. And it is our fault to recognize the pics & vids… Now who’s not using their heads?

        those people who are related to this report should not be given a pen to give news report to the public. Such irresponsible adults that company have!

  24. cheap and lame excuses, hope Cjes take this matter seriously, proceed with legal action, sue jtbc for defamation of YC’s image or else all these absurdity and false accusation won’t stop. never thought SK entertainment media practising journalism as lower as this. sorry no offense, just that i felt hopeless coz i can only write it out here the feeling of frustration of not being able to help YC directly, *wish im a lawyer*

  25. WOW…. skirting the issue…. they said they “we did not make any mention of Park Yoochun”…. duhhhhh… we are upset about you using their pictures!!! We should do some sort of advertising, ads or twitter something embarassing and in the background is their logo … blurred but enough for people to recognize them and think it is them and then in bold captions say “we did not make any mention of jTBC.”

  26. “We did not violate any principles of news reporting.Really???
    a pixelated/blurred video of a CEO entertainment co. and a broadcast station were captured talking about on how to maximize the blocking of a famous idol.a blurred photos of PSM and a logo of the station.If something like this happen.I wonder what their reaction will be.

  27. I am at the point where I want all these idiots from all TV channels, newspapers, or any other type of media from K and Japan lined up in a public market and made their faces public, so everyone see who they are. Because, all of them are now hiding behind their tv channels, newspapers, and their master’s ass, so of course they feel powerful. Put them in the public market with a sign:

    These are bullies and abusers of young people, of young men could be anyone’s sons, brothers, lovers, friends. These are the people who can do the same thing to your own sons, brothers, lovers, friends, if they are not already doing it. Needless, to say that we did not even talk about how women and girls are treated in the entertainment industry, which will be another burning issue all together.

    Let them be publicly shamed; that will be the biggest punishment.

    What did these boys do to anyone? Besides wanted to live their OWN life the way each free human being wants to.

  28. Another thing, though sad…. Cjes can sue them but IF (and this is just if, I am not stating it is true) “He who can’t be mentioned” is secretly supporting (money wise) jTBC with legal expenses… they will just drag it out…and it will be hard for our boys and Cjes. “He” has a LOT of money and connections.

  29. delete every trace of evidence,hmp but i guess fans are smarter than them though.. After the damage has been done they will not even apologize..sue them c-jes..i hope somebody saved a copy of that report and help c-jes.

  30. So are you telling me that if you don’t mention a person but you use photos and videos is right? It’s not your fault, because you haven’t mentioned him but it’s our fault because we assumed you were referring to him.
    And then, of course, you blurred the photos so it’s not your fault either but the photos were “so blurred” that everyone recognised YC.
    Oh, well. I didn’t expect better excuses from a company so low as JTBC.

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  31. “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

  32. “It is true that we have released a report regarding an idol star and naked photos, however, we did not make any mention of Park Yoochu ” What an ignorant statement.

    “Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.” Mahatma Ghandi

  33. i thinks that jbtc is a low rating station and wants a dirty trick to boost their rating thats why they used jyj/yuchun..they know that they have million fans who will flood their station once the news is release..they’re just so low..

  34. I don’t know how to describe their reason, is it funny or ridiculous?
    “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”
    So Cjes and YC have to blame the fans and the netizens to identify that the blurred video/photos are JYJ’s and Yoochun’s, JTBC is innocent, if there’s someone to sue for defamation then it’s that group of fans/netizens, and all JYJ3ers are guilty since by just a wink of an eye we immediately say it’s ParkYoo!
    What has become of the world now? Some people can’t just bear to watch how high YC is flying now. Being an underrated star on his TVXQ days, who had no big name on his own aside from within the TVXQ box (actually all of them were boxed with that name), some people cannot imagine how YC becomes so BIG as he is now. No SM idol, no matter how they use that SM magic touch, has ever attained the level of YC’s recognition in drama and CF department. Of course YC’s success is JYJ’s success too. The more each member gets bigger on their own name the more JYJ will become stronger.
    I think the enemy is expanding their coverage, not only blocking but defamation. So what’s next, Junsu and drug addiction, Jae in sexual harassment? I think they are targeting to stain JYJ’s ambassadorships, but their strategies are just so CHEAP.

    • ” Junsu and drug addiction”
      LOL. if there something that can relate to JS addictions, it would be soccer and music.

      “Jae in sexual harassment?”
      LOL, i don’t know how to react on this. i just can’t stop laughing just thinking of it!

      Good one kris 😀

      • On a lighter note, even if I see nekkid YC (wasn’t he wet and topless/half naked in Ms. Ripley shower scene) or a porn YC video, I don’t think I will stop being a fan, the more I’ll become a diehard one…lol, my mind is getting dirty again !
        Let’s just wait and see what they are cooking next for the 2 Kims, but for YC, they got a big F. granted it’s really YC, is sex and being naked a crime? he’s the one being blackmailed, he’s the victim here, if it’s in the Philippines it’s nothing, I don’t know in SK though.

      • hehehehe… pass me the vids & pics yoochun if you found one… love to see it too…

        I’m wondering and waiting what controversy they’ll be able to come up for the other 2 members….

      • nah, i want to reserve my comment on that one, coz im going to offend SK seriously, if i write whats on my mind.

        that scene of YC in MR, he prove to me that i can be a JYJharem not just a Jaeharem.
        lumalandi! LOL

    • Of course it wasn’t their fault… as jTBC representative says… they didn’t mention Park Yoochun’s name… (they just used the pics of Yoochun and vid of JYJ and have it pixelated) and it is not their fault that the ever imaginative readers the third party able to decipher who the picture is…. It is not their fault that among the tv channel/news that have also reported the same news had used different means on presenting the issue… oh, it is not their fault that other pple who are not aware of the truth are now spreading this so called rumor, internationally that the alleged person is no other than Park Yoochun, member of JYJ group… It is not their fault that other fansite are once again on fanwar because of the so called controversy. and it is not their fault because of this will cause Park Yoochun celebrity career to fall (of course we wouldn’t let that happen).

      And it is not their fault that I’m wondering who’s fault it is why we’re having this so called fiasco.

      • With SM ethics and code of conduct as their bible, jTBC are the pure, unblemished tv/cable station, the people working in the company are the prosecutors of the unjust. and we are the followers of the cult… bwahahahahahaha

    • @kris
      didn’t get to say this earlier…wonder if you will see this. But I really love what you said:
      ‘Being an underrated star on his TVXQ days, who had no big name on his own aside from within the TVXQ box (actually all of them were boxed with that name), some people cannot imagine how YC becomes so BIG as he is now. No SM idol, no matter how they use that SM magic touch, has ever attained the level of YC’s recognition in drama and CF department. Of course YC’s success is JYJ’s success too. The more each member gets bigger on their own name the more JYJ will become stronger.’

      This is so true. Until your remark, I had not realised that our 3 boys have grown so much and gone so much further than anyone (including themselves) could have imagined, if they had just looked at them during DBSK days. And if they had stayed, all of us would be none the wiser too. All that potential would have remained untapped forever and that would be truly sad. So conversely, we should be really happy that DBSK broke up.

  35. as expected.
    jtbc is blaming the third party which are the readers and analysis of the information they want to convey. and what would you like us to interpret that kind of infos jtbc? using only the materials of JYJ and Yoochun, you want us to speculate that the party involve is not YC of JYJ? So stupid, don’t you think?
    you should know, because you belong to the media, that most of the 3rd parties (readers) have brains too, well more functional than yours in my opinion.
    being corrnered in this issue, you finger pointed the readers. a lousy charater of being a bullyer.
    this added more to my perspective that more K-medias didn’t know the words: INTEGRITY, UNBIAS and RESPONSIBLE reprting.

    • I think their understanding of the words INTEGRITY, UNBIAS and RESPONSIBLE reprting depends on how much share of stocks they have in SM or how much is written on the paycheck or on their own personal agenda.
      Is the amount too big enough to pay their stupid moves?

  36. Two words: lame excuse.
    But again, even tho these pics etc. would have been a great scandal for Yuchun, I still don’t think it would have shown him gulty of anything. I mean, it’s not like he was doing something against the law… Well ok, in the idol system some might consider it “illegal”… :-/
    Stupid media: leave the boy(s) alone
    Stupid idol system: let the idols be more human.
    I’m so proud to be part of the JYJ fandom that appeciate the human side of these “idols”: not perfect Gods, but imperfect strong humans that do their best to live fully.

  37. Blah blah blah~ ya right!

    Well, perhaps they should ask KBS coz the morons ASSUME PSM to be LSM!!!

    Then you compare both and see WHICH one is more obvious!!!!

  38. @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
    @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

  39. so I’m going to just cut and paste a comment posted by ‘apinkfeeling’ on http://www.asianjunkie.com/2012/02/idol-star-being-blackmailed-by-an-ex-girlfriend-and-its-probably-jyjs-yoochun/ :

    ““Not going to bother with the comments on here, tbh
    I’m just here to leave this little tidbit
    There is only ONE news source that used a picture of JYJ or YC in it, and that is JTBC
    JTBC is owned by Joongan Daily, which has known ties to SM Entertainment.
    JTBC is the channel that hosts SNSD’s talk show, Dangerous Boys as well as “I Live in Cheongdam-dong” which is a daily sitcom that many SM idols have made cameos on.
    JTBC is also the channel that has airing rights to GDA, in which Lee Soo Man sits on the judging panel
    And like I said, this is the ONLY news source that used JYJ or YC’s image
    All other reports are very vague, use no images, or images of other bands (such as CN Blue)”
    I don’t know how accurate this is but it’s definitely worth looking into. It wouldn’t surprise me that SM’s doing some shady shit behind the scenes.”

    Me personally, I was think SM had some ties in this but I was really hoping that wasn’t the case…cheers to hoping SM gets over his angry ex girlfriend complex in the new year…*poors wine down the drain*

  40. Now JTBC is becoming a joke, good job !

    JTBC attempts to hide behind technicalities to avoid lawsuit from JYJ’s Yoochun

    **JTBC is currently scrambling to distance themselves from their epic journalism fail in the idol blackmail story, in which they incorrectly used JYJ‘s Yoochun in their pictures and videos.

    **Such a terrible excuse that’s obviously damage control for what amounts to a massive fuck up.

    **Regardless, it’s still amusing to read this release, which is basically, “Okay, please don’t sue us, we didn’t technically say anything.” It’s like saying you don’t deserve to go to jail for paying a hit man to kill somebody because you didn’t technically kill the person.

    Nice jab Asian Junkie! LOL

  41. I hope CJES sue the heck out of JTBC for doing this to our Chunnie!!!

    I think this is one of the many reasons why JYJ refuse to take pictures with fans outside of fanmeeting/fan-signing events….anyone can turn a single picture and spread thousand of rumors about it…

  42. JYJ Fandom- We all have a good idea of what’s going on and who’s ‘allegedly’ behind these lowly acts. Our strength is in banding together and showing our total support for Yuchun, encourage C-jeS to sue jTCB, use our Twitter to post #StayStrongYoochun. We need to let Chun know we’ve got his back! -_-

  43. so which means I can use his blurred photo n n say this person is a criminal.. he is psycho killer .. He is a rapist.. can I? I don’t use his name right?? what type of nonsense is that..

  44. Let’s support our Yoochun 🙂
    Also let’s teach JTBC a lesson–
    Sue JTBC for damaging YC’s reputation by using a blurry Yoochun pic with their scandalous news.
    Have the unethical conduct of this JTBC journalist and his company pay for their crime.

  45. I think SM changed their tactics to attack personal/individual of the members as attacks as a group JYJ has failed (found guilty of obstructing the activities of the group). I can see the trend here… making a huge fuss about JJ penthouse, the boys’ cars, Yoochun’s yacht case and now indirectly implicate Yoochun in the scandal almost at his time of shooting “Attic prince” drama. His twit said..” even as experience as I am..the stronger the fall is” – ahhh this make me cry T-T. No wonder he needed JJ back home badly….huhuhu.

  46. Honestly,, I am seriuosly sick of this!!!!! Those shameless pll should die soon… I wish i could be a terrorist… I will sure bomb SoMe places and kill those shameless low dirty idiots!!!!!!!!!

    So much rage right here lmfao. I’ve never commented here before. Usually just sit back and let you all do the mingling. But this recent situation ….I really want to bite my head off because I’ve been up all night writing my feelings lol in response, only to realize half my argument was irrelevant.

    Because reading the article for the nth dang time, I finally zoomed in on JTBC’s response to this all: “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

    “It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us”…
    I realize I was being a bit too biased in favor of Yoochun.

    Even as a fan who wholeheartedly will stand by his side, I desire to be someone who always approaches everything with an open-mind, willing to hear both sides of the story, and, with discernment, finalizing my own judgment. And that, unfortunately, means giving even the bad guy the benefit of the doubt at times.

    So. Yeah. I’m just trying to think all this through rationally here and not jump to conclusions.

    So basically the way JTBC’s response comes off to me is that–since they’ve made the assertion that they have breached no “principals of news reporting”, and therefore, have basically made the claim that they have reported the truth and nothing but the truth—they are in a way implying that they have had access to all the information, concrete details that even Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Court 1 has yet to disclose (such as, apparently, the photos Ms A has threatened to release), regarding Ms A and Mr B and the matters between them. That they have the solid truth.

    And they’ve simply posted these pictures they’ve somehow come to take possession of.
    But because they are blurred, no one can say for fact just who that idol is.

    Only, due to the never-surprising ninja skills of our fandom, those pictures have (and indubitably so, I believe—I trust our Cassi’s lol) been found to be pictures of JYJ’s Park Yoochun.

    YET—because the pictures were blurred and because JTBC never EXPLICITLY gave ANY names, JTBC is therefore, and will probably remain, dismissive of any responsibility for the emotional disturbance of those who can’t accept what has simply been presented to them. Us butthurt fans who can’t accept “the truth”.

    I don’t even know what I feel about that. I haven’t seen the pictures. And even though I have the utmost confidence in Yoochun as a person and in his character, as I do for all the boys, even HoMin, and therefore will always/have long since prepared myself to take any crazy allegations (that I so vividly remember a fellow Cassi warning us of back in Soompi the very moment we found out JYJ had first taken action against SM… ) with a grain of salt—I’m willing, like I’ve previously stated, to be open-minded with this as a fan, like I aim to be with any situation that confronts me, and even more willing to embrace the truth. Even if it hurts. Even if it’s hard to believe. Even if I don’t WANT to believe.

    So right now, everything is up in the air. YES, maybe those pictures are YC’s. But then, I’d be waiting for JTBC to justify their source for this. Cause right now..where the hell is the evidence? Just what exactly is their SOURCE for these supposed photos? Honestly, the intentional blurring of them is looking more like a “just in case” because THEY DON’T HAVE IT!

    The original disclosure of this whole Ms. A Mr. B thing was brought to public attention by Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office Criminal Court 1, correct? And well…THEY specifically have yet to give out further information now haven’t they? (At least..I haven’t seen anything else released on the matter. Anyone?)
    I mean, consider the tight confidentiality of the info that WAS given—‘Ms. A’, ‘Mr. B.’, no real names listed. The whole situation quite vague.

    And of course I’m not dumb. Media is an effed-up business. They play dirty. They know how to get what they want and where to get it, and what makes it even more easier–There’s always someone willing to come forward and dump it right into their hands—like this pathetic Ms. A.
    Perhaps JTBC managed to get an interview with her too.

    Anyways, I guess what I’m saying is…I’m not discrediting the POSSIBILITY that JTBC could gain/has gained access to the concrete facts, but right now I’m asking myself: what reason have they given, as of yet, for me to believe that they have (Despite trusting Chunnie’s word alone)?

    Why blur the photos?

    I don’t know about you, but that to me smells fishy. That to me smells like fear.
    That to me says, “I don’t want to take responsibility for what I put out because”:
    1.) I don’t ACTUALLY have solid evidence that the pictures I posted are accurate. I
    1. Was simply, (Unknowingly), tipped off by a crappy source and went with it
    2. Pulled YC’s name out of a hat [of possible idols to not-give-a-care-about-whether-or-not-I-screw-them-over-at-the-end-of-the-day so I could get out a “good story” and, with the addition of some IRRELEVANT intentionally-blurred photos, maybe even cause a big stir.
    2.) I don’t ACTUALLY have solid evidence that the pictures I posted are accurate, yet I, KNOWINGLY, posted them anyways [because I know SM will bail me out when things get tricky since, you know, they’re the ones that are paying me to do it anyways, and when everything dies down and justice fails again, I’ll go home happy, pockets full]

    If it’s that last one :eyeroll:, then JTBC has INTENTIONALLY tried to harm YC, with blatant disregard for the truth, by posting his pictures to imply a false claim and, in turn, garnering him a negative image–Thus, making them guilty of Actual Malice. And well…seeing as how they’re squirming under the weight of their actions recently, it seems there’s no point in me saying “I hope even THEY are smart enough to know that such actions are considered a violation of defamation law—LIBEL, to be exact.” (And I don’t know how it is in SK—anyone?—But here in the states, though there are many misconceptions that slander/libel is treated simply as a civil tort, in actuality, in common law Jurisdictions such as we have here in the states, it is treated as a criminal offense on the state level (Orsi)—{Lol I don’t really know much about this stuff~ I just did a good deal of research on this topic back in Uni last year for an assignment.}

    And honestly, what kind of excuse does simply blurring a picture warrant you?
    None at all. JTBC IS GUILTY PERIOD.
    Whether the pictures they posted are accurate or not. Whether they are easily decipherable or not.
    They KNOW the blurred picture will just pique the public’s curiosity. They KNOW they’ll eventually dig into it more, like Cassi/JYJ fans did—they know, SOMEONE, SOME WAY, will find a way to make the picture clear and find out who it is. They know this. This is what they want. And this is the reason they posted it.
    Blurring it was just a weak attempt to cover their dark intentions—because if they truly didn’t have any, intentions of implying something which wasn’t stated, a hope that others will make their OWN inferences based on that which was provided—a crappily blurred picture—and a demented desire that their inference is actually correct—they wouldn’t have posted it. Because the usefulness of a blurred picture to someone who has no ulterior motives equates to not posting the picture at all.

    If media actually followed a code of ethics—JTBC would be guilty of actual malice and therefore libel even if the picture really WAS Mr B and clear as day.

    Media is so dirty it sickens me.

    I suppose JTBC believes that by “blurring” the pictures, they’ve somewhat preserved what’s left of that idol’s dignity.
    Such a cruel business. Always wanting to dig into people’s lives.
    Just another sabotaged life flouted to the public in the name of a “good story”.

    I couldn’t do what JYJ does. The famous operate in a world apart from our own. Their lives just like playing a game of survivor. A spectator sport. The public is out to see who holds on longest. For some, there’s pleasure in watching them all fall. One by one.

    I truly and honestly hope this isn’t Yoochun. Yeah, the whole threat to reveal naked pics of his UPPER BODY is laughable and all. But blackmail is blackmail. And he’s a public figure, whose rep. has constantly been under fire. What will people think when he keeps popping up in the news time and time again? Hasn’t he been through enough already?
    This is just one more thing to drain him of what he already feels he doesn’t have enough of.

    Chunnie—I saw your twitter exchange with Jae/Junsu…you keep your head up. These have been trying times for you three yet at the same time I just know these last three years have revealed to you like never before the strength and character you’re made of. Keep your eyes and heart on what you’ve set out to do. Live out your days humbly, striving to do all that is right. && in that..you can have assurance that you’ll always be blessed, and when you find yourself faced with those in the world that are out for your destruction, no matter how hard they look, nothing deserving of blame will they find. Nothing.

    To SM && all your pathetic puppets alike:
    “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed”—John 3:20, NIV
    “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be brought out into the open.”—Luke 8:17, NIV

    That is all.

    • Bah! I just realized I was confused on something. I assumed JTBC was implying that the pictures of Yoochun that they showed were the ACTUAL photos Ms. A threatened to blackmail him with. But it seems they just showed random photos of Micky in attempt to “reveal” –“This is the idol that Ms. A threatened.”

      ARGHH! Whatever!

      Either way, they played dirty.
      And I’m waiting for all that’s right and wrong to see the light.

  48. What the fuck is this?
    Even a 5 years old kid would notice it was Yoochun. All the videos and pics of jtbc were Yoochun’s and even being blurreed it’s pretty obvious. That’s a lame excuse. I already knew they’d say things like those but they could be a bit less limited ~

  49. this jTBC is making SK looks like a fantasy land where anything can happen or might i say a wonderland like the one Alice had gone to.Yeah,beheaded that person and this person and nothing can be done to stop crimes or to put the bad guys behind bars.how can you put a picture and a video of that particular person then claim they had them blurred.they really want others to find out and cause controversy.that’s their real motive.

    just wait and see,we are going to see and hear more of this kind of injustice and defamation.

    Iam not surprise…to those culprits—do you have anything else?the more you play your drama,the more others will see who you are.and what kind of heart you have.and we will have more JYJers in the future.

  50. “We did not violate any principles of news reporting. The photos were pixelated / blurred before being released, and we have never revealed the identity of the idol star in question. It was the third parties who speculated that the idol star was Park Yoochun, and therefore it has nothing to do with us.”

    Yeah, whateva! Ok, ok, jTBC, as you say: We know you’re a bunch of honest and thruthful men… like this one

  51. The level of stupidity displayed by jTBC is absolutely astounding! Ok, I get that you are now trying to cover your a***s but what made you think you could get away with it in the first place? Oh, that’s right you are in bed with one SME. Well, you have chosen one really slimy bed partner, let me tell you!

    1 – The statement from the Prosecutor’s Office says this took place back in October 2011. Both the artist AND agency were contacted. Granted, it could have been PYC and CJeS, but then why would CJeS ask PYC – now – if he was involved? If this had occurred to both entities, they wouldn’t need to ask. Could CJeS be misleading the public? Easy enough for them to prove. How? The Prosecutor’s Office.

    2 – Korean idol fans are known for being STRONGLY attracted to their idols. JYJ/PYC fans are no different. I humbly submit that a HUGE portion of these same fans have hard drives that are LOADED with EVERY picture known to mankind of their favorite artist(s). I also submit these same fans know every detail of these same photos/videos. Therefore, when they see a pictoral image that remotely looks like their favorite JYJ/PYC, they know exactly where to go on their hard drives and look them up. Your desparate attempt to distance yourself from this sordid mess is EPIC FAIL. 🙂

    3 – When these ‘pixelated’ photos were posted on your online portal, not to mention the fact you are the only news outlet to post photos, this marks you and your intentions. It really doesn’t matter at this point whose photos they are. Your INTENTION is to implicate the artist whom these photos represent. Now, to the fact that the fans of JYJ/PYC recognize the artists in these photos.

    Sirs, you have to be the dumbest clucks on the planet. Let me explain what I mean by this. First, see the above mentioned ‘hoarding’ of idols photos. Second, this generation of Internet users are the singularly MOST talented group of users I’ve ever seen. By the way, I’m old enough to have been around before the Internet was created, so I’ve seen the growth of the Internet since it’s birth. They own techno skills I can only envy. Third, these same users are not afraid to display their talents. They give as good as they get, and by being JYJ/PYC fans, they are also determined to ‘serve and protect’. This they have sworn to do.

    4 – I humbly suggest to you, JUST FALL ON THE DAMN SWORD! and get it over with. You are going to be left out on the limb by your chosen bed partner.

    5 – CJeS has you by the shorthairs, they know this, we know this, AND you know this. I can’t wait to see how you try and explain this in a court of law. If you get the same judge who laughed at SME’s attorney, you are in BIG TROUBLE.

  52. U know unless he’s doing straight up porn then (if it really is him) he can do wgatever the helk he wants. Besides most lovers take nude pics of each other. The priblem lies when they break up, if that is the kind pf person that is shit like that.

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