[PICS + INFO] Japanese Fans support to JYJ through Hummer Limo Ad

To send our love – Wrapping advertisement vehicles operation announcement 

Today, ‘JYJ’s Wrapping Advertisement (Ad-wrap) Vehicles’ project will take place inTokyo.

The vehicle’s routes are places which has connection to the 3 members as seen in 3Voices.

As for more specific route in regards of what time and where, due to possible hindrance operation, currently cannot be disclose yet.

But, we would try as possible to announce the information somehow.

If, anyone saw the vehicle today, please take a picture and send it to the 3 member’s Twitter.

‘We will wait forever for JYJ’s Japan activities’  Let’s send our warm message from Japanese fans together with a lot of people.

This is the schedule evening route of the ad-wrap vehichle.
14:30~14:50  Harajuku(Stop for 20min)
14:50~15:50  Shibuya(Stop for 30min)
15:50~16:30  Roppongi (Stop for 20min)
16:30~17:30  Tokyo Tower (Stop for 30min)
18;00  Schedule end


JYJ’s Hummer Limo Ad in Tokyo: “We support JYJ’s activities in Japan. We’re waiting for the day your singing be heard all over Japan.” (Trans by: sapphieblue)



Credit: lovinjyj and lovingjj  via @yuma_JJ, @mayupi0510
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3


74 thoughts on “[PICS + INFO] Japanese Fans support to JYJ through Hummer Limo Ad

    • Thank you Japanese fans for brightening up our day with positive news.

      I am proud to be a part of the best fandom in the world, the JYJ fandom is the best.

      I hope more international fans continue to promote JYJ all over the world.

      • wow thats awesome …. im really touched ^_^ ….. being JYJ ‘s fan makes me happy they are great !!! LOVE YOU JYJ <3<3<3

  1. Japanese fans u guys really awesome ^^
    till now JYJ fans has support JYJ with many ways such :
    1. Bus ads
    2. subway ads
    3. bus stop ads
    4. Newspaper poem ads
    5. Hummer Limo Ad
    errmmmm……………..what else ?

  2. it’s so ironic when SM pays a big amount $ to promote for their singers, but JYJ gets for free promotion because of the love Japan’s fans
    it’s so bad when JYJ can’t freely promoting for their new album but it’s so good because they can save it for their new house, car, and yacht, keeekee
    poor for SM’s singers!!!

  3. Jyj is really speacial! Its not cmpany or themself but fans will do everything to support them..luv jyj! I hope japan fans will always suport them and not leaving them during this hard time!

  4. Thank you very much @lovinjyj and @lovinjj. Indeed JYJ Family Dae to the bak!
    Thank you Lovely Adminie for sharing this lovely news. *hugs*

  5. Oh, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope there will be more supporting ads like this in Japan and Korea!
    I love it! Thank you, the boss of this company!

  6. Japanese fans are really awesome even beyond the awesome. I cant find anything to say but THANK THEM for supporting our boys. Apart from our efforts they couldnt do what they have done up to now. For every idol, fanbase is important but for JYJ the presence of us is the way more important.

  7. WOW….thank you Japanese fans for their support
    And….WOW….JYJ n their fandom is sooooo thoughtful in many ways
    That’s what Junsu called positive thinking….always have to think around to make it work…..^^

  8. Wow karma sure acts swiftly! Just as the negative news broke out, then we hear about this solid show of support for our boys!
    See that? Can’t put a good man down!

  9. WOW…..I am so…..WOW! Speechless…

    DAE-to-the-BAK Japanese fans. Japanese and Chinese fans are the best! I don’t mean to understate other International fans (that includes me), but I always feel both Japanese and Chinese fans are the most dedicated and loyal fans….


    • it would be easier to be a dedicated fan if they actually had the acitivities worth fighting for in other countries. it’s hard to make fanprojects this big when there are relatively lttle fans in your country, and small fanprojects international fans do don’t really make it to the news.. i think all of the fans are awesome, supporting them in all the ways they can! 🙂 just being there for them through good and bad means a lot.. 🙂

      • @ gata

        I think all fans are surely awesome, including myself…and yourself too…
        But I love reading about Japanese fans and Chinese fans. I want to be like that too, but time, place, numbers of fans, and money are something to be considered…

        JJ did say once that they value all their fans. Fans who come to their concerts and fans meeting, buy their albums and merchandises and ones who watch them from youtube or write on facebook.

        But for me, a poor fans, being able to buy their albums has giving me so much pleasure. I love to support them in better way, but life is not that simple. That is why I love it when others can do far more and better than me…

        Jaeharem (Jeasmine Jones)

  10. I got a little emotional reading this, the dedication and thoughtfulness behind this is just so beautiful. JYJ fighting! You have amazing fans in Japan!!!

  11. wow…thanks japanese fans,you rock.im sure JYJ will be thankful & happy if they see this,surely they will feel the love too.

  12. WOW! japanese fans never cease to amaze me! Probably JYJ is THE one group that really live thanks to the fan. (Former) Cassies, JYJ shippers etc, are amazing. BRAVO to JYJ fans all over the world! JYJ FIGHTING!

  13. We just let THEM make money on the Japanese market.

    BUT one of these days, they have to listen to us

    what we want to see or hear or concerts (withJYJ!).

    We hope it will son happen!!!!!!!!!

  14. Homin are in Japan now, I wonder what they say when they see this JYJ pimpin car lol!
    fans are the most amazing people in the world. It is so true the fact JYJ is doing way better than they were in SM, I mean look at this do idols really need to be a slave in the company? JYJ made the best choice.. Even though they are going through a tough time bcus of SM at the end we will see who will get the last laugh. They say who laughs last laughs the hardest!

  15. I’ve seen very large trucks bearing the names/images of JYJ’s EXes but of course all at company’s expense which in turn be deducted from the idols revenue, but for JYJ side, even if it’s just smaller but everything, from conceptualization to finances, is handled by the fans, that’s so rewarding and heartwarming. You can just tell what kind of celebrities Jae Chun Su are to have won such kind of dedication from their fans. Thank you Japanese Fans.

  16. @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
    @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

  17. Japanese fans are quiet, calm, they seem dont do anything but it’s wrong. They are still there and when they make a move, it will be BIG like 80000 came to Ibaraki although it was very far and not easy to reach. I put this humper ads on my office computer and my colleagues who mostly had done phd in Japan, were amazed…

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