[TWITTER] 120210 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] JiJi http://pic.twitter.com/39AhcHBi
PhotobucketSource: @mjjeje
Shared byJYJ3


35 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120210 Jaejoong Twitter Update

  1. JiJi sama makes another guest appearance! Aww, Jiji looks like a kitten again in this pic. lol I wonder how much chasing Jaejoong had to do to catch her and have her stand there long enough for the camera. XD

  2. Ur beloved jiji..he is adorable~~!!
    Oppa..jiji should get married..so u can have grandchildren..I bet jiji can give u adorable grandchildren~~!! ^^,

    • @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
      @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

  3. Sorry I don’t think Jiji agree with U. When JJ feels bored at home, Jiji is the one to be bothered. Dress Jiji up with strange clothes or put on this big accessory on him, run around to catch him…..and so on. Kekekeke

    • I think the guy just likes to “clean house” once in a while. He has done it before with who he follows. Or maybe he likes to mess with fans…. Jae is an odd one. The minute you start to feel like you have him figured out he throws you a curve ball.

  4. like master like pet
    both are adorable 😉
    btw jiji, you remind me of my black cat who died years ago..now, i miss my jlinteng..hiks..

  5. jiji-ah..is that a new collar on you? why you have this forlorn look on your face..must be master jae disturbing you as usual..hehe..

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