[TWITTER] 120210 Junsu Twitter Update ++cute story from Junsu’s childhood++

[TRANS] My hair… is thinning…. ㅠ

[TRANS] Wearing wig was cancelled…ㅠ It’s OK to be like this on stage… but it will be problem.. in ordinary life…

[TRANS] Well.. anyways… See you on Sunday~~~~^^

[TRANS] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI remember it ㅋㅋ Wow~ Mom still remember such story…………..

–in response to–

@JUNO_Japan: It was when we were kids. It’s still vivid [in my memory]… ㅋㅋ By the way, it was really well drawn!!! Junsu’s fans are amazing~!! Clap clap clap (^O^☆♪ RT @asxjunsu This is cute episode about a dramatic situation in Junsu’s childhood ^.^ http://cfile8.uf.tistory.com/image/15553A414F351BC3153B32

*click on the above link to view the fanart*

About the fanart:

Kim twins and their mom went home by bus. Two brothers were sleeping when their mom told them to get off the bus. Junho immediately got up but Junsu kept sleeping. So, their mother must carry Junsu on the back while lifting a heavy bag in her hand. Junho had to also help their mother to carry another big and heavy bag. But when they reached home, Junsu jumped of her back and said, “Tada, I didn’t sleep!!”. It turned out that Junsu has pretending to sleep so mom would carry him. In the end, their mom said, “Mom can’t live because of our Junsu~” ROFL.

Source: @1215thexiahtic, @JUNO_Japan
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


77 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120210 Junsu Twitter Update ++cute story from Junsu’s childhood++

    • Oooppss…..forgot 1 important thing. You are so dangerously handsome too…..

      All the best for my darling Tod!

      • @ miss mitsu (@mitsu_candyhum)

        Hi there….

        JJ and others are so handome….but they also need to eat properly…
        And my darling JJ is thinking about losing more weight…his cheeks.
        I need to go home now and tell him there is nothing wrong with his perfect cheeks…

      • hi there “Jae is mine” ^^

        u know its Jae that i think Junsu is mimicking, he notices Jae and chun are thinner than him and he must have compared himself so thought about losing weight to be like them i just have this feelings its like that so i’m not worried about Junsu’s behavior cause its mimicking not a sole desire. but u know what i think, seriously think Junsu and Jaejoong need a nutritionist to watch over their diet. it would be great if someone could reach this idea to them they have the money to hire one who’d be responsible for their health but they didn’t think about such a thing and no one had put or encouraged the idea into their heads yet. as For Yoochun i don’t worry he lives with his mum so he eats mama’s home made cooking which is good for him. he’s the only one who could be eating healthy hopefully.

      • Agree “look like JYJ forgot to eat”. Tell the truth I really don’t like this skinny Junsu. Please eat much much more with those two JYJ.

  1. JUNSU, It’s not just your hair thinning but your body as well! You are so skinny Junsu-ssi! 😦
    Good luck for your musical Junsu-ssi!

    • don’t worry if u saw a video of him u wouldn’t worry its just the camera isn’t friendly enough or it was used to fat faced Junsu is all

  2. oww junsu you are just too sweet.
    junho is right, the pict is well drawn
    i dont understand hangul, but the pict show the story well enough. clap clap for the fans.

    and junsu, you don’t have to be afraid bout your hair when you out of stage,
    you still look hot and handsome, i love you very much
    ^ ^

  3. I just feel bad for the damage their (Junsu’s and Jaejoong’s hair) go through, dying your hair changing from dark to light colors is too much :S I don’t know how they do to make their hair look healthy even though all the chemical process xD

    Specially blenching your hair this white from a dark color, it’s too damaging :S

      • his other issue with his hair is losing too much weight too fast. if you eat badly (restricted like he did) not only will he feel weaker and lethargic but his hair will suffer and show it. the good thing is when he starts eating decently again which i think he has, his hair will show that and recover as well. i know he wants to look the part, but junsu we love you the way u are and we will get the message of the musical thru your acting and singing, not just the image. sorry, i feel like a mom scolding her adorable boy!

      • I agree, restricting yourself from eating the way he did it’s not healthy, I’m a Nutritionist, so yeah, I can’t stop from freaking out and worry about his weight loss, and when he said what he ate for losing weight in the interview posted here, I was like “O M G O.O”

        Also another problem is, when you restrict the calories you eat like he did, not reaching the calories you body needs, then as soon as you start eating normally again your body begins to storage energy as fat tissue, and so you gain weight…it’s like a defense mechanism of the body…so yeah, he wil gain weight again (he will still be ok because he’s complexion is thin anyway) but he might think he’s fat and start doing those crazy diets again >.<

        Long comment is long, sorry

      • @ norma

        wow thanks for the info about body’s reaction storing fat thingy thats really useful to know

        @ the others ^^

        i think his hair is not thinning, i think its because of the white color that its light so it might give the impression that its thinning when its really not.

        @ norma again ^^

        u know back in japan during his intoxication period he said he only ate noodles that boy when left alone in his apartment he doesn’t know how to eat properly, but its a good thing he went to practice and concerts and ate with the staff cause food with staff i saw it its nutritious at least he eats fruits and different meals so its good he has activities cause then it isn’t he who makes the food or decides it. he really should hire a nutritionist ” like u ^^ ” to set his meals straight but u know i don’t think he always eats that kinda of stuff like he said all the time, cause like i said when he’s out practicing rehearsals or doing interview or out with friends he’s bound to eat healthy various meals. its just sometimes when he’s at home he gets into that eating habit he just don’t know any better regarding his eating habits that baby : (

  4. I wonder if his hair is thinning cos’ of the dye/haircut or weight loss.. 😦 But I must admit that he does look good in a waif-ish sort of way. His eyes look so big now…only thing is the dark circles which I’ve never seen on him before. He must be really working his butt off for Elisabeth. I guess Juno is gonna watch the premiere on Sun.
    Oh, the comic is wonderful…I’m sure Su’s mum did not know whether to laugh or scold her cute son.

    • i think the white color is light so it gives the false impression of thinning cause u can see behind it cause its kinda a transparent color

      i always thought his eyes are big , i never saw eyes like his on an adult his eyes like toddler eyes u know how big babies eyes are like so adorable that part of why his face is babyish .

      hehe he was playing with his umma and brother wanting to surprise them to make them laugh and he was proud he did that. made u believe game, but no way that innocent baby meant to get away with something at all he didn’t understand his umma was carrying heavy stuff and his brother was carrying heavy stuff too , if he did realize he wouldn’t done that but he wanted to play ” ha ha gotcha ” even though its not the time to play but that’s why he is innocent it might seem to others he meant something while in reality he meant something ells that is just pure. i think that even today he’s like that and that’s one of the things that make him an adorable person.

  5. aigoo…..Junchan truly adorable fufufufufuu
    is he gonna keep that hair when he perform with his brothers at Chile and Peru concerts later ?

    • kekeke i wish he does no one has done it before right it would be so unique and he’d be the first to do it, might even be a trend OuO

  6. Frankly i prefer Junsu’s hair up and away from his forehead. I think it makes him look younger. But for Jae it’s the reverse, i actually like his hair with long bangs covering his forehead. I think they both need to stop subjecting their hair to all these chemicals. If they want variety, get a haircut instead or style it differently. I’m sure fans like them in whatever hair colour.

    • @OnlyJYJ
      we should sleep soon!! hehehe…1.30am already right?
      I was just going to discuss Su’s hair..you know, I think some of the hairstyles he has had didn’t suit him and detracted from his appearance (unlike Chun and Jae who look good in most hairstyles). My favorite Su hairstyles are: Mirotic/Wrong Number promo esp with the short sides/back, Five in the Black tour, ‘O’ concert, Bigeast 3rd fanmeeting, Intoxication, asymmetrical, open Junsu, Levay concert, anything blond/brown. I think he looks nice in bangs too, as long as it’s not the helmet type (like we’ve been seeing in some of the Elisabeth interview pics) – there must be gaps in the fringe like in Levay concert. Haha…okie, I know this is really trivial. But well, it’s our bias we’re talking about.

      • Ya we’re frivolous like that when it comes to Junsu! I still prefer spiky hair on Su, like in Bonjour Paris, cameo on Scent of a Woman, or during the recent musical awards. The exception is the Mirotic hair which is just hot and sexy. I think any hair colour is fine, although my favourite are dark brown with red highlights.

      • I like those u mentioned too..i think when it’s spiked up exposing his forehead its called ‘open junsu’ hairstyle. It makes him look young, fresh n cute. With a fringe he looks sexy n mature..so hehe we fans hv e best of both worlds 🙂 yup, mirotic hair was hot! >.<
        Good afternoon – wherever u r on our sunny island 🙂

      • i think he should not let his bang below his eyebrows , his eyebrows make me crazy i love his eyebrows , though i love his forehead when he shows it he so looks boyish and does look sexy like in scent of a woman hair style , but still boyish, and when he has really long bangs he becomes babyish or cute, i think his bangs should be shortened a bit so we can see his eyebrows and he looks beautiful then but when he smiles kekeke just adorable no matter what hair style. his mirotic hair is almost good its better when the side is longer and he has some length on the others side not too short i think this happened and he dyed his hair red and had bangs too u know that Ayy Girl MV hairstyle , i just think he looked really erotic sexy beautiful and adorable all together in that hair style and so young too.

  7. “Tada, I didnt Sleep” LoOoOoOOoOoL !!! This is too Cuteeeeeeeee xD
    By the way, I like Junsu’s hair ^^ I like them to change their hairstyles and have new looks (I Miss JJ’s Platinium hair too) Anyway Junsu, dont feel bad, you always look AMAZING ^__~

    • Ehm ehm, Just to make it clear, I like to see them change hairstyles, but I also feel bad for them cause i know using chemicals and changing styles alot weakens their hair :(:( But I guess any superstar goes through these kinds of stuff.
      Anyway Junsu FIGHTINGGGGGGGGGG 😀

      • as long they treat their hair with correct treatment it will be fine. my mom friend is hairstylist as she said that as long u keep up with hair treatment for color hair, it will be fine. there is this special shampoo and conditioner that she uses that is meant for ppl who dye their hair. i am pretty sure that jyj already have those shampoo and conditioner at home or that their stylist already use them on their hair.

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  9. That story was so funny! So JS was already this cute since he was a boy. Poor mama, how are you going to get angry at him being so cut… e?

    I prefer Junsu with redish hair or brown and I think this colour and hairstyle don’t fit him too much but then he’s JS, so he could even have green hair and he’d still look handsome.

  10. WOW our Junsu looks sooo handsome!!! that’s a cute story, but i bet Mama Kim didn’t think so at the time!!! ^_~ the fanart was terrific, U didn’t hafta know the language to get the story, well done!!! ^_~

    Good Luck Junsu ~~ i know u’ll be fantastic!!! SARANGHAE JUNSU!!!

  11. I love his white hair…he looks awesome ;A; dont worry baby Su, i know it would be kinda unconffortable for u to have that hairstyle in ordinary life but u look so handsome, srsly w<

    btw, i loved the fanart, the story was so adorable, Junchan has been cute since forever *-* xDD poor mama Kim LOL

  12. Junchan you’re hair is thinning because you’re drastically losing weight in an unhealthy way, eating only one proper meal and nothing but chicken for the two other meals is bad for your health in the long run. Losing too much weight could also lead to bad breath, weak bones and depress mode. You don’t want a scenario where you’re thin but no one wants to be near you when you’re singing ’cause of your bad breath and can’t dance because of your brittle bones, don’t you???

  13. I hope somebody around him tells him that he needs to eat well and quit coloring his hair for awhile. Losing hair is a problem when you an entertainer but ruining your heath is a bigger one.

    I wish JYJ would just eat normally and stop trying to be so thin.

    • I’m really hoping this is just the cell phone camera angle.
      He looked fine at the Beast concert.
      But the diet he is on sounds like an old version of the original Atkins diet.
      Hopefully Sunday we’ll get some Fancams and all or fears will be washed away.

  14. honestly i think the hair looks really cool! but i agree that it may look a lil awkward havin it this way during everyday activities…i’m torn!lol!

    the story is totally cute! i think i read the full summary somewhere..and in one of the pics juno actually told his mum not to wake junsu..and that he’ll carry both the bags coz he’s the hyung…sweet juno and adorable su! they’re quite the duo,eh? mama kim definitely had her hands full!! ❤

  15. @putrihs on February 10, 2012 at 10:09 pm said:
    @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

  16. Junsu got his own way even as a small child. LOL! The artwork was cleverly drawn, so you could easily tell what was happening. I would like to see it translated though. As far as his hair goes; they have professional stylists to help him with that. Junsu looks good in any hair color to me; and I liked the ‘Intoxication’ hair, up and spiked and what he’s currently wearing. 😀 😀
    XiahTod Fighting!!!

  17. My,. my my Junsu darling you are too skinny!!!!!!!!!!please, please don’t loose too much weight anymore do so gorgeous but too thin stay healthy like your usual self okay fighting ^_^

  18. ” laugh madly ” aww Junsu ” squishy hugz him ” ” i didn’t sleep ” proud of himself kekekekke ^^ he so adorable

    Junsu in the first pic totally anime love his face #u#

    i love white hair am so going to dye my hair white now , and cut it like Tod , i love white hair on Junsu as much as i love red and black.

    white haired Junsu wow its a fantasy come true man Junsu really makes me satisfied. he looks like anime in white. as for his hair thinning is so untrue, he doesn’t realize that white hair is transparent that’s why it seems light cause its a light color and that’s why he thinks his hair is thinning its a misunderstanding its just that white is light so it might give the impression of it thinning.

  19. Susu is getting skinnier. I hope it’s because of his role “Death” and not because he’s tired or sth like that. White hair strangely suits him. ^^

  20. Junsu..i dun care if ur hair getting thinnier or bald, i just love the way u are…
    Doesnt matter if ur have yellow, red or wateva color u put on ur hair, i still love u no matter wat…
    If only I’m there I wouldnt miss a chance to go and watch for ur musical…

  21. junsuya..please rest more if possible..we can see you’re tired..and your poor bleached hair..pile on the conditioner!! TT TT

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