[INFO] Yoochun’s Fansign Event for Black Smith

Black Smith Opening Event
Park Yoochun Fansign Event
Date and time: 3PM 25th Feb 2012
Location: Black Smith – Seohyeon Station branch

Credit: DNBN
Translation by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


62 thoughts on “[INFO] Yoochun’s Fansign Event for Black Smith

  1. Another fansigning? :O
    I’m so envy of korean fans T_T
    Wait, do the fans bring the black smith’s food to be signed? O.o *babo -_-

  2. Only JYJ does fansign and fanmeet events for their Cfs. New things always comes with JYJ. It’s good for the Kfans though, since they don’t get to see the boys on tv that much, it’s good they get to see them through such events.

    • so true but i get jealous a bit anyway! lol! talk about being on the wrong side of the bed, we are on the wrong side of the ocean!

    • that also my thought
      i’m glad that Kfans still can meet our boys through the fanmeeting and fansigning
      but yeah it’s really an unique event, only JYJ does that

    • you mean the fan sign event doesn’t apply for other people, is it just for our YC
      if it’s true, I’m so proud of him.
      this news helps us forget his issue

      i hope JYJ’ll not face to some stupid rumor again. But It seem hardly avoids it because of SoMeone’s existence.
      Please God, why don’t you send someone to help JYJ to escape the current face of KEnt???

  3. so.. what exactly do you do? show up at the place and wait in line till the prince errr yoochun gets there?
    cause i’m seriously considering doing it! *i’m in seoul i might as well take all this opportunities (obviously i’m spazzing with just the idea*

      • @khalanita: Hi, I’m going to be Seoul too at that time (I go there for holiday so I’m a foreigner too in Korea) and I’m considering to go to that fan-signing if possible. Do you have any Idea how the fan signing works?
        If you dont mind perhaps can we go there together? please contact me back 🙂 Thank you

    • @khalanita ~~ if U pass it up, u’ll definitely regret it!!! ^_~

      U R soooo lucky ~~ it sux to be here!! u_u

      i would die to see my Chunnie!!! SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!!

    • it’s so lucky because you’re a korean
      I’m jealous of you guys because I’m not Korean. “cry me a driver!!!”
      but good luck for cheering him for the past two days of suffering because of some stupid and bad rumor

    • @ khalanita

      Lucky u… I would definately go if i were in Seoul.. No matter wht it takes!!!!!! Come on… This is the oppotunity to see Mr Park !!!!

      I wish i would get this opportunity!!!!

  4. What, only Yuchun? What about the other 2 actors? I was wondering how Yuchun would handle a fan sign event with Kim Tae Hee there. I guess that would be totally unmanageable. I was just trying to imagine how shy he would be with her there. Too bad.

    • even if she’d be there with him, I don’t think he’d be shy or doing silly thing kekee; because he’s always showing his professional manner and his mature personality. I only think he perfectly handles some situation like this. Oppositely, I think KTH’ll worry because of his fans keekeee

      • @Zan

        WHAT???? He stared at KTH in the making???? R u serious??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…. Park Yoochun!!!!!!!! I am so jealous to death…. *crying an ocean*

      • @Nandar: oohh pleaseee.. since when park yoochun didn’t stares if there is a beautiful girl around him.. *im rolling my eyes now.. He is Park Yoochun* lol.. here i give u HUG.. gwenchanayo..

      • @putrihs

        *cry-in-ur-arms* So so so sad and jealous…. *sob sob*

        Oh, yeah, You remind me of the japanese interview when they were 5… He is staring at that jap reporter… 🙂 such a cutie pie.. 🙂 Kyaaaaaa I am so jealous!!!!!

        This guy really likes pretty noonas… Yeah i am a noona but ummmm,,, Am i pretty?? 😀 Guess not… LOL .. 😦 poor me~~~~

  5. i hope a all jyj fans in South Korea will attend and show their support to yoochun,,, this is a good news, BlackSmith’s answer to bad people= you think we’re gonna abandoned our prince? no way!! well here’s a fan sign event so Yoochun can meet his fans..lol
    thank you BlackSmith fighting!! Yoochun fighting!!

    • I hope so..i know just CF fanside ..but if more fans come to show their support more better for the boy ‘s feeling and public eyes!!

  6. @JYJtack Hi! ^^ Plz RT We are going to trend #StayStrongYoochun tomorrow at 11am EST to support Yoochun. Thank you! ^^ — JYJtack (@JYJtack) » for those who had twitter acc, please support our Chunnie.. *Bow* gabsahamnidaaaa…

    • @putrihs

      Just-for-chun.. thats my twitter… U will notice that i only follow chunsas and Chun!!! 🙂 If ur ID or ur profile doesnt have YC related items, i wont add u… 🙂 but tell me ur acct.. I will follow u back… U r one of my dearest sistas…. 😀

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