120211 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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  1. i will disappear again today, miss you guys *sobs* spam jae’s video before i leave…and thanks admin for the gif ♥

  2. Hello all, have a nice Saturday…..
    Lovely prince JJ. His smiles and laughs are very precious. Love it! Thanks adminie….

  3. Today, we’re going to trend #StayStrongYoochun at 7 PM KST. To all JYJ Family who has twitter, please trend #StayStrongYoochun. Thank you ^^

  4. It’s one of the reason why i love jaejoong so much it’s for who he is and how much he struggled to become what he wanted and is still fighting

    the last part of the video the rotation thing is not true

  5. Yoochun is in the ent. Section of hong kong Apple daily newspaper today. Big MICKY and under it is the MR shower scene, cant read chinese though to know the story but it seems about the rumour…i dont like it, they just feature them if its a negative issue

      • oh yeah thank you @murasaki…btw do you have any idea on what had happened to their East Asia mngmt contract or do they really have one…ive been wondering about that ever since… how nice it is if they will hold a concert in HK its convenient to go for other asian countries fans

    • I looked up the article, and it is actually ok. The title and photos were to catch readers attention, but it has all the correct info. The article indemnified Yuchun, and concluded with the fact that CJes is taking legal action against jTBC, because of the use of processed images which implies Yuchun’s involvement in the scandal. Not bad for a tabloid paper like Apple.

  6. HELLO jyjs sisters *waving* ❤ ❤ hows ur day ?? what a beautiful day to start with ! a jaejoong smile is all and enough to bright my day !
    i wanna share this video that i never stopt clicking on the repeating button ❤ even though i know that all of u have watched it already but just to add on jae's smile the amazingness jaejoong's brightness ^o^ ~
    here Stunning Jaejoong *.* … no words to describe !!!!

  7. From the description: This song is the greatest present from JYJ Kim Junsu by his mother when ‘Asia’s Star – Xiah Junsu’ fan cafe 3000 days Anniversary.
    So sweet of junsu to dedicate this song to his fans, this is gonna be my lullaby every night from now hehehe<3

  8. those who have twitter accounts, please report this accounts as spam at @spam ..they’re JYJ antis… @TVXQ_TONE @AntiJYJ @galaxian7sun @stunner0103

    spreading malicious rumors about jyj and even sending hate messages to the boys

    • I was gonna post about that too. Especially this person–>> @TVXQ_TONE. She takes advantage of i fans who don’t understand korean and keeps spreading false rumors about YC and it’s getting worse and worse.We require a lot of people to report this account since she has many followers.

      • I think this person equates not liking or caring about Homin with hating Homin. If you like JYJ and have not heard of or don’t care for Homin then you are a hater. Hence JYJ3 is the biggest anti Homin site for them. If you don’t care about Homin then that means you are a hater. If you think they could improve in a certain area *singing* they say you hate them and that they did improve. BTW: I’ve “re”-heard their music (Tone and KYHD) as well as some live performances…..they have not improved at all. They just sing more because three members are missing. Their voices have the same range and sound as before so I don’t understand why people keep throwing that around.

        Anyways, yeah. I think that while this TVXQ_TONE is a sasquatch-sucking mutant from the lowest scum-puddle on Earth the real culprits are the idiots he takes advantage of. You don’t know Korean but does that mean that you can’t translate the news-piece or check various sites that translate the news to see that you fully understand the matter? There is no excuse. Twitter is not a place you go to confirm facts. You have to look elsewhere and be weary of what you find. Common sense also helps. Ask yourself. Based on what I know for sure does this information make sense? If you are in a full-out funk then ask a friend. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. These people don’t bother to confirm facts NOT because they don’t understand Korean but because they want to spread lies about Yoochun and JYJ. If you don’t have the energy to LOOK things up before you run around like an idiot claiming them as FACTS then you deserve to be decieved for being an idiot.

        I used to do that. I would just read news from my friends (people I trusted) but they didn’t do their research so my understanding was faulty. I didn’t even get angry at them because really I could have looked it up myself and saved myself the headaches. I didn’t because I am a complete moron. But I learned in time. I don’t want to be accused of misinforming people so I check before I accept something as “fact”. These i-tards don’t because they clearly have their own agenda.

        Such a shame that people like this poison the good spirit of fandoms. They really suck.

    • EDITED BY ADMIN (Plz do not promote anti Fansites indirectly, even if it’s for a good cause)
      this is the anti’s website -.-
      is there a way to destroy the site??

      • guys I got this reply,I cannot blog because I don’t understand the language written there.

        While we do not condone the opinions expressed on that blog, we will not remove material on the grounds that it is offensive or disturbing to its readers. Please refer to our position on freedom of speech at the link below:


        If you feel strongly about this particular issue, please blog about it – you will, of course, have the same freedoms.

        Terms of Service

      • This wasn’t the place to go, and I see you got the reply i expected. The spam report is for accounts that spam comments in blogs, usually links to other sites or other types of advertising.

        Unless the content is libellous, then they have the right to exist. If it is really damaging, then let CJeS know about it. They are doing an excellent job of making sure the boys’ lawyers earn their retainer. (Although we know how effective Tablo’s suit has been at shutting up his crazies.*sigh*)

      • @zan JYJ
        Hey sister! *hugs*
        *I’m so sorry but everyone has the right to make up shit because we believe in freedom of speech even though these are clearly lies that affect three very real human beings. Hope you can understand.*

        Isn’t that a bitch of a thing to say? I’ve read books about these issues before. A lot of people think that passing laws that protect the privacy of people and to keep them from the harrassment JYJ is suffering online means that the “man” is trying to censor the internet. It is not the same thing AT ALL!!!!! Censorship does not equal the protection of an individual’s privacy.
        Because of this ridiculous and paranoid understanding of the law cowards like TVXQ_TONE hide behind the anonymity of the internet to spread lies and hate against others.

        I don’t remember the title of this book (I read many on this issue so give me some time. I’ll find it and I really recommend it!) but I remember a very shocking passage:
        A young black woman started a blog called, “Ask this black woman” where she would give opinions on issues recommended to her by her followers. If they wanted her knowledge or opinion on such and such thing she would make an article for it. After sometime she gained a following and generated income from her blog. A group of neo-nazis found her website and posted (nonstop) racist and utterly disgusting comments. They even hacked into her site and found her I.P. address and then her physical address. They would post her address online and then add; “We’ll pay or reward whoever rapes this black bitch”.

        She was so terrified she couldn’t leave her house in fear that someone would try to harm her. She called the police but they couldn’t help her because it was online-harrassment not physical. Our laws are so antiquated when it concerns the internet. She gathered courage and continued posting articles but they would just do it all over again or “bomb” her site which is when someone tries to push a site further down a websearch list in hopes that less people stumble on it. She just gave up and shut down the site. In the end these filthy bastards won and nothing was done about it. Yeah so much for “freedom of speech.”

      • @Eliza
        Hey girl!!! How are you?
        Yeah they are useless. My cousin opened a Myspace account years ago and found out that some douche used her name and made nasty sexual comments about her. She would report it as a duplicate or phantom/identity-double account and they would just send her the same message over and over again. They couldn’t shut down the account because they had to ASK the other person to close the account and I think whoever opened it forgot about it and wasn’t aware (and most likely didn’t care) that my cousin knew about it. Nothing further was done. It is just a joke of a service and they think their “sympathies” cut it.

    • they are ” Ahem ” fans ” Ahem” used to say things about JYJ going behind “Ahem” backs with this law suit making their fans believe that JYJ agreed among the three of them only and split from TVXQ leaving the other two, deserting them, and going against the hand that fed them meaning sickly man, “Y”ahem said ” when we heard about this “the lawsuit” we were saddened a bit” they even made JYJ on broadcast in korea that look nast said JYJ got swept by fame and fortune and this has changed them while i “C”ahem stayed the same.

      so of course when stars say such things on air on variety shows more than once, and their fathers also saying things about thier friends, some fans actually believe what Ahem said about JYJ and got the impression JYJ are backstabbers and ungrateful, changed by greed for money, so those fans turned into antis and decided to punish JYJ that’s why they don’t stop at wanting to ruin JYJ, on top of desiring to punish JYJ they envy JYJ’s success. it kills them every time JYJ make big news or have any good news.

      • things Ahem do to JYJ in media including variety shows , that JYJ never did to Ahem. and this is just a couple of examples in korea god knows what they said about JYJ on Japanese TV when they got aired in variety shows their.

        after seeing this who’d be surprised some fans turn into antis, is this something friends do ???? okay u want to stay fine but don’t harm ur friends image and career especially they aren’t there to hear what u said, in the knee drop guru episode how could they talk behind JYJ’s back like that ?????? understand now why i’m always angry at the mere mention of them and don’t anyone say i have no right to be angry at Ahem. at least shut up about them and be grateful u can go on air, instead of abusing this advantage to abuse ur friends image making fans believe bad things about JYJ and the result are those antis that hide in face book hiding other interviews from JYJ fans like the Knee drop Guru video, cause even u “antis” know that’s not a cool move.

      • Agree,but don’t worry,whoever got brains only finds the truth.That is why there are more and more JJ fans like me.Ch oices are made

      • I’ve watched this and it’s quite saddening.. It could only mean there are no real brotherhood between them.. And if you have wacthed the “taxi”, it seems Yunho had taken all the bad talk to himself and just praised the three by saying “they are nice people” and changmin on the other side is quiet the whole time… Something is going on inside SME….

      • Pierrot, have you seen the video Yunho was singing Balloons with Shinee? That’s the real Yunho, not the one repeating other words on interviews…….. Anyway, even if you don’t believe it, forgiveness brings happiness. =D

      • @nikhapi “if you have watched the “taxi”, it seems Yunho had taken all the bad talk to himself and just praised the three by saying “they are nice people” and changmin on the other side is quiet the whole time”

        Sorry for butt-in, About Yunho taking back the bad talk and praising JYJ…Of course it happened like that, because After Knee Drop Guru Interview when they switched their stance and even denied to know about the Lawsuit. They received harsh criticism for Fans and non-fans. In fact I remember how all HM articles posted in Nate received alot minus(-) Netizens collected information that contradicted HM’s statement…It was alot drama back then.
        Then HM appeared on this program “praising” JYJ…lol..I’m sorry but I couldn’t take that praising as a sincere act, for me it was damage control action, to keep OT5 in their side.

      • @yae

        I was thinking.. Homin are so desperate to gain the sympathy of majority of the cassies and the casual by standers… and I can imagine the drama it caused coz until now fans are bringing them out. Changmin even said that it was the media that created a ruckus and make the issue so big that it’s kinda complicated now. My thoughts are, if they not talk about bad things about the other party it won’t be like that at all.

        And I never heard any member of JYJ bad talk about them… They even expressed how they miss them… So I really don’t get the JYJ haters and to think they are cassies…..

      • Do you remember the interview when Yoochun said the MISUNDERSTANDING between them have become so serious that it can’t be solved now even if any one of them wants to become a better person and step out to heal it? That interview suggests that the mistake was mutual.

      • @ dbjyjsk
        I remember that interview and it is quite funny that Changmin and Yoochun both agreed about the situation… Their situation is really messy and it is only a miracle for them be back as five.. The probability is close to zero….

      • nikhapi
        I think the probability is already zero =D They don’t need each other to achieve their success. People in the entertainment business forget easily. Anti fans have very loud mouths. etc etc They don’t need and don’t want to get back as five. But I guess what I wanted to say is, fans of both groups have only looked at everything from their eyes and blame the other. While it was Yoochun who implied that both sides were in part responsible for what happened.

  9. Hi JYJ3 family. Just dropping by….Some of you might be interested to check out DVD Heaven. JYJ official calendars have been marked down. Also Music Essay. Their prices do not include shipping so you need to login to determine total cost. I just thought some of you might want to buy again as gift or something. 🙂

  10. For JYJ3 readers, I want share my opinion a little bit about relationship between JYJ, SM, and South Korea.

    As we know that SK always in alert mode from NK‘s aggretion, so SK needs much money as reverse cash for war funding.
    LSM is one of the richest person in SK, and he sure pay a big mount of tax to the country, which is SK. Sometimes country protect rich company for the sake of the state itself or even only for self interest of the state administers. Although JYJ is very rich, they still far behind LSM.
    Now we can see that although SK goverment know JYJ situation and the actor behind it, which is SM, they can do NOTHING. Thats the power of big fish. We can only hope that LSM don‘t do anything wrong with this power, e.g power abusiveness. But the very important thing is JYJ always keep the fight and never give up, that is for sure.

    Sorry for bring on the issue of SK and NK. This only my hypotesise.:D

  11. Hm…Just 16 votes?? Com’on guys…This is our ‘home’ we’re talking about here….Lets rise JYJ3 rank up k???
    And for those who still not voting yet, dont forget to vote JJ in celebrity category….^^…..it’s really close call with Justin Bieber..

  12. everyone looky here

    at second 7

    did u read whats on Junsu’s shirt, imagine walking all over Australia with Australians reading his shirt X D who picks his clothes ?

    • @pierrot
      hehe, HE’s the explicit content. but fortunately, I’m past the age of parental supervision so I shall indulge in HIM. 😉
      I’ve been reading your comments and I like those you wrote about Su. You seem to understand him. Have you been a xiahpwa for long?
      p.s. I LOVE his eyebrows too. 🙂

      • hi intoxicated dear ^^

        sorry late again to reply to u again am such a scatterbrain ^^

        i like Junsu before the lawsuit by 2 years.

        thanks hon i like reading ur posts too but i feel u say what i want so i don’t reply a lot on ur posts kekeke i am a goof i should at least say i agree but i am kinda learning u have to actually say that but then i feel saying i agree i agree without adding something looks wrong if i’m gonna post i wan to post something other than agree but u say all that is convincing i find nothing ells to add. ^^ wish u read this post cause its a hella late kekekeke i’m sorry i’d try to follow on my own posts but am so scatterbrained it takes me a while to rember ” daaa did i post something sure feels like it, i wonder what i said, i wonder where i put it ” do u know sometimes i port nothing in gap but i scroll it down just in case i did : P am not so sharp as i used to : D i used to be real smart though maybe like a scientist : P

        good night dear ^^ have a great time u and everyone bye bye @u@

  13. OMG! I just watch a documentary about obsession of plastic surgery in Korea….no wonder some of them do plastic surgery…..n it is the first time in my life know that they do hand palm surgery…never heard of that before……that documentary is good but i only manage to watch 30 min of it only…but i think it one hour ….need to see the rerun of the documentary…its also show a korean singer who addicted to PS but right now her face is affected from the PS…
    Next week they will show obsession of Philippine that is karaoke…..i know many Philippine sister around here…is that true…..i saw in the ad, everywhere there is karaoke even along the street n their voice is so good…..

    • yup!! we are obsessed with karaoke.. we got this little device that you can bring anywhere that can make a simple TV into a karaoke machine.. I have one actually and use every parties we held.. hahaha.. what can we do, Filipinos love to sing.. and where ever you go there you’ll see some karaoke bars..

      I remember once when I went to a karaoke bar with friends, the Taiwanese boy band F4 (JVKV) is popular den and all of their popular songs are listed on the machine, me as a fan back den of course have to sing it even though i’m having a hard time singing it.

      Karaoke is a past time for us Filipinos..
      Oh memories…
      Now you’re making me miss my homeland TT-TT..

      • i am also really scare with a snake and when i still young, one of my brother ever get attacked by a really big snake ( he get wound in his body) at my home but thanks God, he get released, that time i’m not realize there are a snake even though i just lay my body on a floor but the snake only through me and it was crawl/creep to my parents room, i just get a glimpse of the snake tail so my brother call my uncle and he killed it, that’s not the first time a snake came to my home thought, it happen two or three times and it always a big snake

        By the way anyone know what this show name ? i always forget about it

      • @maiw and @ zan…Though about snakes…when I was small..i have the hunter black dog..he was so smart and loyal..I love him so much..no thefts or robbers can’t close my house..no big animals can’t close my garden, even someone try to kill him.he still can try go home and fall on my front door home with all the bloods and paint…but he have a special talent ..catch snakes..ground snakes or water snakes …if he can see and smell them ..it hard to them go way…and one day after school i saw him lied down with 2 little holes in neck and glasses and leafs on his mouth..I think before he dead he try to use the leaf and glass like medication treat snake poison but too late…I cried my head out for few day and still very sad now..I dont like snakes!!

  14. Yah!!! Why do people think this is funny? It is just sick that they aren’t even allowed to use the bathroom because they “have to make money first”.

    Watch it guys. It is creepy!

    • That Just 0_0…They treat them like products….I remember when I read “someone ” schedule for activities for whole months ..like the have concerts, shows, fan meetings, CFs almost everyday ( you have to add more time for training, prepare, travel, stylist,.. not on the schedule) i like freaking out how scary the list…But all most their fans comments “I am so proud because they busy” or ” I am happy”..or…. only one comment feel like joke but i think they said right and really think about their Idol ” poor them, if they need go to pee they have to wait next week or month?” ..too much !!!

      • It’s just crazy. I felt really bad when I saw the video someone linked in this GAPP about the origins of JJ. I already knew of most of it, but I guess I can’t get used to it and every time I hear about it, it makes me sad even although it has a happy ending.
        I remember one day I was reading about peculiarities of idols and about one of them they said he loves to sleep and sleeps a lot and he falls asleep many times during live performances and so. People found it funny where I read it, but I was wondering, does he really like sleeping so much or does he fall asleep because of lack of sleep? So sad.

      • I sure they lack to sleep ( they was teen that time with love sleep) because i read somewhere the boys schedule most heavy they don’t have enough time , they have to wake up 3 clock very morning for training and before run somewhere and go home very late night it up how finish the show ( usually very late)…the more they success and favorite..the more they have dead schedule…and think about they still have deb that time ..make tear in my eyes T__T

      • Yes, for anyone with the eyes open to reality it is obvious it was because of lack of sleep but not everyone realises, that’s why I read what I read as if it was something typical of him.

    • It is a puzzle to me that T-ara can get away with their agency by giving hints that they are being mistreated!? Is this their style to get a lot of people on their side? Or their company just don’t care at all with what they talk on variety shows?

  15. naked Su is such a tease…

    love the intimate feel of 3voices, e.g. 3voices II when Su was in the ryokan and they did close-up of him looking out of the window after awaking…for a deluded moment I really thought I was in the room with him after ahem*nighttogether*…I wish…kekeke

  16. We are trending XiahTodForElisabeth to support him in his 1st performance. We’ll start at 1pm KST, 11pm in Perú, 4 am in London time, 5 am in Madrid, Paris time.

    • I’ve never heard of this site before, so I’m not familiar with its origins. Since there wasn’t a great number of diverse opinions, just a few, I’m not sure what to make of the comments. The main thing I took from the mention of GG is the fact that most reports were gushing over their appearances. All this whilst most Americans who saw it were not that impressed.

      Kpop fans should tread cautiously. The comments made about the costumes and the visuals alone speak volumes. I found it interesting when one of the commenters made a point about the girls looking like they wanted to be any place put there on the show. Now I know what that image was that played in my mind. It was the empty look in their faces I saw. Like they were robots.

      If the Kpop companies expect to make a huge impact in America, they better start training these acts to be more personable on stage. One comment made…”they come over every couple of years and bomb”…paraphrasing. Just simply screaming at the top of your lungs while the acts perform is not going to convince many folks at all.

      This is one of the reasons I believe JYJ has a leg up on most of the acts coming over here. They are not following a formula. They are creating music that means something to them. This translates when they perform those songs.

      • @BAF,

        When I posted the link, I put the exclamation point because when I read the article I was disturbed, and I wanted to go commando on the writer…because of the way he was talking about GG as girls and women. I am not a fan of the father of k-pop’s company artists, but I had issues with them because they commented above the realms of their art/performance/singing.

        Unfortunately, these are prone

      • As far as I could detect there was only one female in the discussion. I might have missed any others. But even that aside, once they got past the talk on GG, it branched out to a more esoteric discussion about Asian influence all together.

        The fact that there seemed to be a ‘chauvinistic’ tilt really should not be surprising. This is really part and parcel of what SM is really creating for SNSD. For all the attempt to make them look demur, they are shuffling them out there with mixed signals.

        Because they are presenting them in concepts, it’s kind of hard to show them as individuals. Maybe because as is the practice in groups this large, only a few have really good voices. This is one of the huge drawbacks of most of the idol groups. When they come over to the West, this is not going to play very well. SNSD’s act is kind of cutesy, but not very strong. SM is not doing them any favors. When they don’t take America by storm, I hope emotionally they are prepared.

        What the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes do, is widely accepted as presented. It is a stage performance of like concept. That’s as far as American audiences are willing to go. Trust me.

    • lol, why is it under HUMOR?
      Korean Wave Hits America

      in humorous form or a direct jab on the face?
      “…Records show that these attackers surgically alter their appearance, wear wigs and several inches of make-up, change their clothes hourly, perform in groups so large that they could be considered armies, and brazenly imitate America’s own beloved celebrities. Thus, pinning down these enemy forces will not be easy. Experts claim that they are recruited at an early age and then trained to be utterly replaceable and indistinguishable from their peers; often retired at an early age, and never heard from again. It is even rumoured that when one band disappears, another two will take its place…”

      “They say that not every American was won over by the performance. Apparently much of the American public didn’t react well to a nine-member group of what appeared to be untalented juveniles dressed as prostitutes, utterly indistinguishable from one another (on account of their attire, rather than race – let’s make that point clear), trying and failing to be sexy, and pointed to a glimmer of hope in the obvious confusion and apprehension seen on the faces of Letterman, and Regis and Kelly, which is likely to have inspired doubt in the hearts and souls of viewers across the nation. ”

      This article isn’t funny anymore, it’s a ridicule to the highest level. Thank God JYJ had not made any TV appearance from the past when they were in the USA, they were very raw by that time, at least they were spared with kind of insult.

      • That is why I get very angry when people try to push them (JYJ) to do things they aren’t ready for. American audiences are VERY different and you must be cautious. Fans think that their opinions alone matter….NOT TRUE! Kpop fans that are not Korean or of another ethnic Asian group are more tolerant and free thinking than the average moron American. (Sad to say this about my own country but it is true) Add on top of that the shitty new kpop formula and what do you expect? I pray the very best for JYJ and nothing more. Fans have to learn when to leave the management to the management/PR companies. Imagine if that Ellen D. show had gone through when the boys could barely chew English (even Yoochun) .

        I feel really bad for SNSD. It isn’t a risk they took of their own initiative but rather just another meaningless order from a heartless company.

    • The original contract would have ended already, but JYJ pulled out early before it ended, so Avex is still using that to make troubles for JYJ.

      • No, JYJ did not pull out of the contract. Avex suspended their existing contract with JYJ because the guys would not adhere to the changes Avex wanted to make in a new contract. That one ended. The only one remaining was the one with Tohoshinki, that is the one they are trying to dance with. And that might be should be running out as we speak.

      • What she said! 🙂

        @dbjyjsk (Junsu&JYJ/DBSK)
        Avex was the one who tried to dump JYJ for SM idols, using unfounded reasons like gangsterism.

      • Haha, the song Mission fits perfectly. I love it. I gotta confess when I heard about this project I dropped some tear. I guess it was also because of the emotional rollercoaster JYJ fans suffer every time they try to harm our boys, so hearing about this amazing news after reading so much dirty stuff was like a ray of light in the middle of a storm.

    • Whitney, I’m going to miss you girl. I had the pleasure of hearing you sing live all the songs @anva my JYJ3 sister has posted. I saw you at the very beginning of your career, with your first album “Whitney” and marveled at your voice. I saw you at the height of your career after “Bodyguard”. Nobody’s voice will ever compare to yours. At your pinnacle, you sent goosebumps down my spine whenever I heard you sing. Please know that you will always be loved.

    • The news reports simply state her body was found this afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. No word on cause of death. She was expected to appear at Clive Davis annual pre-Grammy party.

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