[FANCAMS] Jaejoong in Turkey ♥

Jaejoong’ Fanmeeting in Turkey (Warned!! >.<)

Jaejoong in Ankara University

Jaejoong leaving his hotel in Turkey..Fans started to sing “In Heaven” to him^^

Jaejoong’s Photo [Visiting Turkey] 12.02.04 ~12.02.08

Credit:  Zeycak + mgtalay3 + Alsheshekey + Jaejoong860126 
Shared byJYJ3


10 thoughts on “[FANCAMS] Jaejoong in Turkey ♥

  1. Thank you Turkey fans….great cams. Tht girl who did the korean bow was so funny. She jumped around like bunny then she bowed, hahaha…

  2. Go Turky fans!! and more fancams =) by the way admi I send you this link, it´s of peruvian report it is just a short video, the video complete will show in this week! It is not my, I just saw on the internet , the autor is: MegamiSama993

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