[PIC +INFO] JYJ for NII: “Love love You & I”


Love Love You & I
Love build-up start!

A time for couples~!! Valentine date~ White Day
Send NII as a gift to your loved one^^

Duration: 10 February 2012 (Friday) ~ 15 March 2012 (Thurs)
Announcement of prize winner: 19 March 2012 (Mon)

The winner of the prize lottery will receive couple T-shirts.

Credit: DNBN
Shared byJYJ3


39 thoughts on “[PIC +INFO] JYJ for NII: “Love love You & I”

  1. Happy Valentine date to Everyone here in JYJ3 family & my JYJ boys !!
    Every day is Valentine date if our heart are full of love …………
    We give all of our loves to JYJ , support & trust them forever ^^

  2. junsu is not filling out his pants for once!! TT TT where are those beautiful meaty thighs~ hmm..can i request for them for valentine’s day..or those papers they drew on will do too.. ^^

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