[PICS] ‘Miss Ripley’ Official Guide Book

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Credit: @miccho0123
Shared by: JYJ3


47 thoughts on “[PICS] ‘Miss Ripley’ Official Guide Book

  1. this boy can be deceiving sometimes, wonder who he is in the real world, is he the cute & adorable guy or witty & mischievous type or sexy & dangerous man, admiring him thus far make me forget that he is a normal human being whom making his living through entertainment industry

  2. haha can someone tell what a guide book is? i don’t mind if its to guide me to chunnie’s heart..or pants..oh shush its pervy talkin’..heart i mean HEART..

  3. this’s why K variety shows used to compare his handsomeness with other people. I remember when I watched his old shows, such as Star King, and gag balloon…now I understand why they’ve reasons to do that because our YC’s gorgeous/
    Our YC doesn’t seem handsome on TV, but in real life, wow, he’s gorgeous!!! I don’t know how to describe his handsomeness, sometimes he’s manly and smexy, sometimes he’s beautiful and adorable…you guys will understand my feeling when watching his live concert

      • yes! when I watched his live concert, I’s so closed to him
        he’s more handsome than on TV, his skin’s flawless also but then he looked skinny (i feel sorry for him) because that time he’d concerts and drama as well.

      • Erm… His skin is not totally flawless if you’ve seen him up close…….

        BUT! That doesn’t discount the fact he’s extremely handsome.
        He has an air about him that is just totally cool and sexy. 😀

      • yes! it’s in Newark, NJ. At that time, I traveled a lot , but because of him, it’s worthy!!!
        After you see JYJ live, when you go home you’ll forget other singers because they put 200% efforts for their performance.

        I hope I’ll have more $ to see them live again if they’ll be back to the U.S.

        Anyway, good luck for your turn! don’t like me dreaming their faces after seeing them live

  4. To Mr. and Mrs. Park, thank you for giving us the awesomeness of your son, Yoochun. To PYC, thank you for being the adorable human being you are. Just like your brothers, there is no limit to the heights you are going to achieve. I’m just happy to be along for the ride. PEACE my young brother.

  5. although jaejoong is my bias.. after watching miss ripley, i admited that chunnie is one most handsome guy alive.. i never get bored watching him in miss ripley, chunnie is.. aargh.. any words cannot describe how perfect he is..

  6. He is so handsome, gorgeous and sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love his sexy, cool, funny vibe about himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. totally handsome..his gorgeous smile, looks, personality, everything is just perfect!!! just need to wait my turn to see him LIVE!!! aaah yoochunnie~~

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