[TRANS] 2 more stories from Junsu’s childhood & a recipe for all xiahpwas ^___^

We shared with you one of the stories from Junsu’s childhood yesterday, in this post. Here are two more below, plus a recipe for Junsu’s favorite dish ^___^

A secret between JS’s hyung and grandmother

Junsu and Junho wanted to compete in cycling, so they asked their grandmother to be the judge. Junsu really wanted to win the competition, but Junho won it again. Junsu asked his grandmother why he always lost to his brother and she said that he had to eat more in order to win. So, Junsu ate more while trying to compete with his brother. However, Junho still kept winning even though Junsu had been eating a lot more food. One day, they competed with each to other again. Junsu was determined to win. Junho reached the finishing line first, but their grandmother declared that Junsu won. While Junsu felt very satisfied with himself, Junho told their grandmother to keep his win as a secret.

Fanart for this story below the cut:

Wiping away the fog on his mother’s car window

Junsu and his mother were in a car while it was snowing. His mother told him that there was fog on the windshield and it had to be cleaned with tissue paper. Junsu took the tissue papers and went out of the car. His mother told him to blow at the window and wipe it with tissue paper. Junsu said okay and he blew at the tissue paper. His mother laughed and told him to blow at the window and not at the tissue. As they shared a good relationship with each other, Junsu spent an enjoyable time with his mother.

Junsu’s favorite home-cooked dish: Spicy fried chicken soup

Junsu’s favourite home-cooked dish is the spicy fried chicken soup. The ingredients are 1 large onion, 1 green onion, 4 medium-sized potatoes, half a sweet potato, 4 green peppers, 10 whole garlic. 2 tablespoons of red pepper paste, 2 tablespoons of chili powder, soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of starch syrup, 1 tablespoon of crushed garlic, ginger and cooking wine or clear rice wine are needed for the marinade. After removing the oil on the chicken skin, parboil the chicken in boiling water to remove oil and impurities for a short while. Marinate the chicken. Cut the potatoes and sweet potatoes. Put them into a pot together with the chicken. The ingredients and water should fill up to ¾ of the pot. Cook without covering the pot. Junsu’s mother’s know-how – when cooking the chicken in the pot for the first time, add clear rice wine or ginger, garlic, etc. to remove the natural smell of meat. Don’t forget to remove the lid of the pot. Put the green pepper, green onion and onion into the pot once the soup has thickened. Boil again. Finish with sesame oil and decorate with green onion.

Fanart: @asxjunsu | Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3 | Shared by: JYJ3

Please do not add to, alter, or remove the credits.


49 thoughts on “[TRANS] 2 more stories from Junsu’s childhood & a recipe for all xiahpwas ^___^

  1. Junho is a super sweet older bro! i totally love the way he looks out for junsu eventhough he’s just one minute older..on the other hand, junsu…lmao! he was seriously naive as a child…sooooooo cute!!<3

  2. Awesome fanart 🙂 Love the way the fan drew Su as a kid – super duper cute esp the eyes, I just wanna squish him!
    Juno is such a sweet and sensible hyung. Kim twins and their family are so warm and close-knit, Mrs Kim has done a great job as a wife and mother.

  3. O my god so cute and junho is such a good brother
    i was surprised when junsu said that he and his brother never ever get spanked by there mother
    And he never ever had a fight with his brother.he sad my brother is like a buddha you just cant fight with him

  4. Ok, now I know what recipe I am gonna make. This week I’ll try this recipe for sure. Besides I bought Korean red pepper paste some days ago so, I have all the ingredients. Here it’s not that easy to find Asian ingredients but as I love it I always fill my luggage with Asiatic products when I travel to take home.

  5. This is like gold for me >w< well, i think for all xiahpwas xD i just love the fanarts, so well done &cute ❤ Junsu u were born to be a cutie pie *-* Junho oppa is also so cute, such a sweet brother ^.^

  6. junsu, i love you
    your competitive side
    your innocent side
    your sweet side
    everything you do, you do it in your way, which is really CUTE
    asdfghjkl i can’t say more, i just wanna take a look and get every details of fanart above *again hehe ^ ^

  7. Junsu is a very happy childhood, filled with beautiful memories. I think Yoochun and JAEJOONG childhood full of struggle and tears, but it’s all made of a rigid body and deserves to be an example for the younger generation

  8. OMO~~ Uri Junsu is really adorable~~~ ^^ thanks to admins and @asxjunsu! those stories and fanarts makes my day so cheerful (o^_^o)

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