[TWITTER] 120211 Jaejoong Twitter Update


[TRANS] A package came.. Wah~~



[TRANS] Unwrapping the wrapper.



[TRANS] Elephant wrapper was inside, so unwrapping again.



[TRANS] Another rectangular box was inside.



[TRANS] Inside, there was another rectangular box.. Inside..



[TRANS] A female doll was inside…



[TRANS] Female doll who came out from under 5 wrappers where did you come from…Good work ㅠㅠ

Source: @mjjeje | Translation by: @_alovelikewar | Shared by: JYJ3


95 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120211 Jaejoong Twitter Update

    • Exactly what I was thinking, LOL!!!!! The fan sent him a girlfriend. If you look it has a draw string. I wonder if he pulls it what does the doll say, LOL!!!!!!

      • It’s a Blythe doll, they were very popular in the 1960’s and are very rare to find in mint condition (and in the box). I’m not sure if this one is an original one from the 60’s, because usually the super rare ones that I’ve seen have red hair.

        Anywho! The pull string on the back of the doll is for their eyes. When you pull the string the eyes turn to reveal a different color. I think there are 4 different colors (blue, green, auburn, and purple).

        Either way, this was a really sweet gift!! Although, I have to say, when I saw that Jae had taken her out of the box, I was like, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” LOL!!!

  1. it’s sooooo cuuuteeee of Jaejoong~~
    unbelievable fan who sent that gift, but it’s also such a great idea. I thought Jaejoong had fun opened it haha
    I also want to send gift for Jaejoong. wondering what’s his address….

  2. ‘A package came.. Wah~~’ ——————————>:D 😀 😀 😀
    Unwrapping the wrapper.—————————–>:D 😀 😀
    Elephant wrapper was inside, so unwrapping again.—————————> 😀 😀
    Another rectangular box was inside.——————-> ??? (curious)
    Inside, there was another rectangular box.. Inside..—————> ???? (more curious)
    A female doll was inside…—————-> ????!!! O___o
    ‘Female doll who came out from under 5 wrappers where did you come from…Good work ㅠㅠ’—————–> ?? O___O ??

    LOL……. should i do the same thing with my present for him too, wrapper it till became a big and the inside only a key chain and a necklace ? LOL just kidding

  3. Top secret gift! Wonder who gave him that doll and what does she say when you pull the string…so curious. Nice way to entertain our Jae!

    • :)))) She actually doesn’t say anything when you pull the string. That is a Blythe doll, which were very popular in the 1960’s. It’s rare to find one in mint condition these days. I’m not sure if this one is an original or a re-make, but either way, they are very sweet dolls!

      When her string is pulled, her eyes change color. There are 4 different colors (blue, green, auburn and purple).

      Jae’s so lucky!! I like to collect vintage dolls/toys and I’ve been wanting one of these for about 10 years now!!!

  4. Wahhh.. I when I saw the 2nd pic. I know there’s another wrapper inside.. ahaha. Here in philippines we also do that. Just to have fun.. the fans is really funny.

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  6. The fans is really cool. Using a box with a thai lang. And the 2nd box with a singapore name but made in china that wrapped in elepanth wrapper. But the doll is made of japan.. ahahaha.. I’m sure the fans is ASIAN.

  7. ฉันคิดว่ามันคือพัสดุจากแฟนคลับประเทศไทย เพราะกล่องพัสดุเป็นกล่องพัสดุของไปรษณีประเทศไทยค่ะ ^^ แฟนคลับไทยคงอยากให้แจจุงสนุกและลุ้นไปด้วยขณะที่กำลังแกะกล่องพัสดุ 555+

  8. wait what? I knew Tomy Takara made the Tomics cars my sons sooo love to play with, didn’t know it also made these Blythe dolls @.@
    anyway, what a lucky fan! 🙂

  9. LOL, so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have heard of people doing this before but I still think it is clever and cute of the fan or fans. I too wonder what the doll saids. Come on Jae pull it and tweet what the doll said, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i had the same thought as he was unwrapping it and pulled out the doll–it is kind of creepy. i was hoping it wasn’t a prank too. good thing it wasn’t. very interesting. wonder which color of eyes he likes best?

  11. Dear JJ,
    Haha… I may not be able to solve the mysterious doll’s origin 😛 😛 😛
    It’s all up to you to find out,JJ 😉
    ~~~ lolololo~~~ this gift is so out of ordinary but it’s fun when JJ unwrapped^^ slowly

  12. he’s such a tease..even with unwrapping presents..tsk tsk..but i did not expect a doll..wonder who sent it to him..dolls scare me..lol~

  13. I couldn’t believe my ownn eye! That’s post box is Thai Postbox. I means, it come from Thai fan. Fan who send that doll to him is so creative. (and have a lot of money too)

  14. soooo adorable!!! i’m glad Jae shared each phase he went thru to finally get to his girlfriend!!! sooo cute!! ^_~

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