[TWITTER] 120212 Jaejoong Twitter Update

[TRANS] Went to Noel concert with Jaeyoungie~ as expected, Noel hyung was the best!

Source: @mjjeje | Trans + shared by: JYJ3


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    • @anva

      “… who is NOEL”


      The male vocal group debuted back in 2002 with Kang Kyunsung, Jeon Woosung, Lee Sanggon, and Na Sungho. Their last release was back in 2006 when they were still signed under JYP Entertainment.

      Veteran male vocal group Noel has made a comeback into the music industry after 5 years with “I Miss You”. in october of 2011. The quartet debuted back in 2002 with memebrs Kang Kyunsung, Jeon Woosung, Lee Sanggon, and Na Sungho. Their last release was back in 2006 when they were still signed under JYP Entertainment. “I Miss You” will mark their first comeback in the fast-changing Korean music industry saturated with many groups.

      Here is a video that gives a profile of each member.

      • @A Friend If JYJ

        Great minds…. 🙂 I posted their very good song “In Order To Live” above (a few posts.) It was part of the “Padam Padam” soundtrack.

      • @lilibaiyu

        LOL 🙂 Seriously….I’m beginning to wander if we were separated at birth…LOL
        We seem to have same musical tastes… 🙂

        Love that song as well….

      • @anva
        “woow..They are good..Thank you so much @A friend of JYJ and My sis @LiLi.”

        Hi Anva! Yes, they record well. The vocal performance on “In Order To Live” (which I’ve now heard about 20,000 times because I watched “Padam Padam” lol) is really really fabulous. I have to say I found myself being a little less than impressed with their live recordings on YouTube, but this seems to be a problem endemic to the idol groups, who are just SOOO minutely groomed, fluffed and and pitch corrected in the recording studio, they just never quite learn how to sing a song from start to finish. (This is also a big problem for instrumentalists these days who spend a lot of their time recording. Many of them also can not seem to play a song start to finish very well without multiple stops and punch-ins.)

        This just makes me even more a fan of JYJ, I have to say….

  1. NOEL?? Is he the one who sing I MISS YOU.. WOW HIS VOICE IS VERY NICE.. I didn’t know that they are friends. Jae is really my man. ^_^

  2. Sorry for my poor English in advance….
    Noeul is famous vocal group and JJ once uploaded a picture with one of the members on his twitter….maybe last month?
    and.. Jaeyoung is JJ’s friend who is famous baseball player, JJ once went to see his game last year~ you guys remember?

    • Don’t be sorry for your English, I think most of us here are also struggling and practicing our English, lol, and our English speakers sisters are COOL , they are very considerate and forgiving …
      I’m glad Jae is making us know his circle of friends.

  3. Baby is having fun like any grown person should! You work hard, you play hard which in the past was you work hard and then you work hard again and again. and again.

  4. I am so glad JJ is so happy and enjoying his life. This is how it should be you work hard so you can have fun! Also, always love his sexy tongue action, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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