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Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

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  1. I have a question for Moon that Embraces the Sun fans. I’ve heard so many people say its good, and I started it. I’m on episode 5 and I am not getting sucked in (I find it not interesting)
    Does it get better after episode 5? –>aka should I continue?

    I loved SKKS because of the character depictions and plot.
    But for this drama I feel like its a rehash of other segeuk pieces that I LOVED. I also am feeling bored a bit. Their are many fabulous actors in this drama that I have watched in other drama’s….so I know they can act…..but so far I am not feeling the characters. AKA no one that is evil is as evil as they should be…

    I think this the downside to having watched more than 100 K-drama’s TT___TT

    • I saw, wait till the adult actors take over and see how you like it. Sometimes it feels a bit slow when its only the child actors and you know that things will build up when the older versions show up.
      I found the kids adorable and they were amazing actors, but it becomes a more mature drama as soon as Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo appear. Give it another episode and see what you think. Most of the scenes with the leads are amazing. Kim Soo Hyun is really a commanding screen presence.

    • Actually if you don’t like it now, you will not like it when the adults appear. Because it gets more mellow/slower with the adults. I like it though. I like it a lot. But I loved it more when the kids were playing it more than when the adults started.

    • I don’t know…it up pps …with me I like child’s cast more …but when adult cast…I feel boring..the same feeling and same note of voice for long…they actually not bad,,just feel they don’t strong enough to pour out characters ..anyway, still a excellent drama, good writer ^___^

    • well i don’t think u should continue, i am watching the drama and i have to say the first couple episodes are really what drew me into the drama, if it hasn’t for u by now then i don’t think this drama is for u.

      it might not be cause having watched a lot dramas cause i also have watch over 100 dramas as well (gonna be reaching 200 soon). I think what might have happen to you, is what to my sis. my sis tells me that cause i keep saying a drama is so good that by the time she watch it she ends up feeling like the drama is not that great and become bored with it.

  2. hi JYJ friends and JYJ3 admin…..three day my job keep me busy
    btw Today we hear Whitney Houston left this world, …. may God protect him in heaven
    The songs and spirit gift our generation’s hope for a better future, check Junsu sing Greatest Love of All

  3. RIP Whitney Houston, you’re a LEGEND and an inspiration to many aspiring singers. Your songs are marked with a magnificent God-given talent and will be sung by generation to generation in your memory.

      • Yes, me too. Whitney’s is another voice, that simply transcended beyond the recording. I remember listening to her perform at the very beginning of her career when her first album came out. My thoughts were, she is going places. Even then she got standing ovations.

        And the other two times I saw her in concert, I wasn’t disappointed. People used to comment that she couldn’t dance. Well, if you had a voice like that you wouldn’t need to dance either to put on a great show. 🙂

        I’m just saddened that she couldn’t find happiness, nor learned how to cope with life’s difficulties without turning to substance abuse. That is a one-way street, for sure.

      • @BAF…did you see her live? wow..now for me just a dream…T__T
        “People used to comment that she couldn’t dance” oomenn…..I only need her voice not thing else..for me singer dance and good looking just the bonus.
        yes, I hear little about it …she should deserve more happy in her life..wish she rest in peace!!!

      • @BAFfie

        Still too hard to believe. SO many people before her have been down that horrible road and died tragically, not only in music, although there have been a LOT of them in music, but in many other walks of life too. Maybe one of the most insidious aspects of the drug world is that people actually fool themselves into believing that nothing bad will happen to them – that THEY can do drugs and be fine.

      • @My VE Sister

        “Maybe one of the most insidious aspects of the drug world is that people actually fool themselves into believing that nothing bad will happen to them – that THEY can do drugs and be fine.”

        I’ve lost too many friends over the years who tried to do exactly that. For those who managed to ‘kick’ it, they wound up paying a price later in life because their immune systems were shot to hell.

        It doesn’t help if you have an addictive personality to start off with. But again, people lose sight of how to cope, or they never had coping skills to start off with. Some of that is reinforcement from our growing up years. Other parts are learning to be strong because you have to, you have no choice.

        For those who try and fool themselves into thinking, “oh no, not me”, it’s already too late.

        But I’m grateful for the times I got to see and hear her live. Like the young brothers in JYJ – better live than on record. Very few can accomplish this.

        The rendition JYJ did of “I Have Nothing” at their Thanksgiving Concert, will be a hallmark in their careers. It’s not easy for male singers to adapt a song female singers record. For some reason, it works differently the other way. 🙂

        Stay At Peace My Sister

      • @lili

        “Maybe one of the most insidious aspects of the drug world is that people actually fool themselves into believing that nothing bad will happen to them – that THEY can do drugs and be fine.”

        I think it’s not just drugs, it can also be applied to STD/AIDS and other diseases. People think that tragic incidents/death can happen to other people but not to them. Somehow, many people have this invincibility mindset that no harm affect them which is really sad and infuriating at the same time.

  4. If Whitney ever see this, she probably gives Jae,YooChun & Junsu a standing ovation.This version is remarkably good.

    Not just anyone could sing this song “I have nothing” , especially for male singer.

    I am so proud of our boys.

  5. @all

    @coffeecraze – Indeed. “Today is one of the saddest day in music history and one of the best day for musical history”

    Ironically, Elizabeth is Whitney’s middle name. She was named after her grandmother.

  6. Junsu just with his Mother backstage. Junsu’s Dad is one VERY LUCKY MAN!

    THAT IS ONE GORGEOUS WOMAN! Sooooooo Classy and Sophisticated.

  7. I was so excited when I saw that JYJ was doing this particular Whitney song; and yes it is difficult for anyone but her to sing, but JYJ pulled it off wonderfully. A great tribute to a music legend.

      • 🙂 Seriously >>>> SME — I want to THANK YOU!

        Because if it was not for all you BSing….


      • @zan

        EXACTLY! They’d still be spending their days… walking through airports and doing the same old-same-old activities they had done for the last 7 years. Just imagine ALL the wonderful opportunities they would have missed if the stayed with SME. I am so glad they had the courage to leave that “DEVIL” behind!

        We know it has been very hard on them… but LIFE has truly given them some really BEAUTIFUL GIFTS in the form of NEW and WONDERFUL experiences and opportunities since leaving SME! This performance only further confirms it. 🙂

    • Oh my did Junsu slip a little while running down the slope? Anyway he’s awesome! His aura here is just overwhelming, and i love his little smirk at 0:12! The audience is going crazy over him 🙂

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      JUNCHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      like my dear sisters in here, thanks to SM and the cronies, if not because their BS, we may never know their ability such this incredible performance of Kim Junsu

      btw @junmoshi thank you for share this video, Gosh i really wanna see more and more Junchan performance now

      • we may never know their ability such this incredible performance of Kim Junsu
        i meant we may never know JYJ ability such the incredible performance of Kim Junsu

      • So, there’s a note in twitter saying fancams are not allowed because in Mozart people resold the videos at high prices. :S It’s sad but we understand, right?
        That’s probably why the video is private now.

      • @junmoshi
        I actually managed to download and convert the video to .wmv format before it became private. I can send it to anyone who wants to see it, but not sure if i’m violating anything by doing this?

      • agree, press vids already made great impact on viewers but not to the extend that the actual performance will make my mouth drops.
        So Amazing Junsu. Not a trace of your day-to day Junsu but totally wrap with the role XiahTod.

    • @vhonz
      Thanks for posting this song… I cried… I have not listened to this in a while. I was a huge WS fan for years, but the pain of watching her fall was almost unbearable.
      When I first heard this song, it was so beautiful yet I still felt sad, because Whitney had spent years struggling with her addictions and in 2009 after a seven year absence she was trying to RISE UP AGAIN. The words are inspiring… we all have moments where we have to find that place within ourselves where we can be strong and move forward.
      RIP – Whitney Houston – Music Legend
      Here are the lyrics…. and Thanks again for posting this song.

      I Didn’t Know My Own Strength Lyrics

      Lost touch with my soul
      I had no where to turn
      I had no where to go
      Lost sight of my dream,
      Thought it would be the end of me
      I thought I’d never make it through
      I had no hope to hold on to,
      I thought I would break

      I didn’t know my own strength
      And I crashed down, and I tumbled
      But I did not crumble
      I got through all the pain
      I didn’t know my own strength
      Survived my darkest hour
      My faith kept me alive
      I picked myself back up
      Hold my head up high
      I was not built to break
      I didn’t know my own strength

      Found hope in my heart,
      I found the light to life
      My way out of the dark
      Found all that I need
      Here inside of me
      I thought I’d never find my way
      I thought I’d never lift that weight
      I thought I would break

      I didn’t know my own strength
      And I crashed down, and I tumbled
      But I did not crumble
      I got through all the pain
      I didn’t know my own strength
      Survived my darkest hour
      My faith kept me alive
      I picked myself back up
      Hold my head up high
      I was not built to break
      I didn’t know my own strength

      There were so many times I
      Wondered how I’d get through the night I
      Thought took all I could take

      I didn’t know my own strength
      And I crashed down, and I tumbled
      But I did not crumble
      I got through all the pain
      I didn’t know my own strength
      Survived my darkest hour
      My faith kept me alive
      I picked myself back up
      Hold my head up high
      I was not built to break
      I didn’t know my own strength

    • @vhonz
      why you made me cry, it’s 9am, and why I am watching this again.
      Honestly this is the first time I see this. I didn’t care much about the time she came back from hiatus.

      • my dear @anva i read your comment in previous GAPP several moment ago
        i felt sorry for your dog, i know how your feeling because i also have a dog when i still young and because i can’t bring him with me when i must moving to other town so i left him but sadly several moment after that i heard that he always waiting for me in a street and one day he get hit by a car
        ahh….sorry for bring a sad memories back again (bow)
        BTW i already follow your twitter account ^_^

      • @maiw…OOO “he get hit by a car ” T__T..so sad to hear that..he didn’t not make it…..if you don’t mind i talk to much i have other story….I grown up in the big garden house that why we usually have lot of dog..i have dog ..he opposite with the other one ..he was little lazy and friendly..my dad don’t like him..one day my dad gave him to his friend in down town…you believe that?? one more month later ..he stood in front of my house door dusty and smell ..I am shock and so happy..from that my family never give our dogs for any one.
        Thank you for listen to me, sis…i just miss them ….
        I will check my account right away, thank you, it is first time^^!!

      • @anva
        i guess that was animal instinct, when dog or cat have a strong bond with his/her home and people who live in there then those animal gonna search the way to get back to their home even though the place really far far away from the current place
        i have another story too though, i have a cat, for preference just imagine about Jiji but with a black color, she was really old maybe around 10 or 12 years old now. i ever mention about her wound legs on GAPP, i thought her legs gonna recover perfectly but i’m wrong so now she walk with a lame leg but she still can jump from a high place. since her legs get hurt till now i guess my bond with her became more stronger now,example when i read in my room, she gonna call me for open the door and she came to my room then when she saw me already wanna sleep , she came to beside me and sleep too but if i gone when she wake up then she gonna meowing for awhile and she gonna keep doing it with more loud till she can heard my voice or i came to her place, it’s like a mother who searching her daughter so desperately…that was my other story ^^

      • @anva @miaw
        I had many dogs & cat but my irreplaceable best friend of my life is my Ronny.He lived with me for 6 year from my kindergarden,to middle school.He is a dog look like Rottweiler,I was smaller than him when I was young,I rustle with him.I choose him over my human friends which make my friends angry.I nearly lost him when we move but he come out when I called.He has a very big good heart,he care for younger ones like a mom and younger bully him.He always smile & never angry. I cried tons when he passed away,I never got attach to any animal like him.It pained me a lot,no dog is like him.I miss him.

  8. Yoochun nah I thought u will not able to go to JS musical bec of your filming & all but U went to see your best friend,it make me so happy.I guess Jae hyung will go next so our Junsu will have his brothers in audience more days.I love u JYJ.

  9. for those who like k-dramas, maybe you’d like to read this mid-way reviews:

    i personally like the author (she also writes in dramabeans, belongs to ‘unpopular’ opinion if i may add), and though i don’t really agree with some of her opinion, i’ll make sure to check out some of the dramas. 🙂

    my current watchlist: padam padam, history of salaryman, dream high 2. so far so good, dream high 2 is really boring though. the popular moonsun is… idk, i’m not really curious to watch it. i’ll save my first sageuk spot this year for chunnie’s drama :3

    share your watchlist too, please! 😀

    • I am watching Japanese dramas as I like them more than Korean ones plus Padam Padam and What’s up. When I finish them I’ll start with Yoochun’s and Dream High 2.

    • I am watching Kimchi Family, Bachelor Vegetable Store, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. All three dramas have kind of ridiculous names, but they are fun

      • I tried to watch Bachelor Vegetable Store but nop, it wasn’t my style. I prefer comedies and I just watch sadder dramas if I find the story catchy and original as in Padam Padam but in Bachelor I could tell what was going to happen before it happened so. I wanna watch Shut up Flower Boy too! But I haven’t started yet.

    • @noi

      I just finished “Padam Padam” and liked it a lot. I’m almost finishing “Thousand Day’s Promise” which I’m finding really addictive and great. I’ve never seen Kim Rae Won before but he is really gorgeous in this drama. I love Park Soo Ae the female lead too – she was in an all time fave of mine “Emperor Of The Sea.” Also I just finished “Cinderella Man” (again) because I have a serious Kwon Sang Woo addiction that must be fed regularly. I may start “Hacha” or “Shut Up Flower Boy Band.” I started and stopped “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” because I like Ji Chang Wook but it was too Rom-Commie for me. (I really liked JCW in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” though.)

      • ugh … I need to watch Padam Padam now !
        hmmm …you recommend Thousand Day’s Promise ? … I was avoiding it because I wasn’t in the mood for sad story’s but I think I may check it out .

      • @meme & JYJ

        Yes, “Thousand Days Promise” is really really good, although sad. (well, “Padam Padam” is very sad too) But the story is great, the actors are all really good too. And I now LOVE Kim Rae Won. 🙂

      • A thousand day’s promise is a sad but man it’s totally worth it. the casts in that drama is beyond amazing in expressing themselves. Also, Yoohwan did a really good job in that drama. He makes me cries a few times ehhe

      • @goodday123
        “Also, Yoohwan did a really good job in that drama. He makes me cries a few times ehhe”

        Oh gosh, I forgot about Yoohwan! He was really good too. My first time seeing him. He looks so much like Chunnie, too.

      • @lilibaiyu

        Hey there…
        If you are looking for something TOTALLY of the K-Drama Norm… dark, quirky, funny, edgy.. then check-out SALARYMAN!

      • @A Friend Of JYJ
        “If you are looking for something TOTALLY of the K-Drama Norm… dark, quirky, funny, edgy.. then check-out SALARYMAN!”

        I just added it to my queue on Dramafever, which looks like I’ll be finishing all the dramas on it around December… lol
        Can you believe I once actually worried that I’d watch all the K-dramas there were and then I’d have nothing to watch anymore?? HA! What a joke. They are like mushrooms popping up after a rainstorm. There’s MILLIONS of ’em and more coming constantly!

      • @jyjfanboy: i’m watching it, now stuck in episode 2 and don’t know whether i should continue or not, but so far i couldn’t really grasp the story -.-‘ maybe i should watch it in slower phase instead of marathoning it

      • @noi

        Oh hang in there…. it gets better every episodes, by the 4th episode you’re addicted. It’s not your usual Kdrama formula so you might find it a boring at first but I’d say you won’t regret it. It’s a sad drama but also uplifting.

    • I just finished Padam Padam and I would boldly say it’s one of the BEST Kdramas I’ve seen so far— given that it’s the only one that I’ve seen this year so far. Very few TV shows can hold my attention and interest, whether American, European or Asian shows, but I always anticipate new episodes for Padam Padam. The cinematography, story, acting, directing and editing is top notch… I highly recommend watching it for anyone. (I’m actually on a campaign to have more people watch this drama hahahahaha).

      • @iamjyjfanboy
        “I just finished Padam Padam and I would boldly say it’s one of the BEST Kdramas I’ve seen so far— given that it’s the only one that I’ve seen this year so far.”

        I’ve been beating the drum for this one for a while now. 🙂 Honestly, my only quibble with it was the acting performance of Jung Woo Sung, although apparently I am in a microscopic minority of people who didn’t much care for it–he got almost uniform raves from the viewers on Dramafever. It was just way too over-the-top and hysterical for my taste; way too much “emoting”, mannerisms and crying with no tears in evidence. Just over-acted, in my opinion. His co-star Han Ji Min was just wonderful however. Beautiful, naturalistic in her part–she gave a wonderful performance. And of course I though Kim Bum was a positive revelation compared to the last thing I saw him in, “Boys Over Flowers.” He was GREAT in this – sublimely watchable, award-worthy, in fact.. I’d be interested to see what other JYJ3 sisters and bros think of the drama though so whoever is going to watch it, please post your thought afterwards in a GAPP. 🙂

      • @lilibaiyu

        I do like Jung Woo Sung’s acting in Padam Padam although I have to agree with you that sometimes he over-acts particularly when he’s expressing too much happiness. I cringe every time he portrays elation and when he screams, you don’t know if he’s being creepy or being happy. I like the way he acts as an uncouth man that basically learned how to act and react inside the prison and had hard time adjusting in the complex human behavior of an outside world. You can see JWS’s progression from being ex-convict to being a “decent” person. I also liked that despite being in prison for almost half of his life, Kang Chil retained his child like innocence (or was it ignorance?). As for Kim Bum, he really did grew as an actor, just don’t make him wail hehehehe. He did come a long way from being just a pretty boy of BOF but I was more concern with his physique because he was too thin and actually suffered because of that— having an arthritis in your early 20’s is an indicative of poor health. At first I didn’t bother with the romance aspect of the show, I was more invested in father-son-grandmother aspect of the show but I liked how the writer/s intertwined the romance and family stories together that it made a cohesive story. The bromance of Kang Chil and Gook Soo is also intriguing that it’s a fresh of breath air— although such relationship would not work in an American market since it will be viewed as “too gay”. Padam Padam has it flaws but in entirety, it’s worth watching; I cannot give praise it enough but I can urge other people to watch it and post another comment on next GAPP hahahaha.

        On a different note: I really like Lee Dong Wook but I can’t even finish the first episode of Wild Romance. Maybe if I have more time to spare then I’ll give this show another try. Is anyone watching “history of a salaryman”? Is it particularly good?

      • @iamjyjfanboy

        thanks for your reply. I’m interested too in seeing other people’s reactions to “Padam Padam.” I think I probably fatally prejudiced myself against Jung Woo Sung a couple of years back when I watched “The Restless” a movie which he starred in with Kim Tae Hee; it was her first movie role. I made the mistake of watching the “Making Of” segment after the movie and JWS was sort of a huge jerk in it. He was going on and on about how experienced he was and how much he knew about acting and how he had to be constantly telling KTH how to act. So I think maybe he’s just not my cup of tea. 🙂

        I was also reading about “Wild Romance” with LDW (who I also really love.) No good, huh? Maybe I won’t bother then with that one. Anyway, I still need to see “Scent Of A Woman” and I’ve heard he was really good in that.

      • @lilibaiyu

        Really? JWS is a jerk? Good thing I didn’t know that before watching Padam Padam ’cause I might also have reacted differently. Thankfully, all the cast can act so he doesn’t need “teach” them— or probably he did behind the camera. LOL

        About Wild Romance, according to reviews I’ve read it’s gets better in latter episodes but basing on the first episode it has a “cartoonish” feel on the acting or manga style with exaggerated facial expressions and actions. Maybe we should give it a try in the future but watch “Scent of a Woman” first.

      • @IamJYJFanboy

        Hey there… I just started SALARYMAN and I really like it. I just got to Episode 8. I started watching this to take a break from all the Sauguek and historical dramas I’ve watched in the last couple of months. TDR, PM, WBDS.. wheww…enough!
        I like it because it is definitely not your norm K-drama. Just hard to describe it.. Don’t let the promotional teaser which only will make sense after you’ve watched the show, put you off from watching it. It’s fresh, dark, quirky, funny, has some romance, and the back stories are worked in beautifully without the usual all on the front end. And I like how they’ve developed the non-pretty boy “hero”. Please check-it-out if you get a chance.
        Oh.. Vampire Prosecutor, was also interesting. He does not “bite” …just gets “clues” from the blood… interesting concept.
        Talk to you later.

      • Thanks for the info, I’ll definitely check out Salaryman then. I think the show is not over yet so I might wait for few more episodes, maybe after the 10th, before starting.

      • @A Friend Of JYJ
        ” I started watching this to take a break from all the Sauguek and historical dramas I’ve watched in the last couple of months. TDR, PM, WBDS.. wheww…enough!”

        I hate to eavesdrop, but what are TDR and WBDS?

      • @lilibaiyu

        Sorry, .. just got back. Uhmmm okay maybe my abbreviations are off. LOL here’s my little guide…

        TWDR?- Tree With Deep Roots (sorry I should have included the W) Absolutely loved this. It was like K-drama crack for me! Only felt like this after watching Coffee Prince and SKKS.

        the PM – Princess’s Man (meh… I guess I am only person on planet that dropped this at episode 22… for me the romance between Princess Kyeoung-hye and Jeoung Jong was much more interesting.. he WORKED to win her, and her resistance to him and eventual FALLING in love with him… uhmmm yes…that was a thing to behold! I enjoyed watching her more than the two leads. Yes I know its heresy..)

        WBDS – Warrior Baek Dong-Soo (Loved the start and the sword fight scenes in the vast field of tall green grass against that powder blue sky! MAN THAT WAS STUNNING. .. Ji Chang-wook’s incredible “main of glory” – I’d die to be able to wear my hair like that. He should just wear his hair that length ALL the time in real life. But alas.. the whole drama descended into a vortex of repetition that went on almost 5 episodes right till the end.. I made it to the end.. but very disappointed.)

        I know you only wanted me to tell you what the abbreviations meant…. sorry…. 🙂

    • They posted it 2 days ago. Later I read Junsu’s mom has given this song to Asia’s Star because of their anniversary and she had asked not to upload it anywhere else besides Junsu Asias Star but it seems people reuploaded it anyhow.

      • Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean that, daebak. It’s just that the other day we were posting these videos and wondering why we had never seen them before, so happy to have new songs and then I read that in twitter and I felt sad. But they also said that as that website is not in English perhaps people didn’t know what Junsu’s mum had asked and they uploaded it because of that (?).

        And yes, my twitter is that. Follow me and I’ll follow you back since I don’t know yours. ^^

    • I was thinking the same thing since yesterday night!!!! What’s keeping him busy other than composing? Hmmm… maybe there’s a new project….cross fringers ^^v


    I’m paging my All Blacks sister Miranda (@springbok7)… I haven’t seen you posting comments lately (ok me too!). I do hope your okay. Ready for the HK7s?

    • Not too long ago, she said she was going to have to visit and comment sparingly. Some issues at work, and other responsibilities. As soon as things clear up a bit more, we’ll see her more frequently. She’s probably lurking for the time being. Didn’t give a time frame on how long that will be. Hope this helps.

      • @BAFfie

        Now that you mention it, I’ve been pretty infrequent and/or absent lately too. It’s because I’ve had some annoying computer problems. And it’s not fixed yet and won’t be for a while. (I had to order a new memory card online; who knows when it will get here.) Fortunately, I still get emails so I can still read JYJ3. Please everyone, say a tiny prayer for my poor sick computer. I want to be back as I was, posting every day. 🙂

      • @sapphire

        Wow! I was JUST thinking of you today! Are you OK? Where have you been? (I’ve been out with a computer nightmare for the last week. Don’t ask. We’re working on it.)

        Anyway, I’ve missed your posts and I hope all is well where you are.

      • @anva

        Hi ladies *hugs* I’m good. Funnily enough Lili, I was thinking of you earlier today too!! *weird Twilight Zone music playing!!* I’ve been really sick & had a lot of stuff to deal with, & I actually didn’t realise how much I’ve missed JYJ3 until coming back today. 😀 But arrgghhh…. SO much stuff to catch up on!!!

      • @BAF

        Thank you for the info, good thing she’s OK but let’s pray that her problems will be resolved soon . I probably missed her comment when she posted it since I was not able to visit and post here on JYJ3 lately ’cause of internet problem (AT&T still hasn’t fixed my poor internet connection).

        Good thing I start to see “Old Timers” here again since I’ve been wondering to where you’ve all been particularly during JJ’s Turkey events and Chunnie’s rumor scandal.

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