[FANCAM] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical

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Credit: as tagged via devilJunsu + xiahtaime + usnujfan
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74 thoughts on “[FANCAM] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical

  1. His acting is amazing as usual ^____^
    But I really disliked the screaming this time. It is not a concert it is a musical and the way to respect the actors is to listen to the performances seriously.
    I felt really sad that the fans were screaming this time and not respecting the ‘musical atmosphere’

  2. Seriously.. Junsu’s “posse” (his minions) dancing just behind him… OMO!
    (Check out the arm muscles on a few of them!…. 🙂


  3. I am so proud of him and sooo happy today. Junsu, there isn’t a day neither a second in which I don’t feel proud of being your fan. That goes to the 3 of them, obviously, but Junsu is Junsu. ^^

  4. I don’t have the chance to contemplate this musical but it attracts me, really from the costumes to the music and the intrigue they’re all well done.
    He’s so inspiring !!!!!

  5. please bear for a second ehemm…
    OMG…………IT”S SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (finish screaming)
    Junchan great works, you really awesome, you really success to makes me felt a goosebumps to the max
    seriously you are really born to be someone who tied with a music and musical world
    i really…..really proud of you Kim Junsu and i really hope that you can bring Elisabeth musical to the concert stage like you did with Mozart before, i really want to see this performance in DVD >____________________<

    • Typo err…. miss….every..
      Means to say….in every performances

      BTW….from the photos u guys posted..
      yunchanie came to see …..
      but I wonder if jaejoongie oppa go there too???

  6. amazing! everything, from the stage to the beautiful costumes and all the performers, just amazing. i really wish i could see this live! how can he get better? yet i know there will be so much more to learn and do. but my untrained eye says it is perfection now! so proud of junsu!

  7. Junsu! can hold his own operas, he is fantastic and alluring performer during his musical transformations, he is becoming a Geneus and Renausance man. A musician from a gone by era, whether in musicals or pop concerts a star is born memories are made of this XiahTod ridesl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow..
    he is amazing.. i’m amazed at how graceful n strong his movement are. it seems like he really are the personification of death itself. a existence that you can feel when he just came to the stage, his hand movement, his gaze, every move he made, he oozed off a very powerful aura… gosh… i dont know what i wrote, reallt, i just cant… wow.. i cant even put all of the feelings i felt just by watching fancams for some minutes only.. i mesmerized by him… gosh…
    Junsu!! i cant express how much i saluted you for this!!! you are amazing!!!

    • Wow I am so impressed he sang and danced even more powerful at the 7pm performance. Man he is so freakin talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Junsu totally rocked his performance!!! I am so amazed at just watching the couple of minutes form the video posted!!!!! He look so hot and sexy!!!!!! His singing was was amazing!!!!!!

  10. Just hearing him sing for like those 15 seconds..
    I couldn’t help but think of one of his recent interviews where he shared all the feelings of insecurity he once held about first entering the musical scene. How during rehearsals it was just like this culture shock. Here he was, singing the only way he’s ever known how—from his soul, and there they were, the people he actually expected to be working alongside, trained in this eloquent style so foreign from his own.

    Just watching those 15 seconds..picking up on all the nuances of his movements that I’m so used to after watching him all these years from my lame computer screen, literally feeling the reverberation of that last note inside myself..
    I felt/feel too much pride.

    Just knowing he went into this project giving it all he has, like he does with everything he takes on. Like he’s never failed to do all these years—Junsu-style.

    He has no need to ever doubt his performance lmao. His ability or, adequacy to meet the “standards”. No.
    He has no reason to ever question the way he does things. Junsu-style.

    Because just the fact that he’s effin Kim Junsu alone..the epitome, for me, of all that’s successful, and achieved
    Of course the people will love it. Love him. And they did.

    The show was amazing–and I didn’t even go.

    Junsu..you inspire me so much. Sometimes..I don’t even feel worthy of seeing your face. I think to myself, how can someone be so passionate and dedicated…and why can’t I immerse myself in something? Like it was the only thing I’ve got.

  11. standing ovation for a wonderful performance.. this musical is sooo grand in every detail. congratulation JUnsu and the whole Cast and production. ahh i really really want to watch this musical. why is it so far away?

  12. Just so stunning!!! I’m awestruck by a few mins. into a curtain call!!! I shouldn’t be that amazed, but that’s the effect Junsu has on you with his performances! The other cast members were awesome too; love the Lucheni characters’ energy. The costumes are beautiful and I like the new salute to the audience; the whole atmosphere seems electric!!! Oh, why can’t I be there to see it???

    • i just finished watching the vids , and i’m awestruck by it too, he’s so beautiful in a fantastical way appropriate for Death’s character , the whole cast are wonderful too like how they presented them selves in sync with their character what talented people ^^ this is a very excellent musical they just had have to record it onto DVD right, ????? i don’t get why don’t they record Musicals what a shame, but thank god for fancams ^^

  13. I remember Junsu’s reaction to the first scene of SKKS seeing Yuchun acting – “됬다” – which means “he did it.”
    That is my reaction to the first second of seeing him performing this. From the way he talked, I was worried about this one, but how can he be that great…. again. Doesn’t he ever do less than perfect?

    Like that move he does that looks like the Mission dance.
    Wow, nice dancers and those costumes. Can we see Gun Young in that? 🙂

  14. Gaaaaahhh!! I keep replaying this because I didn’t notice it before but
    the way he says “Elizabeth” at that one part drives me crazy.

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