[Other Twitter] 120212 Junsu’s Mom Tweets Pictures of XiahTod

 @zunoxiahmom: 엘리자벳 첫공 후 토드와 함께~ http://pic.twitter.com/gsHFquCx

[TRANS] After first performance of Elisabeth, with Tod  http://pic.twitter.com/gsHFquCx




Source: @zunoxiahmom’s Twitter
Translated by: The Little Pear of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


83 thoughts on “[Other Twitter] 120212 Junsu’s Mom Tweets Pictures of XiahTod

  1. i need see Tod performance !!!!!!!!! C-Jes please…..please release the DVD of Elizabeth musical later…..please >_____________________<
    Jun-chan really…..really so hot and seducing

  2. Wooah!!! Can u believe this is our Jun-Chan as der Tod! Mrs Kim Thank You for the pics! I bet she’s a proud Mom this day 😀

  3. there are a looooot of XiahTod pics on twitter….im so hiper right now xDDD Junsu looks STUNNING! his hair is awesome…he looks just so beautiful >< im falling in love with Elisabeth already ❤

  4. ahhh. Everytime I see a picture of his mom she is beautiful and classy. Wish I would age like her. That woman needs to spill her secretes!

    I like seeing this family. They are so supportive of each other. Actually all three have really strong family connections.

  5. love these pictures. those roses are beautiful shade of violet. junsu really looks fabulous! i really wish i could go watch the musical live. that would really be a special treat!

  6. When I got to the end of the fancam for the curtain call, I was laughing/smiling at how proud I felt of him because I knew his parents were in the crowd feeling more proud than I could imagine lol

    I dunno..it’s really warming to see this pic~ they’re always supporting his achievements. With a son like Junsu..of course they’d be proud~

  7. Junsu’s dad ” so hate my dad freaking hate him ” Junsu ur so freaking lucky and i’m glad u are. a kind daddy makes his child happy. salutes to Junsu’s family

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