[PIC] XiahTod, Yoochun and Min Young Ki


Credit: poimin73
Shared by: JYJ3


49 thoughts on “[PIC] XiahTod, Yoochun and Min Young Ki

    • I am sure JS is so happy… This adorable kid loves attention from his buddy and hyung~~ I really love Junsu a lot!!! No matter how many ppl are saying he is sexy or hot, to me JS is the most adorable living creature in this world!!!!

    • hon look closely that scarf thing is hiding it but notice his cheeks are so lifted he is so smiling like Zan said glowing in his smile #u# aww Yoochun comes for Junsu despite his tired self from his Drama thingy, thank u Chun, really love him lots for coming for Susu ^^

      why do i feel like Yoochun always treats Junsu like a younger brother then i realized Yoochun is an older brother for Yoohwan ” that’s his brothers name right ??” so i think he might treat Junsu the same way he treat Yoohwan. could be , true are best friends but so really brotherly warm ^^ i bet the first he arrived he went straight to search for Junsu look at the pic i think maybe this was before the start of the show ^^ i mean he didn’t go to the audience seat , he went straight for Junsu ^^ really awfully sweet of Yoochun ^^

  1. Min Young Ki sshi, ur not helping fangirl here who want some yoosu moment~ kkk 😀
    same pose~ YooSu~ XD
    kyakyakya~ my XiahTod really awesome! lovee the hair~ <33 oh actually, LOVE ALL BOUT SU! #kiss

    • I know right!?! If he is that cold just wear warmer clothes. Sometimes you have to put fashion aside. All that went through my mind when I saw this pic was that two of them are in costumes. lol

      • u remind me of COO .. YC says now is a trend to wear coat on top of sweat suit!!!! LOL

        Thats Mr Park!!! It is fashion..

        Am i crazy??? I think he looks so cool with that “thingie” .. Dont know what is it tho.. 😉

  2. Chunnie is by the side of Junsu to show united front and a shoulder to lean on supporting one another, that’s what friends are for in good times and bad times ChunSu will be on by each others sides for evermore…………….fighting

  3. i’ll remember in COO DVD yuchun said that isn’t himself is a give for junsu regarding question about would him bring junsu a present during the opening TOH musical………….(yuchun really support junsu in musical….really yoosu…..)

  4. that was hella huge on your neck yoochun-shi, wonder is it for fashionista or korea getting cold that time… they are good brothers, always support each other.. this time yoochun went to junsu’s musical..maybe next time junsu would come to yoochun’s filming site like in sungkyunkwan era…… and if you miss jaejoong so much, just put his face on top of the red-clothes man face..=P

  5. Very happy saw Yoochun there (Junsu’s musical) in his extremely busy schedule ! Yoosu are really goo brothers, I think Jaejoong must have something should do , otherwise he should come with Yoochun . I trust they are full in love each other and never change ^^ Jaejoong said he will meet Junchan on Sunday , I think they have met in other place.
    I love JYJ and never change too ^^
    JYJ – Fighting !!

    • @Love sister

      I think I really need help here… Most of the ppl are complaining about chun’s weird thing at his neck but i am loving it.. Is it what we called “unconditional-love”?? LOL

      I know i am crazy, pls forgive me..

  6. im so jealous with their brotherhood bond…thou yoochun is one bz actor, he still make tym for his susu…true friendship i might say…

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