47 thoughts on “[PICS] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical, Part 2

    • Biting both hands while having difficulty breathing #.#

      i’m so proud of him and amazed i don’t know what to do with myself , not being there seeing him perform this ultimate performance is a massacre for all Junsu lovers, we need to be there and stare in awe of this beautifully satisfying creature , Junsu is such a pleasure to watch #.# ” and this is just the photos i haven’t watched the vids yet : P

      • His photos and a fancam of the curtain call gave me goosebumps. I can’t Imagine what would happen if I watched the actual performance (which in my case will never happen) 😦

  1. black painted nail…silver blonde hair..eyeliner..ohmaijeje..its really suit u junsu ssi..awesome..seriously..u looks gorgeous handsome charisma hot smexy..
    i want to see kiss+bed scene but i need to prepare my poor little heart..i dont want to die while watching ur performance~! (´ε` )

    • he had an amazing kiss scene with Elisabeth, but my heart skipped a beat, when i saw him kissing her son Rudolph (although i don’t think it was a real kiss, but it looked like a material for yaoi fangirls lol)

  2. My hear beats much faster when I look into his eyes, strong and sexy.

    Eventhough Junsu have same/similar expressions as in the curtain calls of Xiahzart or Joon, he gives very different aura with this Xiahtod make up.

  3. Su baby, am i such a perv if i think u hot here?
    so hot and sexy but cute at the same time! Kyaaa so perfect! <33 *fangirling overload*
    and only by seeing your pict and the fancams really make me wanna steal doraemon's door! wanna go wanna go wanna go~ 😦
    oppaaaaaaaa saranghaeeee~ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. wow, just wow! its so beautiful, everything- as much as we love junsu, i hope the audience really cheers for all of them cause the entire production is awesome and fantasically done- he is but a part of the whole picture.

  5. Admins u really evil (pout)
    i just wanna sleep but now i can’t even thought it’s already midnight
    Junchan……you look so sexy and hot (slurpt)
    this is it….(grabs Jun hands and bring him to my room)
    lets sleep together Junchan ;D

  6. how on earth they managed to take such great shots..kudos..^^ and i love it when he’s so immersed in his scene..i can feel it from here. ahhh~

  7. Someone take him away, because if I get my hands on him his cheeks are going to be on fire from my hugs and kisses. He is amazing. Everyone are doing really great in the musical.

  8. Oh my gorgeous! *fans myself* My heart skipped so many beats it practically stopped when I scanned through the pics *swoon*
    Oh you gorgeous man, when I see you again, I shall tie you to my bed and never let you out of my sight >=D

  9. Nice!!!! I guess they axed the scenes where Tod wore a dress and where Tod kissed Rudolph. I was kind of looking forward to fancams of that. 😦 I’m so glad that Junsu did so well. Congrats!!

    • I was kinda on the fence about weather I could actually watch Junsu do those scenes after seeing the German production on YT; but if you’re an actor; you do what’s call for in a role. I think I probably would have screamed if I had seen him do it, though O_O

  10. Guys. Junsu’s mouth dimples..I can’t sfdjaepwfaepwjp
    His whole face just looks so soft and I really want to squish it :explodes:

    I’m really reaaaaly loving his look. The beach-blonde hair just makes his skin appear so much fairer and it’s just so fitting for the image of “Death” you know? And his eye makeup is gorgeous~ it really makes his eyes stand out and they’re already so alluring on their own.

    So that picture…
    where he’s on the red couch/bed thing..!!
    Thatisall. LOL (sowaitingtoseethefancamsofthat)

    Okay. Let me go now. I feel like a pevert if I keep scanning the pics and trying to see if that part of his shirt is lace or not LOL

    p.s. I never thought I’d see Junsu with black nails. What a treat LOL<3

  11. Loving the costumes in this production! The designer should get an award. Under that petty jacket Junsu is wearing is a black shirt of LEATHER and LACE!!! Whooo! Too hot to handle!!! 😀

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