29 thoughts on “[PICS] 120212 Junsu Elisabeth Musical, Part 3

  1. Junsu has such concentration! His eyes show how fully committed he is to each scene. ACK! I want to see this so badly, and I have to say to Adminnies: “THANK YOU!!!!” for bringing all the wonderful/spectacular pics!”

  2. These are some really nice shots..I think they are the best 🙂

    Junsu always looks most beautiful to me when he is on stage singing. Because then, whatever’s captured is always something so real.
    The emotions.
    Gah. The neck veins..just glorious.

    Very happy that another door of opportunity was once again opened to him. Another musical..what a blessing~ I know he’ll give his best. Junsu, fighting!
    So much achievement right here..your life continues to inspire me!

    Thanks for posting all these wonderful things guys~ I really appreciate it : )

  3. I am not expecting this but Junsu looks really cool in that blonde hair in this musical performance!! Kyaaa…!!! ^^
    I was a little uncertain before, because I once saw another guy with the same kind of hair style on a musical, which was seemed to be weird in my eyes.. Anyways, glad to finally see our boys working again..

  4. So, it is white?
    Yeah,.. The lighting can make a thing looks difrent.
    Whatever the colour, still, He is awesome, n the eyeliner.
    Oh my God. I want that eyeliner.

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