[PICS] 120212 Yoochun spotted at Elisabeth Musical






Credit: As tagged via @anne0626
Shared by: JYJ3


39 thoughts on “[PICS] 120212 Yoochun spotted at Elisabeth Musical

    • Junsu said that he wanted them to come to a later show so he could have a chance to improve his performance before they came. Maybe Yuchun only had time during this performance or he just wanted to give his support in the beginning.

      Of course Junsu’s manager would be the one to accompany Yuchun. Wouldn’t he want to see the show too?

  1. i love yoochun for came to support Su even tho he’s busy and look so tired~ but it really worth watched right Chunnie? 😉 Elisabeth!! ❤
    JJ should be there too.. well maybe he will after this~ ^^

    • My thoughts too…. ;(
      I wish I could hire Personal Chefs for all three of them for the next 6 months!
      But I am glad Youchun came to show his support.
      I’m sure that made Junsu extremely happy.

      • I always believe that the so-called “fat” of Yuchun is not really he gained weight but face swelling (some ppl will have it when they wake up in the morning, or side-effect from asthma medication), so after half a day or so, he becomes himself again.

  2. Oh! Wearing glasses…
    Yuchun become my type xD huahahahahaha
    XD beuatiful yuchun xD why you don’t show your beautiful forehead :*

  3. Chun-ah… So handsome and… warm… I miss his white V-neck, he’s so sexy with that ^^
    I love his boots too, looks so warm, thanks Бöϑ he’s not wear flipflop 😀
    Happy see his pics, he’s not looked too happy, I still can feel shades of sadness in his eyes, I hope it’s just because he’s tired, not because the problem. Please take care of your health Chun-ah, be strong always…

    He’s coming in Js’s first performance, nice hyung… JƳJ always support each other ♥ ♥
    Elizabeth, Junsu Fighting!!!

  4. Love his whole outfit….though that scarf thing is sooooo huge
    When I first saw that…..I was thinking like…..did he put mini blanket around his neck….@_@
    But love that outfit anyway….^_^
    And the guy with the red cap…..when i saw him first from behind…
    In the 1st pic….I was like….wow…chunnie’s manager lost his weight too…
    but…in the latter pic…ah..he’s not his manager….Haha…..^^

  5. Yuchun does look pretty tired; but he still attended Junsu’s performance. What loving support they give each other! Jae will come later, I’m sure. 😀

  6. Starting monday morning with YC’s phioto, never failed to amazed viewers with his stylish looks, I’m happy that he could spent some of his precious time supporting junsu’s musical theatre, though there were issues trying to destroy his spirit, he managed to come out gallantly in public, will alwz love him and pray for his health, YC Fighting!!!

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