[PICS] Japanese Fans “Lovin’ JJ” created a book “Dear Jaejoong” ♥

The book “Dear Jaejoong” contains Messages from Japanese Fans to Jaejoong













“Lovin’ JJ”  also participated in the Fan Project: ‘JYJ’s Wrapping Advertisement (Ad-wrap) Vehicles’ link


Credit: Lovinjj, @JYJ_reborn
Shared byJYJ3


35 thoughts on “[PICS] Japanese Fans “Lovin’ JJ” created a book “Dear Jaejoong” ♥

  1. Beautiful. Can Jaejoong really read that? He will surely feel their love.
    It must be so tragic for them to have lost JJ in their country. I even miss him in Japan.

  2. Wow, what an act of endearment
    every page shows how much Jae is loved by his Japanese, how much he touches their lives and how much he made a mark in their hearts and mind that even with his long absence, he’s still well loved.
    So wonderful.
    Thank you Japanese Fans.

  3. Wow…..even though I can’t read Japanese….the book is awesome n beautifully make…..(^_^)

    Dear Japanese fans……you guys r totally awesome for supporting JYJ in many ways…they must’ve miss them so much….^^

    Wish they could resume their activities in jp….n in Korea as well
    For JYJ…Korea is their home country n Japan is like their second home country…having live there for a long time ….^^

    To tell you the truth I was sooooo surprised that these Japanese fans…they treat JYJ n Homin as one of their JP boy band…like one of their own….But I too…first came to know them as Tohoshiki not DBSK….was surprised when I found out they r actually a Korean boy band….seeing how well n fluent they speak Japanese…..haha…..(^_^)

  4. What a heartwarming gesture. I hope Jaejong gets a copy of the book.
    It’s sad that JYJ is being blocked thoroughly in Japan. Sigh, I hope their lawsuit will settle soon so AVEX cannot give the excuse of lawsuit to block them in Japan any more. FIghting JYJ! Fighting fans!

  5. so sweet T_T now i really wish JYJ will release a japanese album…
    i wanna make a book of JJ too..or maybe handmade o_o? i need time T_T”

  6. wow..so daebak..i am so impressed with Japanese Fan every single project they done~
    @sayuri228 …me too known Tohoshinki first before DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ…they sang so beautiful and the tone was rich and harmony
    Doshite..is the song why i fell in love with Tohoshinki…i hope JYJ continue the GOOD JOB ever after~ ♥♥♥ JYJ forever LOVE

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