[TWITTER] 120213 Junsu Twitter Update


[TRANS] The ticketing for the April 28th FCMEN match will start from today. Because I’ll be going, let’s meet at the National Stadium!


[TRANS] poimin73 | Ha ackkk!!ㅋ -[in reply to]- Junsu-ya, thanks!!! To those who play Rule the Sky, you envy me, right? http://yfrog.com/o0i4ckjj

[TRANS] poimin73 |Something..ㅋHyung,are you resting well?You must be having a good time watching over your son.ㅜ-[in reply to]-Ha ack??What’s that


[TRANS] poimin73 | I’m also shooting.. Hyung, you’re also shootingㅠ In the end, we aren’t able to rest even on Mondayㅋ You got to go back safely yesterday, right^^ -[in reply to]- The fun I get from watching my sonㅋㅋ Right after going to the ob-gynecologist, Hyunkyung-sshi dropped by the shop for a while… I had to shoot when I got home ㅠㅠ I wanna rest ㅋ Did you go back well yesterday???

[TRANS] poimin73 | Hwaiting!!! Ha ackk -[in reply to]- We can’t rest and finally, on Wednesday, we will tiredly be able to meet as Death and Emperor!!ㅋㅋ Even so, let’s have a cool stage!! Have an enjoyable day today, too!!! Fire on your shooting too^^ Ha ackkk!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ

[TRANS] mjkim8200 | Nuna… Director… Un..n.. For saying those good words, thank you very much -[in reply to]- The weekend that exhausted the heart and body has come to an end.. Two performances, two parties on opening day, and the day we had a closing party at a faa~ar place..To everyone, I’m thankful, sorry, and well, yeah. My sincerity will be conveyed someday. Making excuses for the misunderstandings, as well as hoping for understanding, I would have to gratefully embrace all of them….

Source: @1215thexiahtic
Translated by: 0101jyunshyu
Shared by: JYJ3


16 thoughts on “[TWITTER] 120213 Junsu Twitter Update

    • @ nomusicnolife

      Too many posts to read on JYJ3 my dear. I favorited them all but can’t respond all….:(
      I always miss JYJ3 during weekends.
      As for my Jaejoong’s twitter, I usually tweet him back directly. Admins might remove my comment due to impropriety if I reply to his tweet here…..LOL….^___^

    • @jae-is-mine hahaha..xiahtod took away ur sanity? lol its okay…i understand what u mean…actually i plan to ask you too cos i barely see you comment anymore…well..i comment less too cos im a lil busy hahaha.. i read and favorited all the post but barely leave a comment 😦

  1. i think am too sleepy to get what i’m reading cause i don’t know who’s talking nor what i’m reading but i am happy there is a translation anyway, did i just make sense : anyway

    Thank u admin : )

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