120213 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

Dear readers, see instructions here, in our first General All-Purpose Post.

Let’s have fun, build friendships, share news, and be happy in JYJ ^__^

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Credit: dimgirl + yearofus tumblr


213 thoughts on “120213 JYJ3 General All-Purpose Post!!!

    • My darling JaeSu!!!!! Hot kisses and hugs….
      Jae is my ever and forever love….and Junsu has been sneaking into my dreams….

      Thanks admin!

    • @Jae-is-Mine

      Remember what we talked last, this i can only relate to you. BTW, good pick on Best Selection 2010.

      I did my homework, i watched BOLERO of Secret Code. You have spoken exactly about it. Jae’s last part of the song more than did it. It felt like rollercoaster ride for me.

      I watched Secret Code almost and i enjoyed it. I found Junsu sheepishly handsome the entire live tour.

      The technical production of the famous MIROTIC was fantastic.
      TAXI, FOREVER LOVE, Heart, MIND AND SOUL seemed sad but beautiful as well. I did notice Yunho there.
      I felt comfy at JYJ taking center stage in BEGIN with Yoochun so cool on the piano.
      STAND BY YOU is another relaxing song. I felt the ocean were all one with the boys during the tour.

      The show was one hell of a performance from the group.I’s a pity they have to end that way. Pardon me for what i have to say (cu’z of your name you must have had history with them) but i’m clueless when it comes to missing the other too. I’ve started as JYJ and a solid one that I only wish for the best of what they have now.

      I’ve had enough of Jae. . . of his eyes closed on the Secret Code.
      While Junsu is perfect and so artistic in his style, our (allow me) Jae is spontaneous, transparent and so full of emotion. I can’t help being moved that whenever he close his eyes as if he was opening his soul. So many times it’s been said about him being warm-hearted and that warmth radiates even while he sings. I love him for the way he gives life to every song.

      I’m keeping it here in GAPP. Hello everyone esp. to you.

      • @ SummerJae

        Hello again sis….*hugs*

        Bolero and Love in the Ice in Secret Code are indeed exceptional. I am glad that you love Bolero too…:)

        So true about uri Junsu. Well, he was probably not as handsome as my Jaejoong there, but the way he sang and the way he moved, especially during the upbeat songs, had successfully trapped me into falling for him.

        Jaejoong? I have all the world with me when he sang Love in the Ice. Got me too, the way he closed his eyes and opened them again, and looking straight at me (camera LOL)…..
        And JJ probably did not dance as talented as others, but I surely followed his every move. There is something magic in his moves. It’s addictive.

        Love to have more chit chat with you…..^___^

      • I@jae is mine
        I’m glad to hear you saying that JJ’s dancing is addictive.I feel that way also.I’ve watched all TVXQ’s concerts as 5.Jaejoong is the only kept my eye on him,his heeling voice,his smile with little sadness,his good looking,his free dance style made him a perfect artist,especially in 2008 and 2009 concerts and in variety shows.Other members are just singers with dance ability that just for the eyes,they don’t touch hearts.Only Jaejoong touches my heart.Jaejoong was the heart in TVXQ.I’m so happy he is still touching my heart even more now,beacause I found out he is kind man in real life.JYJ were my fav boys back then.
        Jaejoong was the heart,Yuchan was the mind and Junsu was the soul.Now we have the perfect band.

    • unnie, congrats on being first!!!! u’re fast…
      u’re not going for lunch juz now is becuz u’re lurking in jyj3 in order to be first in gapp… haha^^ i dun think i will ever get first as my lunchtime always coincide with gapp post…

      • @ Wendy 웬디 (@twendy85jyj)

        My darling sis! *hugs*. Thanks. Our lunch time always starts just before GAPP….Kekekekeke. And I have catering so I don’t need to go out for lunch. Some phone calls can sometimes be my great distraction….^__^

  1. to admins & everyone.(especially indonesian fans)…I’m sorry Last news about Jtbs ..I’m sorry …… I use harsh words on the news jtbs sorry

    i’m so sorry using bad languange in that article ….i’m really sorry
    thanks for the admis have deleted comments.

    • I can’t find the video anywhere in Medan!!! Awful….I need to move from Medan as for now….!

      • My note book screen is so tiny. I prefer to have it on my DVD player. I need to ask my wonderful little sister in Jakarta to find the video for me then…..:)

      • Dolta, I love Sunao!! My fav Jae drama for sure and even if he makes more dramas it will be difficult they are better than this one for me.

        Jae-is-mine, lucky you because at least you find videos. haha. I depend totally on Internet. In my town it’s even difficult to find Asian movies and, obviously, imposible to find Asian dramas.

        Dolta, the last jdramas I watched and loved were Zenkai girl, Soredemo and Asuko March. I liked Boku to Star no 99 Nichi quite a lot too. Right now I am watching Hungry, the last Yamapi drama (Ending Planner) and a couple more and they are so far so good.

    • @dolta

      Do you mean this song? by WEAVER

      This band has already been in my listening list. Love their harmony btw piano and guitar.

  2. Album of the Year: 21, Adele

    Record of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

    Best New Artist: Bon Iver

    Country Album: Own the Night, Lady Antebellum

    Song of the Year: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth, songwriters

    R&B Album: F.A.M.E., Chris Brown

    Rock Performance: “Walk,” Foo Fighters

    Rap Performance: “Otis,” Jay-Z and Kanye West

    Pop Solo Performance: “Someone Like You,” Adele

    Pop Vocal Album: 21, Adele

    Traditional Pop Vocal Album: Duets Ii, Tony Bennett and Various Artists

    Pop Duo/Group Performance: “Body and Soul,” Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse

    Short Form Music Video: “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele

    Long Form Music Video: “Foo Fighters: Back and Forth,” Foo Fighters

    Rap/Sung Collaboration: “All of the Lights,” Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Fergie

    Rap Song: “All of the Lights,” Jeff Bhasker, Malik Jones, Warren Trotter and Kanye West

    Rap Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West

    R&B Performance: “Is This Love,” Corinne Bailey Rae

    Traditional R&B Performance: “Fool for You,” Cee Lo Green and Melanie Fiona

    R&B Song: “Fool for You,” Cee Lo Green and Jack Splash

    Pop Instrumental Album: The Road From Memphis, Booker T. Jones

    Country Solo Performance: “Mean,” Taylor Swift

    Country Duo/Group Performance: “Barton Hollow,” The Civil Wars

    Country Song: “Mean,” Taylor Swift

    Folk Album: Barton Hollow, The Civil Wars

    Hard Rock/Metal Performance: “White Limo,” Foo Fighters

    Rock Song: “Walk,” Foo Fighters, Songwriters (Foo Fighters)

    Rock Album: Wasting Light, Foo Fighters

    Alternative Music Album: Bon Iver, Bon Iver

    Producer of the Year: Non-Classical: Paul Epworth

    • to adelle —–>congrats adelle i know you got thropy…your performance wuihh give me goosebump …two thumbs up…and someone like you (lagu buat yang lagi galau)
      to Kanye West——->If you work with JYJ again at least give it a good song … i like ayy girl but i prefer “empty” sorry….. kanye
      to Foo Fighters———->Omgosh GO GO GO Foo…your song is awesome
      to Bon Iver ———->okay search youtube

      • @dolta
        Congrats to Adele, she really deserves the award.

        “to Kanye West——->If you work with JYJ again at least give it a good song … i like ayy girl but i prefer “empty” sorry….. kanye”
        Kanye is huge in the US but I hope JYJ could have a mindblowing song that will showcase each vocal and harmony. I’ve been listening to this song lately, I don’t know but instead of hearing Bruno Mars, I’m replacing his voice by JYJ’s voice. Can you imagine JYJ singing this kind of song?

    • @ dolta (@dolta_07)

      I love Adele…….Her singing someone like you is so freaking awesome!!!
      What a tragic life people will go thru when they love someone….Scary!
      Maybe that is how I love Jaejoong…..

    • @ nicoleyt

      I tried but failed too. I think if our adminies are so certain about whether the blog is reliable or not, they will not hesitate. The number of people commenting is not high either. Maybe you can suggest them to forward their support to CJes?


      • I have been following that site for Chun’s news for a few months. Their site is becoming quite well known among chunsas actually. Cielo- Yuchun have also sent gifts to YC before. I think it is reliable. Upon receiving your donation, they will reply confirming receipt and update your name. Statement of account will be updated daily to ensure accountability too. I have already donated and I see my name and amount donated in their list. Some other chunsas already donated too. Tbh I think they are doing a good job.

  3. Just dropping by to THANKS @daebaksama for posting a video in the previous GAPP of Junsu’s cover of Last Summer Night by Kangta. His version is beyond awesome…

  4. Hi all!!
    Last Saturday in the Peruvian TV there was the show about JYJ I had mentioned before. This is like a preview and they had said they’ll show the longer one along this week but they haven’t reported which day yet. I liked quite a lot the show (despite some detail :rolleyes:) so yesterday I decided to sub it for the JYJ3 family. Please enjoy! I did my best subbing it so sorry in case you see some mistake:

    • according to @syafiqa, today its the trial for Cjes and Avex.. maybe thats why he tweets in Japan.. 😐 hopely everything will b okay..

      • oh okay….I’m also hoping and praying that everything will be okay. I can’t help being emo too when he’s emo. 😦

  5. translation needed..is he afraid of getting old? i mean jae
    年取るのが不安になる。 このまま時間が過ぎるのがこわくなる。どんどん会えなくなった日が増えて来る。もっとわかい時との自分と離れるのがイヤだ。そゆ事を考えってる俺がイヤで、、一番キライなのは気持ちが離れるかも知れないって言う不安感だ。

    何言ってんのか分かんないけど… いろいろと複雑な気分だな…今日は。 ただ息を吸う事だけで”人生を生きてる”とは言いたくない。頑張らないと。 頑張らなきゃ。

    • I used our dearest Google translation….LOL

      I think JJ is having his 26’s itch year, where he feels insecure. He was worried about being old on his birthday, and worried that he looked ugly…
      I wonder what we must do to make him believe that he is soooo handsome he needs not bothering about being old, yet. And he is so freaking handsome he makes most idols look ugly.

      My darling and his insecure feeling. I need to kiss his worrisome away. Maybe wet kisses will do. Need to go to SK now….

      • [TRANS] Getting older makes me anxious. Time passing by like this scares me. Days that I can`t meet [T/N : friends? fans? doesn`t say] slowly add up. I don`t like drifting further away from myself from my younger days. And I don`t like myself thinking about these things.. One thing I hate the most is this sense of anxiety, not knowing whether the feelings may be drifting away or not.
        [TRANS} I don`t know what I am saying but… I`m feeling a bit complicated in many ways…today. I don`t want to say that “I am living my life” just by breathing. I should work harder. I must work harder.

        Credit: @mjjeje

        Translation: @inheaven_WJYJ

        Shared by PrinceJJ

      • awww ~ baby gets emo again… im gonna miss happy jae T_T im now officially depress 😥
        despite working hard, baby should get some rest too 😦

      • @kissmyeon
        they are only live on their own fantasy world
        even though you knock their head with JYJ frying pan, they never gonna wake up from that dreamland

      • @ miaw @ kissmyeon @ zan JYJ= my encouragement

        PrinceJJ has removed her comment. I was ready for some killing methods though. I asked her of she has eye problem as a start. Dragged along with the removal system….
        Thanks to PrinceJJ…:)

      • @ nomusicnolife

        Yes….like hell. I tried to refrain my anger and being civid (if you can call me calling her having eye problem civic).
        I was so ready with my medusa’s killer style.

        I am grateful that PrinceJJ removed her mad comment before the tragedy takes place…

      • @jae-is-mine hahaha..i get really mad when i see someone calling umma too >.> i hate that umma stuff…its annoying !!
        and yeah glad they removed it…fuhhh ~

    • as usual..i used google translate too XD my only choice XD
      *sigh* i know..i mean c’mon he’s NOT old at all..he look young at his age..
      he should stop getting so worry god’s sake..
      i agree…!!! he’s just soooooooooooo amazing *_*
      hahaha..bring me along..i’ll give a tight hug 😀

      • @ nomusicnolife

        Let’s go. I am going to give him wet kisses and give him a shower. Since he is in distress, he might need my hands.
        Then I will dry him with warm towel, and put his PJs on.
        You can put his blanket over him….

        Excellent arrangement…^___^

      • @jae-is-mine sounds good..lets go !!! *packing stuff* XD
        actually im feeling a lil worry over jae’s tweet..i hate when he’s sad 😦
        but this fan art makes me laugh so hard XD
        the duck butt is a bit exaggerated XD

      • @ nomusicnolife

        I think baby Su’s asset has reduced much due to his extreme weight lost. I think pinching is still manageable though….LOL

        Yes…I think ever since his birthday, darling JJ has been in some sort of distress. I think it has to do with him having no girlfriend, having so many songs to write and have those evils poking his tranquility.

      • @jae-is-mine hahahaha…i guess so? lololol
        i hope there’s nothing bad behind those tweets…he always makes me worry T_T
        i wanna give him a hug to comfort him..*dream*

      • @ nomusicnolife

        You can just stay here. I am off for my bath and sleeping time. Will take JJ for both activities…LOL

        Nice talking to you as always dear sis….until tomorrow. Off for now….^__^

  6. I read on Twitter some time ago that today is the verdict for the lawsuit between CJeS and Avex. Is that the reason behind Jaejoong’s emotional tweets in Japanese? Are there any Japanese fans lurking in JYJ3 who may have news about the lawsuit?

    • just saw this on twitter and WOWWWW!!! *fans self*…according to a fanacc, junsu’s mom hid behind yoochun a lil when this kiss scene came up!..i really wanna noe who’s the lucky actor that plays rudolph though!!<3

      • Oh man…googly eyes, jaw dropped O.O
        hard to believe he did it with another man…and he went -all out- with his kisses this time (with both Elisabeth and Rudolf)!! He’s really becoming an expert kisser for performances!! I guess Death cannot have a trace of hesitation or shyness, must dominate the other boldly.
        now, xiahtod…over here…me want one too 😉

      • Darn it..these actresses r so lucky to be kissed by Su countless times. Who wouldn’t enjoy it.. It’s for show, but a kiss is still a kiss…what’s more, he’s putting emotions into it..

        My heart is shattering into a million pieces from longing n jealousy..sobs *cries alone in dark corner* i know it’s juvenile but I’m gonna cry when he gets married.

        keke..i know, get a grip..

      • Death in the musical , has a main trait that defies him and that’s the seductive trait, he doesn’t seduce for sex he, seduces for taking life, cause that’s what death is, it want u to die so it tries to allure people to die, he isn’t really a man nor woman he’s a being that takes away life from men and women and u know when people die their sole leaves through the mouth so that’s why Tod kisses them he sucks their soles from the mouth and that’s how they die.

      • lol intoxicated who can blame u honestly, Junsu is just so intoxicatingly desirable , the problem junsu doesn’t realize how seductive he is even when not playing the role of Tod or dancing .

      • @ Stella

        not him its Tod, Tod isn’t human, and his only purpose in existence is to seduce men and women to die, he makes them want to die so when they desire death he sucks their sole through their mouth cause that’s how the sole leaves the body and only death can suck the sole out from the body so to Tod it isn’t kissing and Junsu is immersed in Tod’s character and that’s why his performance is powerful because he becomes Tod completely.

      • @pierrot
        did you get to smell Su? 😉
        I went to the Chanel counter juz now, sneakily got a sample and sprayed some on my wrist too, then walked away with a huge stupid grin on my face. It’s fabulous, suits him to a T – sharp, manly, heady, sexy…it’s something that you would want to bury your nose in forever, esp knowing it’s his scent…I’ve been taking it out of my pocket to smell every 10 minutes or so, but it’s fading…huu huu…sigh, I never knew I could become such a crazy fangirl. Kim Junsu, what have you done to me!!

      • @ intoxicatedbyxiahtic

        OMO girl! But yes…..Tod Junsu is sooooo……
        I need to write something that won’t cause any killing by Xiahpwas…..it’s rather difficult.

      • @jae-is-mine
        Dun worry, feel free to speak, we xiahpwas won’t kill u cos we will feel e same 🙂

        couple of gapps (or was it e one before this), @pierrot posted a home vid. Sorry I can’t rem e name but u shld watch, it’s v funny, search YT for missionCassiopeia or junsu smell…2 fans watched COO n spotted Su’s perfume in his bathroom counter, went to try it n spazzed like mad..like me, haha..
        It’s Bleu by Chanel.

    • i need to see this on DVD!
      i need to save money for its DVD!
      I need a more profitable job in able to save money!
      I need, I need, I need!
      🙂 (sorry for the screaming)

    • !!
      I’m honestly amazed at this! Not because Junsu kissed a guy..okay. Well LOL sort of! But the fact that he was WILLING to kiss a guy for the sake of his role!!
      (By the way..I still found that kiss to be terribly..hot?…:gets shot:..)

      “We can only see seductive, mysterious, omnipotent, transcendent Death, no trace of Kim Junsu.”—intoxicatedbyxiahtic
      Yess!! I see a Junsu that has truly immersed himself in his character.

      But it’s not surprising huh? He’s always so thorough in everything he does. Studying every movement and manner of the musical stage (watching all those musicals, almost to the point of obsession LOL) and his own role in it, giving special care and attention to the way he portrays it—should he smile at this part or should it be more of a smirk? He’s so meticulous yeah? And it all pays off. In the end, he’s internalized it all. Junsu’s just like some sponge that absorbs everything it touches lol Quite the musical actor now huh 😉

      But seriously. The commitment/dedication/passion this man bleeds through his work. It’s ridiculous. Simply extraordinary.

      @ Pierrot
      I love your explanations. It really puts things into perspective (like the kiss) if you viewJunsu’s character “Death” as more of a spiritual/supernatural being and not merely a ‘character’/man.

      • @complacentloser
        ” But seriously. The commitment/dedication/passion this man bleeds through his work. It’s ridiculous. Simply extraordinary. @ Pierrot I love your explanations. It really puts things into perspective (like the kiss) if you viewJunsu’s character “Death” as more of a spiritual/supernatural being and not merely a ‘character’/man. Thanks~”

        Yes, yes. I completely agree. Junsu is obsessively wonderful. This is ALL he wants to do; ALL he is. A professional, in it for the Long Haul.

      • “This is ALL he wants to do; ALL he is.”
        All he is..I like that. He gives himself to his work like..like it’s the only thing he’s got.
        Like I always say..Kim Junsu is OF music. He is music.

      • @complacentloser.
        Like n agree w ur comment! 🙂
        btw, u juz started posting here recently? U were saying in chun’s article dat it was yr first time posting..
        I’m curious, how did u become a jyj fan? Do u hv a bias? 🙂

      • Hi there^^~
        Yep! I started checking in here every once in awhile when I noticed the JYJ thread on Soompi sorta dying out (and someone made the comment that everyone seemed to have headed over to JYJ3 these days..which I didn’t even know what that was =___=) But it’s only until now I’ve come out of my lurker status lol~

        As for how I became JYJ’s fan..hmm~ well, I guess you can say it was a transition yeah?
        I’ve been following these three for going on 6 years now; since the days when they were still 5. So yeah XD I’m a Cassiopeia at heart^^ (It seems that for many of us it was a transition huh?..Things have changed with time. And we’re simply still here, following closely behind on a path that has simply met a turn. And it’s okay~ It’s all okay~)

        Annnnnd…as for my bias..
        You’ll probably notice me posting mostly in like ALL of the Junsu-based posts here LOL :embarrassed: (I was worried people would notice that LOL) One day years back, I cheesily declared Junsu my eternal-bias forever and always. Never looked back LMFAO
        annnd I don’t want to call it an obsession but..I’m immensely taken with him. It’s sad, really.
        (Although, that Yoochun has always rivaled for Junsu’s position ahahhaha so much so that I almost can’t bring myself to refer to him as my “2nd favorite” member, && besides, YooSu just warms my heart.)
        Yet in the end, dolphin-boy just seems to reign supreme mwuahahah<3

        (sorry for my long postss..I always write essays =p)
        Nice to meet you by the way : )

      • @complacentloser
        “Yep! I started checking in here every once in awhile when I noticed the JYJ thread on Soompi sorta dying out (and someone made the comment that everyone seemed to have headed over to JYJ3 these days..which I didn’t even know what that was =___=) ”

        Well, I’m really glad you found us. I think you’re going to fit in perfectly and LOVE it here. I remember the day I stumbled upon JYJ3 – that was indeed a red-letter day for me. My friend butterfliesarefree told me i should check it out. We’d met on “JYJ Files” another great GREAT JYJ site although it’s quieted down a lot in recent months. But it’s got great background info and surrounding details on the lawsuits.

        So now, this is the place to be. I think there’s been a steady migration to here from other JYJ and even OT5 sites; I think there are a lot of people who are just sick to death of the name calling and generalized immature behavior on many sites. Here we have fascinating discussions almost every day. People don’t call you a swear-word when you disagree with them – it’s very refreshing after some of the rude nonsense going on elsewhere.

      • Aww thanks^^ Yeah~ I really love it already. The atmosphere is great and I agree with what you said about the discussions! I guess I felt compelled to participate XD (Everyone here just seems to have so much fun).

        Yeah..I know what you mean about all the drama. Although I’ve come by a few comments here every now and then, things seem to remain in check and it’s really a nice change of environment ya know? Kudos to everyone for keeping to the rules~

        I visit jyjfiles every now and then too~ especially for the lawsuit stuffs : )

        Well, I look forward to seeing you around in the comments section haha
        Happy V day!


  7. get this from my Tline

    mayu (@mayupi0510)

    Posted Monday 13th February 2012 from Twitlonger

    The Avex side brief has the following description.
    It is an opinion by the side of Cjes. “Avex did not perform management business of JYJ from July, 2010 to February, 2011 after half a year.
    It is opposed to the opinion that the contract was canceled by this default on an obligation”, head-on.
    (Avex side brief)
    Receive “existence of (1) “release cause.”
    As opposed to A “failure of this business” (omitted)

    Since the schedule was already buried with the activity in the United States and South Korea of JYJ (second 25), it was impossible to have carried out management business in Japan.
    On the other hand, Avex is making JYJ participate in “a-nation’10” and is carrying out management business in August of the same year.
    And considering it having been that Avex released the activity pause of JYJ on September [ of the same year ] 16, it is in September of the same year and afterwards that Avex has stopped the management business of JYJ based on this monopoly contract, and the opinion of Cjes which considers this as July or subsequent ones of the same year is impropriety. ”

    If a court accepts the opinion of this Avex, the JYJ public performance in Ryogoku Kokugikan with Cjes and a rucksack, etc. may be “breaching a contract.”

    The Cjes side claims “, for Avex, it is in July to have stopped the management business of JYJ “for it to be substantial”.”
    Because participation of “a-nation’10” was that it was already decided that it would be quite a front and the subsequent management plan was a blank paper to be sure.
    A court is how to interpret and judge the “plan” of management business, and the timing difference of “execution.”
    Moreover, also as follows, Avex claims.

    (Avex side brief)
    “Existence of a A. “release cause and the absence of a saving provision” are received (omitted).
    However, the thing for which Avex stopped the management business about artist activity of JYJ temporarily as 7 pages of Avex briefs (1) described, If it is not what agrees with the meaning of the consignment in this monopoly contract, and constitutes breach of a contract in any way at all, since the “saving provision” which accepts stopping fulfillment of a this monopoly contract in the letter and this business does not exist at all, the opinion of Cjes which presupposes that it is unjustifiable of stopping fulfillment of this business is impropriety. ”

    It is a fact “which the “saving provision” which accepts stopping fulfillment of a this monopoly contract in the letter and this business does not exist” as Avex claims.
    however — although a moral problem is not passed over just because there is no saving provision in a contract.
    On the other hand, what kind of re-counterargument does the Cjes side take out?
    The trial date is February 13 next time.

  8. JYJ Trending Topics @JYJ_Trends
    ANNOUNCEMENT] Pls spread this guys!!! We’ll trend #JYJIsMyValentine on 14th Feb. at 8 am KST !!! it’s 11 pm GMT and 6 pm EST ~~^^

  9. Just caught up with all the pics and fancams of Su today…Mindblowing! He did not just interpret the character, he completely inhabited it and made it his very own, commanding the stage…Xiahtod will become an icon just like Xiahzart. We can only see seductive, mysterious, omnipotent, transcendent Death, no trace of Kim Junsu.

    Singing, acting, dancing, makeup and costume, everything was just fantastic. He said he put a lot of effort into Death’s facial expressions and movements, and the results can be clearly seen. He has been improving by leaps and bounds, from one musical/concert to the next.

    Well, what can we expect from Su (and JYJ), nothing but the very best.

    And what sets Su apart from all the other musical actors out there, is his surpassing youth, beauty, charisma. He makes the audience fall so hard for him. I mean, I’ve watched Phantom of the Opera and I was not attracted to the Phantom. Only exception was Gerard Butler in the movie, precisely cos’ he’s a hottie.

    Now I understand why he needed to lose weight for the role, skinny Su is sooo handsome. Perhaps we forgot that in SM days when they reportedly put DBSK on water diet, he was this thin, only in the last couple of years did he put on a little more weight – which I absolutely do not mind, I just want him to be healthy, energetic, and happy.

    What a proud and blissful moment for little me. All I need is a DVD of Elisabeth!!! Though nothing could compare with seeing him live, it would help. I’ll get it even if it costs as much as a front row ticket, so please… T_T

    • @ intoxicated

      the fact he becomes the character is what makes any actor perfect, Junsu does have those traits u mentioned that add to his excellent acting he’s smart too and very responsible he deliberately worked to lose weight for Tod cause he already planned to put as u said ” put a lot of effort into Death’s facial expressions and movements ” .
      he payed attention to every detail and presented Tod on his own to the audience. excellent young man. thank u for Intoxicated for this post that appreciates and recognizes Junsu’s talent. @u@

  10. @iamjyjfanboy
    (continued from yesterday’s GAPP)
    “Really? JWS is a jerk? Good thing I didn’t know that before watching Padam Padam ’cause I might also have reacted differently. Thankfully, all the cast can act so he doesn’t need “teach” them— or probably he did behind the camera. LOL
    About Wild Romance, according to reviews I’ve read it’s gets better in latter episodes but basing on the first episode it has a “cartoonish” feel on the acting or manga style with exaggerated facial expressions and actions.”

    OOOHHH, no! No, no shows where people are ALL overacting for me! Yikes! That’s my idea of a nightmare! I like subtlety in a performance not broad “comedy.” (Think Yuchun in “SKKS.”) OK, well, I’m scratching that one right off the list. lol

    So Maybe I will try “Scent Of A Woman” after I finish “Thousand Days Promise” which I’m loving but which may not be for everyone.
    (the main plot line concerns a beautiful accomplished woman who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at 30 years old.) But Kim Rae Won gives a terrific and sensitive performance as the man who loves her and stays by her.

  11. @A Friend Of JYJ
    (A continuation of a discussion from yesterday’s GAPP)

    “@lilibaiyu Sorry, .. just got back. Uhmmm okay maybe my abbreviations are off. LOL here’s my little guide…
    TWDR?- Tree With Deep Roots (sorry I should have included the W) Absolutely loved this. It was like K-drama crack for me! Only felt like this after watching Coffee Prince and SKKS.
    the PM – Princess’s Man (meh… I guess I am only person on planet that dropped this at episode 22… for me the romance between Princess Kyeoung-hye and Jeoung Jong was much more interesting.. he WORKED to win her, and her resistance to him and eventual FALLING in love with him… uhmmm yes…that was a thing to behold! I enjoyed watching her more than the two leads. Yes I know its heresy..)
    WBDS – Warrior Baek Dong-Soo (Loved the start and the sword fight scenes in the vast field of tall green grass against that powder blue sky! MAN THAT WAS STUNNING. .. Ji Chang-wook’s incredible “main of glory” – I’d die to be able to wear my hair like that. He should just wear his hair that length ALL the time in real life. But alas.. the whole drama descended into a vortex of repetition that went on almost 5 episodes right till the end.. I made it to the end.. but very disappointed.)
    I know you only wanted me to tell you what the abbreviations meant…. sorry….

    lololol You are SO funny! 🙂 (and I needed a good laugh after wading through the AVEX tweet above. Argh! Instant headache.)

    Yes, I got the abbrevs… felt slightly foolish because of course I’ve also watched both series’. (Duh…) What can I say… my mind is working these days like a computer that is so stuffed with useless info that it’s slowed down to a crawl. 🙂

    I just loved EVERYBODY in PM – I bought it so I can watch it a million times and love them all over again. I LOVED your description of Ji Chang Wook’s MOG. lol Of course I totally agree about how the show stalled half-way through and floundered till the end, but I really admire the producers’ decision to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding by giving JCW more and ever-more adorable hairstyles to distract and hypnotize less than discerning viewers. lol Good thinking, producers! It certainly worked beautifully that way for me anyway…

    Finally, one day we must launch a search to find our “Real Mother” ala every other plot in every K-drama.

    • @lilibaiyu..

      LOL 🙂 Now that would be something!.. that plot might end up being like the K-drama Bad Guy with Kim Nam Gil… yummy but only on steroids. hehehehe… LOL
      Got to go..they’re calling me. I feel like JJ said in his tweet..sometimes…. Talk to you later 🙂

      • @A Friend Of lilibaiyu…oh yeah and that K-boyband JYJ
        “LOL Now that would be something!.. that plot might end up being like the K-drama Bad Guy with Kim Nam Gil… yummy but only on steroids. hehehehe… LOL”

        Awww…. now that gave me a pang, seeing KNG’s name… I MISS THAT GUY! The KNG military saga just proves once and for all how very very VERY long 2 years can seem when one of your fave people disappear down the Korean rabbithole of mandatory army service. WAAAA! Come back, KNG! *sob*

        By the by – did you ever see the film “Portrait Of A Beauty”? Ooooooooo…. some major KNG gorgeousness in that.

      • @lilibaiyu

        Hey there…. Just got back… LOL you made me blush thinking of Portrait of a Beauty… I watched just for KNG and when I got to certain scenes I was like… OMOMOMOMOMO!!!! Not that I am a prude at all.. it was just I had no clue what was coming and.. I thought to myself… This is a movie you would get from the little back room with the drawn curtain to separate it from the main floor of the video store back in the day. LOL… 🙂
        Yes major KNG gorgeousness……. the image is still burned on my brain… LOL

      • @A Friend Of JYJ
        “Hey there…. Just got back… LOL you made me blush thinking of Portrait of a Beauty… I watched just for KNG and when I got to certain scenes I was like… OMOMOMOMOMO!”

        lolol Yes, it was quite the cinematic experience, no doubt. Did you ever see Queen Seon Duk? He was really beautiful in that too and he even managed to keep his clothes on throughout. I also loved Lee Seung Hyo as the Hwarang Alcheon. When he showed up in full make-up, his long hair down and big earrings to beg the King to investigate the Princesses death I about lost it completely. Yikes! Now, THAT was a look…

  12. Hai JYJ fams… i’ve decided not to read any articles in allkpop and soompi. there’s no news value at all in those article… those site full with unimportant news like idol hairstyle, clothes, cute picture and bla bla bla…compare to the news about achievement it’s like 90 to 10 percent… I’m getting sick of it when i read article about yuchun news…..full of misunderstanding language. from what i learn during my college time, a good journalist must write news based on both side……. fuih…. never thought that being JYJ fans is like and adventure. you never know what happen next….hahahahaha… but i like it… My Life is My Adventure, Being JYJ fans is my another adventure…full of excitement, full of meaning, full of love, full of friendship and many great things.. and for my three wonderful men… please don’t give up, don’t lose hope….there’s still a long journey waiting for three of you…. just do your best and God will take the rest….

    Last but not least…Happy Valentine everyone… Because if you look hard enough you will find love actually is all around… 🙂

    Love you all and God bless you

  13. Happy Valentine day JYJ …. Lots of love to my dear JYJers , admins and all the JYJ lovers …. Have fun …. Love and be loved

  14. Hi All.. I just finished watching the running man episode 76, all killer actors..
    Ji Jin Hee the sageuk man: Dong Yi, Dae Jang Geum,
    Joo Sang Wook: Queen Seon Deok,
    Kim Sung Soo: Our Full House man (remember, rain rival),
    and the last Lee Chun Hee.. n___n/ family outing guy..
    this eps its so cool!
    for some reason, I think when an actor who became a guest star the atmosphere felt more tense, than when the idol was the guest star, perhaps because the actors are accustomed to act.. :))

    • Wow…..I bet RM is addictive. I am ordering my number 1.
      I was never into reality shows before…;)

    • @ Putrihs……cool…all the drama i like…….I want see too when I have the time ^______^ you got my tweet?…good night ^______^

      • @Anva: yes! i got ur tweet.. i just replied it to u… :)) night dear (actualy its morning in my time) ^^ have a good sleep.. hug!!

    • RM seems serious when an actor is a guest! I noticed that too! It feels real compettion! Off to watch 76 today since I’ll be home all day!!! Being single suckssssssssss!!!

      • @nikhapi: no dear.. every phase
        has an own advantage, if you are
        a single. you can have much time
        only for yourself..
        yes!! i more enjoy seeing RM
        when they put actor as a Guest
        star.. ^^ u have to watch eps 76,
        chun hee its so funnnnyyy.. i miss
        his FO day.. !!

  15. @nikhapi: no dear.. every phase has an own advantage, if you are a single. you can have much time only for yourself.. 🙂

    yes!! i more enjoy seeing RM when they put actor as a Guest star.. ^^ u have to watch eps 76, chun hee its so funnnnyyy.. i miss his FO day.. !!

    • @putrihs
      I’m watching it now.. kekekeke I wanna get married!!!!!!! I’m so fed up with being alone!!! And it is not helping that today is Valentine’s Day.. fcuk..

      • @nikhapi

        Enjoy being single while you are single my dearest.
        Both have own advantages and disadvantages
        We have double happiness and more when there are children. It also means double problems and even more with kids.

        And while you can go to South Korea as JJ’s one amongst so many his wife to be candidates, we have to banish our hubbies first. And hubbies are so difficult to remove. They are worse than super glue….LOL

        Take your chance now. Be happy!

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