[NEWS] 120213 Kim Jaejoong’s tweet causes fans to grow with concern

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong expressed that he was afraid of growing older.

The singer wrote via his Twitter page on February 13th, “Growing older makes me feel anxious. Time goes by so fast, and the number of days I can never get back continue to increase. I feel like I’m growing further apart from the person I was when I was  younger. I don’t like the part of myself that continues to think like this. What I hate the most is that I’m afraid my heart will become distant as well.”

I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I feel so many different emotions today,” he continued. “I don’t want to simply continue to live life by just existing, I need to work hard.”

Fans grew concerned after reading his tweet and asked, “Something the matter?”, “Is everything okay“, and “Be strong.”

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31 thoughts on “[NEWS] 120213 Kim Jaejoong’s tweet causes fans to grow with concern

  1. These translation give Jae’s tweets a different meaning ….

    I will repost here what I posted on twitter:

    Jaejoong, Don’t be afraid of the future. Times passes for everyone. Time is beautiful because it allows you to grow up
    The experiences and memories of people will always be there, but the time helps you to gain more experiences and meet more people.

    • U can feel our feeling( ppls who don’t understand korean language ) I really can figure out what tran it the right one , I want him be ok

  2. He just keeps making me feel worried about him 😦
    He shouldn’t feel like this, we just shouldn’t.
    I don’t want him to be immerse in a depressive state, because depression is a disease and it’s very dangerous if it’s not treated…-sigh- Jae please don’t be depressed!

  3. Time heals all wounds you will see, this hot mess you find yourselves in, shall pass with time be strong and hang in there JJ.
    Human nature being what it is you are feeling anxious, vulnerable and scared be strong. Sometimes the road we travel on in life is so arduous but hang in there the tumult will end*******8

  4. rereading the trans O.o maybe i got him wrong , maybe he isn’t talking about getting old and wrinkly, damn he’s vague so i didn’t get it the first time. i come to realize he is talking about something ells, and personal whats this about his old self and him growing distant this person is such an enigma , i can sense he’s seriously worried by something and it has nothing to do with losing beauty. sorry totally misunderstood him with all those different tweets. but if it is about JYJ still unable to appear in music events like music awards and shows ” i think this is closer to what he’s talking about” its completely understandable : ( but damn now i’m depressed, we all want them in the awards and shows too man.

  5. Wow, this translation is so different to the previous one I read. Now I understand it a little more. On the one hand JJ had his birthday weeks ago and he’s composing now, so I guess composing makes you think more and he can’t avoid thinking about the pass of time. Maybe I am wrong but I think he’s referring to the Avex thing and not being able to perform in Japan but also about growing up, changing as a person and to look in the mirror and see you are not the same person. But Jaejoong, that’s part of life, we mature, we change and while we improve some of our flaws, we also change in aspects perhaps we wanted to maintain intact. However, I think it’s not right to consider this something negative. If you are growing apart from the person you were before, it’s because of your experiences and they also make you who you are, they make you wiser.

      • Yes, I just want to think that he’s scribbling lyrics , but of course those lyrics is based on his inner feelings. They say that the best lyrics for a song is drawn from the actual emotional state of the writer. He may be depressed now thinking of JYJ’s present status in Japan compared to their hard but glorious rise of fame before.
        OK Jae, just let those sad feelings out, pour them out to your tweets and to your lyrics.

  6. As a 23 year old about be 24 year old American woman (i guess 24/25 yrs in S.Korea lol)….I can easily relate to Jaejoong’s tweet. I think it’s normal for people about our age to feel that way. At this point in our lives, there is now a significant gap between our tastes and that of a younger generation. I’m about out of college now and many of my classmates are engaged, married, or have children. The thought of being too old to trick-or-treat, or to freely do foolish things, and etc are now more something of a past period of time. I mean I still make mistakes and this is the first year I’ve gone without trick-or-treating but many times after my birthday has come I see it as a reminder that I’m one more year away from my childhood.

    This is probably one of the longer posts I have done on this site but I guess it was so easy for me to elaborate on his tweet because I can relate to it so much. My friends and I would often talk about this subject and the pressure we feel to move on to the next stage in our lives…but I think talking about these kinds of things with older people than ourselves can kind of relieve the burdens of these type of feelings..

  7. i’m worry about him. He is only 25/26 and I’m 37/38 and he is scared. I’m more scared than him.
    Jaejoong fighting!!
    We always support you and love you!!

  8. This new translation seems to give better insight into Jae’s musings. As some fans have gathered from his tweets, he’s at a stage in life where the passage of time becomes more important. He’s moved out of teens and early twenties and into a more adult phase. We, all of us adults will move further away from the youngsters we once were; it’s just growing up 😀 It doesn’t mean we have to become stuffy and inflexible in our attitudes; but maybe gain a little wisdom along the way. 😀

    Dear Jae, continue to reach out to those you love. Those of us who love you and JYJ want to continue to connect with you in return; be it through Tweets, FB, Fan Meets, or singing with you during concerts. We see the fruits of all your hard work when we hum the melody of one of your beautiful songs, thrill to a gentle kiss given to a woman, by you, onscreen, and the sincere thoughts of a lovely young man reaching out to us. We hear you Jae~We will stay by your side.

  9. “I don’t want to simply continue to live life by just existing…”

    This is how I feel every day.
    So I’m not even in the place to give a word of encouragement.

    feel for Jae so much right now :/

  10. i like reading jae’s tweet and somehow i can relate this one to myself. often i think the younger me is much more cooler. the younger me didn’t know as much as i know now, so of course i were more strict and idealistic than i am now. i also somehow worried how i might be when i grew up more, and facing more difficulties in my life, would i be able to stick on my beliefs and idealism? or follow the path i hate before? maybe that’s what jae thought too, maybe not. but whatever it means, i like this toughtful side of jae. whatever he’ll do, with that heart of him, i believe he’ll stay on the ‘right’ track. kim jaejoong fighting!

  11. My dearest Jae, you’re young to worry too much about getting old. Whatever you’re thinking right now, perhaps on many aspects of your life that has been there and never been here as you would want it to be, you just have to keep moving for tomorrow. There is wisdom in old age, literally. There is value in getting wrinkled. You will find life richer and fuller as you age. Take me as one. I rather live the future than go back to where i’ve been, though how momentous those time were spent. Cheer up! Relive the old times in your memory if you must but be ready to conquer days ahead. Challenge instead yourself, that’s the way to be strong. Life is beautiful to be wasting in things gone and will never come back. There is always mystery in not knowing what lies ahead.

  12. With the death of Whitney, there is sour feeling about it. Great lives were cut short for seemed worthless cause. There were numbers of them. Elvis Presley, John Lennon, James Dean (these two though by senseless shooting and accident), Michael Jackson. Life were cut short for them in depressing circumstances. Fame is something else. Are stars no longer stars without their lights?

  13. Wow….how many of us had plunged into one called ‘lost in translation’ yesterday.
    I still appreciated the effort made by the previous translator though. At least she or he can do better than google translation…^__^

    It is still about my darling’s worrisome regarding the changes due to his getting older.

    “I don’t like the part of myself that continues to think like this. What I hate the most is that I’m afraid my heart will become distant as well.”

    That is actually a part of you my JJ. When you were younger, you were not thinking lots of your future or you only thought the future would be good as long as you are good. When you are older, you realise that your little world is mixing with lots of other people’s world, creates happiness, complications and problems. And your heart will stay the same good heart, for you are a good person. You might not believe it now, but you will, eventually. Soon enough, I wish.

    :“I don’t really know what I’m talking about, but I feel so many different emotions today,” he continued.

    That is the process of being mature my love. Don’t you worry yourself. And regarding the Evil Avex, let the officials take care of him. Just wait and see. It is not easy to keep the justice away in the dark. It will always come to light.

    “I don’t want to simply continue to live life by just existing, I need to work hard.”

    Are you kidding me? You have worked so hard since you were a teenager…

    • @Jae-is-Mine

      OMG, our (allow me) Jae is just existing, that’s what he thought? Is this one moment when he feels alone to struggle, to have all the worrying by himself. If this is related to their case, them i remember Junsu’s interview recently. He and YC are affirmative and Jae’s the troubled one. Sis, fly somewhere near Jae and blew bubblebath to awaken his senses of needless worry.

  14. i hope he’s alright. Work harder? Jae since you’re young i know you work twice harder than other people. Your determination and perseverance are the reason why i love you. Please give yourself some break, i beg u T_T

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