[PIC + TRANS] 120213 Rooftop Prince’s filming in Hapcheon

++Updated with info translation++


SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ filming at Hapcheon

SBS drama special ‘Rooftop Prince’ was filming at Hwang-mae mountain at Gahoe-myeong, Hapcheon-gun. The drama filming has a tight schedule and filming started from 8am to 6pm. Including Park Yoochun, who is acting as the lead character ‘Lee Gak’, 80 staff and 10 authorized persons from Hapcheon participated in the filming. ‘Rooftop Prince’ is a romantic comedy about a Joseon Crown Prince loses his wife and leaps over 300 years to Seoul in the modern time. The first broadcast will be on Mar. 14.

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Source: @TravelHapcheon + http://blog.naver.com/travelhc/40151879020
Translation by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


49 thoughts on “[PIC + TRANS] 120213 Rooftop Prince’s filming in Hapcheon

  1. So it seems that the Prince and his men were being chased by the assassins..OMG I’m so excited to watch it!
    I bet it will be awesome! Chun, good luck for your filming..you are the best <333333

  2. sooooooooo apparently, according to that tweet, that very scene is being filmed in the same place the “Taegeukgi” was~ x))
    [“Taegeukgi” is the same movie Jaejoong made his first cameo in a film xD {excuse my far-fetch soulmate bias}]

  3. I’m sure it must be tiring and painful. I still remember how sore were my legs and whole body in general after my horse riding classes so I can’t imagine how it is after long hours filming. Yoochun, hwaiting and be careful, please!!

  4. I’m happy to see that our crown prince is more athletic than scholar Lee Sun Joon. I love horse riding scenes in historical dramas. Galloping horses always look majestic and up the audience’s excitement. Chunnie fighting!

  5. That shot is so scary. I hope it isn’t what it looks like. Even the horse looks like it suddenly put on the brakes, seeing the cliff there. Looks like Yuchun slid forward almost to the neck of the horse because of that. He isn’t an expert at riding horses. I hope this scene is the end of the dangerous filming.

    By the way, I just found out from the Sun Moon drama that that hat is a crown, at least that’s how it was translated into English.

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