[PICS] Yoochun shooting “Rooftop Prince” Drama





Credit: sarang1131 via @starsInLoveJYJ
Shared byJYJ3


26 thoughts on “[PICS] Yoochun shooting “Rooftop Prince” Drama

  1. That’s awesome! He is indeed belong to a royal family on that horse. Look at how graceful he sits on his steed.

    Can’t wait for the drama!

    • yah, you’re so right! when watching Boys over Flowers behind the scene (off topic) Min ho and other guy had the racing horse’s scene, they just used the fake one and acted like the real professional riders. At first I watch the drama, I just thought wow they’re so good at riding horse, but after seeing behind the scene, I laughed at nonstop.

      Look at YC like this, I feel so pity for him because he’s a high phobia but he still works hard no matter what. As among Chunsas, we can’t find any reason not to stop loving and supporting him!!!

      Mr Park fighting for your hard work!!! 🙂

  2. Yuchun looks a little nervous up there. It’s too bad he didn’t have more time to practice. As a Royal, he would have been riding since early childhood. Yuchun’s a quick learner and always does his best; we’re rooting for you! Park Yu Fighting!

  3. OOOOO MYYY GOODNESSSSS, i can hardly wait for this drama to start!!! my Chunnie looks soooo handsome!!! ^_~ SARANGHAE CHUNNIE!!!

  4. Hang in there Yuchun! With your talent , you’d learn horsemanship in no time. The cinematography of these mountain scenes must be breathtaking. Just looking at the 3rd pic and the back- drop of that deep blue sky…and Yuchun riding that horse…March could not come any sooner.

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