[HUMOR] Brighten up your day with some JYJ comics by 火柴wing

Junsu and Jaejoong discover Yoochun’s Sexy Photos

2 more comics below the cut:

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[NEWS] 120214 Where is Yoochun’s chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

JYJ‘s Yoochun shared his loneliness on Valentine’s Day with a recent tweet.

On February 14th, he tweeted, “When will I receive my chocolate?…Fighting!

It seems that Yoochun is spending his Valentine’s Day busily filming for his new drama, SBS‘s ‘Rooftop Prince‘, rather than spending it with a sweet Valentine. Yoochun is still wearing his prince garb as he poses with a cute expression, while his staff members are chatting happily in the background of the van.

Fans replied to his question with, “I’m making the chocolate“, “I want to meet you!“, and “I said I was going to give it to you.”  Continue reading

[HUMOR] #JYJFamily Gif Story: Jaejoong and his Fan

T/N: Hello dear #JYJFamily we as JYJTurkey often make GifStories about JYJ. And we wanted to share this one with you. It’s been a while we did it, but we still hope you will enjoy it ❤

 Before Jaejoong starts his day, he does his favorite thing.  He goes to Google and writes words as

JYJ, Protect the Boss and In Heaven so that he can see what his fans are doing.

Ahahah She loves me..


Ahaha she loves me too…

Unbelievable but.. She loves me too..

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[TWITTER] 120214 Yoochun Twitter Update

Yoochun New Twitter Display


Yoochun’s Tweets


Yoochun to @wowkimsohyun: Annyeong~ it’s Yoochun Oppa I saw the article and knew about your tweet~^^

(T/N: This is in relation to an article where Kim Sohyun mentioned she tweeted about Yoochun. This is her tweet: “Haha. Can’t you still look into my eyes? The moment I set my eyes on you, bam! The Crown Prince who I’ll fall in love with!!!is Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun~^^ You knew about my birthday being the same with yours and you also greeted me first! I was really ♥touchedㅠ From now on, my ideal guy would be you, Crown Prince Park Yoo Chun!” Hee-hee.) Link


@wowkimsohyun: @6002theMicky it hasn’t been long since I tweeted haha You must have a hard time since you’re filming♥Please take good care of your health!I’m shy so I don’t have anything more to say..^^
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[TRANS] 120214 JYJ “The Day” re-announcement

We feel sorry about re-announcing the screening of JYJ’s daily life documentary video ‘The Day’.

JYJ’s daily life documentary was supposed to be a Valentine’s Day commemoration for fans, but CGV theatres failed to fulfil the contract unilaterally, causing the screening of ‘The Day’ to be cancelled in February. We wanted to delay the screening time of the premiere or modify the contract’s content to make it more valid. In the end, we had to announce the cancellation of the screening.

Originally, the contents of the documentary was not made for theatre broadcast as we wanted it to be a service for local fans. Hence, we felt more regrettable about our choice to use theatres and our plans had fallen through. However, our determination to share the documentary with the fans and our hard work to accomplish our task has brought about an amicable discussion with Lotte Cinema. Soon, we decided the premiere date. Also, a special JYJ’s stage greeting is expected to be shown on the date of premiere and in theatres on weekends.

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